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on September 6, 2012
Changing my review to a 5 star! I've had this machine for over a year now, and it has become my little trooper! I've used it pretty much every day for several hours, and have NEVER had a problem. I've used all the functions and sewn through nearly every kind of material. It's a champion. I have taken to patting it on the head after each big project, that's how much I love it. I've used a wide range of machines, and this one is the most simple, comfortable, and trusty little gizmo, in my opinion. Most machines give up on me at this point, but I think I'm going to have this one forever. Just to reiterate: After sewing on it every day for over a YEAR, I've never had an issue with tension or mechanics, I haven't even broken a needle.

It does take some getting used to at first. I've had my sister use it, and she thought it was weird at first, but also fell in love with how easy it was. So I still stand by everything I said below, but this machine has definitely become my favorite! And every time I have guests over they tell me how pretty it is :)


I had been admiring this machine from afar for months until my trusty Brother machine seized up on me. I sew for a living as part of my business, and am on a machine for at least a couple hours nearly every day. I was hesitant to purchase a new Singer. My first new machine was a Singer Talent, which is still alive, but I hate sewing on it. It always jams, and it actually bounces around like a jackhammer if you push down on the pedal all the way. It's also incredibly loud. These traits made me nervous about getting the anniversary model, but it was so pretty I couldn't help myself!

When it arrived, I was so excited I set it up right away. It is gorgeous. The plastic is really high quality and solid, and it looks super sleek. The only let down is the foot pedal, which is really small and light, so it's hard to get your foot on it just right and keep it in place. It flashes and beep -boops like a robot when you turn it on. I prefer more technical, manual machines to computerized ones, as there is less that can go wrong, but this one is kind of cool and doesn't over do it. I've had it for a few weeks now and use it all the time. The first stitch after you turn the machine on is always slow, like it's waking up. It DOES stitch beautifully. I haven't had any issues with the tension or inaccurate stitches. I can go through a project really quickly, as I never have to fix anything. The different stitches are really cool, and you can switch stitches just by touching a button. It will sew through many different materials, and has stitches for stretchy fabric, silk, etc. I just wouldn't recommend it for heavy duty fabric. It got a little jammed going through a few layers of canvas.

I love how easy it is to thread! You just drop in the bobbin. You don't have to pull up the thread. And you just pull the top thread through the slot straight to the needle. So cool! It's a little confusing the first time you do it, but the best word of advice is "yes, it really is that simple." The only downside is the bobbin winding isn't the greatest. The thread flaps around and can get tangled. But it works, anyway.

The hardest thing to get used to is the auto up needle. I'm guessing because it's computerized, the needle has to go all the way up when you finish sewing. The bad part about that is it will sometimes keep stitching after you lift your foot off the pedal. It has caused me to go off my seem allowance often, and annoys the crap out of me! The first time I used it I even considered returning it because of it. But I got used to it, and have learned to live with it.

The other thing to get used to is the reverse button. You have to keep your foot down on the pedal before and after. If you pick it up at all, it will stall, and takes a few seconds to go again. It's also super slow in reverse.This also bothered me, but I actually got used to it. The biggest overall critique is the computerized features seem to slow down the machines functions. But once you sew on it a few times, the good starts to outshine the little annoyances.

I am overall happy with my purchase. The machiine is quiet, sturdy, and does it's job. It's excellent quality for the price. However, if I had spent the $600 they originally went for, I would be incredibly dissapointed. But for $340 on Amazon, its an amazing little gizmo that I'm learning to fall in love with :)

I would sew on it a few times before you make up your mind on it. But I definitely recommend it!! If your looking for a simple, easy machine to do the job right, this one won't dissapoint.
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on June 2, 2012
I had been considering purchasing this machine since Singer came out with it in February but didn't make the purchase until late May because of the negative reviews other purchasers had written. I finally bought it regardless of the reviews stating that it was loud and of poor quality with low functionality... THOSE REVIEWS ARE WRONG!

This machine caught my eye because it's absolutely beautiful unlike my Fashion Mate which is an eye sore when left out in my home. The machine sews beautifully, has most of the same stitches that my last Singer had, and the large sewing space makes quilting extra easy. One review that I read stated that the machine being plastic scratches easily and I can see where that would be an issue because of the black color but I feel like that's normal wear and tear. There is a very large compartment underneath, three times the size of regular machines, to store extra bobbins and tools. Overall this machine is everything I could have wanted.

A lot of the reviews I read said the machine was of a low quality and those people said they were taking the machine back to get a Viking or other expensive brand. In my personal experience Singer has never been of the same quality as Viking considering that Singer machines are a third of the cost! You get what you pay for... I have ALWAYS been a Singer user. I started sewing on my great Grandmother's treadle machine from the 1920's as a small child, it is still in my home today. Like everything else made in this day and age, I can't see this machine still being functional in 100 years like my great Gran's machine.

If they are still available and you are thinking of purchasing this anniversary edition I would encourage you to buy it... it is well worth the money!
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on August 20, 2012
I say this with sincere honesty. I never respond to these reviews, but for once I have been so impressed by a product I feel I must. This machine has been over the top for the money I spent on it. Yes my wife has some very nice name brand machines that have required I dig deep in the pockets to obtain. I feel this machine delivered more than I paid for, which is nice if you stop and think of the last time you felt you got more for your money than you spent. Amazon was the least expensive for this machine and my wife LOVE'S it. Thank you Amazon. I hope you sell a lot of them!SINGER 160 Anniversary Limited Edition Computerized Sewing Machine
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on November 13, 2012
Got this for my wife for Christmas. I read the reviews and it seemed like the only complaints were about the finish, noise and needle up/down button. I didn't feel the noise was a real issue and the needle up/down button doesn't seem like that important a feature. The finish however, could be a deal breaker since it is the appearance that makes this machine so special.

I don't know anything about sewing machines but I do know how to make things shine so I took a chance and ordered it as a closeout from Amazon. When it arrived I could see it had been opened and probably was a return but I expected that. Once unpacked I noticed the flaws in the finish mentioned in the reviews: small scratches and hazy surface. I used the Novus plastic polish system to restore the deep black glossy finish you should expect from this retro style.

Here's what you need to do if you are unhappy with the way your machine looks:
1. Get the Novus system (NOVUS 7136 Plastic Polish Kit - 2 oz.) from Amazon.
2. It comes with a special cloth. Cut a small piece (3" square) to use as an applicator.
3. Put a "drop" of polish #2 on the applicator and apply to a small section of the machine in a circular motion until it becomes dry.
4. Use the large cloth to polish off the haze. As you progress you will notice the polished area attracts dust. You'll take care of this later. Continue with polish #2 until you've treated the entire machine. I started on the deck and worked up the sides to the top and handle. There is no need to use a lot of pressure unless there are scratches to remove.
5. Cut another 3" square applicator from the large cloth. Wet it with polish #1 and apply to a larger area of the machine. While the surface is still wet, wipe with the dry polishing cloth until smooth and streak free. This will also remove the static that attracts dust.

When I was done I thought I'd take it for a spin to see if there was anything to the noise reviews. I've never used a sewing machine but between the quick start guide and the operators manual I got the bobbin loaded and the needle threaded using the automatic threading feature. Next I tried a few stitches on a piece of cloth and it ran like a dream. Not noisy at all. I was really impressed at how smooth and solid it performed.

When it was offered on HSN they included a value added package of accessories, all of which I was able to order online. I even found the Limited Edition Carry Bag on Costco's site for $40.

At $230 I think this was a great buy and I hope my wife likes it.
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on November 17, 2016
Bought this for my mom to replace her antique Singer which did not go over pins (that's how old it was). She uses it for making quilts mainly. She loves it!
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on October 10, 2012
I looked at a bunch of the reviews before I purchased this. There were a few were people were not that happy with it, one in particular because they were not expecting it to be partly plastic. I really don't think that affected me at all. I expect all new machines to be plastic. But this machine still had some weight to it when I got it. Plus it was indeed a big machine. But that was clearly marked as such in the product description. So no surprise there either.

As I am used to the bare minimum of features for sewing machines this was a big step up for me. To have automatic tension, threading, etc is just amazing to have and don't know how I lived without it before. Also to have handy thread cutters (for bobbin and while sewing) is also a huge plus! (Since I usually forgot my scissors far away and have to go and get them all the time.) I love how the storage tray pulls open to the side, so I could have it open while sewing to get things I might need. Plus it has a lot of room which is nice too.

Doesn't hurt that the machine is beautiful too!

The only slightly bad thing I could possibly say is, it is true, it is loud. But I find that I don't mind it being loud, so it is really only a note to people that may have issues with that.
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on August 27, 2012
I bought this on whim simply because I liked the way it looks. Really, for the price this cannot be beat. It is gorgeous and would make a perfect beginner's sewing machine as you can control the foot to a very slow fabric feed and it covers the basics. The stitches are even; the 1/4 inch guide on the plate is perfect for piecing. I finished my curved piecing project over the weekend and it actually pieced better than my Viking Sapphire Quilt. I am glad I read the reviews regarding how loud it is. It is not really that loud, but it sounds different than most machines. It is very lightweight considering it's size and would make a good travel machine. My Amazon Prime membership got it here in one day--how cool is that? The cons--the cord is not nearly long enough to reach to my wall socket. Not all of us live in modern houses that have plug-ins every few feet. Luckily, my Viking power cord works just fine. The foot pedal could be bigger as well and I do not care for the LED blue lights. I can live without the needle down feature that other reveiwers have mentioned-I just turn the wheel like I did on the treadle machine I learned on. But it does not come with a free motion foot, yet all of the write-ups tout how great it is at free motion quilting. I have ordered one to give this feature a try. All in all, not a bad sewing machine for the price. Second thoughts--I loved this machine BUT--the feed dog lever broke the first time I used it with the ree motion foot I bought--the plastic fell off and I had one heck of a time getting the feed dogs back up. Also the stitch that looks like hand quilting does not work at all--the maching does not sew--just makes noises. I am so sorry I recycled all of the packaging or I would have returned it. I did discover that Baby Lock and this Singer share the same feet
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on June 9, 2014
This Machine is The Greatest! Its never given me a Problem In The Past 2 Years Ive Had it & just Looks so nice. The Stiches are simple & Strong, Very Minimal Compared to new machines But The Straight Stitch Never Fails. Its very easy to Take apart & clean as well as has Giant Storage inside the Base.
-Mike 95
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on February 8, 2015
I love my machine, but it cannot handle four layers of fleece. Great detachable arm, lots of storage in the arm, easy to understand instructions.
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on October 15, 2014
I love this machine.. It is beautiful and it is easy to use. I have not had any problems with it and do not regret my purchase at all!
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