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on October 27, 2013
My old mechanical Singer finally broke after 15+ years (and would have probably lasted longer if I had maintenanced it).
1. I chose this over the ones with lots of programing, because I didn't want something that was going to break in a year or two. I had read that the less expensive programable ones tend to break easily. I mainly wanted a programable for the button holes (see below).
2. I read the reviews on this one and some say that the bobbin was hard to wind. This is true only if you follow the directions in the book. I tried those directions and wasted 2 spools of thread- there is NO way it will work like that. I asked a friend for help and here is what you do to wind the bobbin correctly: DO NOT put the tread through the silver loop marked #1.INSTEAD- pull the thread directly from the spool and bring it over to the silver thing that it tells you to wrap it around, but wrap the opposite way from the picture- wrap it like a J, the pull it up and around over to the bobbin area. It sounds confusing, but its simple- just a simple figure 8 directly from spool to bobbin, but make sure you wrap from the bottom not the top like in the usless picture- and viola, perfect bobbins:)
3. Button holes were always a problem for me- but not any more!! There is a button hole foot with this that is super simple! You just make a dot on your fabric where the center of the top stitch will be and begin. The machine has a dial that lets it know you are sewing a button hole, you still have to turn the dial between steps, but you never have to turn the fabric around. (you will need to operate the pedal), but It starts by sewing the right side length, then you turn the dial and make the left to right stitches (I like to do those by turning the handle myself for 3 complete stitches), then you switch the dial again and it will automatically go in reverese to sew the other side, then finish by making the top left/right stiches and you are done. So simple, and I have made some horrible, horrible button holes in the past, but this is so easy I no longer dread button holes! It even has a foot to sew the button on!
4. The spool does not stick straight up like my old sewing machine - instead it is sort of recessed at the top of the machine- this is nice because I tend to take my machine to my friends house and once the spool holder on my old one broke while in the trunk (I fixed it with heavy tape)- this one will not break the way it is designed.
Finally- I would recommend this machine! It gets the job done, makes frustrating things easy and because it is mechanical I believe it will last another 15+ years:)
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My wife learned to use a sewing machine as a teenager under the tutelage of her mom, who was a professional seamstress. She's used the Singer 2259 model and gave it generally good marks for ease of use and function. Now she's planning to use the machine to teach her two nieces how to sew. It's a well made machine that's perfect for a beginner as well as an experienced person.
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on April 17, 2017
I love this machine. I purchased it over a year ago and it's great. I got it because my mother's and grandmother's machines can be touchy. I wanted something easier to move around that gets the job done. This is lighter than my grandmother's fully metal Singer machine, but this is still a hefty machine itself.
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on December 29, 2014
I've been using this for the past week doing little projects. I've been impressed with the thickness(multiple layers) it's been able to sew through. Hemming jeans may be a little tough for it, but it can handle the 4-5 layers of cotton and flannel I've thrown at it.
It did run into a problem with it getting jammed, not holding tension correctly, and then sometimes it pulled the top thread under in a loop for each stitch during sewing a seam. I finally took the bobbin out and after examining the bobbin holder area it noticed two black sliders, one on each side of the bobbin. I slide those open, took off the front round plate, and the bobbin assembly fell out, along with a short piece of thread(now black with oil) that'd gotten cut off and stuck down in there. It was easy to put back together and has been sewing great since.
The needle threader works great, but the pull down motion isn't completely smooth(maybe needs some oil?). To me it's just as fast to thread it myself so I haven't bothered to mess with it. I haven't tried all the special stitches out, but the ones I have, have worked well. Some look a little funny depending on the width setting so try it on practice fabric first.
The manual was laid out nicely, easy to find information, and I did see the phone number for customer service.
Edit: I tried out the button foot this evening. Used it on some sew-on snaps and it was so easy!
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on November 13, 2015
Great for the beginner. I originally wanted a machine with metal frame work, not plastic like this one, but the performance of this machine does not seem to be any less than the metal framed ones. It is easy to use and self explanatory. I have only had difficulty in figuring out how to attach the zipper foot. I did not try for very long, but it was not as simple as taking off the foot screw and attaching the zipper foot. I am still happy with this machine.
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on February 16, 2017
Very easy very nice, and sturdy, I'm sweing and I eve didn't ever touched a sewing machine in my life, I'm so happy I choosed this one I want more of them!
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on May 10, 2014
I began sewing in my early teens and for many years used a great 60's-vintage White sewing machine that was built like a tank. I tired of sewing in the 90's and gave my machine away along with all of my accessories. But every time in the 20 years since, when I've had to hem pants, mend a seam, sew on a button, I've thought "I wish I had a sewing machine". After spending over an hour mending a seam on my husband's shirt the other night, I decided to finally buy a machine. I didn't want anything fancy or costly, and spent several days doing lots of research. I decided on the Singer 2259 Tradition based on price and the Singer name. My new machine was delivered today; so far, after having spent several hours running through all the features and stitches, I feel completely satisfied with this purchase.

This machine was a breeze to set up and is simple to use. I watched the video on amazon regarding threading and loading the bobbin and adjusting the tension, which was very helpful, since I'm used to a drop-in bobbin, and this one is side-loaded. The machine is quiet, relatively light-weight with an attached handle, making it easy to set up and take down. (Although it comes with a dust cover, I also purchased the case.) I'm happy with the variety of stitches offered, although I haven't tried the buttonhole feature yet. I think this would be the perfect machine for a child (or any beginner) to get started with.

The only negative so far is that the outside of the box says an instructional DVD is included, but one was not included with mine. However, I've found enough videos on the Singer website, amazon, and youtube to answer any of my questions. Although it's early yet, all-in-all, I'm happy I made the decision to purchase this machine - it seems a very good value for the price. I'm giving it 4 stars since it is still too new to give it 5.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I've now had this machine for 3 months and I've upgraded it to 5 stars. I've had absolutely no problems with it, and I use it a lot. Since I bought it, I've taken up quilting and it's performing great, sewing through multiple layers like a breeze. The stitches are perfect. I've since purchased a few accessories needed for quilting, such as a walking foot, and I continue to be impressed with this little machine.
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on October 3, 2016
Beautiful machine. Works well. No problems after almost 2 months of use. Purchased for our 12 year old daughter who uses this machine on a regular basis. She had been using my older machine, so she was surprised and delighted at how smoothly this one sewed. She loves it. We were looking for a manual machine like this one. They are much easier to troubleshoot on one's own if problems arise. However, we haven't had problems yet.
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on March 7, 2017
I love my old Singer but alas after too many years it quit. I am happy to have a new Singer. It sews beautifully.
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on May 19, 2013
I have not sewn in at least a decade but I got the urge to sew recently and decided to make baby bibs and burp clothes for a co-worker who was having a baby. Long story short this machine works like a dream! The only issues I had were sewing the velcro on but I'm thinking that may have been more operator error then machine. I plan on making curtains next and I think this machine should do the trick.
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