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on August 13, 2008
I have had this machine for about a month. I have made a quilt, 4 shirts, and 3 sets of curtains with it. I am a sewing novice. I spent some time on my mother's machine as a kid, it was unfortunate as it broke a lot, and now I'm really learning how to do it through quilting and sewing classes.

Auto tension! I love it. It works every time.
Drop in bobbin! I will never go back.
Easy to select stitches. (however,do read the manual before doing
twin needle work!)
Lots of choices for embellishing items with embroidery.
So far, no issues and I've sewn heavy and light fabrics.

The autothreader takes more work than doing it myself.
You will need another light source if you like to sew at night.

I don't like that to reverse stitch I have to hold the button at
the same time I guide my fabric. Couldn't they just let me press
the button, then press the button again when I'm done with
reverse? (That's not novice friendly!)

A bit heavy to carry. I'm tough, but carrying it for more than a
short walk will get to you. Get a rollerboard carrier and skip
the plastic case.

**Update. 3/12/2014. Not built to last. Changing it to three stars. Yes, I've come a long way with sewing with this machine, but the timing is off now with the bobbin and needle, to the point where I cannot get the bobbin thread to catch. I've had it serviced multiple times for this. Today I took it apart myself with the bearings and the timing, but unsuccessfully.

The plastic cover has taken a beating with the service. Add to it, I've gotten into heavier things and this does jump like a jackrabbit and snap threads, despite needle changes and taking it slow. Moving on.
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on February 24, 2009
I bought this machine in Nov.2008 and have been using it for about 4 months now. I had an entry level Singer for 22 yrs and decided to upgrade to this electronic machine. I consider myself an intermediate sewer who mostly does alteration for my family(taking in, hemming up, etc), and some easy sewing such as pajama pants, window valances, pillow cases,etc.

I am very pleased with the Singer Confidence, especially the price for the functions you get.

2 things I totally enjoy: 1)the automatic needle threader is wonderful! The trick is to make sure you start out with the needle in the highest position, and just follow the pictures in the manual. 2) the auto thread tension works! The machine does adjust itself to the fabric. Although it's still very important that the correct needle size is used. For just these 2 things, I find it worth the money.

PS- The embroidery is small (alphabet, a dog, heart, etc) and I understand that this is an entry level machine for embroidering. You only get a taste of it. This is not a serious embroidering machine.

May 2011 update after 2 1/2 years of use:

So far I have taken the machine in for one tune up. It continues to work well, and I had been productive with my various sewing projects, however I have gained a more seasoned perspective on this machine. I have to say that I am now somewhat disappointed for the following reasons:

The lighting on this machine is really really poor. I end up using extra lamps but, I found this problem to be a major deficiency because my old/cheaper machine did not have this problem. How can a $300+ machine has such an elementary problem?? So if you are 40+ yrs old, and contemplating this machine, I think you need to think about this lighting issue. It bugs me enough that I thought I should write about it.

The other issue I want to do an update on is the automatic needle threader. This feature was very important to me and it turns out to be a somewhat delicate/fragile mechanism. You need to handle it with care. It has a tiny tiny little hook that has to go through the eye needle and if you are heavy handed (like my kids) you can easily bang it against the sewing needle. Also, whenever you change the sewing needle (which you should, depending on the type of fabric you are working on)you have to make sure the sewing needle is in the right height & position, in order for the automatic threader tiny hook to go through. I end up having to do some finagling every time I change needle to get it to go back in sync with the automatic needle treader. So, the automatic needle threader feature works, but don't expect it to be of "industrial" strength, expect to occasionally spend time fudging with it when you change needle and watch your frustration mounting... In all fairness, according to the owner of the shop I took the machine in, this feature is delicate in the other brand too. But, he thinks that the other brand might be a bit sturdier.

I hope this update is helpful in your decision to purchase this model. I have taken my rating down to 3 stars instead of my original 5 stars rating.
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on April 4, 2011
Unfortunately, my machine started malfunctioning the second day I used it. It seems to be a timing issue and hopefully is correctable, but it is very disheartening to have a machine malfunction in the middle of your first project on it. My 80 dollar Kenmore worked perfectly for 2 years, but this machine can't even last a week? I'm sure this is a great machine for those lucky ones who didn't have it break down so quickly.

It comes with a decent warranty, so I contacted Singer. Boy, has their customer service gone down the toilet. I was on hold for 30 minutes, gave up, and decided to email them. It took them 3 days to respond just to tell me to contact a service center.

When I called the service center, I dealt with a rude and uncaring employee who incidentally was also very difficult to understand. He told me to "just send it in." To be sure, I included two different proofs of purchase, all the accessories, and a letter detailing the issue. I was really hoping they would just send me a new machine. It seems like at the very least they would want to give me a reference number, but there was no mention of any sort of tracking.

I've sent in the machine, and now I just wait. They've received my package, but can't give me any specific time estimate.

So, at the moment I am very dissatisfied with Singer. While it was working, I thought the machine was a dream (the auto-tension worked great). But the way it broke down so quickly makes me believe that Singer has resorted to cheap materials and construction. What has been the worst experience thus far, however, was the customer service--I've received no helpful information nor any apology.

I'll be sure to update this once my machine is returned to me. I'm HOPING this is a one-time incident.

UPDATE: Haven't had any issues since getting my machine back. It did take them six weeks to fix and send back my machine. It was such a horror dealing with their customer service representatives that I think next time I will take it to a local shop even if that means voiding the warranty.

That said, the machine is a bit clunky. I have had trouble maneuvering it on tight turns etc. It seems to stitch too quickly and the pedal is just way too sensitive. It's good for basic sewing, but not for apparent details. The decorative stitches are nice, though.

Still, it seems to be fairly reliable despite the initial hiccup. Having learned to sew on a very basic machine, I find the autotension to be a really nice feature.

I have raised my review from 2 to 3 stars after getting to know my machine. However, because of my experiences with Singer's warranty services, I cannot say I would buy this sewing machine again.
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on December 3, 2009
I probably shouldn't review this machine after only the first couple days, but what a nice machine. I don't think it's all that heavy. The threading has simplified since the last time I had a sewing machine, and I got the little needle threader to work. I have a problem that I'm left handed. It's difficult for me to use the needle threader and even more difficult to change the needle.

The video helped a lot. Too bad they didn't do a short segment on maintenance. There's not that much to maintain. My first project involved sewing two quilt thicknesses together. The outer fabric was a smooth cotton, so the upper piece pushed a little out of alignment from the lower piece. Then when I did the french seam second pass, things realigned themselves.

I ordered the combo with the carrying case. Walmart has the same case for 2/3 the cost.

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on February 25, 2016
This machine has had so many issues in the six years I've owned it, most notably chronic problems with the bobbin and tension. I have had it in for service several times and yet the problem does not seem to resolve. Very disappointing in a $200+ machine. I will go back to using a Brother, the cheap, baseline model of theirs worked better than this.
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on December 19, 2013
This machine was such a disappointment to me. I had hardly used it when it began to skip stitches. Took it to a shop to be fixed and they told me it couldn't be fixed, that every time he got the thing aligned it just flipped right back into skipping. So I got two years of use out of it. I would never buy a Singer machine again - they are just too cheaply made and NOT made to last. Ok if you plan to replace your machine every other year.
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on March 13, 2017
so far so good first new sewing machine in 25 years and still getting used to it but functionality and quality of assembly seem good
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on October 7, 2010
I was in the middle of a sewing project when my old mechanical sewing machine of 30 years finally gave out. When I went searching for a new machine, I didn't look far before finding this one. Now even though the new machine bodies are all plastic, while my old one was all metal, I didn't mind since there had to be some improvement in abilities. While I don't have to move the machine, it is light enough to carry.
The machine arrived quickly, packaged well. It came with a DVD to help with quick start-up. Besides coming with several feet and tools, it also came with 3 bobbins. I ordered extra bobbins.
I was able to pick right up with my project, and the sewing was a dream. It runs smoothly. Everything is push-button, and I'm sure there are stitch features I will not use. Winding the bobbin was a cinch, and the drop-in bobbin area is so nice.
The price was right for me since I had paid a little more for the old metal machine years ago. I didn't need to go looking for a very expensive brand.
I read reviews and features of this machine, and decided this one was the best fit for me.
I highly recommend the Singer 7470 Confidence.
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on June 5, 2017
Good buy for the money
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on December 9, 2011
When I showed my sister all the features of my Singer Confidence 7470 she immediately said she would love to have one! That was last August and today her husband called and asked me to order her a sewing machine like mine. So I am playing Santa and know that this will be a gift she will love. The features are easy to learn and use and it does everything I expected very well. It handles heavy fabrics as well as delicate ones. So far I have used it to make drapes, a V-berth cover, and a canvas windshield cover for our boat, as well as dresses and nightgowns for my granddaughters. This is a machine that is easy for beginners to learn on and has plenty of features that more experienced seamstresses will appreciate. I love mine and recommend it highly.
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