Customer Reviews: SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 13, 2010
I bought this for myself...and I am a 31 year old man...who likes to shoot some indoor hoops during the winter when its cold and there is nothing else to do. Anyway, I hard mounted this to my is not set up for that so you need to take the door brackets off ...and you will need a drill, washers and some wood screws, a stud finder..etc. But this thing is sweet. It is like a real hoop and the thickness of the backboard doesnt matter. i have had 5 hoops before this and this is by far the best one. It will not break even with me taking 18 footers! The only downside is the ball seems a little heavy for the hoop. I am using the ball from my old hoop that is same size but lighter material....than again, i bet it holds up to the heavy ball. Highly reccomended!

Edit: After A year and a half the hoop is STILL solid! This hoop has easily seen over 10,000 shots and it looks exactly the way it did when I got it.

Only problem......THE BALL. Why don't they make a lighter replacement ball for this thing? The ball from my old hoop that I was using has died and it is impossible to find the same one or a light one like it that still bounces! I even offered to send my old ball into them as a prototype but they never got back to me. If anyone finds a good replacement ball please let us know! Love the hoop...hate the ball ):
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on February 5, 2010
13 years! That's how many years we have been buying, and re-buying indoor basketball hoops for our boys. Not one has lasted more than a few months - until now. This hoop has a strong backboard and a sturdy metal rim. Now, the rim is not a break-away style, and I assume if there is a lot of pressure or hanging on the rim, the plexiglass-type backboard could crack and/or break. But as long as their slam dunks do not get too out of control, this should last for a good long time. Extra bonus is the rubber padding on the back of the hoop and on the top hooks that hang on the door. No scratches on my front door and minimal black scuff marks after hours and hours of use. I would recommend this product to any "serious" indoor hoops player, especially those who keep buying the nerf-type hoops. It looks good, plays good and keeps my boys, and their friends, entertained during the winter months when it is too snowy or cold for them to use their outdoor hoop.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 13, 2012
Being a basketball freak and just about all I do is basketball related in my spare time I had to purchase the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop XL (which is the correct product name). Growing up I wish there was a product like this but all I had was the cheap NERF door-hanging mini hoops. I had seen the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop at Sports Authority and Target, but it is hard to find the XL model. I love it so far and my son and I have had many hours of play on it in just the 4 weeks since the purchase was made. There are just a few drawbacks and suggestions I have for the makers at SKLZ: while the Clear Polycarbonate Shatter-Proof Backboard is durable and sturdy the backboard should be thicker by at least 1/8" if not more because the backboard bends when "Break-Away" Steel Rim is pulled down; the mini basketball included doesn't have the Pro Mini XL logo on it; and lastly the "Break-Away" Steel Rim is only 9" in diameter while the SKLZ Pro Mini basketball is 5 1/2" in diameter which doesn't add up to scale because any basketball player or enthusiast knows that two basketballs fit side-by-side inside of a normal basketball hoop. The people at SKLZ should have made the rim 11" in diameter if the basketball is going to be 5 1/2" in diameter, which in turns seems to make the ball appear too heavy for the rim. If this is helpful I am extremely glad, but remember I am a basketball nut so the little things matter to me. Now, if you want to have some indoor basketball fun this would be an excellent purchase.

I wish SKLZ would send mounting material for top and bottom in order to mount it on the wall. As is mounted on the wall the top would be the only area attached. Also, the more the break-away the rim the rim becomes loose from the backboard and I have had to re-tighten the rim twice in the last month.
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VINE VOICEon December 20, 2014
Style Name: Glow in the Dark - Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What Glows: The Ball, The Net, and the two rectangular boxes on the backboard.

This basketball set is a blast. The glow in the dark idea is great. We found that the glow is good enough to have a lot of fun in a completely dark room. The rim is pretty sturdy and the ball thick rubber. It is an upgrade from the old nerf sets, but this ball could do some household damage to be aware. Installation was easy, just three nuts and bolts to attach the rim to the backboard. The included wrench works but is tiny. This unit hangs nicely on a door. We found that the door frame trim in our house prevents the doors from closing with this backboard hanging in it. We just play with the door not completely closed.

These SKLZ sets are really fun. We've also had the XL non glowing model and have fun with it in the office.

- This is a big upgrade from nerf and a lot of fun.
- You need a pump and a needle to inflate the ball. Inflate it until the wrinkles are gone.
- Installation consists of bolting the rim to the backboard with 3 bolts using the included wrench.
- Depending on the trim on your door frame, the door may not close with this in place
- Very sturdy and fun
- Glow is good enough to play in complete darkness
- Great for daytime play as well
- The rim doesn't glow but that's not a big deal.
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on December 7, 2013
The product is awesome. Perfect size, great look, amazing quality. Is what you expect or more, and you can have endless hours of fun with it. playing at your office or at home. First thing you will need is to get a new ball, because the one that comes with the hoop will destroy everything around you, and it is so noisy and heavy that gets very uncomfortable to use. I ordered the "POOF-Slinky 875 POOF 4-Inch Pro Mini Foam Basketball" (very popular among the users of this hoop), but I strongly recommend to get the "little tikes" foam basketball (in Amazon it comes in a pack of 3, but I got it for $5 at Target, and it is only 1/2" smaller than the one that comes with the hoop but in foam, perfect).

Now, depending on how you install this hoop, you can have a terrible-all-the-time-moving and vibrating hoop, or a nice firm and realistic hoop. Since the product itself is high quality and the spring-action rim is a great feature, I was looking for the best way to mount it. Definitely, mounting it on the door was my last favorite option, not only because the distance between the ring and the ceiling was too short to enjoy shooting, but also because the vibration from the whole thing was ruining the experience, even with the foam ball. Then I decided to mount it on the wall. If you are considering that option, this is what I recommend for best results:

What you need:

- A phillips scredriver. Much better if you have an impact drill with the phillips head, so everything will be faster and easier.
- 6 screws that are a good fit for the holes on the top (there are four holes, but you will end up putting 6 screws, since 2 will be for the bottom of the rim, where the "orange" square metal part is. I'll explain this later.
- A level.

How to mount it:

1.- You need to remove the small structure (two pieces on the top) to mount the hoop on the door. It looks very easy, but the plastic screws that come already mounted are very cheap and they get ruined easily. Use the impact drill to unscrew and they will come just fine. If you do it with a screwdriver, be very careful or the head of the screw will get ruined with the minimun stress.

2.- If you already built the rim, unscrew the 2 top screws of the 3 that are located at the bottom of the rim. When you do this, the rim will be attached to the backboard only by the bottom screw with its nut.

3.- Chose the right place to install the hoop. Once you have it, take the level and putting it on the top of the backboard, screw the 4 top screws on their 4 holes to the wall. Dont go crazy with the pressure, just do it firm to hold it strong to the wall, but without bending the backboard, try to keep it flat. The level should show that the backboard is totally straight (leveled).

4.- Now, take the other 2 screws (same size than the 4 of the top), and through the 2 bottom holes right under the rim, screw them to the wall. Again, use the level to check that the rim is 100% straight too.

Now you will see the backboard is stick to the wall, no sounds no vibrations. And the rim will go down with the spring, not bending the backboard. With this, you can enjoy the hoop being firm, and getting the best from the spring-action rim. Enjoy!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 12, 2011
My ten year old loves this basketball hoop. He plays everyday and for at least an hour. He plays while doing just about anything he can do at the same time. He dunks, he dribbles, he shoots, he scores. This is his second one, the first one was not the XL. He and his friends dunked a few too many times and the backboard broke. Believe me that it got a lot of abuse and I got my money's worth
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on November 15, 2013
It's a Nerf Hoop on crack. Love playing around on this. Recommend a four inch foam Poof 875 ball instead of the one that came with it though. It is much lighter and easier on everything else around a room. Not sure how to link to that ball on here, but you can look it up from the information that I provided.
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on December 2, 2011
-Awesome size
-Great quality materials
-Feels like a grown up version of an over the door bball hoop
-Looks great mounted on the wall :)

-The screws strip way too easily
-It's pretty loud
-The rim is super bouncy and loosens up pretty easily
-Ball does not come pre inflated

I set this up in my apartment the other month. The main problem I had was with taking the brackets off. Since the backboard comes with the brackets pre-installed (for over the door hanging), I had to unscrew them in order to mount it on the wall. The problem with this is that the screws strip REALLY easily. So I ended up having to drill through the screw in order to pop it out the other side. I did this under the sink with a drill, and watched as the water dissipated the heat caused by metal drilling through metal released as steam. So that was actually kinda cool.

Mounting on the wall:
Super easy as long as you have some drywall anchors and extra screws (doesn't come with wall mounting materials).

Fun to play with, but the rim is a bit bouncy and super loud when the ball is clanging around on it. Also, it would probably be better if I had higher ceilings, but I don't really mind too much.

Really fun purchase that was a classier upgrade from what I had as a kid. I also bought one for a friend as a housewarming gift, since it is clearly the perfect present for any home or office (we have one at work too).
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on March 5, 2012
This hoop will go over any door. The door I have is really thick but it still fits. Make sure you get the XL. The other smaller version is too small. This XL has a bigger hoop and bigger ball. Its much better than any nerf hoop. Very strong and sturdy like a real basketball hooop.
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on February 21, 2015
I ordered this to replace a similar one that my son finally broke after too many 'dunks'. I ordered the glow-in-the dark one as I thought it would be a fun addition to the regular hoop. The backboard and hoop are similar to the one we previously had with the exception of the color. The net arrived "broken". Apparently when the net is manufactured the two 'ends' of the string are 'welded' together with heat instead of using a knot. The 'weld' was not complete and the strings were hanging together by one thread. The net didn't seem to fit correctly on the hoop with this defect. After a few baskets were made the thread holding the two strings together broke and I'm not sure how to fix it so that the net looks correct. I tried tying a knot, but it keeps coming out. I still have the net from the old hoop so I guess I'll use that to replace it, although that kind of defeats the purpose of the glow-in-the dark feature. I'm really not wanting to send it back mainly due to convenience and cost.

The glow-in-the dark ball illuminates well if placed in direct light (sunlight or incandescent light) for a period of time before use. The net glowed after I held a flashlight on it for a while, but "discharged" by the next day. The hoop is in a room that gets lots of natural light, but none of it directly on the net so not sure it will ever glow without taking it down and sitting it in the sun or under a lamp. The kids did have fun the first night I "charged" everything and it all glowed. The rim does not glow which would be nice as it is somewhat more difficult to aim at the basket with only the net faintly glowing. Some glow-in-the-dark paint might help.
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