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on April 16, 2012
I jsut wanted to chime in. I watched the video and decided this would be mine. It arrived in good condition, and works really well especially for drives and long iron shots. I'm having to relearn how to hit a chip shot, and putting has been slightly erratic, but okay. Just a tip: I hold it like it's really a putter, and put my hand a little farther down the shaft, and my index finger on the OUTSIDE of the trigger ring pull. This helps me not overpower putts.

My complaints: The ring pull device was sticking on the rubber grip, so I wrapped a small piece of the cardboard around it, and put a slight bit of coconut oil on the cardboard so the ring pull doesn't drag THERE. It also seems to drag on the guide as it goes into the tunnel into the device. I put a little dab of coconut oil everywhere I could get it that would be dragging. It's better, but still sticks. After a putt, I pull the ring back out because it doesn't pop back on it's own.
It seems to do something weird when putting, which I think is still a ring pull sticking problem. Once in a while I take the club back and it doensn't react, so I try to unpull the ring and it will then putt without my input.

The spacer used for Wii remotes with the built in sensor? The spacer has popped apart. It still holds the remote well, it's not an issue, until I try to remove the remote. It's a bit difficult.

BUT all that said, I'd buy it again. It's improved the golf experience for my hands. Golfing without it was causing my right hand pinky finger to get hurt at the knuckle, and would swell up a bit from the unnatural twisting. With the SKLZ SIMSTIX in my hand, I'm holding with a natural grip. My hand feels perfectly normal now, even when I play several rounds in a row. It's still not a perfect system for swing training. I can take a small back swing or large, really fast swing through, or slow, and still max out a swing. I have YET to be able to hook a shot, not once. But this isn't the fault of the SIMSTIX. More likely I need to go in and edit my swing.

I would give this five stars if the ring pull mechanism were perfectly smooth. I hope they build and updated version someday. I'll buy it.
Hope this helps.

EDIT: After a few months, I broke the trigger mechanism. I fixed it by disassembling the thing, and the trigger mechanism is actually two parts. One piece has a post that fits into the hole in the other piece. The ring trigger part has the hole, and is okay, but the part with the post broke where it contacts the Wii-mote trigger. I took a metal skewer (swiped from our grilling supplies, thanks wifey!) and put a small bend on one end to fit into the hole of the ring pull piece. On the other end that pulls the trigger of the Wii-mote, I put a small "S" bend and cut it to length. I reused the broken inner piece on the outside. I bent it slightly to match the shape of the wii-mote housing, glued and zip-tied it together, and am using the post end near the trigger to hook a rubber band on! If you can visualize all that, you'll understand that it's slightly uglier, and the rubber band tension to pull the trigger ring is a variable. But it still works. AND I now have a piece of metal internally that will be extremely difficult to break.

If the trigger mechanism were better built, it would be worth the extra money. Just sayin'. I'd buy it if it cost more and wouldn't break. Also improving the draggy bits of pulling the trigger ring would improve the operation feel of the product immensely.
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on August 30, 2012
I am a beginner at real golf and bought got tiger woods pga tour 13. the grip on this product is nice and it has a nice weight to it.
its still a little bit lighter than a real golf club and the balance isnt exact... but , it is still wayyyy more fun than
just holding the PS move controller in my hand. And much much closer to a real golf swing.
And once i got used to it,I am able to fade and draw the ball in the videogame... sometimes.
Id like to see if the skills might transfer to the real golf course... or at least help me learn them.

I think this is a must have peripheral for tiger woods pga tour 13.
and i hope other golf games will use it.. maybe some sword fighting games or baseball games as well.

EDIT: OMG! this thing actually helped my real life golf game. I used to have a wicked slice (or sometimes hook too) when i played because for some fool reason i thought i should cock my wrists. Well in Tiger Woods, when i did that it kept hooking (or slicing haha) so i learned how to straighten it out. Today i went to the real golf course and played 9 holes. for the first 7 holes i hit the fairway/green everytime, nice straight shots! ... then i got tired or something and everything went off the rails and my old habits reared their ugly head.
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on March 16, 2014
I waited a while before writing this review.
My "B" trigger gets stuck all of the time. I have to push it forward to disengage it - maybe I should try using a rubber band to put some tension on it.
It is difficult to remove the controller once it is secured in the club. I am wondering when it is going to break. I had to replace my batteries in the middle of a game and it took a bit of doing, and then afterward, the controller flew out of my club and almost hit my tv - yes I used the wrist strap -the strap broke right at the controller (the very small thread snapped). I think it is secure now AND I use a rubber band around the controller as an extra assurance that it won't fly out again - i am not sure how to fix the long strap.
I do like using the club rather than just the controller. I wish SKLZ would upgrade their product - or somebody else would get in on the action.
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on March 29, 2013
The SIMSTIX requires a Wii controller that clips into the device. The mounting unit is made of pretty much all plastic, but seems to mount the controller securely. There is a triggering cable that you put your index finger into and pull slightly to engage the controller before you swing. This definitely seems a little fragile, but once you get the hang of it, you don't have to pull on it very hard to engage the controller. I did hit the ceiling a few times with my follow through, but figured out how to avoid this after a couple of attempts. This was in my finished basement where the ceiling is only 8-foot high. If you have higher ceilings, this won't be a problem. Overall, I do like the device, and would recommend it. But I do advise that you read the mounting instructions carefully, and that you are careful about the triggering mechanism, as this seems the most fragile part of the unit.
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on February 24, 2012
It actually works pretty well. I just got this and TW 2012.

It does seem like you really have to pull pretty hard to get the B button to go. That is my one complaint.


I left it where my 4 year old could reach it and she bent the ring so it is now bent about 20 degrees. I thought it was ruined when I saw it. I tried using it to see if it was totaled. To my surprise it NOW WORKS EVEN BETTER. When I pull the B back, it stays pulled back and I can have a normal golf grip without having to put my finger through the ring.

They should sell them out of the box like this. Maybe I should put a video of it. SKLZ should start selling them like this and give my 4 year old a commission. It is weirdly way better than it was when we got it.

The plastic does have that look like its been tweaked and may snap in the future so maybe this might not work like this for long.
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Just like a flight simulator helps Pilots practise different scenarios over and over again to become better pilots, this SIMSTIX for Wii is an excellent simulator that will help you become a better golfer. I had a bad slice that would pop up very frequently, and since I use this with the Tiger Woods 12, I can see it visually and try and correct it. It is very accurate and it will help you with your golf swing and course strategy.

I just have one tip for you. The trigger has to be pulled and it rubs against the Club Grip rubber. Before using it make sure you put some tape at the rubber grip where the trigger would rub against the grip. The trigger will eventualy wear a groove into the grip.
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on April 13, 2014
pls forgive my english - i am from bavaria/germany ;)

Here is my review for the P L A Y S T A T I O N 3 SimStix edition:

Playing golf on ps3 with just the move controller gives you the following feedback:
Way to thick and to short in the palm of your hand - way to light to have a feeling of playing golf ... IT SUCKS !!!

Now I ordered that SKLZ Golf Simstix ...

Due to the original steel shaft and the standard golf grip you can handle the simstix like a normal golf club - great.
With the ps3 Move controller adjusted the weight an balance comes close to a real - i'd say 9 iron handling - very nice.

I mostly use the Simstix with TW 13/14. Together with the move direction controller fixed to my belt it is perfect ingame handling and I do not have to use the sixaxis controller each time I want to adjust a new swing.

Sometimes I play John Dalys Golf with the Simstix - works nice but U get a lot of mistaken shots cause U have to reach down to the move-button to change from practize swing to actually hitting the ball.

Therefore I would recomend using the Tiger Woods Tour Games. There I prefer TW13.

Chipping and putting needs a little practice but I think it is quite better than doing it with the regular controller.

The Simstix is about 60 cm / 23,5'' long so no problems for me (183 cm / 6 foot 3'') doing a normal swing without hitting a regular height ceiling.

To get the most realism you will have to adjust the hardest possible game options. Obviously you do not get any reply about impact hitting the ball or the ground but you get used to that really fast. - vice versa when you go back to the real game of golf it will take a couple of buckets on the driving range to hit well again... but U can really use the simstix to stay in shape during winter to keep the rhythm in your swing.

What I do not like is the ring to pull the trigger for the b button - I think it ruins any release feeling for your wrist. I fixed that for me by using velkro tape to hold the ring when the b butten is pulled.

The Move controller fits in the Simstix perfectly and closes firmly. I do not use the handstraps - well but I do not throw my golf clubs around on the real course eather ;) ... you better check your insurance and than decide !!!

I recomend this item - and I will get a second one to have more fun playing with friends !!!

Enjoy Life !!!
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on December 20, 2014
Makes playing the game so much more realistic. Just move the coffee table, adjust the camera and tee off! For those who are wondering should you purchase this item, don't hesitate. The grip, the wieght (once the PS3 motion controller is secured into the handle) and the feel is as realistic as it gets without swinging a real golf club in the house. Note: you do lose line of sight with the camera in your back swing, however the interaction between the controller and the game is based more on the speed of the controller and the position (open or closed face) as you pass across the mid point (starting point) of your swing.

Very satisfied with this purchase... doesn't fix the flaws in your swing, but it does help get the overall body motion consistent.
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on April 8, 2016
I really dislike this. The pull action hurts your finger after awhile. The feel of this is nothing like a golf club, which is what I'd hoped so I could maintain my swing better over the winter. Worst of all, when I look at the TV screen and move my arms into position, then look down at my arms, they are way out of normal alignment and my wrists are usually turned. If anything, this is counterproductive for helping to maintain my swing over winter. I also play golf games far better by just holding the Wii controller in my hands.
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on August 11, 2013
Playing a golf game on the Wii with just the wii remote is a bit cumbersome. You can't grip the wii remote like a real golf club, you can't get good speed on the swing and holding the button during the swing is almost impossible. That's why I bought the SKLZ SIMSTIX Golf for Nintendo Wii (Black). Now I can grip a real golf club handle and take a nice full swing. You will see instant improvements when playing tiger woods golf. You'll hit longer shots and get a true golf swing. The only problem I have is with the B-button lever. Theres a lever that you put your index finger through and it activates the B- button so you can swing. For me this lever is not long enough. I have to choke up on the club handle in order to pull the lever and have a correct grip at the same time. Also, the lever sticks sometimes and you have to jiggle it a bit to release the b button.
That being said I still think it is a HUGE improvement over just using the wii remote. I highly recommend getting one.
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