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on April 17, 2013
I've owned almost all of the quiet comfort Bose headphones over the years - I really like the product. I decided to order these from Amazon as a deal of the day. When I first opened product I was impressed with the way the headphone looked. When I put them on, I was even more impressed with the way they sounded. The first advantage these have over Bose is that you can listen to them without turning the noise cancellation on. This is really nice because it does not require batteries to use. Then when you turn noise cancellation on, they really do sound good. I took a trip last week that lasted close to four hours each way, and I decided to compare the product while in the air to compare noise cancellation in the most obvious of conditions requiring it. I really expected Bose to outshine the Soul product here, but was truly amazed that the soul noise cancellation was better than Bose. Coming from a Bose product lover, that's really saying a lot.
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on January 20, 2014
(addition made to the end of this, marked by <>s)

I'm really torn on what star ranking to give these, if I could it would really be around 3.5, maybe a 3.75 star ranking, right now they're getting the four stars more because they just have noise canceling than anything else.

With this review this is where I am coming from, I am NOT a sound aficionado or someone who spends all their time buying the latest and greatest headphones and speakers. That being said the last three sound producing devices have been from Klipsch for in hear headphones, Klipsch again for standing entertainment system speakers, and Sennheiser for over ear headphones. Apparently this has upped my standards from the old random sony or no names I would get from college.

The bass in these are... nice, capable, and give a bit of a punch, not to the level that the Klipsch manage, but those are in ear so obviously it should be somewhat different. However the Klipschs do a substantially better job of giving the full range of sound in almost any song. Mainly I listen to dance, bassy types of music, but I'll listen to some tchaikovsky or something else here and there. They do an AMAZING job at addressing the full musical experience, the SL300s... do not. There is substantially more attention given to the bass, the other notes are there yeah, but they're muted somewhat.

Also most songs sounded terrible on my phone till I turned on the equalizer, the Klipschs by themselves were great, these felt like they needed to be told what to do to be great.

All in all, I am... MAYBE... MAYBE keeping these. The sound canceling feature is nice, better than the passive feature of the in ear headphones, but not by a lot. The cushioning is good, however I have a fairly big head, and a developing afro that adds another inch+ of natural cushioning so... I'm sure that is helping the fit.

At about 100 these are a fairly safe buy, at the original 300 price I would not in any way think of even buying these. I am pretty grateful for them so now I understand just what all the psycho audiophiles meant by 'bass heavy' and 'no midrange' and all the other things they say about Beats and SOULs and what not, the second I turned them on I just went 'OOOOHHH... ... yeah... yeah I hear ya...'.

With all that... for 100 bucks yeah, these are a nice buy, deliver good sound, fit well, and are just overall pretty nice. They're not fall to your knees throw your hands up to the air and thank God that you were able to experience such a wonderful moment in your lifetime, but they deliver good sound, at a good price, and really are a nice addition to a already existing family of headphones and speakers. They're not the greatest, but at the price, I really don't think I can complain that much really.


I took two starts out for durability. These headphones are predominantly used at my laptop. I don't travel with them frequently, so far just one trip to try them out, and usually I just sit at the desktop with them. There is a metal component in the headphones that reinforces the headset when you extend it for larger heads... the plastic part covering this has broken. I haven't owned these for a year yet, not even 10 months yet, and it has broken, under relatively minimal use. Not even under daily use. I'm debating whether I can say I 'got my money's worth' out of these. Granted their discontinued, rarely sold and what not, but should you find them this is genuinely a get what you pay for situation. They still work though, but I question for how long at this point.
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on May 22, 2013
Well they work pretty good. Gold box deal for 99.99 so was worth the price but not more. Sound is good. I really have no complaints FOR the price. Did have issues with my 1st pair battery cover did not stay on. Also power was not working tried new batteries still did not work. Sent back to amazon the sent another pair right away and they have worked fine. Seem like they are of cheaper quality. I know I keep saying this but they are nice for the price and again would not really be worth more. UPDATE:7/26/13 Used them on a trip. Worked fine on my flights, Not Bose OVER the ear good but better than I had expected. My wife has Bose ON the ear and these were better. UPDATE 12/20/2013: They now have started to make a creaking sound when ever you move your head any direction. Seems to come from the part that is suppose to make them i guess you would say float or fit around you head better. But now it creaks when ever you move. This is annoying. I would not say it makes them worthless but may be close to it. I can find a spot that minimizes the noise but it is still there if you move. Before this update they were 4 stars but no longer. They still function otherwise have held together fine. But since they do cut out the sound so well you also here the creaking so well. If you are seated and not moving much they can be fine. Maybe if volume is up loud you might not notice the creaking as much,I do listen loud sometimes but mainly have this style of headphones so I don't have to crank it all the time to block out the outside just to hear what ever I maybe listening to. If you are active in any way seems to make them creak. Just info for anyone looking at this style of headphones. Maybe worth more to get other brand. But as we all know that's where the money comes in.
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on February 25, 2017
We bought these over three years ago for one of our teenage daughters. They're still working well.
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on April 8, 2014
I love these headphones. I had the SL150 before but they broke and wasn't any good anymore. So I decided if I'm going to buy them again I might as well get the SOUL premier headphones. These are definitely better then the SL150 and the noise canceling just makes them better.
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on March 31, 2017
it is very inconviniunt
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on December 30, 2014
Didn't work right
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on December 20, 2012
My eldest son wanted one thing for his birthday - a pair of Bose Quietsomething headphones. $300+?!? For headphones? My jaw dropped. So I started researching, and found these. On sale. In gold. Hmmm, a bit gaudy. Anyway, clever dad brought said child to Big Box store to listen to headphones. He tried a pair of these (albeit more traditional black) and loved them. Perfect! I ordered the gold. When he got them, he balked. Said I, "No one will steal them! They are unique to you!" Said he, "Good idea!"

His friends needled him for five seconds, then listened to them and all threw their Beats out the window and begged their moms and dads for these. The sound is incredible. The noise cancellation quite good. He listens to them before basketball games and gets good and geeked up. He does his homework with them on and never complains. One problem. I have to wave my arms and leap about to gain his attention. But then, he's a teenager, so that might happen anyway.
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on January 8, 2013
I received two defective headsets in the last two weeks. I had the same problem a lot of recent reviewers are having. Only certain sounds from a particular song can be heard. Such things as vocals are almost non-existent. If you have to have these, at least wait a month or so to see if the company fixes the problem.
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on September 6, 2011
I started my search for noise cancellation headphones because I couldn't enjoy my music at home with all the neighbors dogs barking. I first went to Best Buy and tried out the Bose QuietComfort 15 and various Dre Beats. Unfortunately, Soul's are only available online but I'm glad I trusted the reviews and ordered them w/o completely knowing what I was getting into. The Soul's noise cancellation is amazing if not better than what I remember at the store from the Bose QuiteComforts. These are very comfortable to wear too. After 4 hours, my ears were a little warm but nothing that required me to lift them up periodically to breathe as I had read about the QuiteComforts.

In regards to sound quality, at first I was a little disappointed because I was looking for a little more base and that was one place Dre Beats shined. Then I realized that the Soul's don't try to drown you out with base but actually PLAYS your music in a way I've never heard. If you really want to listen to your music, and I mean every note, chord, string, cough... these headphones are for you. I'm absolutely mesmerized by all the music I was missing in my music.

Celebrity endorsed fads or not, the underlying company that produced these headphones took advantage of the marketing opportunity and made in my opinion a great product. Worth $300? For me, yes.

***UPDATE (2/16/2012)***

Was replying to a comment below about the noise cancellation and thought I'd provide a short update. After several months of use, I'm still really happy with these headphones and use them just about every week. I was a little unsure if was losing quality due to the batteries getting low (didn't remember reading about a low battery indicator in the instructions) but sure enough the power LED began blinking a couple days later.
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