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on July 13, 2010
I bought this a few months ago and am still using it. The pillow does help keep you sleeping on your side. If sleeping on your side eliminates your snoring, this pillow will help you. If you snore like a mack truck pulling a load of gravel up a hill, this probably will not help you too much. I tried this in conjunction with one of the anti-snore mouthpieces on Amazon and was told that it cut the noise to a dull roar but did not stop the snoring to the point where other people could still sleep in the same room. I think it does help me breathe a bit better at nite and am still using it. The only downside is an occasional sore neck if you sleep on it the wrong way. If you are a "light snorer" and have room in the bed for it, I would definitely suggest you try it. If you can overpower a chainsaw with your snore, you should probably head straight to a CPAP machine.
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on January 29, 2016
I wouldn't call this a mild sleep apnea solution, but the product does have benefits for people who need to use the CPAP machine.

First the bad...
I bought this pillow back in 2012, hoping it would "cure" my "mild-to-moderate" sleep apnea without needing the CPAP machine. No improvement. When I gave in and started wearing the CPAP full face mask, I tried it again. The sloped sides does make it easier to manage the CPAP mask, but it's so soft that inevitably your head sinks into the pillow and it pushes the full face mask off. ...and I tried a variety of full face masks, nothing I tried in the full face mask category worked well with this pillow.

I had switched to a memory foam pillow. These pillows are more firm, and as a result don't push a mask off quite as easily. Still not great but it was working better for me for sleep apnea. ...but I noticed I was often waking up when I would lose circulation on one side of my head. Too firm, maybe I'm just more sensitive to it, ...but I put up with it for over a year.

Now the good...
I now use the nasal pillow system. This category of mask is much smaller, and less likely to get pushed off. I've been using that for several months now, and had forgotten about my SONA pillow until last night. I slept MUCH better; and I'm wide awake today (almost skipped the coffee entirely this morning). The SONA pillow is nice and soft, and the angled sides still allow enough room for a CPAP hose to a smaller mask solution like a nasal pillow device.

I'm disappointed to see Amazon is no longer shipping this. I guess I better go buy extra pillow slips before those are gone too!
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on March 31, 2014
When I was researching whether to buy this pillow I was nearly turned off by all the negative reviews. Now that I have it I must write to speak up for this pillow! I believe most people who have problems with it are not side sleepers to begin with. As I've always been a side sleeper, it was easy to adjust and by the third night I slept on the pillow as well - or better - than my regular pillows. It does require a king size pillow case - but that's it, you don't have to buy some weird freaky pillow case. You are supposed to sleep on your side with your head in the CENTER of the pillow. If sleeping on your left side, then you would put your left hand or as much of your left arm as you want to in the indention to your side. However you don't have to do this - it's just nice to have the spot there. The odd shape at the center bottom of the pillow is also made clear now - the top portion that sticks out is to help support the jaw and the lower portion tucks under the lower shoulder quite naturally.

Really this pillow is not complicated - it's great! I use the Snoreclock android app on my phone to monitor the intensity of my snoring and this pillow cut it down dramatically from 40% of the night down to 4%. I call that success.

Update 4/4/14: I still love the pillow but I have to qualify my praise slightly for the pillow. It turns out that about half of that amazing snoring improvement was due to reduced nasal congestion since I was giving up dairy and chocolate at the same time. I added the chocolate back but not the dairy and some of my snoring has returned to about the 20% level according to Snoreclock. So the pillow doesn't eliminate it entirely for me but it still does help significantly. My next mission is to discover whether it is chocolate itself or the sugar in the chocolate promoting the congestion.
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on November 19, 2011
I've had really bad sleep apnea for a long long time. I simply can't sleep on my back - if I do, I wake up choking and thinking I'm dying.

This pillow really helps. It's just like the crazy expensive ones they sold at the mall for 4x the price and they hold up well. I've had this one for 6 months and it's hardly squished at all.

The whole idea is to keep you on your side while you sleep. It's REALLY difficult to roll over on your back and lay on this pillow. That's the whole idea - keep you shoved over on your side all night.

So long as you stay on your side, you breathe and survive the night.

If you are snoring and choking in your sleep , I'll just say this one time real loud so they can hear me in the cheap seats - GET THIS. You'll thank me when you start sleeping and not walking around dead on your feet all day.

Another tip.Got this from a Dr. Cut a bunch of tennis balls in half and have them stitched into the back of a tshirt. Wear tshirt to bed. Sounds corny I know but IF and when you roll over on your back somehow in spite of using this pillow in the middle of the night - your brain realizes this isn't right and you go RIGHT back on your side. The whole idea is to make you as UNcomfortable as possible if you end up on your back somehow.

And finally, if you breath through your nose - get the nose strips. They really do make a difference - you're not fighting to get air.

Stay on your side and you'll be fine.

The Dude.
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on April 22, 2013
I was recently told I had sleep apnea. The doctor wanted me to buy a mandibular advancement device for $1800.00 from an oral surgeon. I was shocked when Blue Cross Blue Shield wouldn't cover the cost. On top of that, they told me the device only had a 60% chance of working. I decided to give Snore-Ex and this pillow a try before investing that much money.

Anyways, I'm in my early forties, I'm 6'2", weigh 220 lbs, have snored since... forever. I completed a sleep study last week and they told me I stopped breathing 14 times an hour and that I would stop breathing for up to 40 seconds.

I slept with my wife last night for the first time in a year and she said it was AMAZING. Using Snore-Ex and the SONA FDA-Cleared Anti-Snore and Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow reduced my snoring by 85 to 90%. I thought I would share this information for the next person that has questions on if they should or should't try this.

The mouthpiece and pillow are both a little weird to use but if they keep me alive, it will be worth it.
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on March 1, 2014
Bought this for my wife, (she has a minor snoring problem). First and foremost, THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS WITH THIS. No explanation of how or why it is expected to work, just the photo on the box of someone using it. So, some experimentation is needed. Essentially, it is designed to keep your head on its side, and not to allow you to roll onto either your back or stomach. Your arm fits under the pillow, in from of your face, such as to prevent pressure from cutting off bloodflow and putting your hand/arm to "sleep". I elected to try it out first to see if it was effective. First few weeks of use, I noticed immediate morning neck pain, that was most atypical for me, but sleeping was most satisfying. My electronic sleep monitor reported fewer instances of awakening overnight than before with a regular pillow, so maybe there was something to this. I think however, now after 2 months of use, I would not have purchased this. I still have morning neck pain, and my wife says that I still occasionally snore. For what it is, a few ounces of foam and a supposedly high tech shape, it does not deliver, and certainly is not worth the money. Maybe that's why there are no instructions provided and no theory of operation. I think this is less a pillow, and more just snake oil.
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on September 17, 2012
I've had sleep apnea my entire life since I was an infant (could have easily been a SIDS baby, but I won the lottery there). The consequences were that I had far less energy than my peers, could easily sleep 10-12 hours a night and still wake up exhausted, my thoughts were foggy, all of the muscles in my body would constantly ache, my head felt like it was having a migraine 24/7, and my memory was terrible. Caffeine would be but a temporary relief from this persistent tiredness and deadness to the world. After being diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea by several sleep studies, I've tried quite a few things to cure my apnea. CPAP was ruled out immediately -- I could not tolerate it. No matter how hard I tried, I could not fall asleep with a giant, noisy hunk of plastic constantly forcing air down my throat. I had some luck with a dental appliance that moved my jaw forward and even didgeridoo therapy (and believe me, when those things worked, it was a HUGE difference for my quality of life), but then the benefits faded after a year, and I was back to being constantly tired again.

Night One of using this pillow: I wake up feeling RELAXED (my adrenal glands used to work overtime to keep me awake during the day) and no tension in my head or pain in my muscles. It felt like I was a changed man! Night Two, I woke up, and this time my mind felt sharp and thoughts freely flitted through my head as if my brain had an oil change instead of feeling rusty and struggling to work. Every single day since then, I have felt EVEN better, a gradual continuation of the improvement I've felt since I first started using this pillow, and my memory is returning and my thoughts have become more complex, more frequent, and more profound. For $35, my life has been changed, and if you have sleep apnea and have been living your life without treatment because you can't tolerate the CPAP, you owe it to yourself to try this pillow.

There's a few tips I'd like to throw out there. You MUST follow the directions exactly for using this pillow. I get the best results when my hand (not my arm) is under my head in the little opening on the side of the pillow. I am laying on my side, the side of my head is resting against the hump in the middle, and my nose is angled down towards the bed. Also, my chin is inside the lowest point between the hump and the end of the pillow. When I'm in this position, I can actually physically feel my throat and airways open up. If you cannot follow directions, you'll probably find yourself writing a one-star review much like many of the procedurally-challenged reviewers here already did.

There's definitely a dichotomy of good and bad reviews on this product. The thing is, this pillow works best for people like me who are not overweight and whose sleep apnea is caused by an oversized tongue (I talked to an ENT specialist about this and had already independently come to the conclusion that it was my collapsing tongue that was closing my airways while asleep). If you are overweight, YOU HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT to stop your apnea. The good news though is that the cure is as simple as losing weight (I'd much rather be in that boat, the easy way out where all I need to do is diet and exercise to cure myself, than endure a life-long struggle of incessant sleep deprivation). However, if you are thin like me but have enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or problems with nasal turbinates or a deviated septum, you might want to consider surgical options. For me, the best way to fix an enlarged tongue is either by shrinking the tissue using RF or moving the jaw forward, which opens the airways -- something this pillow already does "for free" by virtue of gravity acting on my angled head, so surgery is not necessary. The efficacy of surgery is pretty much a coin toss in terms of success rate, and the complications are severe (change in voice quality, difficulties with swallowing, altered/dulled sense of taste).

That said, if you are _already_ a side sleeper, this pillow might have less of an effect since what it really does is alter the direction of the gravity force vector acting on your airways and tongue while you are asleep so that gravity does not contribute to them collapsing while your muscles are relaxed during REM sleep. This explanation is entirely theoretical -- in the practical sense, this pillow worked fine for me even though I am already a side sleeper, but if you aren't getting good results, this explanation may very well apply. At the same time, if you AREN'T already a side sleeper, then you may have a harder time adjusting to this pillow since you are unnaturally training yourself to sleep in a different position. You can see that this is the chief reason behind most of the one-star reviews.

All in all, I can't say for sure that this product will work perfectly for you, but it's a gamble worth taking since the price is so low and because the potential pay-off is tremendous. Much like sleep apnea was Mother Nature's gamble in human evolution in order to endow us with speech (and resultantly, language -- see Dr. Michael Sack's write-up on this interesting hypothesis), this gamble is worth taking for your own health and well-being.
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on October 14, 2012
I didn't have the highest hopes for this pillow because the reviews consistently said it would be uncomfortable, but it was in my budget, and it at least had better reviews than the competition. When I first got the pillow, I laid my head down on it as per the instructions just to see what all the fuss was about. I almost fell asleep right there. I'd say this pillow is like 90% as comfortable as a regular pillow and when I sleep on it properly, I have less daytime sleepiness.

One thing that it took me a couple nights to get used to is the slant. You're only using 1/3 of the pillow at a time because of the bump in the middle. I was used to having the whole pillow and fuller range of movement, now I have to stay in one place with my head in one type of position. Not a big deal. I tend to go to sleep pretty much immediately, so I don't do that tossing and turning that some others might do. Some things about me: I'm a 108lb female, 5'1". Side sleeper. I always sleep with my arm under my pillow anyway, the sona just made it more comfortable to do so because it has holes for that. I'm really glad I tried it.
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on January 28, 2012
I have tried so many pillows and devices over the years I have lost count. Last year I had a Gastric Sleeve procedure and lost 85 Lbs, I'm now at 225 Lbs 6' 1" at age 59. I still need my CPAP even though my apnea has decreased.
After a recent sleep study they told me I had very few events when I slept on my side. This was the third pillow of my recent buying binge. As soon as it arrived I opened it up and tried to see if there was a chemical smell that some others had spoken about. There was none to speak of but I decided to put it in the dryer along with the cover for a 10 minute freshen-up. Last night I threw caution to the wind and used the pillow without the my CPAP. I slept from 10:30 to 5 AM solid, No Dry Mouth, No Nasal Congestion WOW!. That is better than any night's sleep with or without the CPAP that I had since ??? I can't remember when. Please read the directions that came with it. I will be buying another one and sending to my daughter's house for our visits. Hope it works as good for you. My Wife is going to try it today.
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on May 10, 2014
This pillow has as much relevance to snoring as holding a cat has to better arch support. The pillow is of very poor construction and as others consumers have mentioned, the center section collapses in record time. Mine literally collapsed and was useless in less than five days. The contorted sleep position is anything but comfortable and its supposed aid to rendering a good nights sleep is pure nonsense. The creators of this pillow need to step back and rethink the entire equation. Using very poor quality materials renders this product useless in short order. Don't waste your money and hope things will turn out for the best. I was willing to give it a go and had hopes it would work. Within a matter of days the pillows effectiveness deteriorates into something akin to a late night TV, weight loss scam. Perfect product for a carnival barker to sell . . . . and then skip town with your money.
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