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on December 16, 2016
I must've read about 250 reviews on the Sonos products to include the Play 1s and the Playbar/sub/5.1 system. I know all of the criticism about the lack of an HDMI input and the lack of DTS support and I absolutely agree with those criticisms. There isn't any reason not to support the best formats on the market. That being said, I bought the Sonos Playbar, Sub and two Play 1s after going through three Sony playbar/sub combos and the Yamaha 203. Understand, I downgraded from a 7.1 system anchored by an Onkyo AV receiver, two Bose floor speakers and a set of Energy 5s + subwoofer. I simply got sick of the wires and wanted a clean look and decided to go with a playbar. After trying the four other systems and not being really impressed with the sound of any of them, I decided to roll the dice on the Sonos with the desire being 1) good sound and 2) wireless as much as possible. I wasn't concerned in the least with all of the hoopla about connectivity with streaming services etc...

So, I install the system on a newer LED tv that has a 5.1 pass through on the optical port and bam! I fall in love with THE SOUND. I get it. I'm not trying to compete with an audiophilic, perfect system nor do I care about specs as much as I do about liking what I hear. And the bottom line is that I really like what I hear. I get the full 5.1 out of the system and the Play 1s sound fantastic as the rear pair of the surround sound set up. They really do sound good. The playbar is a great anchor for the TV when it comes to dialogue and as it acts as a front pair and center speaker for the whole system during movies and music. I apologize to all of the purists out there, but I love the Sonos system.

Setup is just too stinking easy. Wow.

And the streaming piece that meant nothing to me.........well, I played around with Spotify Premiere and what can I tell you? I can watch a boring football game while hoping for something spectacular to occur and instantly switch to listening to any of my 35 kabillion songs while keeping the game on. If something groovy happens on the tube, I just switch the sound back to the TV. There is zero lag between the TV and the system or between any of the separate speakers. outstanding synch. And with version 7.0 of the Sonos app I can stream from the Spotify app instead of having to use the Sonos app. Sweet.

Why only four stars then? As mentioned at the start of this diatribe, Sonos needs to get off their elitist butts and add HDMI connectivity and support for DTS. It is a tough decision to spring this kind of scratch for a system that could be phenomenal "if only....". After reading through countless forum threads about the issue, it almost seems as if the Sonos team takes a certain pride in telling their paying faithful to shut up and colors they decide are in our best interest. Not cool.

All in all it's hard to criticize the Sonos Play 1 as I have it set up in conjunction with the playbar and the sub. But it's expensive and technologically crippled for no apparent reason. I would recommend it if you can afford it, you aren't looking for audiophile ego strokes, you want to scrap the wires, and if you have a TV that passes the full 5.1 through the optical port.
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on October 9, 2017
As music migrated to digital and I migrated into multi-room living quarters, my overall sound scenario had degraded badly. Sonos to the rescue! Incredibly easy to set up (takes just minutes from my iPhone or iPad) and easy to use (adjust sound room by room at a touch), expandable, fabulous fidelity ... couldn't be better. I'm back to loving music! Perhaps my only complaint is that the system is capable of playing so loudly, that it's more difficult than I'd like it to be to make small volume adjustments at the lower end of the scale.
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on September 12, 2016
We were on vacation with a house that was equipped with a Sonos system and were so impressed we ordered it so we would have it when we got home. That night my wife looked at me and said, you're not going to set that up now, are you? I said I was just going to plug it in but five minutes later it was set up and playing. For the record I am an audiophile and while this is no replacement for high end speakers it is a fantastic way to have music wherever you want it.
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on May 20, 2017
I love my Sonos system. After dreaming of owning one, I finally broke down and bought an entire system. The PLAY 1 is a powerful speaker! It is surprisingly Full sounding! I love to jam out at quite loud volumes and love having the deep, full sound. I had the PLAY 5 in my bedroom, but ended up ordering one of these to replace that one and moved the PLAY 5 to my gym instead. These are easy to set up and sound AMAZING. I only wish they were compatible with alexa, but Apparently that feature is coming!
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on August 15, 2016
It was an evil trick my company played on me. They "awarded" me with a Sonos Play 1 Speaker. It sounded good but it was one speaker. So I ordered one from Amazon because I wanted to hear Sirius/iheartradio etc in stereo. It sounded great! Then I realized a subwoofer was offered by Sonos (at an outrageous price) and I ended up with one of those. Oh, my what a sound system that makes!
With the software platform installed on my computer, Android, or Apple device, I can pull my entire music library, listen to any streaming service, anywhere in my house through my WiFi. The speakers could be moved anywhere on my property as long as I receive my router's signal. These speakers do not distort and I would recommend them to anyone who can afford them. Just realize you will end up buying more than one speaker because it just sounds so much better. If you buy just 1 speaker it will be like buying one Bose speaker of a 3 speaker system.
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on July 6, 2016
Originally purchased just one Sonos speaker, it sounded great. I've never really been an audiophile, so what sounds good to me may not be the case for other people. After listening too a lot of music on the Play 1, i wondered if they were worth it... Let me just say I recently went too a friends house and he was playing music on his pretty expensive Bose Bluetooth speaker and that's when I realized the Sonos speakers are incredible and very well worth it. I remember sitting there wondering why the Bose sounded so awful, it's because the Play 1 sounds so much better. Until you compare a Bluetooth speaker to Sonos you won't realize just how much better they sound.

I purchased a Play 1 because after reading a lot of reviews it seemed two Play 1's were better than one Play 3.. Figured I'd try out one Play 1 before purchasing two but I finally made the next step and purchased 2 Play 1's and they really do sound incredible. Together they really create a beautiful sound.

I have not tried the speakers in a larger setup, not sure how they sound in a bigger room. I use them in a home office and the room is 11x10 and they really fill the room perfectly. You can see the setup I use in the pictures.

-Sound excellent
-Beautifully designed
-Controls on the speaker itself
-Ability to have just one plugged into Ethernet and create a seamless connection between both speakers wirelessly
-A very nice UI on the Sonos app

-Limited to using just the Sonos app
-Having to add everything to a que, which I've become so accustomed to now it doesn't bother me but at first it's kind of annoying
-Obviously pricey but well worth it with the quality
-Bass could be better, but for such a small speaker they really produce a clean sound
review image
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on March 30, 2015
The sound from this little speaker is amazing, especially at lower volume levels. The bass keeps pace with the mid and high sound output at background listening levels. At higher volumes, more bass is needed. Unfortunately, the Sonos Sub is $700, which doesn't make sense as a support component to one or two Play 1's at $200 ea.

On the other hand, pair of Play 1's beats a single Play 5 in listening quality from low through mid-high volume levels. The Play 5 can produce more total sound pressure but a single Play 5 costs $100 more than a stereo pair of Play 1's. Further, the stereo imaging of two Play 1's far exceeds that produced by one Play 5. In fact, there is little if any perceivable stereo separation with a single Play 5 (or Play 3 for that matter).

Hey Sonos, how about at $300 sub to pair with Play 1's & 3's? I'd be a buyer.
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on December 30, 2014
I have owned many speakers in my day from Pioneer to Alison to Polk and and many others. I decided to order the Sonos Play:1 simply not to have to turn on my receiver which is located inconveniently away from the area where I wanted to listen to music, the radio, etc.(although I have speakers connected to the receiver in that location). The area where the speaker was to be located is in a modestly sized dining room. Setting it up using my iPhone with the Sonos app was a breeze. I was almost immediately able to play anything from my iPhone, where most of my music is stored these days, my favorite radio stations and my Sirius XM account stations.

The first thing I noticed was the clarity of the sound; as good or better than any speaker I have owned. The frequency response curve seemed very flat with no audible distortion. The bass on this little speaker is not overwhelming but it is there, and deeper than you expect from such a tiny unit.

I then splurged and bought another and set up the two to operate in stereo. Well, to my amazement, the result was way better than the sum of the parts. The stereo imaging is excellent and the sound fills the room with a presence and clarity unbelievable for such a tiny speaker.

I would imagine for a large room, one would want a larger speaker, but for as small to medium sized room, you could pump these little guys up to life sized volume without losing the aforementioned clarity.

I would recommend the Play:1 highly.
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I can't wait for the promised Alexa integration with Sonos and for Sonos to get Audible working again. Right now we use a pair of Play 1s in my wife's sewing Room, a single Play 1 in our bedroom, and living room, and a Play 3 in our family room. They all sound great with our music collection, Spotify, or Pandora.
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on March 19, 2017
Got two. On in living room and one in bedroom. Can play radio stations at same time in both rooms or can play different stations in each room. Haven't tried enhancing sound in one room with two speakers, but looking forward to it. Very easy set up from iPad or iPhone. Great to enjoy streaming radio stations from internet or through TuneIn on the Sonos app, or other music apps like pandora, Sirius or iheart radio. Working on diving out how to listen to podcasts. Fun, fun, fun.
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