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on December 21, 2015
I am sorry to say that as much as I like these slippers, they did not hold up at all. The soles have just disintegrated after only moderate use--as you can see in the attached pictures. I hesitated to spend this much money on a house slipper, but Sorel was a good brand, or so I thought. I expected to get a lot of use out of them but these only lasted a year with occasional wearing during the winter months before the sole developed a hole and then both soles began to fall apart. Very disappointed since they were warm, comfortable slippers.
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on December 27, 2017
I would have loved this slipper except that there is a scratchy, incredibly uncomfortable label on the bottom, and a matching scratchy, incredibly uncomfortable place on the sides. Not sure if this is intentional, or I just got a bad pair. It's the coldest day of the year, I have been waiting impatiently for the UPS man all day, so excited to get my superwarm shearling slippers....and I had them on for less than a minute before they were back in the box and the return label printed. Why on earth did they put those stupid labels in there?? I never write reviews but I really felt like I needed to warn others.....
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on January 4, 2017
The need for these slippers came for my girlfriend in the most unlikely way. It was blue-steel cold out, an absence of heat only felt in the dreaded dearth of winter's frigid blue. The gut-tugging cold permeated the wood planks of our floor. No furnace could defeat it. One night our youngest cat began a worrisome meow from near the back porch. What was she asking for? Was she frightened? In distress. It was an urgent affair. Bracing herself against the tundra-like floor, she reached into her mother's instinct and set foot from warm bed onto frigid floor, and my girlfriend rushed to the rescue of young kitty. But all was fine, this young cat likely alarmed by the flutter of snowflakes against the icy window in the black night. But there had to be a better way... And so it began, the research, the online reviews, the surveying of friends... What are the finest slippers? The slippers inspired by the Aleutian native-Americans, adequate for Scott, Peary or Amundsen on expedition at either polar region. What were the very finest of arctic slippers? Our search led us to this, and I am pleased to report to you, after exhaustive research, that these slippers are beyond compare in every way. Warm in the excess, but not too warm... Excellent traction, enough to tread where only Eskimo or penguin may, attractive in a nose-rubbing, quaint kind of way and also able to maintain a high degree of audible stealth when creeping across the floor in the bottom hours. I would recommend them without reservation.
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on January 23, 2018
I have made a point today of coming on here to review these slippers! I don't know when I have received the delivery of a purchase with such satisfaction! These slippers are exactly what I hoped they would be. I wear an 8.5, I ordered an 8.5 and they fit perfectly! I tried them on with nice thick socks and they were just a teeny bit snug, which is exactly what I wanted because I'm sure they will give a little and I don't always wear thick socks. I wanted slippers that I could both slip on without using hands, but that would ALSO stay on when I walk around. That's a tall order and, though I DO need to help them on right now with a finger, I feel that after they stretch out a little, they will slip on unassisted. (I will try to come back and update on how that works out.) Right now - like I said they are just what I hoped for - a little snug. They are also comfy and cushion-y with that "I don't want to take them off!" feeling! Order them in your correct size. You will like! 😀
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on January 7, 2018
I wear slippers all day long in the winter, unless I am out in the snow and ice. For years the slippers I wore were sold every year and so I bought them again and again. This year both brands changed the make of their slippers, though the name for the product stayed the same. Very unhappy, I started shopping again and found these Sorel Nakiskas. I bought the first pair and wondered whether I would keep them. They were slightly tight and the back seemed more like a mule rather than a regular slipper. Mules are deadly on stairs, but I decided to try them for a couple of days. I LOVE THEM! Apparently your foot sinks down a little into the insole and they loosened up just a little in length as well. Last week I went ahead and bought another pair, determined not to face a dilemma next year. Please don't change the make of the slippers - they are pricey but they are my new favorite.
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on November 28, 2010
Well, my feet are happy and I am definitely pleased with my new slippers! These slippers had a lot to live up to after all the reviews I read about them on various sites, and so far, they aren't letting me down. Honestly, I would have not regularly paid for this much for slippers for myself, but it was my 40th birthday and I told my mom I wanted some new slippers that I could slide on without having to bend over and use my hands- plus something I could wear in or out (to get the mail and such). She sent me a link with the Sorel Nakiska slides (same as these, but the part by the heal is down a little lower). I started reading reviews on those and then came across this style, with more coverage of the heal and was getting really excited at trying these for myself.

My hardest decision was the sizing. Half of the reviews I read said if you were between sizes to go up a size and half said to go down a size. I was so confused. I did not want my toes squished but I did not want to get a half size up and then have them flip flopping. I did however, decide to go up to a size 8, since I am normally a 7 1/2 and figured I could wear socks if I needed to. Well, so far- perfect fit! Glad I did not go down a half size. I mostly wear them without socks (am right now and so cozy), but I also wear them with thin socks. I do wonder if someday they will loosen up some more and then feel too loose. I hope not. I had read another review that said that they did not do that, but only time will tell.

I have to add also, that my mom did not end up getting me the slippers since I actually got a better gift, but then my mother-in-law got me some slippers that were not Sorels. They are Dearfoam and they are nice slippers- what I'm really used to. No problem with them really, as I've always worn slippers like that, and they really look similar and even have a sole I can wear outside. If I had never read all of the reviews about the Sorels, I would have been thrilled with the new Dearfoams and been happy. However, since I had now had my heart set on sinking my feet into the Sorel's, I went ahead and ordered them for myself. In the meantime, I was wearing my Dearfoams and happy with them.

My Sorels arrived and it was just as I expected after reading other reviews. I put my feet in and they felt so good- the arch support is so comfortable and the overall design makes the slippers fit like a glove to my foot. There isn't any flopping around, but they aren't tight, they just seem to form to my foot. The sole is different than the Dearfoams, as they curve up a little in the front and remind me more of a running shoe, that helps your foot as it curves to the ground. Also, a big difference from the other slipper, they are whisper quiet. The soles grip my floors (laminate and linoleum) without any slipping, and because they don't flip flop, they are more like wearing socks. This is a nice feature to me, but maybe no big deal to anyone else. I was then able to try on one Dearfoam and one Sorel at the same time. Wow! The foot in the Dearfoam was just a foot in a slipper, but my foot in the Sorel was like a foot getting a hug. Dumb analogy maybe, but really, the Sorel foot was SO comfy. I feel bad, because I am certainly not trying to bash Dearfoam here, but I'm sure it sounds that way. Really, if you just want an average slipper that doesn't cost much- then they are fine. Now though, that I've tried the Sorel's and I am expecting them to last a long time- I can't imagine not spending the extra money to get these quality slippers for my feet! I am a new Sorel customer that plans to be a repeat customer. I'm even considering giving some as gifts, knowing that other people would be just as happy.

One last thing I wanted to say- I almost call these "shoes" instead of slippers, as I am wearing them all the time I've worn them beyond my mail box and trash can outside. I've worn them to church, to the store, just wherever and whenever I can. They are that comfy. They are sturdy enough for me to wear them out (and stylish, I think), but yet, they don't feel heavy or bulky like a shoe when I'm inside. I even slipped into bed with them on my feet one night, because it was cold and I didn't to take them off. That time, I did wish I had put socks on and then I would have slipped them off. Anyway, because these are so versatile for me as well as so comfortable, I am sold, sold, sold on Sorel Nakiskas. I am certain I will buy more Sorel products for my feet! I never review, but I always read reviews. I always think that I should review on so many products that I like, but never take the time. For these though, I finally took the time. Hopefully I'll review more items from now on. The Sorels are just so great that I had to start here.
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on November 23, 2015
This my second pair of these. They are very durable. You can wear them outside or to run errands and feet stay warm. They don't slide around on hard floors either. I like the low back rather than a slide because I have stairs in my house and feel safer with slippers that stay on my feet. I wear 8 1/2 in shoes and went with 8. They are perfect. I do recommend suede protector. My first pair was the light color and the only reason I replaced them is because they had gotten so dirty.
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on January 29, 2016
From the posted reviews, I expected these to be a superior slipper vs what you may find at Target or Kohls. To me, they aren't worth the money. Sure, they're warm. But, they're not any more comfortable than the standard padded slippers. In fact, the stiffness of the cuff part is rather bothersome at times. The cushioning is no different, actually, there's not much cushion to the sole at all. For $56, I expected more.
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on June 23, 2017
Third time buying these slippers, once I wear them out I just order a new pair...love them. Soft, warm, snug fitting so they do not slide off your feet and durable. We have a dog and I tend to step outside through the day when home and the rubber soles give good protection to my feet. The upper part does not wear down, the suede stays looking nice. It is the rubber soles I wear down. I work from home so I wear my slippers probably more than most folks might. (regards, Glenn's wife)
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on March 13, 2018
This is my second pair of these slippers. I specifically ordered them because my first pair (bought at a sporting goods store) were super comfortable. I work from home and in colder months wear these 8-10 or more hours a day.
I was disappointed in the "new" ones. I don't understand why manufacturer's change the construction. The new pair is far less comfortable--the older ones had a lot of "cush"--thicker more supportive insoles and just more comfortable all the way around. The lining is not as generous either. The first pair was a bit snug at first as the lining was thicker and more substantial, they were actually a bit snug until the lining compacted a bit. The new pair not so. I am keeping them, but will not order again as I don't believe the current ones are worth the price.
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