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Secura SSIB-17 Induction Cookware Set
Color: 17 Pieces|Change
Price:$249.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 11, 2014
I have this set, bought from Amazon. I consider it good value for the money. I will answer some concerns others have had with their
sets. My set was shipped to me in the original manufacturers box that was probably in a container with a zillion others. Amazon
shipped it in another box with space and packing around the shipper box which took any abuse UPS could throw (literally) at it.
Lets talk about that shipper box which again was a box within a box. Everything was held by designed cardboard packing material that
fit the pieces and held them away from the sides. It was packed like it was headed for a mess kitchen at the front (or they were aware
of the gorillas that ups uses). If the UPS truck had run over it, it still might have held up, maybe. Amazon is starting to realize,
and pack for the kind of handling that mass delivery systems can dish out.

This is well made stainless steel cookware; it has an aluminium sandwich on the bottom so the heat distribution is more even and it
works on induction cooktops (I have a couple of NuWaves and a 30 inch GE all induction cooktop). This is not commercial cookware. I
worked in college as a cook, and we never had anything anywhere near this good. Commercial pans get rough treatment from the cooks,
and a lot of steel wool and hard grease cutters from the dishwasher, and everything goes through the dishwasher, the guy and the
machine. Commercial pots usually have flat stainless steel lids also. This set is really nice home cookware, much better than
commercial quality. These pots are not eye candy. They are brushed stainless which you can't see your face in. The brushed finish
holds oil better. The pot handles are large and stay cool, the lid handles can get hot.

Tip: Get Barkeepers Friend Cookware cleaner for when you screw-up, we all do. Buy in multiples, it is cheaper that way. It's on
Amazon. I think all the Barkeepers is the same stuff in different packaging, but I might be wrong.

Tip: Also get the Magic Jetz scrubbers on Amazon, they are easier on the pans than steel wool or ghod forbid those squiggly stainless
steel scrubbers or chainmail (use that on your cast iron stuff).

A little advice to those new to stainless cookware. Use the PAM on your Teflon pans, not these. I use duck fat or pretty much any
oil. Start out on medium heat (5 out of 10) with something in the pan. Then when you have food in the pan, you can ramp up the
heat a little, or even a lot. You will learn your own style as far as heat control goes. You can maintain your desired level at a
lower heat once you get there. Gas, Induction, Ceramic, and Halogen will give you faster response to control numbers than electric
burners. If you cookware changes color (straw to brown to purple to blue) you are way too high in the heat and you can damage the
pan. If you just have to see what it will do, put 2 liters of cold tap water in the 4.2 qt casserole and let her rip. My GE
induction cooktop will boil it in 4.5 min from 50 degrees on level 10, and maintain it on level 3. Remember, when it is hot enough,
back it down.

Last tip: get a ThermoWorks Thermapen here on Amazon, the price is right and they are really useful. Get a bright color so you
can find it quick. You will be surprised how often you overcook food.
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on October 2, 2017
The most common complaint is that fried foods stick to the skillets. Of course it will, if you don't season them! Like cast iron, these stainless steel skillets must be seasoned prior to use to make them non-stick. Like magic: Pre-heat the skillet over medium heat for 2 minutes. Add enough oil to coat the bottom. Continue to heat for about 6 minutes until the oil smokes. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Pour out the oil and wipe with a paper towel. You now have a non stick pan. After use only wipe clean with a paper towel. Do not use soap and water. If you do, just re-season the pan. Use like any non-stick skillet: Maybe a light spray of PAM or a little bit of oil.
Gloria K.
Purchased from Amazon Prime
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on June 5, 2014
Wow, picking cookware for induction is a challenge. It seems a majority of the reviews are a bit vague and so few specifically say a product works well. Guess that's the challenge of moving to a newer technology.....for the US. Have to say I was a bit hestitant when I received the product and prepared to return them if need be. This cookware comes very well packed, is high quality, good weight and the dripless lip is really nice. The glass tops are good quality and well made. Some reviews mention a sound the pans make on induction. I have not experienced any sound; I'm using the new model Samsung Induction. Overall, this cookware set is a really high value for the price. There is nothing flimsy or cheap about this cookware. The heat distribution is excellent and the weight is perfect for induction. The heavier base assures that the metal has even contact with the cook top surface. It is fun to fill the small pot with cold water and watch it boil in less than a minute!! Very pleased with purchase
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on March 21, 2014
Let me start by saying I have worked in more then one professional kitchen and these pans are without a doubt better then anything used in those kitchens. Seriously I am shocked not only at how good they look but at the pure quality of the workmanship. I can tell with these pans I wont ever need to replace them.

Why buy them:
They are attractive. (They look beautiful in any light)
They are functional. (Very even cooking)
They have measures on the side. ( they have marks inside of them listing how much water or sauce you have added)
The skillets have more depth then most other cookware sets. (it makes harder to spill...)
The handles are curved in a way that makes them feel more comfortable in your hands.
The pans are evenly balanced.
There is a lid for everything and the lids are attractive also.

Why not buy them:
None so far will update if I come across anything.

Stainless steel tips:

1)Don't use High temperatures unless boiling water, stainless steel heats very evenly and cooks well at medium - medium high
2)Do not boil dry!!! (this means boil till you run out of water)
3)Try and use plastic / rubber spatulas etc. when cooking as you can scratch your stainless steel with other hard metals and while this will not effect the usefulness it will make it slightly less attractive.
4)Allow your food to warm before cooking. IE take them out of the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes as overly chilled food tends to stick when introduced to heat.
5)Don't use cooking sprays. Sprays contain a chemical propellant that is difficult to remove. Instead dab a bit of oil on a paper towel and carefully wipe the interior of the pan.
6)Add your oil to the pan after it has had a chance to heat up and before you add food. It takes less oil with a stainless steel set then most and make sure to coat evenly.

Just so you know:
I received this set free in return for an honest review. (I know this can look bad but I will call out a bad product even if given to me thankfully in this case I didn't have to!)

Overall the best cooking set I have worked with I highly recommend it. And hope you enjoy your new set.
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on January 28, 2017
We just received this item and they have a very nice look to them. We have used them once so far for scrambled eggs. The pan was preheated and we wiped it with olive oil. We cook our eggs on a lower temperature. They did not burn but it took a little work to get the pan clean, but it wasn't bad. This was to be expected. The three star rating comes from the medium sauce pan had a couple of scratches on the inside bottom and the size of the large frying pan was disappointing. It is a 10" fry pan with only 7" of cooking surface. We had a 10" caphalon with our old set and it was at least 8" in terms of cooking surface. We expected it to be bigger I guess. The other point that I didn't pay attention to is the measurement marks but they are not etched but some sort of overlay and they are only in metric. The lids seem awfully light for a supposed higher end product. Overall, we are happy enough with them not to return until we get to use them more. It is a great looking set and looks and feels like good quality. We also love the large sauté pan. I'm not sure how much difference it makes when the cladding is only on the bottom and not up the sides (like All Clad). We didn't want to spend twice the price for All Clad, so we tried to go to the next price point. We looked at this and one of the cuisinarts. The cuisinart had a mirrored finish and didn't have glass lids. Keep in mind this says 17 pieces but in fact it counts the 3 cooks utensils as part of the 17. The meat and potatoes of this set is that it's 7 pieces of cookware. We are currently at 3 stars until we have time to find out how well these items produce over time.
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on February 12, 2015

So far so good. Set is very heavy, and the fit and finish seems to be of very good quality.

Has a professional and high end look.

There are subtle things that seem very well engineered and thought out that make this set stand out. For instance, the curved edge makes pouring easy and clean. The stock pots have marks indicating how much water is in them. The one I love which some people may not, is when water starts boiling in the stock pots, the lids subtly rattle and let you know that its ready for your ingredients.

Very durable and no fuss. Put em in the oven, put em in the dishwasher.

You get a lot of pieces for the price.

They are induction ready, (which i dont use) but thats a pro.

Some minor Cons:

It does take longer to boil water in the large stock pot as opposed to my old thinner Calphalon stock pot. Not really a complaint, just something ive noticed.

I also keep one non stick pan dedicated to eggs. Have watched vids on how to "season" the pans but I havent had success as of yet.


Cleaning is not bad at all. We've been using this set quite heavily and have made all sorts of different dishes. We just soak it with soap and water and it comes out perfect.

One thing to be aware of, if you have high mineral content in your water (which we do) its best to dry the pots/pans after washing to prevent surface oxidation (rust)


This is a good investment. I did not want to post a review 10 mins after i received the set (omgz this set is soooooo awsomes i made spaghetti is was great) no. We are a family of 5 with frequent company. My wife loves to cook and to feed people. We put this set through it's paces and have had an appropriate sample size to judge to draw from. That being said, we are totally satisfied and look forward to years of great food prepared in this quality set. Solid four and a half stars
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on October 15, 2015
Been very happy so far. I decided to go with these, with some trepidation, after using All Clad and Calphalon in the past - the attraction was primarily the lower cost. They feel substantial and seem well constructed. I've had none of the problems mentioned in other reviews here at Amazon: lids fit well, no discoloration even after washing in the dishwasher. I also like the pasta basket, which I hadn't used before. I am following the manufacturer's advice and not using excessively high heat (my range is gas) to avoid damaging the pans.

I plan to update this review if I encounter any unexpected problems in the future.
review imagereview image
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on November 4, 2017
After looking, reading reviews, shopping at stores we just kept coming back to these pots and pans. We were between these and Cuisinart and Calphalon. I have no regret at all purchasing these. Love the look of them. Love the glass lids. Nice taller handles on lids so you dont burn your fingers. I like the measurement markings in pans-note: it is in metric! Nice durable handles on pans. When cooking it seems to be even heating in pans. I have found they are easy to clean. When done cooking I just put hot water in them and leave in sink until we are done eating and then wash. They are heavy but that's what I wanted. I have a gas stove and didnt want pans that would warp. For me its a sense of security that they are heavy duty. I also like the the bottom of the pans are flat not rounded because of my gas stove burner grates. I have had other pans that would rock and tip because they weren't flat. I did purchase the bar keepers friend cleaner. I have used it only a few times to clean the gas/heat marks off bottom-which isn't every time. Know how to cook on stainless! - dont start off on high heat! I have no problems with food sticking. I have no problems with getting pans clean. I did read some reviews about sticking/burning and all I can think of is these people must not know hiw to cook with stainless. Watch some youtube videos. It's not like cooking on teflon but isn't the reason we buy these pans is to not deal with teflon peeling/leaching in our food? Yes stainless takes a little more time to learn care for but don't compare apples to oranges. Also, the packaging was very good. Tightly packed and no damaged pieces at all. All in all, I give five stars, more than happy. Highly recommend.
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on November 24, 2015
I moved into my new house with my new Electrolux Induction cook-top and was super excited when I ordered the Duxtop pans, after reading great reviews, I was super excited when they arrived. The pans are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Exactly as described and more impressive in person than online pictures. I love everything about them in appearance and weight. The handles fit perfectly in my hands.
I had read in other online reviews that a HORRIBLE buzzing/vibrating sound fills the kitchen when using these pans with Electrolux induction cook-top. I was very worried because I did not read that until after I had purchased the pans and was waiting on their arrival. The very first time I used the pans a Horrible buzzing/ vibrating sound filled my kitchen, I was immediately disappointed. I then lifted the pan off the cook-top and the noise stopped, I put the pot back on the cook-top and the buzzing started again. Then a thought crossed my mind to wipe the bottom of the pan with a microfiber cloth and the cook-top itself. I did this and there was no buzzing. The cook-top and the pans need to be clean and free of debris before use in order to prevent buzzing sound.

The pans can be a little difficult to clean, but as someone who went to culinary school these are a top quality pan. This is a beautiful set and perfect for someone who is looking for a Stainless-Steel set.
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on December 23, 2017
This is a heavy duty set. The thickness of the wall (single ply) is 0.87 mm (industrially marked as 1 mm), the bottom (3-ply) is 5.6 mm on the average. The product claims of 18/10 food-grade stainless steel (18% chromium, 10% nickel). Although some steel mills use only 8.4% nickel to claim as 18/10, I feel more comfortable than the 18/8, not to mention that products do no specify their grade use 18/4 or worse instead (nickel prevents oxidation, but cost 17 times of iron).
The combination of the set, not including frying pans, is perfect for me, as sandwiched metal is susceptible to separation under high temperature. Oven safe up to 500 degree Fahrenheit may be true, but using the frying pan to brown a steak can easily goes over 500 degree! I rather use a cast-iron skillet to do the work.
The workmanship is so-so. The ring-handles are made out of tube metal with ends compressed for riveting. The stick-handles are mounted too close to the rim of the pot, it makes cleaning a challenge.
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