Customer Reviews: SSX - Playstation 3
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on March 8, 2012
Nine mountains to conquer and there are 153 maps to conquer after the nine mountains in the game play... lots of gameplay. Storyline makes you play with every character. Good game, been waiting for this game since ssx3 and ssx tricky.
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on December 15, 2012
This is a great game of a great series but they downgraded and no longer have any multiplayer if your anything like me you would love to play this with you little brother or friends but you cant they shouldn't of took it out
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on July 17, 2013
really loved it. awesome music great graphics. realistic maps. as a long time follower of ssx I was a bit sad local multiplayer was missing but its awesome enough that my friends and I would switch off. watching it's just as fun
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on February 6, 2016
This has to be the best skiing game known to man. This SSX delivers non-stop action that kept me on edge every second that I played it. A must buy and a great price to go along with it.
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on February 29, 2012
EDIT: Well, it looks like I got over the "easy" stump. This game has just turned into extremely frustrating and not so fun (well unless I'm doing trick it on the fun tracks). I mean seriously, there are just way too many crevices in spots I can't see until it is too late. And don't think you can just rewind and catch up, because the times of the AI are just plain ridiculous. You will constantly be restarting tracks just to get that great run, and half the time I still don't beat the gold score. Trees are also very annoying! The went over board on the trees (well not counting the deadly descent, I understand that), they are just everywhere! This game needs a lot of improvement before it becomes the fun, arcade SSX I used to love. I'm going to knock this down to a 4 for now, because the other aspects of this game are still great.

This game is absolutely amazing! This has been one of the most anticipated games I have been waiting for, and now that it is finally here I can gladly say I am not disappointed! Lets go over the pros (no cons, but there is one neutral point):

Gameplay - This game is very fun and the gameplay value is extremely high. I have been playing this game for a decent amount of time and I haven't got bored of it yet. In fact, I have been enjoying it more and more as I go. There are 9 different mountains, each with various trick it/ race it tracks and one deadly decent "survival" track. The survival tracks require different equipment to survive and it can be challenging at times.

Music - The music in this game is equally awesome. A lot of it is Dubstep; even if you don't like Dubstep , it goes well with the atmosphere of SSX.

Multiplayer - This has been a big issue with players. I have played every SSX game (Blur being the exception) and have always loved the split screen. But time has passed and it just isn't practical to have someone come over to your house and do some split screen action. I really wish there was split screen (for siblings/family), bu it hasn't taken anything away from the experience. Now with multiplayer, you don't actually play against other people, but their ghosts/scores. You can do this with both friends and all other players. So far, I have actually placed a platinum and diamond bracket in trick it, and it was really fun. I wish that I could actually compete with other players real time, but I'm not going to complain because it is still enjoyable.

Graphics - Graphics aren't really too important in my opinion, but they do look great. There are even some comic-styled videos that pertain to the story that are enjoyable as well.

Story: Unlike previous SSX games, this one actually has a small story to it. It is nothing special, but the fact that there is a little story to it makes me applaud EA Canada. This being said, it still didn't add too much to the game (in my personal opinion). Basically, the story is about Griff, a character from SSX 3 versus team SSX (I won't go into detail because it is described in the introduction video).

This game is awesome, and I suggest everyone get it. Luckily, I preordered this game from NewEgg during their promotion for $48.

NOTE: My review may change as I play the game some more.
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on May 17, 2016
Bomb ass redux of the original SSX that I loved so much. Slight learning curve that, once grasped, makes for endless high flipping music thumping fun. Highly recommended.
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on May 23, 2013
I bought this to finally be able to play PS3 with my girlfriend, as she likes those snowboard games.
But we can't play it together!
This may be the first mono-player arcade sports simulation ever! (which is why I didn't check before buying...)
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on March 4, 2012
I'll start off with saying im a huge ssx fan. I can honestly say ive logged more hours on ssx games then any other. which is why this game disappoints me so much, its a good game but not a good ssx game. I wanted to love it so much but i just cant. The game is trying too hard to be extream then being the care free arcade game ssx is supposed to be. It leaves no room for error during a race and the rewind system along with the many unforeseeable cliffs. You could be way in the lead and have your self some show boating just to find that huge jump directs you straight off a cliff. Then you gotta rewind which hurts your time so much you might as well quit. The online shouldnt even be able to be called online. racing a ghost is nothing like racing a person and that's all the online consists of. the racers are lame now and shadows of their former selfs. I went from liking them in the earlier to hating them now. Customization is limited to changing colors of their cloths which most the time looks like crap. There is thousands of things to buy but half the time you will just see it as a waste of money. The controls work perfect and the tricks are cool. Thats about all the good of this game. Dont get it if your expecting the old ssx. SSX is dead and this games just a shell of its former self.
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on March 6, 2012
Trick runs: A-

Race runs: F-

Survival runs: C

Storyline: D-

Characters: C

Features: B+

Trick Runs:
This is SSX's bread and butter, and where the game truly shines. There is something incredibly fun about grinding along a section of the Great Wall while while doing a handstand on your board, then jumping into some 1040 degree spinning backflip while break dancing on your board in mid air. Puts a smile on my face every time. I can't say enough good things about the trick courses, I really have no complaints with this part of the game it all. Very creative, each region has a unique feel, and you never get tired of it. The only reason that I didn't give it an A+ is that there are a few courses missing. Specifically:
Where is Tokyo Megaplex?
Where is Perpendiculous?
Where is Metro City?

Add those classic course back in, and maybe a totally new, mind blowing half pipe, and you will will get an A+. Come up with a totally original course as unique and unreal as Tokyo Megaplex again, and it will be above and beyond. Don't forget that this game is supposed to "Defy Reality."

Who designed the race runs on this game? Seriously, I don't know what gamer hating, sadistic, malicious idiot designed the race courses, but they owe every SSX fan an apology. That is not a joke, I am dead serious, I want to see an apologetic press release. Go buy Tricky and SSX Three, and see if you can figure out where you screwed up. If I want to play some uber serious snowboard sim that was true to life and forced a reboot every thirty seconds because I fell into yet another crevasse that I couldn't see until I was in it, I wouldn't have bought an SSX title! I'm here to throw big tricks and do crazy, unrealistic runs that you can't do in real life. Oh, and rewind mode? That may be the most worthless game edition in the history of mankind for race mode. I rewind, everyone else keeps going. Not helpful. I rewind, and despite trying to change events and hitting different buttons, the same exact thing happens. Thanks, that was a big help. Look, it is kind of impossible to try and worry about winning the race when you are focusing every ounce of your will power on staying on the three foot wide path and not falling of the cliffs all around you. Not fun. Restarting the race every time you fall in a hole? Also not fun.

The best part about the race modes in Tricky and SSX 3 was finding your own route down the mountain, and turning a losing run into a winning run by finding a shortcut. These narrow pathed death traps don't allow you to do that. They also don't allow you to trick much either, since you are desperately trying to discern whether or not some giant hole of cavern is waiting to swallow you whole if you dare jump. Are you such a masochist that you actually enjoyed playing this crap? I didn't. I can assure you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that now that I have beaten world tour, I will NEVER play another race on this game. Not ONE.

Survival / Deadly Descents:
Verdict: Meh. Some of these can be somewhere between challenging and fun. Some are just incredibly stupid. Guess how I got through Alaska's Invincible and Emergency Exit (the deadly descent) courses? I put the controller down. That's right, I survived one of your "Deadly Descents" without touching the controller. Frankly, that's a good thing, too. I don't know what troglodytic crackhead decided that it was a good idea to set these runs up with a reverse camera angle, so you can't see where you are going, but if I had been forced to play through that crap over and over again, I would have returned the game. WORST. LEVEL. EVER. The most disappointing part? Avalanches was one of the challenges I was looking forward to. They should have been pretty cool. Instead, they were just pointless. Frankly, Darkness was pretty pointless as well. This is especially true since not one of my repeated deaths in Africa was due to not being able to see. I died because I took a jump and fell in a hole, or came over a hill or around a turn and fell into a crack that wasn't visible until I was already falling into it. Woo. What fun. By the way, since falling into holes and off of cliffs is the primary method of death in this game, shouldn't that have been one of the Deadly Descents? Would have made more sense to just turn the lights on in Africa and say, "Good luck, try not to fall in!"

Gravity, Rock, Ice, and Trees were all pretty amusing, though. Wingsuits at least lived up to the hype. The others manage to be fun and challenging without feeling forced, which is far more than I can say for Avalanche. Fans of the originals that are used to hitting trees on the way down will enjoy laughing about this part of the survival mode, where you are actually tasked with NOT plowing into every obstacle in your path. Pretty amusing, really.

Retarded. Hmmm.... I wonder who can manage to fly around the world and ride 9 different mountains first, a whole team of riders, or one lone guy? Why didn't team SSX just ride all the courses simultaneously? This was just stupid. The only part they did right was making Griff the villain. Everyone hated Griff, he was a little tool. On the plus side, who the hell plays an SSX game for the storyline?

All the classics are still here, with a few additions. Unfortunately, they are pretty stripped down. Even Psymon is barely recognizable, and doesn't really carry any personality. Bring the original voice actors back, and give them the personalities we all love. Mostly, just give them personalities. A few more unique tricks wouldn't hurt, and some of the pointless but light hearted gear from SSX 3 wouldn't hurt. The bonus characters like the skeleton riding a coffin were awesome.

Online modes are incredible. The ghost runs may be the best innovation for SSX or for online play that I have ever even heard of. Incredible addition that makes the game much more fun and competitive. Amazing idea, and well executed. The same can be said for the global events. I hate lobbies, so the lack of that setup in SSX is a blessing. The music in the game as absolutely horrendous, but fortunately you can use your own instead, which the game seems to remix depending on what you are doing on the course, which is really cool. The two negatives here are pretty simple. Fail number one: 720p, not 1080. WTF? Fail number two: NO LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! Guys, as much effort as you put into the online modes, why would you leave out split screen play? What where you thinking?

If you were hoping for some epic trick runs, and some incredible, innovative online play, pick it up. The tricks are a blast, just have some patience beating the World Tour and unlocking everything. If you were a race fan, skip it. The race runs suck. Just aggravating for the sake of aggravating. Fortunately, I came for the tricks.

Why four stars, with so many complaints? At the end of the day, now that I have beaten World Tour, I can skip and ignore the runs I don't like. I bought the game to throw tricks and compete online. That part of the game is brilliant and amazingly fun. I'll be playing this one for a while. Still hoping to see some of those classic tracks, etc. I mentioned above as DLC, though.
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on September 25, 2012
Lovin it!!! I played SSX 3 so much, and I'm really glad they kept the same feel with this game.
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