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on March 30, 2012
The first snowboard videogame I ever played was 1080 for the N64 (GRANT!) and it was glorious. When my parents got me a PS2 one year for Christmas they also got me the two best videogames I have ever played to this date: Jak and Daxter and SSX Tricky. SSX Tricky was like nothing I'd ever played before and it blew me away. The levels, the character personalities, the awesome tricks; the game was fantastic in its lack of realism and visuals and was a ton of fun.

SSX3, I thought, was a worthy sequel to the series. I liked the new mechanic of an entirely connected mountain, giving you the ability to ride from the top all the way to the bottom and not compete in anything at all. It almost felt like an open sandbox kind of game. I also loved the customization. You could completely personalize your character with different outfits and different Tricky tricks that you bought with your earnings from the events. The inclusion of a loose story was also cool in that it gave the player more motivation.

This newest release, SSX, is great in some respects but for me it lacks in a lot of the features that SSX3 had, and that's why I still prefer SSX3. The level design is gorgeous and realistic yes, but at the same time repetitive and too broken up. The lines can be fun, if you can find them, which admittedly I have a lot of trouble trying to do. The levels just don't have the same unique and fantastic feel that they had in Tricky and SSX 3. I do like that they keep the idea of a story and take it to a new level in this game. The world tour competition of the "Deadly Descents" is a great idea, and the fact that they give the player just one antagonist to focus on made the story more riveting. Their choice of Griff to be the main antagonist was a good one, as I have never liked him and always saw him as a little snot-nose punk. But this is where my praise ends.

My main gripe with this new game is the complete detachment I feel with any of the players of Team SSX. There is a total lack of customization of your character, and I did not like that you are forced to use every team member of SSX. I understand that this fits in with the story line, but I don't see a reason for it other than that. All of the characters feel the same during play, so it isn't a matter of trying to get the player to try them all out before they settle on one for the rest of the game. What made SSX3 so great for me was that I played from Peak 1 to Peak 3 with my favorite character (has been, is, and always will be Kaori Nishidake) and she was completely unique to me beginning to end from the stats I chose, the tricks I bought, and the outfit I customized. I felt a personal connection! The same goes for the second playthrough with Psymon, and the third with Zoe! I cannot say I felt the same enthusiasm or connection to any character in the new SSX. The lack of customization is very disappointing, and even a little lazy on EA's part.

Even though I never cared for the new characters SSX tried to implement, I at least remember Allegra, Viggo and Nate from SSX 3. I just now had to look up Tane, Alex and Ty to remember their names. Maybe it's just me, but I found them to be extremely forgettable and inconsequential. Tane and Ty might as well be the same person, and Alex is just an Elise wannabe. The fact that I had to play as them made me dislike them even more, and I found myself aching to be done with those Deadly Descents.

Speaking of which, the only Deadly Descent I can say I truly enjoyed was the "Gravity" one. The implementation of the wingsuit is very, very cool. I only wish that every deadly descent involved the wingsuit. The "Darkness" Deadly Descent with the headlamp is very challenging, but in a fun way. And I'm very happy that they include the wingsuit with it at Mt. Kilimanjaro. However, while the rest of the Deadly Descents were all unique and provided some variation in gameplay, I cannot say I particularly enjoyed any of them.

My final gripe is that despite the fact that SSX is and always has been a snowboard game, for some reason the snowboards are never the focus. Admittedly, I have not played the original SSX, SSX On Tour, or SSX Blur. But judging from Tricky, 3, and the newest installment, there is very little attention payed to the object the entire franchise is based on. Nothing is done to make the snowboards stand out. The graphics are always boring and never unique, nor can the player ever see a closeup of the snowboard. In the newest SSX, they raise the generic bar by randomizing the stats and naming everything "Rocket Board," "Trick Board," "Speed Board," or "All-Around Board" and throw a "rare" or "unique" in front of it to designate better than average stats. SSX Tricky is an exception in that each character had their own unique boards with names and graphics that matched the personalities of the character. SSX 3 at least kept the unique names, but the trend seems to be taking the spotlight off of the snowboard. I understand that in a game with no room for realism, it might not be as important to develop the snowboard as it is other features like character and level design, but at heart it is a snowboarding game, so some attention should be payed to the snowboard.

I apologize for the wordy review, I even had to cut it short. I had fun playing this game, but I've always been an avid fan of the SSX franchise and I was sincerely disappointed in this new one, so I felt I needed to voice my opinion. I'll most likely return to SSX 3, which I believe to be the best in the series. As far as I'm concerned however, there is no game in the industry quite like SSX, and it still goes down in my book as the best snowboard game out there, and one of the best franchises I've ever played.
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on December 31, 2014
I purchased this because I was a huge fan of SSX Tricky for the PS2 and 360. There is no doubt that this is a fun and entertaining game. The only reason it doesn't live up to Tricky (imo) is that the controls are a little - too - complicated. I'm a fairly enthusiastic gamer and still young enough to adapt easily, but I found the gameplay a little trickier than I prefer. Many people will disagree, but if you are looking for a game that young children can play, or a very casual gamer, you may want to reconsider.
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on September 18, 2016
One of the best EA Sports games!
This edition is great, good evolution of SSX games. We payed it on Xbox one and we were glad we were still be able to play this game. We wish they would be a new edition on Xbox one and with a multiplier mode (2players).
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on July 10, 2013
UPDATE 1/2016: I spoke too soon. After a few years of letting it collect dust, I played it today. I soon remembered why I stopped playing it years a ago.

Whenever games make you frustrated beyond belief, you wasted your money.

This is too difficult to where it isn't fun. I love challenges and I was able to get gold medals in most drops, but I wouldn't want to play the drops again. Unlike other games where you get the best score for each track, you would be interested to see if you want to beat your own high score. But not here, once you get gold, you don't want to play it again because how insanely hard the tracks are.

Those nasty awful impossible tracks. Hard to memorize. Tracks are too difficult to comprehend. I love it how they put hidden cracks in the earth everywhere, but you don't notice them until it's too late. They have ramps that lead you into bottomless pits.

Not sure about the amount of tricks? I guess you do the same 6 moves? I dunno. Am I missing something?

Many tracks require you to use gear items to survive like using ice picks, wing suits and other gimmicky ideas. Good luck trying to get a gold medal in tricks, it will take lots of hours for some tracks. When you are trying to do 5 things at the same time on ice, while you're slipping and sliding off the cliff every 5 seconds, hitting rewind button. If you buy this game, have fun with the wingsuit tracks. lol. When or if you get to level 10 for your characters, you will be able to get a level 10 wingsuit which makes life easier. The other toys, such as the headlight isn't that helpful in dark caves and run out. I can snowboard in the darkness without the flash light, as long as you follow the trails lights..

Rewind is really another gimmick. They don't respawn u near by after crashing, instead u must rewind or it's game over and on to the loading screen. After rewinding, sometimes you can't control your snowboarder and your buttons won't work. Glitchy.

The game almost feels fixed. When I'm about to get 1st place or finish the track. For instance, when I have to use my wingsuit to fly over a pit, suddenly, out of the blue, the wind blows downward like some vortex and there is nothing I do. I crash and it's game over. It never happens, but only when or if I'm in first. Strange things like happen. I rewind it over and over and no result. I just quit.

I've been playing games since the 80s where games were very hard, but those games didn't get me frustrated like this one. I love challenges, but this game frustrating because it is not fair. I bought SSX so I wouldn't get as frustrated like anyone would playing more hardscore titles. It's like if Nintendo stripped their Mario Kart franchise down by having nothing but courses with no guard rails and pits everywhere. This game is not a 10 out 10 like ign and other sites claim. If they would NOT use tracks based nasa earth images and make them like the previous games, it could have been something special. Overall, it is a complete mess.

They may have destroyed or seriously set this franchise back. This game is an embarrassment to SSX Tricky & SSX 3.
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on April 18, 2012
This game is a great nod towards the previous titles in the series. Great graphics, awesome tricks and tracks, cool new stuff like wing suits and head lamps with survival missions, and just about everything i loved and a bit more!

HOWEVER, it doesnt really have much replay value because you CANT PLAY OTHER PEOPLE IN REAL TIME!

I played it for about a week and got bored because the only really online feature is to do online "events" where you compete for diamond and platinum, but it gets really repetitive and kind of lonely. You never really get that feeling of you are actually snow boarding down the hill with your friends or other people, because there is no in game chat (on xbox version atleast) and even though you might see them on the hill, you didnt start at the same time so its not really a true race. The only way to really "feel" like your racing someone is to restart the event at the same time, and its really hard to "time" it to start at the same time, since no two xboxs load at the exact time unless your lucky. and if you try to run into them or interact with them on the hill, you run right through them because they are technically just a hologram.

I wish they would add real public lobbies, tournaments and events are cool but it shouldn't be the ENTIRE multiplayer experience, it gets lame and it shows because there are much less people playing this overall then when the game first came out (there were tons on the first few days) and it really takes away from the experience of the game.

Me and my friend bought this game together because we both wanted to play it together over live and now neither of us play it almost ever because it never really feels like we are playing eachother (just competing in times)

Also, they pretty much ditched the fun clothing mods you could have back in SSX 3, like flaming heads or hands or riding on a piece of wood or getting a paper bag over your head or going down the hill shirtless with buttight jeans with a boom box on your shoulder. Now, its just a glow mod thats only cool for like 2 runs, and a big head mod thats only funny for two seconds.

Another thing, most of the hills are a lot more realistic now (for good or bad in some situations) and the game doesnt have insane rails or cool shortcuts going into weird places like it did in SSX3.

They also ditched the awesome disc jockey guy from "radio BIG" (remember him?) so that also detracted from the experience IMHO.

All in all, this game is still really fun and really well made and if you arent big on playing xbox live with your friends and you like playing alone, this game is AMAZING!!

But i cant give it 5 or even 4 stars because of how disappointed i am that they dont have your classic good ol public lobbies where you can actually race real people real time down a hill together and interact with them.

I hope they realize how much this detracted from the experience and fix it in a DLC or something, we will see.

For now, it stays at 3 stars.
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on May 10, 2012
Finally. A true SSX sequel. It's been years since SSX Tricky and SSX 3. Though this reboot isn't as over-the-top as Tricky and doesn't offer the open-mountain exploration of 3, it's still enjoyable. The number one complaint about this game is a new mode called 'Survive It' where you have to brave a natural peril and come out alive. Though this a huge break from the original SSX formula, it's fun to play and offers a sense of variety, which is greatly needed. My only problem with this game is the AI during the story mode. The racing times and trick scores you have to beat aren't set in stone, but instead are graded to your skill level. You can start off a trick event and just from doing a simple backflip, your opponent(s) can have 30,000 points (which is a lot). This makes retrying some tracks a necessity. The greatest new feature in this game is the addition of Global Events. SSX doesn't feature standard multiplayer; it's set-up in an asynchronous fashion. You can buy-in to races on any track on the map, and compete against thousands of people around the world. Each event has an expiration date, and once it's reached you are rewarded a certain amount of credits depending on your final standing. This is all done by RiderNet; SSX's way of keeping track of your stats. When you ride any track in Explore mode, your run is automatically uploaded to RiderNet. So when a person on your Friends List rides that track, they can race against your ghost even if you're offline.

Overall SSX is a fun game. If you've never played the series, this is a good jumping-on point. If you're a veteran of the franchise, the over the top tricks and speed are back. The most obvious difference is the tracks are somewhat realistic but still feature extended rails, huge air, and now have natural hazards.
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on March 11, 2012
The Game is Really fun It starts out with World tour mode that gives you like a walk through of the game modes and what to expect as well as introduces you to the charters, It has comic book cut scenes , So it's like the story of the game and takes about 4-6 hours to complete. The survive it runs are awesome and there are different one's some you need armor,wing suit,ice axe, head lamp for the dark, Pulse goggles, to see threw white out conditions. Or a solar system that keeps you warm. Each rider levels up to 10 and there is 10 levels of gear, it very fun getting new gear. There is also an explore mode with more runs and drops to try out takes about 12 hours to get gold on all of them. The online mode is great you compete against others scores, times, and survive it distances, So there is no lobby and because of that shorter times to get into an event, some you have to pay credits to get into and those are the ones that you can make bank on. Also on explore mode you compete against your friends times as well as the gold medal time. Unfortunately there is no free play mode it would have been nice to explore the maps and find the best lines. I'm not a fan of the trick it contest it's hard to get the top score it feels like a button masher at times and you end up doing the same tricks over and over also you to link tricks to get the high score to you have to do nose presses and tail presses all the time. I love the survive it runs some of them are too easy thou and to get the high score its more of a how much time do I want to waste to get the high score feel other runs will have you on the edge of you seat. The racing I think is the best each run has shortcuts and there are a lot of different techniques to get down the mountain faster, think wing suit. One last thing is the gear menu isn't great when you have a ton of gear for a rider it get's hard to figure out which gear to pick. Also there is no super pipe contest or run in this game. Last but now least it takes a while to unlock gear you need a lot of credits it keeps you playing what I don't like is there is an option to buy credits players should have to play and not pay more. If you make mistake in the game there is a rewind feature but it doesn't help much if your trying to get gold. At the end of the day this is an arcade game you play just to get high scores there is free play take it mellow and explore its all get the high score gaming.

PROS, Fast loading times , Great characters , Great soundtrack , Cool gear and mods for characters keeps you playing , mostly fun runs / levels , Cool jumping out of helicopter , Great commentary from characters and heli pilot , Awesome online play , Mods/ perks you can buy and equip for one run

CONS, Bad gear menu , NO Free Play , No Super-Pipe/Half-pipe , Too fast paced for tricks , no instant replay to see the crazy tricks you just did.
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on November 30, 2013
I actually found the game a little confusing, which is weird for a snowboarding game, as I would have assumed there isn't much to going down mountains of snow avoiding things and doing tricks. I picked it up because a friend loves the single-player and wanted to try out the multiplayer aspect of the game. That was most of the confusion. It took us a while to figure out that it isn't a typical/expected way of playing. Also, setting up games are a bit more open and confusing. I guess you can play several types of runs within a session and we do not have to start those games at the same time, which is what we wanted in the first place. It felt disjointed to do a run against a ghost of my friend because he had already done it. I'm guessing this is typical EA skate/snow boarding gaming and it just takes some getting used to the format to enjoy the series. The menu for the single-player piece is also strange. My friend has gotten used to it but I kind of never did.
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on August 2, 2013
This is a truly great SSX game, IMHO. The style isn't quite the same as SSX Tricky, but it's refreshingly difficult to pull-off truly complicated moves, versus the more arcade-y "push a button and I'll do my hardest trick"-type of control scheme used in many other extreme sports games (skateboarding games, snowboarding games, MX games, etc).

I admit I waited for it to dip below $20 before I made a purchase, and if there's a multiplayer element, I haven't sampled it. I've had it for about a month and it satisfies the exact niche in my collection that I wanted it to: it's a game that reminds me of the days of Tony Hawk 1 & 2 and the OG SSX Tricky on PS1, PS2, etc. It's a game where I really feel compelled to pass the controller after my run, watch my friend try his best, and then take the controller back. Not a lot of games are setup to work well with that playstyle anymore.
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on October 19, 2012
I'm somewhat of an SSX veteran, since I've played SSX for the PS2 and SSX3 for the Gamecube. When this game first came out, I got excited to try it. A little too excited, I suppose.

The graphics are crisp, and the gameplay is even better--seems like tricks can get even more uber. Trying NOT to die is also a huge challenge that was integrated, which is great for me since I love challenging myself in the SSX games. However, the game doesn't really live up to SSX3 with the rider customization options, which I feel was the best game in the series. It just feels...empty. The other major downside of this is that there is no split screen. I was planning on playing this with other people on the same 360.

The fact that they had a new addon/patch where you could race live against other players was a really smart addition. I just wish they added it initially into the game.

Overall, it's good and I'd recommend it to others, but I feel like it lacks some replay value and it kind of gets old after a while.
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