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on January 10, 2013
I guess I get to be the first reviewer. Hopefully it'll save someone else some headaches. Lots of stories about non-Canon batteries having issues with the 6D out there.

I can confirm it charges fine in the Canon charger. It also shows battery info including shutter count and percentage. No error messages. I've only had it a day so this could change. If it does, I'll report back. As it stands, it seems to be no different than the Canon version.

Update 1/16/13 - I got the Meike battery grip and to my horror I got the dreaded "cannot communicate with this battery". However, I pulled the batteries out and switched them and it works fine. I may have not got it completely seated the first time. I tried my other STK's and they worked without the message. Shows all the info on the battery info screen for both batteries with the grip on. On a side note, the Meike battery grip works great but does look a bit ghetto as it doesn't match the same color of black on the 6D and is smooth, rather than matte.

Update 2/15/13 - If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. Helluva lot cheap, no issues whatsoever. 2 in the battery grip lasted over 3,000 shots. I always have wifi turned on and had GPS on for about 1/4 of the shots.

Update 5/31/13 - Still working great! I haven't updated my 6D to the latest firmware yet and I'm not sure if I will or not. I have heard stories about the 5D3 having issues with some third party batteries after updating so I thought it appropriate to note that disclaimer.

Update 12/25/13 - Still working great!
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on January 17, 2014
This LION battery pack is being offered by the seller as "guaranteed to work with the Canon 6D". I am happy to verify this claim: these STK batteries do in fact report shutter count and charge state on my Canon 6D, whereas my four Bowen and Wasabi aftermarket batteries, that were purchased over the last 2 years for my Canon 60D do NOT communicate with the 6D. So evidently Canon has tightened up the requirements for the 6D in terms of what data format it wants a battery chip to communicate. Anyway, these STK's have whatever "the right stuff" is that the 6D wants. After giving both of the batteries a full charge I put them into my NEEWER battery grip and the 6D reported both batteries as 100% charged and Zero for the shutter count. I charged one of them with the official Canon charger that came with the camera, and the other with an aftermarket charger. Both batteries were done charging in approximately the same amount of time and neither got noticeably warmer than the other during charging.

As for the claim of 2600mah capacity, I will see how they do over the next couple of months, and see if they do in fact last longer than the OEM Canon battery. At $13 each, you could buy FOUR of these batteries for the same price as one Canon OEM battery, so even if the 2600 mah capacity is overly optimistic, I don't see how you could go wrong, assuming these batteries give as least 75% of the number of charge cycles as an OEM battery. The two year old Bowen and Wasabi batteries I bought for my 60D are all still working, none have failed, and they all hold a full charge for at least a couple of weeks before they self-discharge below 90%.

RECOMMENDED (will change to HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if no failures before June 2014)
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on July 23, 2013
I have been buying non-Canon branded replacement batteries for Canon DSLRs for 12+ years now, and have never been disappointed, until now.

But that is not wholly due to SterlingTek.

Canon likes to change their batteries often with new camera bodies, hopefully as they upgrade the battery tech itself, but I have to assume part of it is simply to make consumers buy THEIR new batteries at very high prices, compared to the off-brand options. Think Epson and Ink Cartridges....

Every other off-brand battery I have bought over the years has worked at least as good if not better than the much higher priced Canon batteries, but for some reason the new EOS 6D doesn't like the same batteries that worked perfectly in my EOS 5D MKIII. And, the charger for the 6D won't charge my off-brand batteries! I think this is wholly Canon's 'engineering,' not STK's fault.

SterlingTek was forward-thinking enough to see this problem and offer buyers of this battery a free charger that would work with it, which I think is great, but I haven't received mine yet to see if it works. They did advertise this battery as 'Guaranteed to work with the 6D.' I was very disappointed when I was on a recent shoot and my new STK battery refused to take a charge, and I was left having to use an older back-up camera body while I charged my Canon battery! Same situation with the Wasabi Power battery I had.

Hopefully the new charger will work well, or I will just use the charger that came with the 5D MKIII - It charged my Wasabi Power batteries no problem, long charge life, etc.

On ordering from STK, the first time, the battery never arrived, but Amazon credited the order back to me no problem. The second time I tried to order it, after placing the order I got an e-mail confirmation, but the arrival date stated was much later than the Amazon confirmation page said upon placing the order, so I had to cancel it, as it was being shipped to a friends' house who was coming to visit me at my home in Costa Rica. I cancelled the order that day, but the battery arrived anyways, on time! Go figure.

When I order things, I am always sending my shipments to friends who will be coming to visit me in Costa Rica, so I pay close attention to shipping dates and arrival times. When a product doesn't arrive by the time stated on Amazon's check-out page, it usually means I will have to go without it for quite some time.
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on April 28, 2013
Purchased two, already charged when received, odd the OEM was empty, but they worked great, thought it was a sweet deal. Two weeks later the truth why these are so cheap is revealed, both units were totally dead after leaving them in the camera overnight after some light shooting the day before. But wait, i barely used it and they showed 90% the day before. Hmmmm, stuck in the canon OEM battery, working, hmmm, stuck the STK back in, it's working now too and the battery is at 90%!!!! What is going on?! Looks like there are still some "design" issues STK is going through and I'm guessing all will find them eventually, for me, it's not worth the risk of losing any shots or worse, camera damage to save a few bucks on a $2000+ camera. Back to amazon and getting 1 OEM instead.
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These batteries have the chip so the Canon camera recognizes the battery and thinks that it is a genuine Canon battery. The battery can be registered to the camera and shows all of the battery data. I used a pair of these batteries (in a grip) for a job the other day with about 400 shots and then put the camera away. When I picked up the camera today the batteries were dead. Because I'm using these batteries in a brand new Canon 6D I don't know if the camera chews through batteries or if these do not hold a charge as well as genuine batteries. Time will tell but my first impression is that these batteries are a good value as the Canon batteries are much more expensive.
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on November 21, 2013
I've had this battery since May 2013. It is junk and suffers from incredibly quick self-discharge and is unreliable on the Canon 6D. My camera has no problems with the original Canon battery. With the original Canon battery that came with the camera, I can charge it and throw it in my bag and pull it out months later and it will happily power the camera as if it were fresh. With this STK battery, after charging it, it's dead in 4-5 days just sitting in my camera bag. Also, when installed in the camera, the camera randomly just turns off. Because this thing is so undependable, I'm looking for an alternative because I fear I cannot rely on it to function. I'd return it for a refund if I could.

UPDATE 12/26/2013: Still have this battery and still hate it. And, it has let me down for the last time. The item listing claims "1 year 100% customer satisfication guarntee" yet when I click on my order info and then on the Seller's link, their fine-print return policy says "Please refer to the Amazon.com Return Policy" which only allows returns for 30 days. Not only is the product bad, but so is the seller.
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on September 21, 2013
I bought this battery as a backup to my Canon 6D OEM battery.
After receiving I charged the battery in my Canon OEM charger. I did not use the STK battery until a month later. The battery was dead, and after trying to charge in my Canon OEM battery charger, it would not hold a charge.
I contacted STK via Amazon email.
They replied the next day, and immediately shipped out via FedEx for next day delivery !, not only a replacement battery, they shipped 2 batteries and their charger.
Seems you have to use their charger vs the Canon OEM charger.
That's fine with me!
Both batteries hold a 100% charge, per my Canon 6D.
Great battery, and AWESOME customer service!!
Highly recommend!
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on July 5, 2013
I used this battery with my Canon 6D. It charged fully the first time I used it. When in the camera, it went from 75% charge one day to FLAT the next time I picked up the camera. The camera was off, no drain overnight. When using the OEM Canon battery, I have NO Issues.

When I tried to charge the battery, the charger went through it's paces (single blinks, double blinks, triple blinks) and then went to fast single blinks (battery issue). The battery shows almost a full charge in the camera. Overnight - again FLAT.... nothing....

Save your money. This battery is NOT a value. I've had no issues with other aftermarket batteries in other camera. This one is NOT up to the task. Unfortunately, it's too late to return via Amazon's return policy. The 'one year warranty' means nothing, as the seller hasn't responded to my requests for a warranty exchange!

It looks like I'll be spending money on an OEM battery, as it seems that other brands of non-OEM aren't recognized correctly by the 6D. The only positive I can post about this battery is that it was recognized by the 6D and able to see usage statistics and battery 'fuel level'.
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on May 3, 2013
I charged this STK battery with the Canon charger when I got it a couple days ago, then used it last night for three shots, and some auto focusing on my new Canon 6D DSLR camera. This morning, the battery was dead. I replaced it with the Canon battery that came with the camera, which worked just fine. The STK battery I received was defective, and I will be returning it.

Update: I upgraded my review rating from one star to four stars for the following reason. I forwarded the above review to STK (the manufacturer) who sent me two new batteries and a charger, free of charge. Both of those batteries work fine when charged with the charger sent by the manufacturer. The manufacturer's response to my review was that there was a battery charging problem (STK batteries won't properly charge using the Canon charger), but the problem has been fixed by the use of the new charger that STK sent me. I know that the STK battery is rated with a much higher mili-amp capacity than the Canon battery. I spoke to a friend of mine that is an electrical engineer about this, and he verified that different batteries work in different ways, and because of the differences, would need different chargers to accommodate the differences. So it seems likely that the first battery (which I returned to Amazon) was probably not defective, but just needed the right charger to charge it. I'm glad that STK sorted this out, and applaud them for their service to me. However, they should mention this issue in their description of the product when they sell batteries, and make sure to recommend that anyone who buys their battery also purchase their approved charger (which is very similar to Canon's charger, but significantly smaller).
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on March 26, 2014
This battery seemed to read and work fine in both my 5dIII and 6D. It was purchased in July of 2013. I rotate this with the original batteries from my 5dIII (now around 2 years old) and 6D. On one of my last jobs, it didn't register in the camera. I thought maybe I had grabbed an uncharged battery for my bag instead of the charged one, and monitored it after that point. I recharged it on the Canon OEM charger, and took it out on my next wedding. It was dead less than halfway through the day. I thought the charger might be the issue, as Sterlingtek did send one of their own chargers after I purchased this battery, noting it may not read correctly in some cameras or not charge on the OEM charger. I put it on the replacement charger that they sent, waited until the indicator showed a full charge. When placed in the camera, it showed full charge. Less than 100 shots later, the camera won't turn on with it. I guess it's a good thing they have a 1 year replacement. They are cheap.... but don't let this be your only spare if you have jobs that count on it.
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