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on March 17, 2012
We got this machine and it took longer than expecting. It took like three weeks and we had paid to have it rush delivered. Then the other day I took about twenty pounds of elk meat and ground it up into hamburger, it did the job but it took a long time. I ran the machine on high the whole time. I don't believe it's a 3.4 hp machine it did bog down on me and I've never picked something up that was 3 hp and so light. The machine did the job but I felt I was misled by some of the other reviews that were on the site. The instuctions were not good they don't go over the sausage attachments to know how to use them. It worked but not as great as others said it did.
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on July 22, 2016
I regard putting them in the dishwasher. They're made of Polished Cast Aluminum and it was simply washed away. Oh, and I only used the machine once, so I can't say if it's good.
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on January 21, 2017
Wow!! This is just what I wanted/ needed! A meat grinder so there are no fillers in my meats! I've labeled. The instillation which was easy. I DID have the instructions fall between my wall and my countertop (never happened) but the company instantly issued me a new set via email. They have great service and the product itself is unbeatable. You CAN grind bones in this but my pictures don't demonstrate that. It has a sound of a vacuum somewhat but it's not overly loud or annoying and only takes a. Purple if minutes to grind the amount shown on my photos. Imagine the difference in your normal store bought hamburger and a hand burger made out of your favorite steak cutlets. They stay juicy. This particular time, I used ground pork to make a big nchbof frozen egg rolls to freeze bc I love them and it's so much cheaper to grind yourself and make yourself Vs buying 4 rolls for $6! In probably spent $8 total for around 30 egg rolls which IS A HUGE difference. It was a bit time consuming but if you enjoy healthier meats and better cuisine, you can make a bunch and freeze them ahead of time then pop them I. The toaster oven whenever you wish. This meat grinder also allowed me to have two full regular sized sandwich bags full of ground pork despite the food hearty amountbibused fir my egg rolls. My meat was originally fresh and free range from the butcher and cost about $6 as the expiration date was a day after I bought the meat so it saved me quite a bit. I let it thaw in the fridge for an hour but wanted to speed the process so it thawed an hour in cold water before I cut them into strips I followed the initial instructions and intend to maintain my grinder by doing so every time which I've demonstrated. This meat grinder is a valuable and efficient purchase. When you buy ground anything there are tons of nasty elements that are put into the meat rob"fill it" making it cheaper but so much worse for you... so you spend money now on quality meats (look for specials) and forget ground meat existed prior. The process is easy. Cleaning up is easy and results are 100% worth it. The flavor and taste... the meat/fat ratio that you get minus all of the fillers makes everything taste so much better and it's so much better for you. I highly suggest this grinder. It's tough, efficient, and simple...
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on January 9, 2018
I was looking for about a year for my first meat grinder in order to process my own deer and elk. I didn't want a cheap $50 one and I didn't want to spend hundreds for a commercial quality version that I would only use once a year. After a lot of online review reading, I settled on the "STX-3000-MF Megaforce". OK, so the name just screams "cheap Chinese junk!", but the reviews were good and it had everything I wanted, so what the heck, let's try it.

First Impressions- I picked up the shipping package off the porch and thought "seems too light". Unpacked it and thought "not a fan of the polished aluminum parts", "the body of the unit seems pretty light", and "hey, at least the grinder plates, auger, and cutting blades are beefy".

Assembly- Piece of cake. If you need to read the instructions or go online to figure out how to put this together, just ship it back and make friends with a butcher.

First Use: Grinding- So I cleaned out my freezers and pulled about 21 lbs of deer, antelope, and elk steaks and cubed meat out and set it to partially thaw overnight. I also got 9 lbs of partially frozen pork belly and 3.5 lbs of pork country style rib meat ready. The pork was cubed into ~1-1.5" cubes. The game meat was a little smaller, but reasonably well trimmed of silver skin and tendons. I mixed up all the chunks and started feeding the machine as fast as it could take it, which was faster than I could feed it by myself. First pass was through the wagon wheel, second pass was through the 5/16" (?) plate (not the beaner plate and not the smallest hole plate). Working by myself, I double ground ~35 lbs of meat in less than 30 minutes. This machine never balked or slowed at all. I mixed up 9 lbs with summer sausage season and cure and then ~5 lb batches of Polish + cure, Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, and Breakfast, adding a little less than a cup of water to each 5 lb batch. I'd probably go to a 1.5 C next time. I then ground the Summer Sausage and Polish through the smallest plate to get a fine consistency and left all of it in the fridge overnight to "marinate"(?) (not really sure of the correct term here).

Second Use: Stuffing- Next day, I stuffed some large 3 lb casings with the summer sausage and regular hog casings for the rest. This was a bit tedious working alone. I highly recommend getting a partner to help. Also, the key to stuffing the casings was to push the pre-ground meat through the machine as fast as possible. Even on the slow speed setting with the cutting head removed, the auger would "smush" the ground meat into paste if it got held up. This was fine for the summer and Polish sausage, but I wanted a coarser mix for the rest. Eventually, I got into a rhythm where I would load up the vertical tube with the mix, start the machine and push the feed plunger down as fast as I could, stop the machine, twist the case, reload the vertical tube, repeat. This made ~ 1/4 lb links.

Clean up- The polished aluminum parts cleaned up super easy. Spend a little time making sure you get all the crannies inside the grinder head and clean out crevices in the cutting head and all the little holes in the plates carefully. After drying, spray the grinding plates with oil to prevent rust. Leave the cutting head, tube, meat tray, and auger dry. Some reviews complain that you can't put the pieces in the dishwasher. Seriously? How are you so willing to put a fair amount of work into making your own sausage but too lazy to wash half a dozen parts by hand?

Overall- I am pretty impressed with the power and utility. Having never made sausage before, there was a bit of a learning curve, but this machine made most of it pretty simple and easy once I got the hang of it. No idea of the long-term reliability, but I'll only be using it once/year. Noise wasn't too bad. Obviously its going to be loud with that much power, but you don't need to yell to talk to your partner while it is running. Not a huge difference in the 2 speeds. I mostly used the slow speed, since I was working alone. Never tried reverse since the machine ground through everything. The only thing that caused it to strain was trying to grind 1" cubes of solidly frozen elk. These were fresh out of the freezer, not partially frozen. It didn't like them, but it did grind them. I won't do that again and wouldn't recommend it. The result was pretty mealy anyway.
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on March 16, 2015
Reason for return: Item arrived scratched (Feed Tray) due to parts floating around inside.

Why I purchased this grinder: I was buying this grinder as a second machine to go with my Tasin TS-108 grinder since I am making more RAW pet food these days and wanted to have a back-up grinder in case something happened to mine but after further inspection I was not impressed with the over-all quality of this machine. Besides the damaged parts everything looked so small and delicate compared to my Tasin. The feed tray is a third smaller in size and very thin compared to the Tasin tray and the Tasin auger was a bit beefier as you can see in the photos. The feed housings are the same size at the throat where the meat drops down from the feed tray and where it drops into the auger area so basically this means they both can handle the same sized pieces of meat or chicken parts. The plates used in this grinder have tabs on them and this bothered me a bit, my TS-108 uses plates with one notch in them and I can get these plates all over the place (locally or on internet) but feel I might have an issue getting these tabbed plates locally should the need arise.
The grinder motor itself seems pretty cheesy too with its little white power cord, I laughed a little when I saw that. The air cowling isn't anything fancy, just a hole in the top of the grinder with a plastic cover over it and when I looked in the back of the motor area through the vent I saw why. The motor inside has a tiny fan on it so the housing needs as much air as possible to stay cool from what I can see. The Tasin grinder fan is much larger and moves the air nicely through the body of the machine, mine is generally blowing warm air through it once it gets going but it's working pretty darn hard when grinding bones. I make two 30 lbs patches a month with no overheating or slow downs, my Tasin chews right through the whole pieces of chicken. I did not run meat in the STX-3000 grinder so I don't have any comparison with it running anything through it but others seems to feel it works fine. The noise level of the STX-3000 in low or high speed was just as loud as my Tasin TS-108 so no difference there.
Oh well, it was worth a shot and thought others might like to have the comparison of these two machines since they seem to be mentioned for making pet food. The STX-3000 cost much more compared to the Tasin meat grinder and I assume it is to cover the longer warranty STX Intl. is offering and the free shipping. My Tasin had a 1 year warranty but in the 6 years I have had mine I have had no issues knock on wood. I won't mention where I got it but search of the Tasin TS-108 and you will see who sells it and that's where I am going back to. They have had great service and are well known in the pet food making circles too.
Anyway, sorry STX Intl. I thought I would give you a shot but in my opinion I was not impressed, I guess I got spoiled by my TS-108 meat grinder.
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on October 27, 2013
I've had four grinders in the past 11 years or so, for the purpose of making homemade raw cat food, with ground-in raw bone. The first two were from Northern Tool, cost less than $100, and each lasted a good 2-3 years. They handled chicken and turkey thigh bones easily, even the larger ones. They were #12, and if the bone could fit in the chute, the grinder could handle it, no problem.

Then I didn't use a grinder for a couple years, feeding premade raw cat food instead, then in Dec. last year (2012), I bought a new grinder. Wasn't able to find the same Northern Tool grinders I'd had in the past, but the following Kitchener model looked almost exactly like the previous two and was the same size and price I'd paid for the others.
Electric Meat Grinder Watts Power
So I thought it would be the same. It wasn't, but that's for another review.

Enter the STX International STX-3000-MF Megaforce. I wasn't thrilled having to pay nearly twice what I'd paid for the Kitchener, but considering that it's supposed to be more powerful than the Kitchener, and considering the high average customer reviews, I figured it would be an upgrade worth the extra money.

To my complete and utter disgust, IT'S THE WORST OF THE FOUR GRINDERS I'VE OWNED, BY FAR, DESPITE BEING THE MOST EXPENSIVE!!! My first disappointment was noting the very low quality of the tray when I first opened it. It's so lightweight, I almost suspected it was plastic coated with metallic paint! (My guess is it's actually aluminum, but that's not good either.) The grinder body and auger are also lighter than any I've ever had before. Still a decent heft, but felt like a cut corner. Also, the housing does not have a place to stow the cord, like all my other grinders have had. For more money, I sure as hell don't expect to LOSE any features, and this oversight irritated me tremendously!

Okay, all that can be overlooked, because this thing is going to grind like a fricken' BOSS, right? Not remotely. The bone-grinding portion of the cat food making process took about six times longer than usual (and considering what a pain making cat food is, this is a HUGE problem!), because the bones would pack up around the auger and stop the motor, so I'd have to unscrew the end of the grinder body, dig out the bone pieces, and reassemble before I could resume.

To be clear, I started out using the largest grinder plate that had round holes, which is the same I've always used with past grinders. When that started clogging, I switched to the "wagon wheel" plate, which I've never had before. Thought for sure that would fix it, thinking those holes would be plenty large for bone pieces to push through. Didn't help a bit. It was chicken thigh bones I was grinding, by the way. No way would I even ATTEMPT to grind turkey thigh bones in this thing. (Or in the Kitchener, though I think it would have had a better chance of getting the job done than this really badly-named "Megaforce".)

And no, I did NOT have the cutting blade in backward, before anyone suggests I might have. I hate this thing, and I hate worse not knowing where to go from here. I need a grinder I can RELY on, and don't know where to look any more.
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on March 10, 2012
I purchased it and when it arrived I was amazed at how little it weighed. It seemed like a toy. I got suspicious and took it to the electrician at my company. He measured it as pulling just 150W!, that is the power of an incadecent light bulb, and not the kind of power that I need to grind chicken.

I got even more suspicious when I read the other customer reviews that this machine can "cut through chicken bones like butter". If you think that the power of a light bulb is all you need to cut through chicken bones then you clearly have never cut through a chicken bone. I think the positive reviews for this product are not genuine.

I was able to return it, however the process wasted a lot of my time.
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on November 18, 2016
I'm downgrading this unit because of the false advertisement. 3000 watts? The typical USA 110V outlet will do 1800 watts max and only briefly. If you lie about basic stuff, I can't trust anything else you say.

That being said, it did grind 20 pounds of sausage meat. It also sounded like it was really struggling with every bit put in. It did do the job, but the labor the machine goes thru makes me question the longevity. I also dislike the bulk of the parts being made of aluminum. A sausage grinder has to be 100% clean and a cycle thru the dishwasher is an easy way for a home cook to clean a machine. The external bits should be made of stainless steel. I haven't sent mine back as it does do the job, but I think I would have been better off with a higher priced machine that will last for decades and I will worry each time I use this machine. If I had it to do again, I'd pick another grinder.
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on November 23, 2012
What a disappointment. Not only in this product but with Amazon as well. I've been purchasing through Amazon for years now and this experience was a real eye-opener. I should have known better: "STX MEGAFORCE 3000". Really? I mean, the name alone should be your first clue. But with all the RAVE reviews I decided to take a chance. And this is where my disappointment with Amazon materializes. I can no longer trust Amazon reviews. It is so obvious to me that the glowing reviews for this product are somehow padded. How? I have no clue. But my experience with this product in no way reflects that of which the reviews would suggest. It IS possible that I bought a defective machine. But since I didn't get around to using it for the first time until after the 30 day return period, (my bad), my request for a return was denied. I'm not complaining about the return policy. That was mostly my fault. I'm only here to say that this thing did not operate for me the way I expected it to. As soon as it starts to grind, it starts to bog. My one and only sausage made with this machine turned out with a mealy/pasty texture. Inedible really. I've been making sausage with my KitchenAid stand mixer with the grinder attachment for years with no problems. My reason for this purchase was due to my need for increased capacity. Although the KitchenAid works fine for small batches, for anything more than about five pounds at a time it was just becoming a bit of a chore. I was looking to upgrade. But this machine is not it. Not for me anyhow.
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on December 17, 2017
I had read this was a good grinder for dog food. I read a lot of the reviews, but I guess I wasn't thorough enough on my research. Well it can barely handle chicken bones even after I pulverized them with a hammer. As anyone feeding their dog raw food knows, you need to include the bone. It did ok with just the meat though. It does so so with bones, but clogs up quickly and you have to unscrew it, clean it out, and do it over. This took us an entire day to make 2 months worth of food. I've only tried chicken and turkey both of which is ground ok. It kind of looks cheap in some areas, but others seem ok. So basically it is doable with crushed up chicken bones, its probably not worth it for the time you will have to commit to actually do it. If you are just making ground beef of some type of spam-like meat it is probably perfect.
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