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on August 9, 2010
For me and for my wife, cooking is a kind of a hobby. Before buying a meat grinder, we analyzed several models. The first conclusion: the most important feature of a meat grinder is the motor power. This STX has a powerful 1,800 watts motor, more than enough to do all of the duties of a home kitchen (and maybe even of a small restaurant). Other meat grinders with smaller motors, such as 500W or 800W, will not fit for heavy duty (10 or more pounds at once), nor will be able to deal with some kinds of meat.
After some research, we ordered it from Amazon. The delivery time was as promised. The machine was very well packed in a so protective box.
Our first test of the product revealed that we made the right choice. Some points to highlight:
1. Most parts are polished aluminum. So easy for cleaning, very nice appearance;
2. The finishing is careful at every detail. It is clearly a good quality product;
3. It works wonderfully. The powerful motor is far more than enough for regular meat;
4. The ground meat texture results very similar to that from a supermarket grinder. I've seen other home meat grinders that produced a kind of a paste. This one, however, preserves the texture as it should be: perfect for hamburgers, tartar beef and so on;
5. It is so easy to assemble/disassemble and to operate. Impossible to mistake;
6. Despite we didn't use it yet, the sausage kit will be very helpful.
In short, this is a 5 stars product, no doubts about that.
But we had a problem: the aluminum parts are NOT dishwasher safe. We didn't notice that, and what went to the dishwasher was damaged: the shining was gone and those parts became some rough to touch. So, I contacted the seller (The Mercantile Station) and asked them the price of the replacing parts, since I would buy them. What a pleasant surprise: they promptly sent me an email asking for my address, and they kindly offered to send the parts for free (despite, I must stress, the damage was caused by me).
What an elegant attitude! So, would Amazon allow it, the seller would deserve SIX stars.
IMPORTANT NOTE: a few months after we bought our STX, the motor was improved to 2,000 watts, i.e, an increase of about 11%. I'd guess that, with this new and more powerful motor, the machine will able to perform an even heavier duty. My one is still working so fine, no complaints at all.
AN ADDITIONAL NOTE AFTER ALMOST 2 YEARS OF USE: the machine is still perfect, as when it was new. No problems at all. I am really impressed with the superior quality. A great deal!
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on October 16, 2013
I can only use past experiences to explain just how wonderful this Meat Grinder is. I have been using a manual meat grinder for years now and usually just dread using it. Not because it is hard to use, but because it is heavy and is a nightmare to clean (and I mean a nightmare). I would usually lug the manual grinder out of the drawer, put it all together, clamp it down to the counter, practically freeze the meat to try to get a good grind and then spend another 30 minutes or longer cleaning and oiling it when done.


The STX 3000 TF is awesome! I used it the first time today to grind 5 lbs of Chuck Roast for Chili. I first cut the roast into about 1" X 2" strips (give or take) and used the "Windmill" blade to chop it once, then I used the fine blade to make hamburger. (Double Grind see my picture above). I did not have to practically freeze the meat (it was at refrigerator temperature) and the end result was hamburger that looked as good (if not better) than the stuff you get at the Butcher Shop. I did this in about 30 minutes or so. Then, it took me about 15 minutes to clean the unit. Because this grinder actually empties pretty much the entire grinding tube there was little left to scrape out and throw away like my hand grinder (I usually could count on wasting about 8 oz of product whenever I used it). The STX 3000 bogged down just a little bit when I got a little bold and put a larger chunk of roast in, but it never once overheated. I am so looking forward to making other things with this grinder! It is well worth the money for home use and I expect it to last for many years. What a great product!
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on June 18, 2016
I Just finished my second season using my STX-3000 meat grinder and I’m very satisfied with it. I’ve used it to grind a couple of hundred of pounds of meat or more, mostly venison. It’s done fine and course grinds, and chewed through tough cuts with plenty of sinew.

4.8 stars as I graded it. There are some more pictures up on my blog of the grinder in action ( sheepdogsurvival.me )

Quality: Outstanding, solid machine, thick aesthetically pleasing polished aluminum grinder body. Heavy duty strong electric motor, thick rubber feet, and easy to clean grinder body.

Durability: I’ve ground a good amount of meat and as long as the grinder is setup properly I am confident that it will need no maintenance other than cleaning for thousands of pounds of meat.

Capability: Great, it grinds both fine or course grinds easily and makes processing game at home or making your own loose sausage or hamburger a breeze. The only reason I gave this category 4 stars instead of 5 is because the auger does not provide as tight of a seal as other grinders I’ve seen. The auger pressure is not a big deal unless you need that positive pressure to fill sausage casings or meat bags from the actual grinder. In my case I use freezer paper or one day I might upgrade to a vacuum sealer to package meat, either way I don’t need the extra positive pressure to stuff things. Also it is worth noting that the best grinding and auger pressure can be achieved back using COLD meat, the warmer the meat the more the flimsy it is which does not grind as well.

Value: Excellent, affordable and worth the investment.

Usability: Outstanding, so easy that my five year old does the actual grinding. I cut the meat into roughly 1.5×1.5″ strips and throw them on feed tray and my five year old son takes care of the rest.

Company: Outstanding, ordered though Amazon, quick and free shipping with prime.
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on February 16, 2016
This grinder does great! I ground up approximately 25-30lbs of venison this past season and it never missed a beat. I cut the meat up into 1-3" chunks and quickly figured out that it would be best to cut up ALL the meat at once, and then feed it to this beast. If you don't, you'll have trouble keeping up with it! It's a little loud, but who cares...
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on January 1, 2013
I was excited to receive this grinder. My previous grinder was a Kitechnaid attachment and I had a love/hate relationship with it.
This is a million times better as a grinder. meats effortlessly and it is built like a tank. The grinding parts are top notch quality for the price point. One little gripe I have is that the machine body is light and dances around my counter when loading the feed tray.

The sausage stuffer portion of this machine is frustrating. The fault lies on the metal grinding plate that you have to insert between feed screw and the locking cap. It does not allow free flow of the ground meat to the stuffing tube because it catches parts of the meat and get clogged easily turning your sausage filling into pate.

Instead of a disk to retain the feed screw they should have shipped some low profile metal part that allowed maximum flow of filling while keeping the feed screw in place - something in a shape of a propeller. Because of that shortcoming I am taking 2 stars off my review.

If you are looking for a solid meat grinding machine - this is a good candidate. However, if you want to stuff sausages as well, keep looking - in my opinion this is not a good candidate.
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on August 16, 2016
The 3 grinder plates turned black on the first use. It works well when grinding. And when I was stuffing the Sausage it was a little more difficult but once I got the hang of it, it was easier.
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on February 22, 2016
This grinder is AMAZING!! I got this grinder this season because I wanted to be in control of my venison from hoof to fork. So far, I've ground two complete deer with no problems what so ever. I ground 60# of venison in one evening! All I did to prep was debone and cut the chunks into 1.5" strips, chill the strips (per the included instructions), run the venison through the coarse blade, mixed that with ground beef trimmings (80V/20B) then ran that through the medium blade! The results were perfect! I've got 75# of beautiful, chem-free hamburger to last until next deer season. Clean-up was very simple and quick. I paid out this grinder with one deer...meat processors charge the same $$ amount as what this unit costs. And, you may or may not come home with your well earned venison. You may come home with someone else's meat that was improperly cleaned or chilled (it could be coyote meat...who can say?) This is one of my best hunting purchases ever!!
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on December 12, 2016
Gear teeth in the gear box got broken off after grinding apples for home wine. That was third time we used the grinder. Please see the picture.

Update: The replacement grinder that the seller sent does not even turn on, having buttons sticking in the down position even when Stop button is pressed. There is also sound of a free screw inside when I turn the grinder over.
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on June 25, 2016
I use this to make South African style farmers sausage (boerewors). It works very well. The motor doesn't get bogged down and the meat is ground easily and uniformly. I also use it for sausage stuffing. In both cases I use the slow speed setting. Without much experience I could probably grind and stuff over 30 lbs of sausage an hour. However, to do a good job of sausage stuffing you really need to buy the accessory "beaner plate" that does not come with this unit - I had to buy one separately. I'm glad I went with this instead of the KitchenAid grinder attachment. It's also easy to clean.
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on August 23, 2015
I previously had a Waring Pro and used that for about 2 years before it started making mush out of meat. I almost bought another one, but happened to see this one on Amazon and started reading reviews. I decided to go with the STX and I'm glad I did. When I first unpackaged it I was a little torn on the bright white plastic exterior. Quite jarring to see this mass of plastic. As I lifted it out of it's box I knew this was another world from what that Waring Pro was. This was a heavy duty unit. Other than the exterior, which I would have loved in stainless, everything was massive and metal. The motor is a bit loud, no worse than other "loud" appliances, and it seems quite powerful. It tore through the meat like nothing I'd experienced with the Waring Pro. Quite impressed with the fact they sent 3 cutters so you can keep them paired with their inserts. If this lasts it's going to be a great investment.
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