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SVP Aqua 5800 Pink 18MP Dual Screen Waterproof Digital Camera
Color: Aqua5800 - Pink - Dual Screen|Change
Price:$52.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 1, 2015
Purchased this camera for a trip to Hawaii. Ended up taking over 300+ pics both in and out of the water.

I thought the pics came out good, not great. Main challenge was the zoom, too much equals fuzzy pics. Video was good.

This camera is confirmed water proof. I went deep enough that my ears cracked but this camera held its own. The big back screen is nice and the front selfie screen is unique but its difficult to see in sun or under water.

Only major gripe is battery life. I don't know what the one reviewer did to have their battery last five days but my camera was the Cookie Monster of batteries "Me want batteries!", "Me eat batteries!". I went through the ones that came with it, 2 Duracell's, and 4 sets of Energizers in 7 days and that's with me, after having read the previous reviews, being very conservative with its use. Flash seemed to almost equal instance death and videos ate up a good chunk of power as well. This is not a deal breaker though since having a couple of pairs of rechargeable batteries solves the problem.

I'm happy with the purchase and now have an inexpensive but decent quality camera (for the money) that I can take to the beach or the pool without fear!
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on June 11, 2013
Much like you are doing now, i did read reviews about this camera before ordering. I wanted a waterproof camera to use on a vacation to Cancun. We have a very nice Cannon, but i knew we would snorkel and such so I wanted something cheaper we could use for that.

This camera turned out to be awesome for us. It is exactly what it says. We took many pictures above and below the water with this and nearly all turned out great. First, it does not have great image stabilization. The object in the pic can be moving, but not the camera. Its a $50 camera, so what do you expect. Admittedly the window is not bright enough to see well outdoors, and the resolution on the window is not good either. However, it is still an 18 MP camera. When we transferred the pics to our PC, they are much better than expected. it does record video but the resolution is not good (SVGA).

Understanding a cameras limits on power, we did purchase lithium batteries for it as designed. We took 108 pictures (all in high sunlight so no flash was used) but we still had 3/4 left on the batteries. I never changed them out on our 5 day trip and still have plenty left. It did come with cheap batteries, but we did not use them. I sure it would not have gone well.

I have no problem opening the door, i just read the instructions. push the lock while sliding. Opened right up and we were set.

All in all, if you are apprehensive because of a few of the reviews, please let me say this this camera took our 10th anniversary pictures and these were the best of the bunch because we took them in and on the water where we could not take our other camera, and you cant tell the difference between the two when we look at them on the PC.
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on June 25, 2013
Used it yesterday for the first time! Got some pretty good shots - at least I think so. Only thing I would say is that it is difficult to see the screen under water so it was point, shoot and hope I get what I want in the pic!
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on November 27, 2015
When I ordered this camera, I read the reviews. Most of them said it was very hard to see an image in the daylight or underwater thru the view finder, but that it took good pictures, and it went thru batteries fast, and it was a good little camera for the money. That is exactly what I found. The camera takes very good pictures, very compact. It eats batteries, on an 11 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean I took just over 400 pictures, maybe 100 underwater. I went thru 4 sets of batteries. It was impossible to see the screen so it was point and shoot at best. In the daylight the same thing. point and shoot and hope you got what you were looking at, or thought you were looking at. Fortunately I took enough pictures at the same scene, that I had some very good shots. The flash is very slow to charge and recharge. The battery compartment cover is very difficult to open. I probably wouldn't buy this camera again, but it did a descent job for what I bought it for. and I wouldn't recommend I to my friends.
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on September 12, 2015
This camera FAR exceeded my expectations, especially given some of the reviews. I actually bought this camera intending to return it after my vacation, but it worked so well I kept it. I posted some pictures I took with it, including varying levels of quality so you can see the differences. Overall though I was pretty satisfied.

My only complaint is that it's REALLY hard to see the screen showing you what you're taking a picture of, and there's no view finder you can squint into so a lot of times we were just taking pictures blind and hoping they came out okay.
Also, make sure you wipe the lens before taking a picture--some of our pictures that would have come out great were blurry because the lens had a drip of water on it.

Can you get a better water proof camera? Yeah, probably, if you're willing to spend the money. But for the price, this camera was awesome.
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on October 1, 2015
This camera was exactly what we expected, and what we needed it for. Used it for snorkeling in the carribbean. I agree with some people that the battery charger is hard to open.... but it's waterproof. I would imagine if it wasn't, it would probably not be capable for underwater photos. I also agree that underwater it does kind of become a point-and-shoot-hope-i-got-it type of thing because of the reflective glare on the screen.... again, it's for underwater use. I did not find the batteries to get eaten up too quickly, and I loved this little thing. Arrived well packaged in retail box. Definitely recommend.
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on April 15, 2017
For the price, I am more than happy with this camera. We bought it for a trip to the Bahamas. Wanted waterproof. We had this in the ocean and once back on shore gave it a good wash down with fresh water. It does eat up batteries but that was kind of expected. Took some playing around with to get the pictures how I wanted. But overall, works great. Pictures are nice and clear with of course some quality loss when you zoom way in on something. But as I said, for a camera right around $50, we were extremely happy with it.
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on September 4, 2016
Bought two of these for my daughters ages 13 and 18 to take on vacation to Disney.
They loved them, I bought a 32 gig card for them and they took a bunch of pics and movies, the under water movies looked so cool. Their pictures lookes as good as mine and I have a 400.00 Nikon. Theirs weren't blurry . The screen on the camera is not the best but does let you see your pictures, it's decieving because it make you think the picture is poor quality but when you up load the pictures and videos to the computer they are crystal clear. Can't beat it for the price, the batteries last an adequate amount of time.
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on August 8, 2015
Great little under water camera for the price. Our pictures came out pretty nice considering it was a very sunny day and hard to see the view finder. I just took as many shots as I could hoping that some would come out well.
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on December 30, 2015
Good camera, not great. This is definitely a situation of getting what you pay for. Don't expect award winning photography. I would say the pictures turn out better than your average disposable underwater camera, but definitely not the quality of something like a GoPro.

Getting started is super easy. Pop in the batteries and memory chip, turn it on, and start using it.

Using it can be a bit tricky underwater. I used it while snorkeling in Key West. The water was extremely clear and calm, but I still couldn't actually see what I was taking pictures of when I looked at the screen. There is no view finder, which I feel is a mistake given that it will mostly be used in bright conditions, which makes the LCD display impossible to see. So I improvised by taking more pictures than usual of stuff that swam in front of me. Some pics were blurry from movement or not quite focused on the right subject, but I got enough good pics that it didn't discourage me.

As many other people have noted, this camera eats through batteries quickly! Make sure you have a healthy supply of lithium batteries. I went through the first pair in an hour.

Pictures lack the vividness and clarity that I get with my iPhone, but they aren't bad. I'll try to upload some of the shots I took when I'm on my computer later.

In summary, if you're looking for an inexpensive camera to take pictures during your next beach vacation, this is a good option. I didn't experience any problems with the camera leaking or malfunctioning. I just would have liked a better means of seeing what I'm taking pictures of. Oh, and a light that indicates the camera is actually turned on would be good, since the LCD doesn't show up enough to even realize if it is on or not.
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