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on July 16, 2009
Pros - Received it, opened it, connected it, updated my Logitech Harmony Remote (this device was listed as a device that can be controlled by the Harmony), then proceeded to game flawlessly. Once my universal remote was programmed, the device was forever seamlessly integrated into my Audio/Video center. I have an XBOX 360, PS3, and Wii (yes with the component cables) connected. Switching between consoles is flawless. With the Harmony Remote preprogrammed to switch to whatever input is required for gaming, you do not even know the box is in-line between the gaming systems and the HDTV. For the price, this device gave more inputs/types than anything I could find at Best Buy or anywhere else online (most other devices didn't come with a remote or had too few inputs, or was overly expensive to meet the specifications I needed - three component A/V inputs to a singular output, remote, small form factor, and controllable via Logitech Harmony Remotes). Very highly recommended.

Con - Wish it was black.
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on August 11, 2010
I have a 10-year old Sony television that will render 1080i, but which has only two component inputs, while I have 3 or 4 (if you count the Wii) devices with component outputs. I always fear signal degradation when introducing a new device in the signal path, and had always taken care to just use a straight signal path from the Xbox 360 and the DVD player. But when I got HD television AND a Blu-Ray player, this seemed to be the only choice short of rewiring the whole system, which I'm not going to do unless I get a 60-inch plasma.

This little device came in the mail and even included some extra wires, including optical (!) but if you're like me, you have a whole box of extra monster cable sitting around, left over from old equipment. Very simple to set up, just plug-n-play (Microsoft, eat your heart out).

Best of all, perhaps because signals are so digital these days, I have noticed little or no signal degradation in either audio or video. If pressed, I might say there could be a slight degradation in the video feed from the DVR, but then again, I would say it's more likely that it's the crappy DVR (i.e., it's not a Tivo, just what came with the cable) and not this signal splitter.

This has also allowed me to move the Wii into the component closet with all the other audio-video equipment, while also upgrading the Wii to use the component output. Perfect solution.
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on February 5, 2011
I was looking for a switch for; 1. DVD player 2. Wii 3. Xbox 360. I read reviews of other component switches where people said the signal was intermittantly lost with some of these component switches. This product seemed to lack those negative reviews and had 4.5 starts, so I gave it a shot.

No go. When playing COD MW2 on my XBox 360 slim, the signal was intermittently lost - and it didn't seem to have anything to do with what was going on (other product reviews said it would happen with lots of white, like grenades going off.) This Nyrius SW201 would unpredictably do three things: sometimes the screen would just flicker around a bit, sometimes it would lose the signal for a fraction of a second or so, and sometimes lose the signal entirely (to where my TV would put up the notice "No Signal") and it would take a while to come back. One of these three things would happen at least every 30 seconds.

I tried adjusting the resolution that the 360 was putting out; tried 480 and 1080i, same problem. (As a side note, on the front this product is labelled as supporting 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i. Not 1080p).

Also, Iron Man DVD played on the XBox 360 slim through this switch had artifacts and and edges went screwy every few minutes. Same Iron Man disc plays without error otherwise.

Movies through the DVD player were just fine, I couldn't tell a difference.

I haven't tested the Wii. The home screen looked fine when I cycled through the inputs but I didn't play any games.

Good Things:
The unit does feel pretty solid, and the remote worked great for me at 10'+. It programmed easily and responded perfectly with my Harmony remote. My DVD player worked fine through it. It was packaged well.

For the price, I say give it a whirl if you're not using it with a game system. Got an XBox 360? Fuhghettaboudit.
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on March 8, 2014
We have an older TV that only has 1 slot for component video and no HDMI options. This device is enabling us to enjoy high definition resolution for our TV, Xbox, and Blu-Ray player without having to manually unplug and plug all those cables.

My main concern when purchasing the AV switch was with video quality. We had tried another AV switch by Dynex and the cable would flicker on white backgrounds which made watching TV difficult. I researched several devices and chose to purchase the Nyrius because the reviews had much fewer complaints about video quality.

I am happy to say that the picture and audio are perfect for all three devices, there is no degradation. They Nyrius also seems a little sturdier than the Dynex. When I was setting up the Dynex, I had to keep careful watch on the device so that it did not get pulled off by the weight of the cords. I did not have this issue with the Nyrius. The remote is tiny, but working well from 18ft away.

I have no complaints and am very happy with the purchase.
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on October 8, 2013
3 component inputs and one out with TOSlink optical audio is exactly what I needed. This was the cheapest of its kind I could find, and it works fine and dandy. The only drawbacks:

1) The remote is awful. Very low power and has to be pointed just so to work. Usually needs the be pressed multiple times before anything happens. It took multiple attempts to finally map them on my learning IR remote.

2) The selector lights are huge and an ugly neon green. I really just needed small red dots. Instead, the entire button glows green in addition to the huge green power indicator. Not a fan of the silver color, as the rest of my home theater kit is black.

I have resolved the issues with the inputs going to sleep and decided to keep it and bump my initial review up a star. But it's one of the few appliances I don't love.
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on January 15, 2011
I have an older Mitsubishi 55" big screen TV with only 1 1080i component input. That one was being used to watch high definition TV with Dish Network. After buying a Sony PS3, I realized that I needed a switch like this one. After going over a lot of other consumer reviews, this one stood out. I ordered it and it was delivered pretty quickly. I don't think it came with any written instructions - but you really didn't need any. Looking at the back, everything was clearly labeled and the component inputs were colored. I just had to match red with red, green with green, and blue with blue. I bought a Sony component AV cable to connect the PS3 to the switcher, using only the 3 video cables and not the audio cables because I wanted to be able to listen to the PS3 (games and blue ray movies) through my surround sound Onkyo receiver. The Dish Network cable also went to the switcher. The sole output from the switcher went back to the TV. I skipped using the audio inputs/output. I ordered an optical cable (also through Amazon) and connected the audio from the PS3 straight to my Onkyo receiver. I had no problems setting the Playstation to 1080i. Also, the tiny remote works well. All in all, I'm very pleased with this switcher. It does exactly what I expected it to do and at a reasonable price. I saw other inferior switches without remotes going for much more at retail stores.
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on September 4, 2009
In looking for a suitable switch for my entertainment center, I had three requirements: good picture quality, not too pricey, work with a logitech harmony remote. This device satisfies 2 and a half of these criteria. There is no noticeable degradation in picture quality and the price is hard to beat. Unfortunately, the remote sensor seems to be a bit dodgy. The included remote does not work at all (not powerful enough?), and using a logitech harmony 880, it only works about half of the time. The other times I end up having to repeatedly send commands to get them to register. Tried contacting customer support and got no reply at all. That said, if the remote is not that important to you, then this product will be fine, but if, like me, you really want the remote to work well, you may be a bit disappointed.
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on December 23, 2011
I just bought a Vizio Razer LED LCD-HDTV and needed a component switch to hook up my non-HD devices such as a cable box, Wii and PS2. While the TV can support up to 4 HDMI ports, it only has one component port and I need to hook all three of those devices at once to the component port. I bought this component switch based on a majority of the glowing reviews here and should have done better research.

Now while this component switch does work well for the conversion rates(480, 720, 1080), the contrast and saturation are not converted well. Whites and blues on this TV are extremely bright and washed out with this switch. Some colors become more dull than others such as purples, greens and reds. I had to do a lot of tweaking to my TV settings in order to get the picture to adjust to the original signal quality. Maybe it's the TV type as I do not have access to an older LCD or Plasma to test this out however I should not have to tweak my TV for this switch. Also the remote is really small and you can easily lose it.

So while this component switch does what it is intended to do, if you have the same HDTV that I have, try and find another switch instead.
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on January 16, 2011
I had run out of HD inputs on my old 57" Sony projection TV, and was looking for a component video switch like this. When I asked the sales people in Best Buy for a component video switch, they looked at me like I was from Mars.

Like other people, I set this switch up with my Logitech Harmony remote as part of my entertainment system, and that was a snap. I was worried that the video quality would be degraded, but it seems to do a fine job. It switches inputs perfectly and quickly.

I only have three nits. One, the switch turned ON after a power failure, and so the Harmony remote toggled it OFF when my wife wanted the watch TV (which meant a phone call from her). Second of all, the infrared remote receiver seems to be less sensitive than all my other components, so it requires that the Harmony remote (which has beefy transmitters) be pointed in the general direction of the switch. Both of these nits affect usability. Thirdly, the lights on the front a really bright, which means they can stand out in a darker room. I've considered using electrical tape to block them out.

In spite of those three nits, I still rate the box very highly. It fills a need I had and absolutely works as advertised. And because of the remote control, it integrated well with my system.
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on August 31, 2010
Unit is installed into my home stereo center flawlessly and functions with no problems whatsoever, along with an exact same Component Video Switcher #40324 by Impact Acoustics.

Recommend along with providing Component Video YPbPr, S-VHS cable, and Digital Audio Optical Toslink input/output(s), that Nyrius includes additional/optional HDMI cable input/output(s), Digital Coaxial Audio Cable input/output(s), and Analog Video/Left and Right Audio input/output(s), as an upgrade option or as an all-in-one unit.

I not only purchased a Nyrius #SW201_HD Component Video Switcher for use with the TV reception portion of my system, but I also purchsed another Component Video Switcher #40324 by Impact Acoustics for use with the DVD Analogue and Blue-Ray video portion of the same system.

In the anticipation that both switchers were not exactly the same units, I had hoped that the remotes would operate independently of one another. Unfortunately, both items are CLONES of one another and either remote operates BOTH UNITS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Recommend a capability in each unit AND remote to switch from controlling unit "A" to unit "B" (and/or "C", if possible) in order to operate either unit(s) independently from the other.
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