Customer Reviews: Sabrent USB 2.0 Virtual External 7.1 Surround Sound Adapter (USB-AUDD)
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on August 14, 2013
This USB sound card sounded great... for all of 25 seconds. Then it started cutting out. Adjusting the speaker plug would have the audio cutting in and out, intermixed with crackle. No matter how I angled the plug, rotated it, whatever - I could not keep a good contact with the jack pins. My guess is they are either bent or broken inside. I would return this piece of junk, but at $7 and free shipping it's not worth the gas to drive to the nearest UPS drop-off. The device did come with a decent quality USB extension cable, so that's a nice consolation prize I guess. But unless you need a $7 USB extension cable, I'd avoid this product like the clap.

One other very annoying design feature is the incredibly bright blue LED that illuminates and flashes when the device is connected, and which appears to serve no actual purpose other than to blind and perturb the owner. Pressing the mute button illuminates an equally blinding white LED. Had the sound actually worked, I would have had to cover the LEDs with electrical tape to kill the eye-splitting glare.

UPDATE: I opened up the case and the problem is obvious - poor solder connections between the audio jack and the main board. Inserting the audio plug must have snapped one or more of the solder points, and then wiggling the cable finished the job. All six solder points on the audio jack are disconnected. Since I've blown the warranty anyway, I think I'll try to re-solder the audio jack to the board. Maybe I can use this in one of my radio projects. While I'm at it, I'm going to upgrade those LEDs with two resistors.
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on January 19, 2014
The adapter stopped working after a week of use. I popped it open only to discover the audio jack for the head phones came unsoldered from the board. It doesn't even have through-hole soldering for the jacks which would have made it stronger.

Piece of crap, don't buy it.
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on October 5, 2013
The adapter worked right out of the box but only lasted a day. Plugging in my headsets caused the headphone jack to pop off its solder joints making it useless.
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on August 15, 2013
- Nice, solid construction with a matte finish.
- Buttons seem sturdy.
- Operates at a crisp 16-bit 48,000Hz.
- Seems as though it can push more volume than stock card.
- Comes with a USB extension cord.
- Plug N' Play.

- Those indicator lights are BRIGHT.

I have a Windows 7 Compaq/HP laptop. No problems with the sound card, just wanted to try and see if this would produce a clearer sound.

I'm pleased to announce that when using the Sabrent .... everything sounds LARGELY the same, but is slightly more crisp on the highs and clearer on the lows. Enjoyable/noticeable only if your headphones can respond to a wide range of frequencies (mine are 15 - 25k, I believe). There was absolutely no difference for me using my stock iPhone 5 headphones, although those are very good. Overall, the volume is louder, which was a plus for me but may be negligible for others.

A couple segmented rave sentences: Build quality is EXCELLENT, especially considering the price. There is a soft, matte coating to the plastic. The rubber buttons don't feel cheap and have a satisfying click when pressed. The extension cord comes in handy when the USB hub is crowded.

BUT... the indicator light that tells you the unit is in use is a VERY bright blue, and the microphone mute indicator light is an EXTREMELY brightER white. Was annoying in a room filled with light during the day... would imagine it being downright nightmarish having this thing strobe at night.

Overall, this unit would be great if your onboard sound card has static or noise in the background or if it's just being awful to you. As for you audiophiles, you're still going to have to shell out a pretty penny to get the most out of your FLAC files and your amplified $300 headphones.
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on August 1, 2013
Ordered this only as a backup to my various computers as a quick way to adapt to different situations while testing or setting up computers. Currently using this product on a new build mid-tower computer with front USB ports and running Win7.

IT WORKS PERFECTLY. Although it sticks out a ways from the case and so is a potential break off item, it's benefits and operation far out-way that minor concern.

The surface buttons for Volume, Mic Off, and Mute are all positive action with a good feel. There was no setup required as Win7 found it and automatically installed the drivers. Plugged it in, nearly instant audio. AND the rear audio source mutes. It seems to have a built in amp as it can be adjusted louder then if I just plug in headphones to the case's headphone jack. That's helpful for me as I'm slightly hard of hearing and often a video or audio source will have weak audio, especially if the producers thought it would be cool if they have constant 'mood' music playing...what's wrong with those people. There are db meters, they should be able to see that they're playing the background to loud. Anyway, having this little device with extra amplification will help with that issue.

All-in-all, this is one fine piece of equipment and the price is outstanding. Well worth the money.
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on September 4, 2013

Arrived 1 week late (despite Amazon prime).

Amplifies sounds so much such that all sound settings on the computer have to be set to the minimum to avoid breaking headphones or speakers.

Broke after 1 week of use. VERY flimsy design, the case simply came apart after plugging it into my laptop about 20 times.

Bright blue LED is annoying, flashes, and cannot be turned off in any way.
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on May 12, 2015
I bought this because I bought a headset that had both the mic and the headphone jacks that plug in separately. The problem is my laptop only has a headphone port since the mic is built in. This adapter works perfectly so I can use my headset. I love the controls for volume and to mute the mic right on the adaptor. Great value for the price!
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on November 13, 2014
My computer was custom built and had some issues with delivering sound to headphones plugged into the main jacks. I bought this adapter and it solved my issue. After six months of multiple-hour daily use it broke, but being so inexpensive this is reasonable. I repurchased it and now I'm having no issues.

The part that had broken was the jack itself, as has been the case with numerous other reviews complaining of the construction quality. After prying open the case, I saw that the tabs of the headphone jack had detached from the circuit board (again, not the best construction, but you're getting it for a few bucks).

With a bit of soldering know-how and a steady hand, you could easily fix it, but its cheap enough that buying another isn't a big deal.

Realize you are buying it as an easy fix. If you want to have a quality fix for your sound issues, spend the money needed and have a new sound card installed. This is a product that works as a temporary fix, and it does that very well. To put one star in a review knowing this is silly.

The product isn't great overall, but it gets four stars from me because it does what it is meant to do well, especially for where it is priced at.
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on May 17, 2014
Bought this a while back, tried using it with the PS3. Never really got any audio (other than blinded by that stupidly bright LED) so I put it aside. Tried it again today on both the PS3 and PC. No audio. Considering all the complaints of bad soldering, I assume the device is broken and never worked. I'd get my $7 back but the return window is over. So I'm out $7 I guess, unless I want to spend an hour troubleshooting solder points.

edit: the manufacturer sent me a replacement and it worked fine. The LEDs are still too bright, like so bright I can't see the buttons I need to press if I look at the device while it's plugged in.
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on September 10, 2013
I have on old HP built for Windows XP. I have kept it going by installing Windows 7, upgrading the RAM, replacing the power supply and DVD drives. I kept having problems with the sound card, especially after I installed a video card that had HDMI out. My PC keeps trying to put sound through the HDMI and now just can't seem to find the driver or original sound card. I can't figure it out. Anyway, I thought I might have to get a new sound card, but instead found this USB adapter. This thing is plug and play easy! I was blasting tunes right away!

I read a tip in the reviews that said you should plug your speaker wire into the USB adapter, then plug it into the PC. I did that to be on the safe side. The driver is built into the device and it installed itself.

This product is a fantastic work-around for sound-card issues. The sound is just as good as before, and it's under 10 smackers.
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