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on February 3, 2015
These are decent headphones. The sound quality is surprisingly high for headphones in this price range. They actually sound just as good as more expensive brand name headphones. I also own a expensive Sony wireless headset and these headphones sound just as good as my Sony ones that I paid over $120 for.

If you game a lot then a wired headset such as the SADES SA-708 is better option than a wireless set. You get more headphones for your money when you buy wired vice wireless ones. You also do do not have to worry about headset batteries or signal interference. Wired headphones just work better than wireless ones.

The microphone works great on this headset. My teammates can hear me very clearly and the microphone never cuts in and out. The feel and finish of this headset is very nice. I expected a lot less because they were only $15. I was very surprised at the quality.

Now for the downside. I am a full sized man (6'5" and over 200 pounds) with a larger head. These headphones are not a good fit for me. They are too tight and hurt my ears after a few hours of use. I don't blame this on the headphones, because when you are a big person like me nothing really fits well. Other normal sized people in my family have worn the headphones and they fit just right. I personally feel like these headphones are sized for adolescent or female sized heads. To make them fit me better I have been bending the top part of the headset outwards in an attempt to make them looser. I actually bent them a lot and the fact that they have not broken is a testament to their strength. They are getting looser the more I bend them. Knock on wood, despite all my bending they have not broke yet and continue to fit me better the more I bend them.
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on March 10, 2015
My first gaming headset. I really like it, it does the job. I am satisfied with the product

I have HP Envy 14 Notebook PC and as everyone can see, my laptop has newer version ports ( Headphone and Headphone+Mic ) where in old PCs, they have their own ports ( mic goes with mic and headphone goes with headphone) , like this headphone is designed for...

So, i bought the adapter in order for my mic to work. Link =>
I bought the adapter instead of the cable because i think the cable is not durable enough

First, i plugged in the Sades ports into the adapter and connected it into the Headphone+Mic on my laptop
The mic doesn't work and i was afraid that it might be broken
I tested the mic to see if it works or not by plugged in the mic cable to my phone and went to voice memos
the recording went fine and i can see my voice clear, so i began to suspect if the adapter is broken
I tried to unplug cable and plug it again and the mic works fine
Skype my friend and they can hear the difference between the integrated mic and the headset mic
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on June 19, 2016
I have had these for over a year now!
They are just amazing for the price. And you will not fine anything better for the price I have looked. I am a big tech guy and I do always look for the most value in gadgets and electronics.

1. Extremely comfortable even after 8 hours of gaming, Cushion is very comfortable, a
2. Durable. I have thrown this thing on the floor on a daily basis after i get done with gaming and my computer work. I take it to bed, sleep on it and it has yet to break. It actually looks pretty new after 1.5 years. Cushions and wires are still very new looking.
3. Sound is clear. Sound is Deep, But not too deep, But its not over bearing in base. Mids and Highs are above average for a headphone in this price range. There was very little distortion if you put everything on max, at this point you should not even put the headphones near your ears, because they almost sound like speakers. Microphone is clear and I make skype and google calls with it all the time.
4. inline sound control, This comes with an inline sound countrol to turn up or turn down the volume. Also mute and unmute the microphone. Extremely usefully in gaming. and also when watching movies and you don't want to reach keyboard or mouse
5. noise cancellation is decent. This doesn't have active noise cancellation, but it sits all around my ear and gets rid of about 70% -90% of ambient noise while you are listening to it.
6. Separate 3.5 mm jack for speaker and for microphone. I highly disklike USB headphone because they have tons of static due to the computer. however 3.5 jacks are much better.
7. super long cord. I lie in bed while I watch TV and the cord is super long over 7 feet.
8. These are light, they aren't heavy and won't bother your ears or your head.

1. I feel like the base can be a bit better. But I think you can change the settings on your pc to ramp up the base, I did this and the base SOUNDED AMAZING.
I really cannot find any other cons. It looks, feels, and sounds great. you really won't be disappointing.

IF YOU'RE looking for a 300 quality headphone. You won't find them in this. BECAUSE this isn't a $300 headphone. But this easily competes with 70 and 80 dollar headphones.

The quality of these headphones ARE VERY GOOD. what also makes a difference in sound is your computers hardware and sound card. If you have a cheap sound card. then you will get a cheap sound. I have a very good sound card, and am able to get very nice bass and very nice highs based on my settings.
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on August 27, 2014
This shipment comes really fast, and the price is not expensive.I have used this headphone talking with my friends through Skype ,and they can hear it very clear. It has an on/off key for microphone which is wonderful. It is worth to invest overall.
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on October 25, 2013
Had problems with my old headset which was really cheap (10$?) so I decided to try this one out as I liked the look of it. First let me say this particular one is shipped from china and takes several weeks before it will arrive, it came on oct. 23rd and est. shipping was oct 31st-Nov 11th. So far so good, its comfortable has great sound and the mic works very well. At first I was concerned because the actual mic is pretty far away from your mouth and is only adjustable up and down, so there is no way to get it closer to your mouth. However people have said that it sounds great although I still feel the need to speak loudly just in case. The other thing that I liked about it was that the mic folds up into the earcup so when not in use it isnt sticking out and I dont have to worry about my 2 year old stepping on it or messing with it. Being only 20$ so far I am impressed but only time will tell if this product will keep the 5 star rating I gave it. Hope this helps.
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on June 4, 2017
Before you continue, note that I got mine new. If you buy used, your outcome may be different. It's dirt cheap though, so no excuse to get it used unless you're living in the Projects.

For $15 (before shipping) you can't really go wrong. Of course, if I could I would vie for a Turtle Beach since i've used a few pairs in the past and they were absolutely awesome, but I just son't have that kind of budget yet. So I decided to say "why not?" and take the risk on a cheap headset like this. Fast forward about 2 weeks later...
Shipping was on time. Upon opening the package, the Sades box itself was encased in an airbag and some bubble wrap. They definitely took their time protecting this; even the jacks had plastic caps. Packaging: Pass.
The build quality doesn't feel too cheap, feels relatively sturdy. I'm sure that a drop from a few feet would takw a chunk out or cause a crack, but I handle my equipment with care so I don't see that in the forseeable (I think that's how it's spelled) future. The ear cushions are pretty comfy, and they fit around my ears perfectly. Top cushions also make this thing feel practically weightless. All of them are a little stiff due to being new, but after just a day I can feel them getting more comfortable by the minute, so wearing in shouldn't be too bad. The cable is about 2 meters (roughly 6 feet) long, which gave me ample room to wire into the back of my computer. The jacks aren't shorted or broken, and there's no crackling. All the controls feel nice and sturdy, and are very responsive. Construction: Pass.
Once plugged in, I decided to test it on some music before heading over to the gaming aspect. I tried some bass-heavy songs (Seek and Destroy by Metallica, original pressing of Holy Wars by Megadeth), and they sounded crisp and clear. Same for the more mid-scooped songs like The Frayed Ends of Sanity or Psychotron. Music: Pass.

Now for what you all want to hear: how is it for gaming? Two topics covered here: Headphones and Microphone.

I decided to test a game with an absolutely perfect sound engine: Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm. Let's just say that even on crappy headphones this game gave me flashbacks.
But these? Even better. Footsteps, gunshots, explosions; everything pops and pans really well. Nothing sounds muffled unless it should be because of the game. I'd say the speakers in this headset are equal to the pictured Sony MDR-something-somethings, which were my primary headphones before the Sades. We also paid $60 or $70 for the Sonys. Gaming Audio: Pass.
This is where the "cheap" aspect comes in, but it's still very good. Construction isn't a problem. Even the audio isn't a problem; it picks up my voice perfectly, and noise cancellation is decent (especially considering I've got a 16 inch fan 3 feet away and it doesn't come through the mic at all). But don't expect a Shure, especially at this price. It's much better than the Sony MDR's in-line mic, I will say that. Microphone: Pass.

Like I said, for $15 you can't go wrong; then again, I'm not terribly picky. For a first headset (coming from a guy whose first headset was a Turtle Beach X12, so many years ago), I'd definitely recommend this. Or if you need a cheap replacement, or something to hold you over until you save up a bit more (as am I) this is perfect. Not much to say that's negative, other than the shipping being over half the cost of the actual headset, nearly doubling the price, but what can you do?
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on September 28, 2016
So this is the first head set I've ever bought, and I want to just say, they're great. I've had them for over a year, and for $17 (now cheaper), this has to be the best value on amazon. The mic quality is great, the sound is great, the only thing is that the bass is not that great, as they just broke because I turned my EDM up way to high, and ruined them. They're very comfortable, and since its not usb, you can use them with your i Pod or i Phone. Over all I r8 8/8, top kek, rare pepe, dank memes.
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on January 7, 2016
I know I've seen a review of someone saying that this headset was tiny, but just like the hot soup, the waitress told you not to touch that last time you went to a restaurant. I decided to buy it to really see how small it was. I wasn't expecting this think to be as tiny as it is. This thing can probably sit on my eleven-year-old niece's head with no problem, but my head is pretty damn big. I usually have to get hats in the large/extra large size to put it into perspective. When I wear this headset, it doesn't even cover my ears, in fact, it actually squishes them to my skull because it's such a tight fit. I could only wear them for a few minutes before I couldn't stand the pain anymore.

So, yeah. I mean they work, but if you have a medium to large size head, then avoid this at all costs. The price isn't worth the pain, literally.​
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on February 2, 2015
It's great. I love it. But, the downside of it is that the cushions are a bit too big. I would recommend wearing it with a hood on so it is comfortable. Otherwise, it's great!
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on August 29, 2014
Product exactly as described. My head is 22 inches (Circumference), and 8 inches wide (ear to ear). I notice that after about 45 minutes+ the headphones are uncomfortably tight. While its not enough to warrant taking them off, it does cause me to readjust them to a less pressure prone area every 15 - 20 minutes. Anyone with a larger skull than my own, may find them quite uncomfortable, or too tight. Construction seems entirely solid, without stretching them out the ear phones measure 1 inch of separation at the bottom of the ear piece, and 4 inches at the top, prior to putting them on. Since the ear phone head band is only 7 1/2 inches at its greatest width I imagine that is where the additional pressure comes from. Anyone with a 7 1/2 inch head size or lower would probably greatly appreciate the sizing of this item.

Anyways, hope that helps future prospective buyers! 5 Stars since It was 17$ with shipping from CA - you don't have to pick the China option, for just a dollar more choose to have it delivered within the US for 3 day shipping free :D
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