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on July 12, 2012
I purchased this chair for its weight capacity first and foremost. The features were a second thought. I've been using a broken recliner to do my work primarily and the need for a real office chair became clear as I developed leg pain and swelling from not having a proper seat. I am a very large guy. I am 6'1" and weight 400+. I was drawn to this chair primarily for its weight capacity, the features weren't significant to my purchase so I am not taking them into account. However, they all appear to be working and functional.

I ordered the chair on the 4th and it arrived on the 12th. I'm not thrilled with the vendor for the long shipping time but it was worth the wait. Since my purchase, Amazon had it back in stock and I would have much preferred to purchase direct from Amazon than the participating vendor for shipping reasons alone. It did however come mostly assembled in a large box. It was in 4 pieces and I was very happy to see this. There was an assembled base with attached castors. Additionally, the back was assembled and the piston was separately boxed. It was honestly under 5 minutes to piece together. Just insert the piston, remove it's protective cap and place the seat on it and then remove the bolt from the back plate, slide it into the slit on the seat and reinsert the stopping bolt. Done. Sitting in it right now.

The chair feels plenty sturdy. As I mentioned, I am large, so this is a huge factor. So far it feels very study, moreso than my office chair at work (considering purchasing another Safeco chair for the office now).

My rating is based on chair alone, not long shipping as that's the vendors issue and not applicable to the product itself. The one downside to the product and why it received 4 stars is that the back does not sit high enough. I saw other reviewers complain about it being too short for their long legs. I presume those buyers are more Tall than Big. In my case, as mentioned, I am 6'1" with plenty of padding so the height is just right for me. In fact, I just lowered it a bit. Granted, I've always enjoyed a lower sitting chair but I digress. Back to the 4 stars. The height adjustment on the back is very low. Right now it's pressing against my pudge and about ~4 inches below optimal support level at the center/curve of my spine. This is also as high as it goes. This is a significant drawback but again, I am taller and this is to be expected when buying furniture sight unseen.

My recommendation is this. I am 450 lbs but very dense and not as fluffy as some folks that weight 300. If you're over 6', I would be cautious with this chair. It's worth the risk but probably not any taller. If you're over 350lbs, I would also be wary. I overlap the sides a bit but not discomfortably so. If I were any fluffier than I am, this would likely be uncomfortable. For your reference, I wear a Mens size 50 jean.

I hope this helps other buyers. Overall I am happy and buying a chair online is a huge gamble. For the price, I think the padding could be a little better as I don't forsee this being very comfortable in the long-term but it's sturdy and comfortable enough for now. Additionally, for the money, I think they could have made the back plate longer do a higher adjustment. This is disappointing but I'm a forward sitter for the most part anyways so it's not an impediment. The curve of the back does slide into the curvature of my spine when I lean back in a resting position (further back than upright). So it's acceptable for my intentions. I have a recliner here for when I want to lounger.

P.S. I know I'm fat. That's why I bought a Big&Tall chair. This review is for other fat people, not Tall people and not normal people. There are much better chairs for the money if you fall into those categories. For large people, that need the weight capacity of this chair, it's not only acceptable, it's a welcome reprieve to not be constantly worried about breaking the chair.

Written on 7/12/12. Please feel free to follow up for a review down the road. I'll try to update at 6 months and 12 months but who knows, so feel free to reach out for an update. If something goes significantly wrong, I will update this immediately.


Looking for a new chair and forgot my review, figured I'd provide an update.

I've had this chair and clocked hundreds of working and leisure hours on it over the last 19 months. I'm not quite as happy with it now as when I had bought it. This chair has become very uncomfortable for periods of extended use. It's very firm and hurts my lower back after a few hours. The back quickly began slipping and became almost entirely useless, which exacerbates the lower back pain.

This chair will be fine for some folks, but it's not comfortable for long periods of use. It has held up very well though. I don't know of anything mechanically wrong with it. I've lowered my rating from 4 stars to 3 stars. It would be 2 stars due to the discomfort but going with 3 for build quality, if not comfort.


It's been 19 months. The piston in this chair gave out apparently within the last month. It no longer stays elevated and upon sitting, it just sinks down, making this even tougher on the spine.

Unfortunately, this happened right before a 90 hour work week, most of which was on this chair. I now have backpain and need an MRI. It's only usable with a foam pillow now.

I've removed a star. It hasn't even held up for 2 years, had it, I would give it 3 stars. There might be a warranty but I doubt it. It's also not good enough to pursue so I just docked a star and wanted to post this update. I'd avoid this chair and probably this manufacturer. Don't get me wrong, I've seen worse and it does hard time in my home office but it's never been comfortable and now it's broken in under 2 years.
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on March 29, 2015
This chair has served me quite well for two and a half years, but alas the gas cylinder broke today and the chair refuses to stay elevated. Up until that point it was very comfortable even after prolonged periods of time (I use it full time in my work from home office. I've sent an email to Safco seeking a warentee replacement, but I suspect I'll have to buy a new cylinder myself.

Followup: After contacting Safco about the break, they sent me a new cylender totally free of charge. Unfortunately, the old cylinder has become fused with the caster base of the chair and nothing I do can get it apart. I managed to salvage the chair by buying a cheap ikea office chair and using the caster base from it.

Second followup:
I contacted Safco again and explained that I wasn't able to separate the cylinder from the base of the chair. They sent me a whole new base, completely free of charge. The customer service from this company has been amazing. I've now had the chair for two years and it is still as comfortable as it was the day I got it, truly a great chair from a great company.
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on November 17, 2013
Seems a bit small for "fluffy" folks like myself. But it works. Does make popping noises when moving around to readjust after sitting for a while. Works fine otherwise. Suggest getting the optional arm rests, makes a big difference. Hope this lasts longer than 1.5 years the big and tall chair I bought from one of the chain stores that sells big and tall clothes, chairs and other stuff. Will update if I have any problems.

Update 12/25/14
Almost as if the chair was programmed, the hydraulic height-adjust lift failed just after a year. If you are a big guy like me I would suggest you find a chair that has a screw adjust for height and stay away from the hydraulic adjust chairs. After all, how often do you have to adjust the height after you get it right? The chair also seems to be getting weaker all around and wonder if it will live beyond two years. Shop elsewhere, you will be disappointed.
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on June 22, 2017
Mobility problems necessitate my using a task chair in the kitchen. The typical chairs just didn't "hold up" very long on the tile floor. This heavier one is more durable. I bought the first one almost 4 years ago and it is still just like new. Spots wipe right off the upholstery. The mesh back keeps the chair from being too heavy. I needed a new chair for the craft room and searched until I found the same model. It was so easy to assemble. I needed help getting the pieces out of the box but managed the assembly myself (I'm 82). The seat is firm but that contributes to it's long wear (soft upholstery "wears." I just add a cushion. It's a wonderful chair.
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on June 23, 2012
I thought I found the perfect B&T adjustable task chair for me when I ordered Safco Vue's Big and Tall Mesh Task Chair. Once adjusted to my liking, I really found it quite comfortable to sit in, but with ONE major exception ... it does NOT adjust up high enough to accommodate for my 6 foot tall frame and long legs, which made it very difficult to sit in for any length of time. I am very dissatisfied that it sits much lower than other B&T task chairs I've used, therefore it should NOT be classified as Tall. Unless changes are made to lengthen the vertical post to accommodate for people who are my height or taller, I do NOT recommend this particular chair.
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on January 26, 2013
I am over 400 pounds. This chair still supports me after a month of heavy use. The back is kind of *meh* but I use this as a PC chair, so I am always sitting forward anyways.

Edit: The piston blew after 4 months. None of the computer chairs on amazon that are supposed to handle larger men can.
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on June 27, 2016
So far so good. Have not had long but I like how nicely it rolls on floor and the overall stability of it. Nice chair. Could be more comfortable bottom and back but for a work chair that you are constantly moving around in it works great. I gave 4 stars because it arrived with a nick on the bottom leather seat part....was under the edge so I did not report it as an issue. And the cover between the roller bottom and the middle was cracked off.....also no big deal as it was on the bottom area....however, it did arrive with some minor damage. But, the overall chair is great I think if you want a nice stable roll around chair to work from.
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on August 19, 2012
This is a nice chair, unfortunately one of the wheels broke the month after I got it and I am having a hard time getting this issue resolved. Amazon does not provide a link for issues with items you have purchased other than returning it. I am out of the window to return the chair so I don't know what to do. The chair advertises a 1-year warranty.
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on September 3, 2016
Just what I was looking for. Sever ice charge of $75.00 was a bit excessive our ever putting the charity other myself a 69-year-old female was not too difficult the chair is wonderful and recommend it for anyone of large statue
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on October 17, 2016
It's not a bad chair, but at no point did it wow me. Aside from the hefty build of the base legs cylinder and seat itself. The material isn't all that great.
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