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on November 24, 2016
I bought this mattress cover for our bed in our brand new travel trailer since it was fairly inexpensive, claimed to be water proof, and had great reviews. I thought that since we weren't going to be using the trailer all that often, I didn't need to buy an expensive mattress cover and a cheap one should work just fine. I had no idea how desperately I was going to need this.

I was moving some items from our house into our trailer, and had to take several trips so I kept running back and forth. One of the minor issues with our trailer, that we are getting adjusted by the dealership next week, is that the screen door latch doesn't securely hold the screen door closed. When I was running back and forth between the house and the trailer, occasionally the door would swing open. No big deal, or so I thought. I locked up the trailer and went on my way.

Eight days later, I got into the trailer again. I noticed a few things out of place, which made me wary. I started glancing around, when I noticed glowing eyes staring at me from the lower bunk bed. After recovering from my shock, I discovered that a stray cat had found its way into the trailer, and its only opportunity to get in had been 8 days prior. It was amazing that it was still alive with no food and no water. After I coaxed it out of the trailer with some food, I set about to find where the cat had done its business for 8 days. I found it almost immediately. One could not miss the urine stain that spanned almost the entire width of our queen bed. I threw out our sheets and prepped myself for the looming reality that our bed was ruined. I stripped the bed of the mattress pad and couldn't find a stain on the mattress. I smelled the bed and could not detect urine odor at all, and I am super sensitive to the smell of cat urine. This mattress pad saved our brand new mattress, even with the onslaught of 8 days of all the urine a cat could pee on it. I am very pleased with this pad and would definitely recommend it!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 16, 2012
I'd read mixed reviews so upon receipt of this pad I conducted my own test: I opened the queen size pad and in one corner I draped the pad over a large stainless steel stock pot. Into the middle of the pad/pot, I poured 1/2 cup of warm water and waited. The terry cloth seemed to make the wet spot larger by soaking up the water. I pulled the pad tight to simulate a flat bed, then let the water pool in the middle of the pad for about 5 min. I carefully felt underneath the pad and it was dry. I soaked up the rest of the water with a paper towel. I looked in the stock pot and.....no water......I am going to post 3 pictures I took.

I am satisfied this is waterproof. I'll now wash according to the specific directions and conduct another test with the stock pot to see if this pad is still waterproof. Will post an update on the out come. So far it's what I want !

Forgot to post update: I did wash according to directions and dried on low with 2 twin sheets. It took a long time to dry !!! But once it dried, I tried the same "test" as outlined above and water did not seep through the terry cloth top. So it's on the bed now doing what it's supposed to do: catch my coffee spills when they happen ! (dogs jump on the bed when I have a cup of java in my hand......)
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on January 7, 2013
We got this in anticipation of co-sleeping with our first baby. My husband (smart man) put it on a week before my due date just in case my water broke. Little did we know that I would have a precipitous labor (very fast) and we wouldn't even make it to the hospital. We delivered the baby with just the two of us and in the bed with this mattress topper. Birth is a very messy process. This saved our very expensive thermarest mattress! It is totally worth the money! Great product!
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on September 7, 2012
I bought this mattress cover because it was advertised as containing "no phthalates, vinyl or PVC's". I thought that meant that it would not contain toxic chemicals that would off-gas while I sleep. I have minor chemical sensitivity.

When I received it in the mail it had a strong chemical smell to it which immediately made my throat hurt and eyes burn. So I looked on the package and saw that the waterproof layer is made from polyurethane. Then I did some research. Evidently polyurethane used to waterproof mattress pads is toxic and can off-gas for a long time. The main allergies I suffer from are chemical sensitivity. I was hoping for an affordable mattress pad that might protect me from the off-gassing from the relatively new mattress I'm sleeping on, as well as protect the mattress from spills, but I guess this isn't the right product for that.

If you are looking for something non-toxic, or have any chemical sensitivities, do not buy this product. Vinyl off-gassing is some of the worst, so it's great that this product doesn't have any vinyl, but it's definitely not a great product to use if you are concerned about chemical off-gassing.

I've been told that food-grade polyethylene is the best (non-off-gassing) waterproofing product for mattress pads, but I haven't found a mattress pad made with polyethylene that is affordable yet.

btw, "polylaminate" is also found as the waterproof layer in many mattress pads, but it is not necessarily non-toxic either. It can be made of different types of plastic and is often made out of polyurethane.

There's one nontoxic waterproof mattress pad I've found. But it's expensive ($140 for queen size) it's the Organic Mattress Protector Pad by Naturepedic.

I also found a mattress cover that is essentially a big plastic mattress bag made of polyethylene that will prevent you from breathing in the off-gassing from your mattress and will protect against spills. However, you are essentially sleeping on a plastic bag, so you will need some other mattress pad on top of it. to find one go to: [...]

It seems, in general, that mattresses are general toxic to sleep on, and mattress covers can often add to that toxicity. And there isn't an easy fix to protect yourself or your family short of buying a very expensive latex mattress or specific kinds of organic mattresses. There is some useful information at this link if you are interested in learning more. Go to: [...] and look up the posting "prevent-toxic-off-gassing-when-you-cant-afford-to-buy-an-organic-mattress"

And if anyone does happen to find a more affordable polyethylene-based waterproof mattress protector that's not a plastic bag, please let me know!

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on July 15, 2015
I am SO SO SO disappointed! I am a hardcore Amazon Prime member and I one of those people that order EVERYTHING from Amazon, *especially* after reading reviews. I got this cover for my 2.5yo new big boy bed. I read the reviews and saw the 10 year warranty. It was a no brainer and I ordered it exactly 4 weeks ago.
I just stripped my little guys bed because I noticed a yellow stain on his sheets (he must have snuck a diaper leak past me). Confidently pulling off his sheets and knowing this knowing his cover was 100% waterproof, I didn't flinch... until I noticed and there was a huge yellow stain on the brand new $800 mattress!! Shop other covers before you decide on this one if you want coverage because somewhere along the line, the company skimped on the quality of these.
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on May 13, 2017
Absolutely love this cover! It serves its purpose very well. Its super thin and is not noisy. It has saved our mattress multiple times from being stained from our dog that has a sensitive stomach and occasional has times when she vomits. And of course she likes to vomit on our bed, because that's where she feels the most secure when she doesnt feel well. I did read a few bad review before buying this that it does not provide complete water proof abilities and was hesitant, but tried it anyway. I dont know why other people were experiencing non water/liquid proof results because this cover has been a life saver for us and my photos are proof of this; and sorry for the pics being gross. My dog actually vomited directly on the cover after I was in the process of a sheet change, which made it perfect for me to take a few quick pictures of this cover in action!
When accidents do happen I dont like to wash the whole cover in the washer, I Just hand wash the area with the dirty spot directly in the tub and hang it to dry. I have washed it in the washer and dried it in the dryer, but I know the more I do that the quicker it will most likely wear out, so I recommend hand washing the area where the accident occurs and letting it hang dry.A
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on February 5, 2018
Update: I sent the protector in to have it warrantied and encountered the most ridiculous excuses for not replacing it.

They called me and told me it was exposed to high heat, and because of that, they would not cover it. I never washed it, let alone dry it. These jokes sell a defective product with a useless warranty. Buyer beware! This may last for a few months but don't expect anything more out of it.

Purchased 2/11/15.

Before I slept on my newly purchased mattress, I wanted to make sure I had a waterproof cover to extend the life of my mattress. Read all the reviews and most were positive so I decided to buy this.

It went on easy, stayed in place without needing to readjust and I barely noticed it when sleeping.

It is now 2/4/18, and when I went to pull the liner off for the first time (I never pulled it off after installing; I never even washed it for fear of the coating losing it's waterproofing as most other reviews mentioned), I found white flakes of material everywhere on the mattress. Looked at the bottom side of the cover and found a layer (what I assume to be the waterproof layer) was flaking off. The mattress had a dark spot where the flaking happened so I know the liner failed.
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on January 13, 2018
I honestly don’t know why this waterproof mattress cover has so many good reviews....

Trust me, this does not protect your Mattress!!

The top layer of this cover is a rough towel feeling (which i hate) and under that layer is this thin tarp film. i guess the film is to prevent any liquids from leaking.
I had to buy a thin smooth mattress fitted sheet to cover the waterproof mattress cover so i don’t have to feel the rough towel layer. So keep in mind that i have two mattress covers and it still didn’t protect my mattress! At the time of purchase, i didn’t mind buying two covers. I thought that this cover was really going to work against any spills! But last night, i found out i was wrong...

i’ve had this for about a few weeks now. i needed a really good mattress protector because i am cosleeping with my 2 year old daughter. last night, she threw up on our bed (poor baby has the flu). i removed my mattress covers immediately while my husband washed off my daughter. And ARE YOU SERIOUS...MY MATTRESS GOT SOAKED.......I paid $30 for a mattress cover that didn’t even work. And I had to spend all night trying to get vomit smell out of my expensive memory foam mattress...

I get it...$30 isn’t much of an investment if i was looking for a really good waterproof mattress cover. But, why sell a waterproof mattress cover when it doesn’t prevent any leaks at all? To my surprise, when i took out my mattress cover, i saw LOTS of yellow stains on our Mattress. I’m not too sure where it was from but i know before the mattress cover, it wasn’t there. It may have been from wet diapers or even milk that has been dripping from her bottle.

Either way, it doesn’t do anything.
it’s just a really bad mattress cover.
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on September 24, 2014
As a U.S. wounded warrior with a spinal cord injury, I suffer from incontinence. Despite wearing Depend briefs, there's sometimes "excess" leakage, which has previously done considerable damage to my mattress. I've used numerous other mattress pads, and they bunch up and get pushed out from under me in my sleep. However, my number one complaint was the breathability aspect (or lack thereof), which routinely made me wake up drenched in sweat and subsequently despise my incontinence even more!

After searching around, I came upon this product and I've been using it for a couple weeks now. It has endured numerous "incidents" and never once has anything leaked through to the mattress. But its breathability is outstanding. It feels SO much better. Just this one product alone has changed my feelings about my incontinence. It was worth every single penny, and then some!

Just a quick side note: I was concerned about ordering this in a queen size because I have a queen size pillow top mattress PLUS a four inch memory foam topper, so I have to use king size sheets in order for the fitted sheet to fit right. But I took the plunge and ordered it in a queen anyways, and it fits perfectly!
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on May 11, 2014
I actually like this cover but I'm giving it 1 star only so anyone who buys it will know that it is not 100% waterproof. That being said, it's pretty darn close to waterproof. Let me explain - my toddler son has been sleeping on it for over a year and during that time, he's had several diaper leaks and they've never made it through this cover.

Tonight, however, he truly put this cover to the test. He was sitting in bed and we were getting ready to read a book when he looked at me, gagged, and then projective vomited (buckets of liquid) all over the bed (and me). He heaved 4x and he had a lot to drink tonight so it was literally like inches of liquid pooled up between us in the bed. He looked at me and said "Mommy, we're in water."

After my husband got him in the shower, I pulled the cover back (carefully making sure all the liquid stayed in it) and there was a small wet spot about the size of a dollar bill on the mattress below. Now given the sheer volume of the liquid that sat on this cover, I am not shocked that some of it made it through. But the amount that made it through was very, very light and easy to clean (compared to how much was on top of the cover).

So this review is just an FYI. The cover is great and probably as waterproof as you can get without putting plastic on the bed. It is not, however, 100% waterproof.
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