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on December 26, 2011
Bought this walker for my 5 month old grandson about 2 weeks ago. It seems quite sturdy and practical. He loves sitting in it and being a part of the action. We can't wait until he's mobile!
Others complained that their babies don't touch the floor on the lowest setting but my grandson is in the 95th percentile so he is fine on the lowest setting at the moment. I would suggest putting a pillow under their feet until they can reach the floor as I did with my babies years ago.
The activity tray is cute. He gives all the toys a work out and quickly worked out how to make the noise and lights happen. The toys swing out to reveal a tray that can be used for other toys or snacks.
All in all we're happy with the purchase and I will buy another one to keep at my house. For the few short months they are in the walker I don't see the sense in buying a more expensive one.
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on April 30, 2011
Originally, I gave this walker only 2 stars stating "We have a 7 1/2 month old baby girl who is starting to pull up and can stand on her own...The leg holes in the seat are at the front instead of the middle, forcing the baby into a sitting, rather than standing position. My baby girl will be walking on her own without the need for a walker by the time that she's tall enough to touch the floor while sitting in this product."

What I didn't realize a week ago is that she had to learn how to stand up in the walker instead of use the seat, and that the walker is not too tall for her (she's between 26 and 27 inches tall). She's still not quite walking, but the walker will allow her to do so when she figures it out. While this design was frustrating at first, it allows your child to sit when they tire of standing. After understanding how the seat works, I consider it an innovation rather than a shortcoming. The way the two sections of toys swivel out of the way to reveal a tray underneath is pretty neat as well.

I stand by my original statement, "The walker is a great value, well constructed, and the toys are great."
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on April 28, 2011
Being a first time mom, I didn't know exactly what to look for when I came to buying something like a walker. I searched this site, seeing various walkers, prices, brands ect. I also had to take into account that my son (6 months at the time) was (and still is) in physical theropy. I needed a walker that would give him support for his back and side, while encouraging him to use his hands and arms to interact with his toys. After looking at several walkers, I decided on this one, and I'm very happy I did.

First, my son fell in love right away with the little blue dinosaur in the egg (it plays music and lights up) and it was the fastest I had ever seen him take to a toy. Right away he began trying to chew on it (without even grabbing it). It didn't take him long before he began to slowly bring in his arms and interact with the toys on the tray. He has since learned to spin the yellow ball shaped dinosaur (he's 8 months old now), and has significantly improved in his development and theropy. (His sitting up has improved drastically as well.) Even today, I've noticed more improvement. He's now learned how to spin the mirrors on the tree.

This walker has quickly improved his development in two months, that his theropy had been slowly been working on for three. His theropist said that it was a great that I bought him the walker, because she can see how much better he's doing so quickly.

For anyone who has a child going through what my son is (Torticollis), then I definately reccomend this walker.
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on November 13, 2011
I bought this product for my active 5 month old son. He loves his Jolly Jumper, so I figured a walker would be a great addition to our playing repetoire. The walker is excellent! It has a safety stop that activates whenever your baby rolls to a stair edge (not that I would ever test this theory but it's good to know it's there just in case), the activities on the tray are fun (lights, noise included) and the trays move so you can put other toys or things of that nature on the tray. However, my son is now 6 months old, 28 inches, and he still cannot touch the ground while on the lowest of the two height settings for this walker. I feel like by the time he can touch the ground in it, he'll be walking anyways. It's good for a short period to sit him in it and have him play with the toys, but he grows tired of it quickly since he can't move in it. That is the only downside, otherwise it's a great product. It would be absolutely perfect for an active baby who is extremely tall.
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on February 28, 2013
After reading thru series of review I finally settled for two of this walker for my 3 months twins (boy & girl). just got them this week, assembling them was quite easy.

After assembling them they look so beautiful and like other reviewers has rightly pointed out, it was a bit high for my three months babies but I am perfectly ok with it bc at this age I just want them to sit there and enjoy themselves not bothering abt walking and they are. Before they gets to six months their feet should be perfectly touching the ground.

My kids are in love with their new walker. my daughter wants to explore with the toys while my son just want to sit there and watch cartoon. For a three months old, my son is such an independent young man that act like a grown up.

In all I am happy with my purchase and will recommend it any day.
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on May 17, 2012
The product is cute, I'll give it that. However, the height adjustment levels leave much to be desired. My baby can easily reach the floor in his Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, but in this walker, he's going to need to be another 5+ inches before he can reach the floor (on the lowest level). By then, he's probably going to be walking or furniture surfing on his own! The seating is far too reclined for my taste. I assume this is to accommodate larger children, but in my opinion, if they're that large & able, they don't need to be in a walker. The toys in the tray are really cute and my baby was having fun with them before I attached them to the unit. I imagine he'll still enjoy them once he can use the walker .... whenever that will be. I honestly look forward to using this because I think he'll like it. I just wish I would've waited on purchasing it until he was larger & longer.
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on December 28, 2013
Its ok. Its a little hard to move around. There is these things on the bottom you need to remove to make it move easier and it took me a while to figure it out. It doesn't turn so well or go backwards well either. The palm tree toy has a hard time staying in place. The dino in the egg is cool as it lights up, flashes, and makes sound. The ball is fun for my baby to roll. It spins and makes a cool sound as little beads spin around in it. The red toy with the string is very cheap. I'm worried about her chewing a hole in it its so cheap. Overall its a pretty good deal when you look at the price and the fact the shipping is free but the quality could be better.
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on October 29, 2013
I bought my son a walker because he doesn't last long in the bouncer without crying to get out, he also likes to throw his body back when upset and hits his little head hard on the floor. He's nine months now so he needs to be allowed to be independent but his safety comes first. At first we were nervous because he doesn't like any activity for too long, but he is actually enjoy his walker and the toys it comes with. The set-up was easy, and the price was right. It actually looks better in person. I would recommed this to any parent that can't fully trust their little one on the ground, and that little one likes to stand and move around.
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on December 4, 2013
I bought this for my 7-month old who was learning to walk with assistance. He is now 9-months and it continues to work well. My son is on the shorter side (25-28 inches) from when we first bought this until now and he has always been able to reach the floor. We love the fact that you can hide the food tray and open it up during snack time. Our son has started resisting eating in his high chair and placing him in this walker where he has other things to keep him occupied has helped us with the transition. The toys on the trays are easily wipeable and seems to keep a 9-month old decently occupied for short periods of time.
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on July 11, 2011
I bought this walker for my 7 month old son; it is an excellent walker, and a great value. I would definitely purchase it again, however, I bought the bright stars walker for his twin sister and it gets around somewhat easier. The safety first walker has better toys, but the toys quickly take a second place to their new found freedom. It naturally takes babies a little while to get used to the new toy (they won't be walking in it the first time you put them in it), and they ALWAYS start off going backwards for some reason, but they will get it. (so, don't be detoured by those reviews, it is the baby, not the walker:). The only other thing I will say, is don't forget to babyproof! This is almost instant mobility, and they can reach some wires and drawers with this toy! Have fun!
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