Customer Reviews: Sage-ing While Age-ing
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on December 12, 2007
I have always enjoyed reading Shirley's books. However, this particular book was filled a bit too much with her movie history and her relationship with other actors. I also found that much of the information in this book can also be found in other books she has written. I generally purchase her books in paperback. I bought this one as soon as it came out thinking that it would have more true "sage" advise and or information.... I must admit that I was rather disappointed. All in all it is an easy read and if you have enjoyed her past books and are familiar with her style, you will probably like this one. I still feel that it would be prudent to wait for the paperback. She was truly the first "famous" person to not hide in the shadows in regard to this subject and was forthright in speaking out and writing about this subject. For that I have always been a "fan" and faithful "supporter" and always will be. Thank you Shirley but you've written better.
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on November 27, 2007
Wow, what a book. Like always, Shirley talks about the things that I have believe in, for years. I love that she had the courage to say that it is Spirituality that people are looking for, not RELIGION. The book also say that God is not just for one race, but for everyone, and that you connect to God within not from outside yourself. The book also goes into UFO, and how the government is covering up the episodes of there arrival, and that there are many different space visitors visiting our planet. I like that she believe as I do, that we are from space visitors not evolution. She briefly talk about past-lives but mainly she really talks about the space people and how they are trying to stop us from killing ourselves and that all they are waiting for is for us to recognize them. However, since the government is trying very very very hard to discredit anyone who trys to tell us they are here. It is unlikely it will happen. It makes you wonder. The book is a very quick read. I read the 243 page book in three days, and as always I wish I had more to read.Sage-ing While Age-ing
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on January 6, 2008
I read Shirley MacLaine's book about her trip with a women's delegation to Mao's China back in 1977/78 and loved it. Over the years I've read everything she's written (except the dog book... I just couldn't go there). By the time she was writing about Reincarnation, etc. I was already quite familiar with the subject through Edgar Cayce so she didn't introduce me to the concept but her books were fun and interesting to read. This book is mostly about UFOs, but jumps uncomfortably between UFOs, "the gods" being aliens, God and our spiritual selves, and reincarnation to the point of being a bit of a ramble and somewhat contradictory and confusing. Shirley herself states that she has decided to "believe in everything" and it shows here. Especially when it comes to "star people" and UFOs, she seems to take every word and theory ever written on the subject to heart without any editing or questioning.
I admire Ms MacLaine very much when it comes to her curiosity, open mind and her courage in expressing sometimes unpopular beliefs, but she has a quality of self absorption that makes her quests sometimes annoyingly narcissistic... and very "Hollywood". Often while reading I stopped to think how she must drive her friends and family a bit crazy... and then she mentioned how she brings her dog to parties where "Terry" proceeds to pick the best dressed woman to jump up on in greeting... now I KNOW she drives them crazy! However, I gave the book 4 stars because although it's all over the place, there are a lot of interesting ideas and it's a quick enough read to be fun.
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2007
This is a terrific book written from the heart & soul. The author has lived long enough to have a perspective on her life and the world. Regardless of what some people say about her, she has a lot of intelligent things to say. The audio book is very well done, read by the author herself. Thank you Shirley MacLaine.
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on May 18, 2010
Shirley Maclaine wrote this book while in the midst of moving into a new residence overlooking Santa Fe in New Mexico, and reverts to the theme of settling into the house at the start of each chapter. This acts as her grounding so to speak, although the house is perched high in the mountains.

She covers many topics in the book - her life and famous friends, advice for healthy living, her past life in Atlantis, UFO sightings and information, philosophical and spiritual reflections on the origins of life and historical evidence of visitors from the skies, the so-called star people, dating rom past ages. These star people were called "gods" due to their being greatly more advanced than the earth dwellers, and it turns out that the Old Testament God "Jehovah", may actually not have been a god but a star person. (Jehovah was a jealous, vengeful god, unlike the loving God that dwells within us all referred to by Jesus in the New Testament.)

The first chapters are extremely readable, while the chapter on UFOs, which is packed with information, is somewhat long-winded. There is however no doubt about the veracity of this information. The author is seemingly friends with all the top people in the world, including former presidents and other heads of state, and even the physicist Stephen Hawking. She has thus had access to otherwise "secret" or withheld information.

As indicated in the title, the author seems to get wiser and wiser as she ages. This is not surprising, since she is continuously seeking information and asking questions, as well as pursuing her spiritual development.

Moreover she never hesitates to say what she thinks or believes in, no matter what this is. This is one of her most admirable qualities.

She concludes the book by drawing our attention to the approaching final year of transformation, the end of a cycle of 25,000 years, including other cycles, according to the Mayan calender. This year is 2012, when "our new consciousness will be born".

I strongly recommend this fascinating book to all those seeking the "truth".
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on July 16, 2016
This Book make me feel like Shirley MacLaine is my best friend and she's sitting beside me telling everything! From her Hollywood life, to nutrition, her animals, the unknown, the known, EVERYTHING and MORE that you would expect from this INCREDIBLE Star and Legend is in this Book! Forgive me as she hates being called a "Legend", but she is! The knowledge and information she has and shares in such a practical way that I've NEVER heard of is FASCINATING as SHE IS HERSELF! Oh to meet this woman at a book signing or going to a show would be like seeing an old friend after reading this remarkable book! EVERYONE from EVERY walk of life should OPEN your heart and mind and let Shirley "come over" to tell you a thing or two (or 1,000). Just AMAZING!
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on December 11, 2007
My guess is the review by Erika probably was written without finishing the book. After about 20 pages, it takes off. The essence of this book is Maclaine's honesty coupled with an intimate flavor that drew me in and kept me reading. The ufology was awesome, whetting my appetite to know all there is. If Erika doesn't have prior exposure to or knowlege of UFOs and spirituality in general, then she should probably resort to simpler fare. I would place this second only to Gary Renard's writings in satisfying my undying curiosity, although of course the latter author did not touch on UFOs other than to reveal from the masters that they have been on earth many times.

I'll be looking for another book on this subject, hopefully by MacLaine. It was more personal and up close than any other UFO "reports" that I've read, because it was not a report format; it was testimony prose written tightly but with meaning, not narration.

Good luck Erika, and may God be watching over and guiding you. Perhaps one day you will see a UFO if you're deserving.
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on September 7, 2016
I've been a fan for some time, but I'd have to say that this leaves me with a sense of confusion and unease. It's worth reading for the occasional flashes of lightning in an otherwise dark and murky creative tempest. But while she does quote (once) from Thomas - presumably the Nag Hammadi version - and does mention gnosticism - once, she does not discuss any neo-gnostic writers. Possibly she just wasn't familiar with Renard, but if that's not the case, then not mentioning ACIM or DU would seem to be a serious omission. In spite of which, she remains a brave inspiration to those whose lives are not measured by the size of their retirement pensions.
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on October 29, 2015
Shirley has been a great writer for years, and this is one of her best works. If you would like to know what's been going on around this planet, this book will get you started. Easy to read, stunning revelations, great advice on what to watch out for. Highly recommended.
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on December 13, 2007
Having been a fan of all of Shirley's books since reading GOING WITHIN, I have never been disappointed, and this book is no exception! Any spiritual seeker will appreciate the wisdom contained on every page. For those who have been on the spiritual path as long as I have, this book will serve as confirmation that we are not alone in our experiences nor in our desire to contribute positively to this world in every healing way possible - physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and financially! Thank you, Shirley! Please keep writing, and I will keep reading!
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