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on August 15, 2010
I purchased 3 books on this subject that were highly recommended by the people that purchased them. Although all the books were great, this book stood out far from the rest. I have 4 kids that range from age 7 to 14. I was reading this book for the first time to my 2 youngest (7 & 10) when the 2 older kids (12 & 14) came into the room as I continued to read. The 2 older kids were actively participating in discussing the contents of the book just as much as the younger ones. We ended up reading it through a second time with all the kids & discussing what they learned. What I'm trying to say is even though at first this book seemed like it was going to pertain to much younger children, it actually didn't. The author made it understandable for the younger ones, but also covered situations the older ones had never thought of. The author also left several areas "open for parental discussion" at the end of sections where parents can elaborate more if they feel they needed to. For ex: some families use the words "private parts", "bathing suit area" or "boy parts & girl parts" instead of the proper names. Instead of explaining these proper names, the author writes something like "..your private parts are the areas of your body that are covered by your bathing suit. These "private areas" have names that you can discuss with your parent. You may want to discuss this right now.." So the author covers all the bases for those parents who would rather use their own "pet names" for genitals without offending anybody (as ALWAYS, there will be people offended by using "penis and vagina" with their children, as well as the reverse using "pee-pee" instead of the correct names for genitals). This was very SMART on the author's part. She left these areas open for further discussion if it was a more sensitive topic. She also explained about "red flags" in how people act and what they say, and how to spot a "red flag". She also explained the importance of TELLING no matter what. One of the most important topics she discussed (that many books overlook or don't emphasize ENOUGH) is that the people that can do these things can be someone you love a lot like a close relative, neighbor, friend, friend's parent or relative, etc. Someone doesn't have to look or be mean or be a STRANGER. As a matter of fact, I don't think the word Stranger was used, which is also SMART because that paints a bad picture to children that only bad-looking people or people they don't know will do these things. I know this is probably wordy & overwritten, but I've read LOTS of books and this is the ONLY ONE that had everything all laid out the way it should be.
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on April 10, 2016
I feel this book taught me a great deal of how to approach protecting privates with my son (when he is old enough to address the issue). I especially like the idea of teaching the difference between a green and red flag person. I loved how the start of the book left room for the parent to engage in conversations and give the child the degree of information they felt was appropriate (in fact, I may have wanted more opportunities for discussion throughout the book). I also like that the book attempts to address what bribes and threats are... and that they are wrong.

My only reasons for giving the book 3 stars - is that around page 10 the book seems to change a bit - Up to that point, I LOVED the book, but afterwards it was just ok. Now yes, from then onward the book takes on the red flag side of things which is more uncomfortable to deal with... but I also feel there is just a pacing, organizational, wording issue of some kind. For example, pages 10-11 gave examples that were repetitive and far too similar - i actually thought I missed something and re-read it three times. Then there was the absence of parent-child questions/discussion until page 18 - I kinda want that to be at regular intervals. Plus, the story of what the boy experienced in real life is a very good one and absolutely needs to be told, but I felt the transition to that story confusing - maybe it should have a title for a new section... or make the first line even more clear that we are transitioning to a real life story. This first time I read it, I did not realize it was a real story until it was done. To be honest, it also took me 3-4 times flipping through the book to find the start of the story again just to write this review. Lastly, the ending was awkward because it had to address that a green flag person (like a caregiver, parent etc.) can sometimes earn a red flag if they ask to see or touch your privates.... I am pretty sure that is a VERY difficult topic to approach... especially after spending so much time at the start of the book establishing who are green flags and why they are safe and trustworthy. So the green and red flag system kind breaks down a bit because of that ending.

Overall, this is the BEST attempt I have seen to address the difficult issue of molestation etc. I just found the book to not be as kid friendly or easily divided into small sections for piece-meal study... as I would have hoped it to be. But I learned A TON... about ways to approach this issue. Ultimately, no book can prevent a predator from accessing my son, but I hope that this book just might help my son say no in the moment or at least tell someone what happened afterward so we can make it stop right away.

To be honest this book addresses my greatest fear for my son because... I have known seven people who were sexually abused as children and teenagers... plus, two of the schools I attended / worked at had teachers arrested and convicted for molestation and/or child pornography. Only 2 of those cases were reported... so that tells me - its more prevalent than the published numbers.
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on March 17, 2016
We purchased a number of these books to start the discussion of body awareness with our daughter. As early as 4 years old, we decided to open the discussion up so that our daughter would be aware of her own body. It isn't just about not wanting inappropriate touching...It is about giving your child the option of just saying no. No if they don't want to hug at that moment, no if they don't want to kiss a person they don't know much. It is about instructing your child that if they don't "feel" safe with a certain person, or in a certain situation...that is ok. It is about building their confidence in saying "NO". Best thing we ever did.
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on July 10, 2010
I feel CONFIDENT that my daughter will recognize a dangerous situation because of this book! My daughter is starting Kindergarten, so I figured it was time to start teaching her about the "dangers of the world", but in a kid-friendly and easy-to-understand way. Since there are several books on this subject, I read 4 of them - this one, Your Body Belongs to You, Those Are MY Private Parts, and Amazing You! I Said No! is the clear winner, in my opinion.

It was the first one I read, and none of the other 3 lived up to it. At first I thought it might be a little scary, and maybe too long. But I read it to my daughter in one sitting and she LOVED it. It wasn't scary at all! And she looks at it and wants me to read it again.

What I like about the book is this - it gives CLEAR examples (though not graphic) for the child including examples of bribes, threats, etc. that someone might use against them and how to recognize them. The other books seemed vague in this sense. It repeats examples of things that might happen and says "red flag!" Tells the child what to say and how to say it "NO! No way!" - Be loud and clear! DO: Get the heck out of there! Tell your mom or dad something happened that was very bad!"

The examples are wonderful because it covers so many situations. For example it says: WHAT IFS If your friend, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, grandparent, teacher, coach, stranger or anybody else...Asks you if they can see your privates or touch your privates...They might say "if you keep a secret I will buy you things!" They might say "If you keep this secret I will be your best friend" - What should you think? What should you say? What should you do? THINK: DANGER, RED FLAG! SAY: "No! No way!" Be loud and clear! DO: Get the heck out of there! Tell your mom or your dad something happened that was very bad." It talks about going to someone you trust, goes through a list of people, and if there is nobody to tell call 911, etc. It literally covers almost every situation you can think of. It tells the child it is not their fault, to tell someone they trust even if they feel funny about it. This book is 32 pages but was not too long for one sitting.

I found "Your Body Belongs to You" to be too short, and along with "Those are MY Private Parts" very vague and maybe for a younger child ages 2-3. "Amazing You" only had 1 page relating to keeping your parts private. The rest was very cute with cute drawings, but showed drawings of body parts, and talked about how babies are made and how babies are born, so not really what I was looking for. (It also skipped the part about HOW an egg is fertilized, so I will probably not buy this book when it is time for "the talk"!)
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on December 12, 2016
Absolutely a great book on this subject. Every parent should read this to their kids. We always think nothing bad will happen to us or our kids, but sometimes it does, and this book covers the subject in really good, clear detail without being graphic or scary. I've read it twice (about six months apart) to my six year old twins and plan to read it again at least once a year. Neither of my children felt comfortable talking at any of the points in the book where it suggests discussing things further, but they both listened quietly the whole time. This book covers lots of situations, more than I would have thought of, and discusses them simply and with great clarity. I can't stress enough how good this book is and how important this topic is. Nothing in this book will make you as a parent uncomfortable to read if you're willing to have this conversation in the first place. It said all of the things I wanted to tell my kids, but wasn't really sure how to put into words. Plus it gives clear actions "say no", "get the heck out of there (if you can)" that kids can use if they get into a situation like this. Difficult subject, but I as far as I can tell it's the best book out there on this topic and very well done.
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on March 6, 2017
I think this book is great as an introduction to what is appropriate/discussion for who should see what and when. I mean, we have certainly covered the "privates are private" kind of thing in our home, but I don't want to tell scary cautionary tales as to why I want my kids to be careful... I often think our son doesn't take me seriously (I don't want to scare him, but he is sooooo trusting, open, and extroverted... like... to a fault?) So we read this book together. He liked it. He asked a few questions. I think it was a great way to create a conversation with a kid his age about this type of thing. That being said, I think the writing can be aimed at any age from 4-8. My son was 7, and a lot of it was redundant, but that's ok with me... it gave me an excuse to go over important points again (sometimes he says, "Mom, WHY are you repeating yourself? You already told me this." Yes, ok, little smart-alec, it's important! I care about you! So deal!
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on October 5, 2016
This is an excellent book about teaching a child about abuse. It discusses what private parts are, paying attention to how you feel with a person, treats vs bribes, not keeping those type of secrets, etc. There is nothing graphic, but it does have examples of when the child should say 'no, this is not okay!' and what to do in those situations. There are also many points where it opens discussion to the child and parent ("You might want to talk about......"). The books is recommended for ages 5-9. My daughters are 6 and 3 years old. I am trying to keep body talk and other communication open with them even though I struggle with discussing these thing myself. The aid of a book really helps me. I read this with both of my girls. The 3 year old isn't really ready for *this* book yet, but I wanted something that I could use with both of them and that would give clear examples. I feel confident that if my 6 year old comes into a situation where a peer or adult (red flag person) is being inappropriate, she will no how to react and be sure to tell me or another green flag person, and remember that whatever happens was NOT her fault. It's great that it comes from the little boy's point-of-view as it's more relatable to kids. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it to anyone with young kids, especially going into school or camps.
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on August 26, 2015
Having known too many friends that were abused by a trusted adult or older kids as children I knew we needed to approach this awful subject ASAP.

Our daughter is 5 and honestly I should have gotten this book maybe when she was 4.

I won't lie, reading this was stressful because the very THOUGHT either of our kids could be in this situation made me sick. The only worse thought would be that they would t know what to do because I felt to "uncomfortable" to discuss it.

So the book is well written in a way that our soon to be 6 year old could grasp. It didn't seem to scare her but we did need to discuss some things because she couldn't understand why someone would do those things. That wasn't fun but needed to be done.
We practiced "what if suggestions" as mentioned in the book.
This is also written based on an experience the authors family went through. That fact also kept things realistic in the sense that not only strangers can put you in a bad situation. Even better it offered ways to handle it that were easy to remember.
Great book, tough to read as a loved one to any kid but well worth knowing you have discussed it. We keep it in regular rotation to make sure the information "sticks".
Huge thank you to the author.
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on May 22, 2017
Great resource for talking to children about being in control of their own bodies, and having the right to say NO. Gives clear examples of what is and is not appropriate - I love the red flag and green flag examples, this really resonated with my 5 and 7 year old daughters. They have asked to read it again several times, and they even read it to their stuffed animals/dolls, while playing. I'm grateful this book exists to help make these extremely important conversations easier for parents to have with their children.
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on May 3, 2017
Excellent book to teach kids about keeping their private parts private. Puts things on a kids level without being too graphic, but really does get the point across. Also, provides a message that is easy to remember for kids. I recommend this book to everyone who has kids.
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