Customer Reviews: Sailor Moon 1
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on September 14, 2011
The first volume of Sailor Moon begins with 14-year-old Usagi finding a cat named Luna. When trouble arises, Luna grants Usagi the ability to transform into Sailor Moon, to defeat the evil attacking Tokyo's residents. It is here that Sailor Moon has her first run-in with the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. Unable to decide if he is friend or foe, Luna remains wary of Tuxedo Mask, while Sailor Moon is inexplicably drawn to him. The following three chapters revolve around the introductions of more Sailor Senshi, as well as their civilian counterparts. Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are introduced, while Tokyo continues to be attacked by negative forces. Sailor Moon is again and again thrown into situations where Tuxedo Mask comes to her aid, and along with haunting dreams of her name being called that she can't remember much of upon waking, Sailor Moon is more confused than ever.

I am far from a new Sailor Moon fan, but it was with great eagerness that I awaited this new translation of Sailor Moon. The new translation returns Usagi to her rightful name - no "Bunny" or "Serena", with the rest of the cast returning to their original japanese names as well. The manga reads right to left, without the flipped drawings that were in the previous translation. Minor things have been updated to show updates in technology, such as a floppy disk becoming a CD. These updates are handed down from a recent rerelease of the Sailor Moon manga over in Japan, and are completely unnoticeable if you aren't looking for them. Honorifics have been preserved well for the most part, although I did cringe a little at a 'Princess-sama' moment. A minor complaint is that names have been swapped around to english format, of First Name, Last Name rather than kept to their original Last Name, First Name, however this is a pretty common thing to do when translating manga over.

If you have before only been a fan of the Sailor Moon anime, it is a HUGE recommendation that you pick up the Sailor Moon manga. The manga has a much smaller age gap between Usagi and Mamoru. Instead of Mamoru being in college while Usagi is in middle school, Mamoru is a scant 2-3 years older in High School to her Middle School. The interaction between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask flows much more naturally and rather than only at the end of the first season, with Tuxedo Mask discovering who Usagi is at an earlier stage. The anime seems to have played up Usagi's "stupidity" to a higher extent, and the first volume alone already has Luna praising Usagi for her insights.
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VINE VOICEon September 13, 2011
Ever since the ill fated Mixx/Tokyopop lost their license to the series I've been hoping that Sailor Moon would eventually hit these shores again and they have. Happy day!

Fangirl gush aside, I really enjoyed this volume. The artwork is gorgeous, which is what you'd expect for a mangaka of Takeuchi's caliber. It's interesting to flip through the pages and let my eyes slide over the illustrations.

The translations are a little awkward at times, though. One of the things that Kodansha really hyped up was that they were going to be as faithful as possible, which included the honorifics. I was actually looking forward to this since I enjoy reading honorifics for the most part. I enjoyed much of the honorifics but I'd be lying if I said that some of them just felt really silly to tack on. Things that sound fantastic in Japanese with the untranslated word just sound clunky here, such as Hime-Sama being turned into Princess-Sama. (As one reviewer so aptly put it.) I think that Kodansha just tried a little too overly hard to stay faithful to the original translations, possibly due to all of the complaints over the Tokyopop translations. This just doesn't come across as organically as it should, which might bore a few readers.

I can't really hate the Sailor Moon manga for this and I waffled over giving it 4 stars and giving it 5 stars. I eventually had to concede that while the flaws didn't ruin my experience as a whole, they were definitely noticeable and kind of interrupted my reading at least slightly.

For the Sailor Moon fans, this is an absolute 100% must buy. For any new readers or those on the fence, I'd still recommend it. It's worth having in my opinion and the awkward translations should ease up over time as Kodansha gets used to what they do and don't have to add.
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on November 13, 2011
I am not reviewing the Sailor Moon series, which is perfect, but the reprint. The art is still very beautiful and I like the colored, glossy pictures. The re-done covers are fun, too. As for the translation, one thing I did like is the use of the original Japanese names! Usagi, Mamoru, Makoto... they're all there! However, I was a little disappointed overall with the new translation. I thought since this series is known to be so popular here in the US, that they would have put in a little more effort this time around to give us a translation that is accurate AND makes sense. This translation is accurate, but some of the translations don't make sense... For example, the constant use of the word "bro" when the girls are talking about Motoki at the arcade. Are they middle school girls or college frat boys? Its just weird! Also, some of the word choices were strange, Usagi uses words that you wouldn't expect a 14 year old girl to use. I don't usually nitpick things like this, but these are things that would have been easy to fix! Anyways, ultimately I am just glad we have Sailor Moon back here in the States :)
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on September 13, 2011
Fans have been waiting for years for this to happen. It is nice to see that Kodansha (who publishes the title in Japanese) has been in charge of this retranslation and rerelease.

There are some flaws, as others have mentioned. But flaws aside, I literally squeeled in delight when I opened the volume and saw that the color pages had been included, the artwork had not been flipped (reads right to left) and that the Japanese names were kept. Names are names and, in my opinion, should not be translated. It is so good to finally see "Usagi" here.

I can not wait until the next volume. While I do not like the new presentation when compared with the original (Japanese) I do understand that this is what Naoko Takeuchi wants to have published now. I did, however, feel as though the whole redesign and rerelease (in Japan) was sort of like messing with a classic. You just don't do it. However, seeing that it is done, I guess it is fitting that our translation be of the new version as well.

To those who might not yet know the story - it is charming and if you are interested in anime, manga, or Japan in general - it really is a must read. Sailor Moon is a huge part of why and how anime and manga made it to the U.S. in the first place. Pay her some respect, and give these a read!
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on September 13, 2011
As some other reviewers have said, I think the manga is the best way the story was told. The translations might be a bit mediocre and confusing, but I guess we know what we're in for. They rate manga now, do I have to be 13 to buy this book? Funny.

These updated mangas have a couple more arcs in them than the previous ones, much to my liking. The story is still funny, exciting, fresh and suspenseful. The anime was too slow at times, and then too fast.

If you're a fan, get it before it's gone! At my Barnes and Nobles they had one copy left. ONE.

Still proof that Sailormoon has as much power and influence as before. Go Takeuchi!

There are 6 arcs, Usagi/Sailor Moon, Ami/Sailor Mercury, Rei/Sailor Mars, Masquerade Dance Party, Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask.

Remaining spoiler free, I just want to say that the manga moves a lot faster unlike the anime which had preriods of being too slow, then too fast like slaughterhouse episodes where 3+ people die.

Read it the way you like and keep in mind it's translated. Lovely artwork and story. Can't wait for the next 11! Ugh it's taking forever!
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on November 20, 2012
Not only am I a lover of anime and manga, but I'm also a child of the 90s. Meaning when I was little, Sailor Moon was actually a Saturday morning cartoon. Back then, of course, all I had was my tv and vhs tapes, so I had nothing but the "Americanized" version, with the laughable slang and semi-awful dub changes, but damnit all if I didn't love every second of it. As I got a bit older and started getting an allowance, I was able to go to the manga section of bookstores and get my hands on a few volumes of the Mixx/Tokyopop manga before the license expired, but once again my Moonie thirst was unquenched, especially as even the manga had a bit of an American touch to it. Over the years I purchased a few copies of the original comic books, but as they are scarce they tend to be pricey.

Hearing that not only was Sailor Moon going to be re-released, but that we were going to get entirely new Sailor Moon anime the summer of 2013? My heart just about stopped beating out of the sheer explosion of glee and rainbows going on inside me.

A newly minted Moonie? Let's back pedal.
PGSM is about Usagi Tsukino, a slightly lazy, snack hungry crybaby of fourteen who gets bad grades and just wants to have fun. She stumbles across a cat sporting a crescent moon, and finds her life forever changed. It turns out she is Sailor Moon, a Sailor Senshi and who must search for her fellow guardians and protect the Princess of the Moon, all while trying to balance schoolwork and the normal social life of a teenage girl.

I have no cons for this, only pros!
- Newly translated manga. No more Bunny and Darien; Usagi and Mamoru.

- A section in the back explaining some Japanese translation blocks, as well as general customs and commonplace things that some fans unfamiliar with the culture may not understand (for example, the intimacy that comes with the nickname Usako). Azumanga Daioh, published by ADV, had a similar section, and although I am pretty familiar with a good bit of the culture, there are always new things to find out!

- Availablity of course! Before I had to scrounge and scrape to find my favorite manga, and now it's as simple as going online and ordering a copy for anywhere from six to nine dollars, as opposed to hunting down a semi-battered copy for about twenty some dollars, or vastly more, without being able to see just how worn it may be.

- Bringing Sailor Moon back, as well as the forthcoming anime, opens the doors up for this beloved magical girl manga to once again sweep the nation. And, perhaps, bring with it something we fans have been waiting for, for quite some time; a proper dub of Sailor Stars!

Someday soon I plan on mass-ordering the other eleven volumes, so I can zip through them while giggling like the crazed fangirl I am, happy as a clam.
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on September 13, 2011
Who would have thought 6 years ago when the Manga stopped printing , that we would have the chance to own them once again?
The new art and new Translations are amazing. The translation IS PROPERLY translated from the ORIGINAL Japanese print..

So for those who complained about adaption....well this is the way it was written.

This manga includes 5 long chapters it is a must have manga , and one of the best manga stories ever told!! 5 Stars no doubt.
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on September 15, 2011
Since Sailor Moon is celebrating its 20th anniversary, I was hoping and praying for the companies in the US to pick up the license again and do a re-release. Sailor Moon was one of my first anime loves, but as a kid I didn't really have the money to buy the videos, and at the time the manga came in small installments and I had no interest in it back then. Now that I'm older, I've been fervently hunting down both forms so that I can keep it for nostalgia sake.

I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed in this re-release. They keep it faithful to the original names and format, however, as one reviewer mentioned, it may seem a touch "disjointed" at times with the honorifics. That aside, the Sailor Moon story is a classic style of a super hero-romance that seems a little campy from time to time, but was one of the foundations that inspired so many current shoujo titles enjoyed in anime and manga today.

Now if only someone would pick up the anime again and re-release the series on BluRay in its original Japanese format with subtitles...I'd die a happy woman!
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on March 12, 2016
Honestly one of the best manga I've ever read, & actually my first to ever read. I originally read the series that came out in the 90s & when I saw that they came out with the new covers & colored artwork I just had to get these. Definitely reccomend to any Moonie!
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on August 21, 2014
Love this classic series. I remember the first time I saw Sailor Moon. My neighbors across from my grandmothers house had three kids, one my age, one that was 2 years older, and one that was 5 years older. The one that was 5 years older and I would hang all the time cause she was so cool. She showed me all the anime and manga that started me on my epic otaku journey. I could relate to Sailor Moon so much.

This is a great series. One thing I think all parents should know, is let your kid read comics. My little sister had a hear time learning to read, and she was also unmotivated. I gave her my Sailor Moon comics and made her read them out loud to me, and that just opened the door to her enjoying to read even more. Obviously, it can't be all they read. But, don't ever say comics are bad for your mind. <3
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