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on March 4, 2014
It worked for an hour.

Then just randomly reboots or doesnt boot at all...

Charged $18+ for the item and somehow charged almost 15 for shipping...

Then i complained a few days after receipt, and they deleted my feedback, shipped it back to them in Dec/Jan and nothing....

March 3rd still no response.


CAVEAT EMPTOR. Thankfully if they burn you like they did me AMAZON will provide you with a solution... This company is shady...
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on November 27, 2013
It seems like it's kind of hit and miss with these cameras. Some reviews say that the one they received doesn't work and some say that the one they got works perfectly. The one I received works so far so I guess I got one of the good ones.

The item itself arrived to me pretty quickly and without any damages. First impressions of the camera are that it looks like it's cheaply made, it weighs about as much as an iPhone 4s and the entire thing is pretty much the exact same size as an iPhone 4s. My expectations really weren't that high when I ordered this due to how much it costs.

Having said that; the video works just fine. I bought this with a 16GB flash memory card and it seems to be more than enough memory. The only reason this didn't get 5 out of 5 stars is because the audio playback is awful. It jumps in and out, if you say anything while you're driving in the car with this hooked up, you can't even really hear what you said while watching the video later. The video quality isn't THAT great either. (I parked 10 feet behind another car while recording, then played the video back on my computer, couldn't read the license plate of the car that was in front of me) Right now mine is set so that it records in 1 minute segments, and there's about a 1 second break in between recording times.

It's easy enough to set the time and date and everything on this and it's easy to turn on/off and start/stop recording. The suction cup that holds this device to the windshield works perfectly (so far).

The instructions say to let the battery charge for 12 hours for the first 3 charging sessions. (I only waited 8 hours before trying it)

You can play the video back on this device too if you want to watch something over again. When you plug the memory card into the computer it converts the files to Windows Media Player files (at least it does on my computer).

For the money I spent on this I'm actually pretty happy with how well this works.
I bought this for me because driving where I live has become completely insane and it seems like half of the drivers within the city are driving for the first time and they're drunk and talking on the phone while doing it (not exaggerating). I plan on using this whenever I have to go anywhere so when that person paying no attention to other vehicles on the road runs a stop sign in an attempt to get to Starbucks quicker and runs into me, I'll have video proof that they're at fault.
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on September 3, 2013
I have been using this dash cam for a few days and here are my thoughts....

I Drive a semi truck and needed a camera to protect myself from a potential legal issue in the event of a crash, and also to catch anything I might see wile out on my routes.

The Included video is about 2 mins, 1min in day and 1min in night.

I knew going in to this that this camera is a cheap Chinese knock-off, so I did not expect much. I just needed something cheap that works.

One of the first things I noticed about it was the screen had a blue line a bubble on it. I tried to removed the film over the screen for 10 mins. I was about to give up and send it back, when I decided to take it apart to remove it. I had to remove a few screws to take the screen out of the plastic frame. The film over the screen had a red pull tab and came right off. It looks like it was not removed in manufacturing. It cannot be removed without taking it apart.

I have the camera plugged into a ignition switched outlet so the camera starts and stops automatically. This feature works great.

I have the camara set at "720" HD the video quality is not true 720p even though the output video size is correct the resolution is somewhere between 480i and 720p but more close to 480i.

Recording sizes and time very based on conditions
I use 2 4GB sd cards, so I can swap them out if I want to save something.
Daytime I can record about 40 mins in a loop on the 4GB card
Night time I can record about 1 hr, 10 mins in a loops on the same 4GB card

Files can be segmented in 1, 3, and 5 min blocks. I have mine set at 5min
In the day time, (bigger files) there is a 7-9sec break between segments.
In the Night time the break is 4-6sec. I have read that if you set it to 1min segments the break is shorter, but I prefer the longer segments.

The camera has a "night mode" which seems to only turns on the IR leds on the front. This causes a glare off the windshield that renders a mostly white video. I keep the mode off, and set the Exposure to +2 which brightens up the night shots but doesn't wash out the day shots (these are the settings from my video)

Overall feelings:
-The build quality is poor and flimsy, but the mounting hardware is sturdy
-The film left on shows a lack of quality control.
-The menu and button placement is very poor. But once you have it setup you don't have to use them again
-The screen does not turn off when flipped up, but there is a setting it to turn it off after 1 or 3 min.
-Video quality is ok, for the price.
-Sound quality is very poor, If you have the radio on, you cannot really heard anything but muffled music and road noise.
-The screen is hard to see in the daylight
-I give it 4 stars because for the price, it is a good deal. At $17 that is less than most drivers spend on food the day. I have it running for 10-14 hours a day with no issues so far.
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on August 21, 2013
First - if you require excellent or really good video & audio get something else.

I gave this four stars for what it does well within its price range. The four star rating is not based upon global quality standards, but based upon product & features within "the cheapest" price range available. It is also sold & shipped by Amazon and that makes for an easy return if it doesn't suit your needs.

What this unit does well is automatic and/or continuous recording with an external power supply eliminating the need to keep recharging a non-replaceable battery to operate. It will erase the oldest file when disk is full. This is why I bought this unit and kept it.

I bought a little M-808 spycam (the one that looks like a USB stick with mounts) for eight bucks and it blows this thing away but needs too much "maintenance" to make it feasible for my lazy disposition -lol. Always needing to recharge it, take it inside, delete the old files, not as reliable and hassle-free, and since I don't really require great video, the extra nine bucks was not a big leap to justify.

To be honest, some of the demo videos that I have seen online uploaded from customers don't accurately represent the low quality graininess from any of the resolution settings of 1280, 848, or 640. I thought the quality would be better after seeing a few online examples but was a little disappointed. How DID they do it?-lol. Even in broad daylight the video is lackluster at best. I am well experienced and my only guess is that there has been several "versions or models" released and subtle changes between them, menu functions, timer settings, and I fear like most capitalistic corporations, they traded some video quality for profitability...but I digress.

Very wide angle is nice, and you can adjust the zoom in & out by selecting UP or DOWN in paused mode.

The audio is terrible, but again, the hassle-free operation of this cam is enough for me..for now. If you can afford and/or don't mind paying twenty more dollars (or so) by all means, get a better camera!
I could have returned this item, sold & shipped by Amazon but it works well enough.

By the default menu settings it will power up & start recording as soon as it senses power from the supplied 5V USB Car Lighter/Socket adapter. The cable on the power adapter is very very should not have any problem in a standard car or passenger truck, semi, etc. Most likely long enough to use as a rear-facing camera without much cable obstructing or getting in the way. They also provide a regular micro USB to standard USB cable. It does NOT come with a memory card and will not work without one.

I bought the 32GB (max size) "Class 10 Speed" memory card for smooth & seamless as possible recording. It was about twenty bucks and works perfectly. The 32GB card will hold 322 two-minute files at the fullest/largest resolution resulting in approximately 10.73 hours of video recording time before it starts to erase the oldest files first. At lower resolutions you can get much more recording time.

The dash mount works well. I made sure the windshield was clean and applied a little "saliva" (ewww.) and flipped the suction lever...very solid mount! The plastic parts, knobs that attach the camera to it are fragile, but work well if you don't act like a gorilla. No visible annoying camera shake, but it does come a little loose after several drives...especially on the roads around here! I leave it in the car 24/7 and the hot sun magnified through the windshield seemed to have had no ill effect to the mount or the unit itself.

By now, we should all be used to overseas merchandise owner's manuals/instructions to be written in "Engrish." -lol.
The manual is only confusing if you read it! (actually, it's not that bad...I have seen MUCH worse)

You shouldn't have much problem figuring the unit out by reading it & pressing buttons.

Power up unit. Recording starts automatically. Default video setting is 640X480.
Press Blue Lighted button to stop/start recording.

While the recording is stopped/paused, you can then enter into the menu options for all the different settings available.
The buttons below the screen are mainly for "navigation" and the "blue button" & "power" buttons double as "enter" & "select" buttons.

Some of the features in Menu Settings are:
Recording resolution, Screen Off Timer, Recording Intervals (mine is 1,2,5 min. -other "versions" may have different settings.) Night Vision, Zoom In & Out, Motion Detect, Auto Record on Power On/Off, etc.

The night vision mode is for very short distances but DOES work okay...maybe 6-10 feet.
Without using the Zoom function, most likely you will record the front end and/or immediately in front of the camera, you can Zoom In to keep it out of the framed video, but you will lose the wide angle. A good function either way.

Using the standard USB cable from the camera to your computer, when attached will appear as a separate drive. You can easily transfer files or use it as a memory card reader for SD cards only, but I prefer to take out the card and pop it into a 99 cent USB reader. Much faster.

It comes with a thick clear invisible plastic sheet over the screen. It was very hard to remove and I feared I had damaged the screen...but I didn't...only the plastic cover - whew! I suggest taking a small head pin to gently "grab or lift" it from one of the corners. I had to pull really hard ('hard' as in compared to any fragile plastic thing) to get it to come off of the screen, but once it did, it was pristine...only wish the video quality matched! -lol.

It does comes with a rechargeable and removable lithium-type battery. (similar to the slim ones that modern cell phones use.) You can most likely find a replacement quite easily. It should last at least a couple of years.

For the can't be beat (as of this review posting date.)

Who just may capture the next "viral video!"

If this has helped in any way, please help by clicking the button below!
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on March 21, 2015
I had exceptionally low expectations given the price but it has been working as intended for a few months now. A couple notes: it does not have an exceptionally wide field of view. A higher quality dash cam will give you a wider field of view, more like a fish-eye lens, but compensating for the distortion. This one captures only what is directly in front of you. So in the context of something like documenting if that car at the intersection stopped at the stop-sign after you did, it's not likely to capture the scene. Also, it's low light capabilities are essentially largely non-existent. It will capture hazy images and things like headlights or brake lights, which might be fine for a lot of purposes; just don't expect detail like you get in daylight. When this thing breaks I'm going to open it up and see if those clear LEDs on the front are even hooked up to anything. I toggled the settings where they supposedly turn on and there was no change. Also, before buying, look around Amazon for the best price / seller. Judging by the fact that same product images are used, this unit is sold under many brand names and in seemingly countless different listings.
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on March 26, 2015
Ho Boy ! Where to start.... 1st Amazon is GREAT!!!! No Problem returning this item... The Item Minus 1 Star.. Packaging. Gee Why one wrap of small bubble wrap in the bottom of the box with the rest of the box filled with 3x6" air pillows jamming the item into one corner? Must think the box would always land on the side with the pillows..Hummm, Does the apple land back up in the tree when it falls?...Ok back to the unit,.. The Manual is interesting, someone forgot to match the pictue and the buttons up. OK,the names come close,some are missing completely.Hey, with a bottle of J&B plus hanging from a ceiling fan rotating on high speed got a CHANCE to have this thing do what you want...OTHERWISE it has a mind of it's own. It did work great at FIRST.. then went it's own way..recorded for 10-15 sec's then started again stopped by it's self ,started by it's self( Spooky).. The computer didn't recognise it.Had to pull SD card...Most of files corrupted.. If your a Genius with the RUBIX CUBE you have a chance to program it and stick with what you put in. Great Pic's and Sound ...when ever it decides to work or you get lucky.........
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on June 8, 2015
I purchased a grand total of four of these (for myself, for my wife, and for my kids) and they have ALL stopped working. With the first one, the battery kept dying, so I even went so far as to purchase the replacement battery, and that still didn't fix the reset issue where it goes back to January 1st over and over again. It finally just died completely and refused to power up. With the second one, the screen dimmed and lost clarity, and like other reviewers, it kept saying that the 32GB card was full even though the card only had 600MB's of video on it. Reformatted the card. Nope. Same issue. The screen is now almost completely black and it has started doing the same thing as the first one did with the battery issue. The third one only worked for 2 weeks before it stopped working completely, and the fourth one only last a few months before it stopped sticking to the windshield and fell and cracked the case open. To be quite honest, I would not recommend this cheaply made product to anyone, as these are clearly not worth the money we spent on them.
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on February 25, 2013
I bought two. Both work well. Some operations are confusing, which may account for poor reviews (read below).

What I liked was that it automatically records when power to the cigarette lighter is turned on.

They are VGA only (640x480). The box calls them HD camcorders, which is clearly false.

Compression varies widely and is poor. But since we are throwing away all video unless an "event" occurs, the waste and inefficiency is really not a problem. The default is 3-minute clips, typically 150MB files for about 70minutes of recording but I clocked as high as 300MB shooting out the window at some winter trees (high frequency image content). This results in barely over 30 minutes of video on a 4GB card. At night, compression is excellent (a view cars passing on the road, otherwise dark), looks like you might go all night on 4GB.

The compression is motion JPEG. This means a frame does not use image detail from the previous frame to improve compression. That's why compression is poor. One advantage of this approach is that each frame looks better in a fast-moving scene, which is where H.264 and MPEG compression performs badly.

The infrared LEDS are turned on by pressing the power button. Power is cycled by holding the power button.

Recording is automatic. You can manually stop and start a new recording with the record button. When viewing menus, the record button becomes the 'Enter' key.

There is a motion detect menu option that can begin recording, which might work in some home security situations, but experience with other motion detection systems leaves me dubious as to its usefulness. For security, you can set it on a window sill using the window suction cup, but the image will be upside-down. Again, this is okay, since you only need it in a crime situation, where turning over the picture is tolerable. If you stick the suction cup to the window, the image can be right side up.

Made in China. Comes with: USB cable, cigarette lighter cable, window suction cup mount and camcorder. I won't connect it directly to my PC because of the news lately that Chinese are hacking US computer systems.

The camera has three modes: Record video, playback and take pictures. Pictures are 640x480. The camera erases the oldest video but does not alter pictures.

Something with the formatting of the video files apparently gave my Windows 7 computer a problem opening the memory card, while other cards worked fine. While the laptop card reader sometimes had problems, a USB card reader on the same computer worked fine.

Memory cards typically last than 100,000 writes. Since each short file on the card is erased and re-recorded after about an hour of use, a security system would go through that many writes after 12 years or more, which is much longer than you would expect the product to be in use.

The cigarette USB power worked fine. Most of my home AC adapters with the same mini USB connectors did not work but one did.
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on October 26, 2011
- First off, I feel like I should address the "Night-vision" feature. This is not a true night vision camera. Rather than a clear infrared picture at night, what you get is a really dark blue picture. It's essentially the same as a normal camera but dark blue at night rather than black. This leaves me feeling swindled.

+ I like the rotatable flip screen, and the intuitive navigation through the camera's features.

- The mount that comes with the camera was awkward, and I ended up switching it out with the mount that came with my HD720 dashcam. You also have to point the camera down toward the dash, otherwise you will be filming the sky.

+ I like being able to record in 5 minute segments, rather than 2, as this further minimizes the chance that I will miss something critical.

- For some reason, the camera turns off at random times. I have to cut power and then restore power to turn it back on. Also, if your car is on but not started the camera is on (normal). When you start the car and power is temporarily diverted to the car starter, the camera will take this as a loss of power and shut off, even after power is restored (highly annoying).

I works for what it was intended for, but it's far from flawless. If you're just starting the dashcam thing, it's a decent buy.

P.S. I have yet to download a video from the camera to my computer, as it is not currently hooked up. I have no idea how frustration-free that process is.
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on August 3, 2014
This dash camera is complete junk. I knew I would be getting what I paid for but this thing is so bad it's unusable. And its only job is to record and save footage. It can't even do that properly. Will not recycle and record over old footage, constantly says memory is full and the settings do not help at all. Not only that but what it considers to be 720p quality is 480i at best. Night time IR is completely useless and night time footage is so dark, you can barely see anything even with headlights and streetlights. Daylight quality is shoddy. Conditions have to be perfect to get any useful footage in case you need it. If its too bright, the video is washed out. The construction is also completely crap. Both knobs that tighten the swivel action are broken off. The charging cable frayed about a week after I got it. Battery is completely useless, it doesn't hold a charge worth a damn. LCD quality is not that good. The only good thing about it is that it can turn.

I bought this to put in my beater car, its not even worth it. I have another dash-cam in my other car that I purchased from Taiwan for about $80 and it's light years better than this junk. Save your money, spend at least $50-$100 for a nice dash cam that won't give you head aches.
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