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on May 28, 2016
The beginning of the end for the band we all know and love. While its not one of my favorite albums its still worth the price of admission. We will never see anyone like them again. They left a scar on their world as well as mine lol We will forever be grateful for what they gave us in the short time here. Oh I wish it wasn't really over but people change, and people move on just like our real life friends/family it still hurts when it happens...! Long Live Motley F'N Crue...!!! \m/ \m/
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on July 8, 2008
I have to admit that when i saw that they were releasing a new album i wasnt that excited. Having been a Crue fan for many years i thought great another band ruining their legacy. I listened to the previews on Amazon and was not impressed. Still with their upcoming cruefest tour and having tickets i was still curious. i said to myself why not? its only 10bucks. so i ordered it. Now being able to listen to the songs in their entirety and unedited i have to admit that i was blown away! this is an excellent cd. it doesnt sound dated unlike some oftheir early stuff and you know it is the crue. no wuss power ballad on here. its a slower song and i guess would be considered a ballad, kinda along the same lines of system of a down's chop suey. the songs are good, very solid. i honestly think that if it is not better than shot at the devil it is a very close second. although not all of the songs are better than some of their previous work the cd from start to finish is great and that was something that they hadnt accomplished. thats my opinion. i reccommend this cd to anyone who has ever liked motley and fans of hard rock/ heavy metal.
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on July 14, 2008
Saints Of Los Angeles is a true return to classic form for Motley Crue! With the original lineup intact, they sound as fresh as they did back in 1985! The title track "Saints of Los Angeles" is reminiscent of their song "Wild Side" from back in the day! Vince Neil has the same vocal abilities that he did in the 80's--Truly fantastic album! If you buy this one I guarantee it will not dissapoint!
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on July 18, 2008
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on August 16, 2008
This is probably the best Crue album since Dr. Feelgood. The title song is one of my favs (and my kids). Just Another Psycho, and Face Down In The Dirt are also jammin'! But Saints Of L.A. (the song) is the anthem they haven't had in years. It so suits them, as do most of the songs. Nikki Sixx is at his top form at song writing since Feelgood. The bass lines and drums are awesome and fit very well, and I can't complain about Mick's guitar work. And even my children (10,12,17) were all very impressed with the way Vince sounds. Chicks = Trouble is fun, and welcome to the machine ( I thought was a warped version of Floyd before I even heard) was once again a autobiographical view of the business as only the Crue can see it. A very honest album, that sounds the way the Crue should sound. I am ver addicted to it. I highly recommend it.
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on November 28, 2014
After seeing Crue in their 2014 "we quit" tour and wanting to kick their collective.. and then reading the review on this disc, I had to buy it. First, I agree with everyone else that the music is as good as Dr. Feelgood. Crue definitely got their act together and put some feeling back into the music. The lyrics are a different story, and more accurately reflect the attitude behind this tour. The lyrics sound like 4 old rockers in an old age home remembering their glory days, when they knew how to party and how to rock and basically gave a darn about their fans (yo, remember us??). But those days are GWTW. Heck, they even signed a contract so they can't get together again - who does that? Even hell froze over and the Eagles toured again. If the music is really inside you, you can't quit - it won't let you. Ever. Shame on you, Crue. And God love everyone from Rob Zombie to Ringo Starrr - all those artists who aren't giving up on their fans and their music.
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on May 22, 2013
This Crue disc with original singer, Vince Neil, from 2008 has a great classic Cure sound and vibe. It is a throwback to wilder Crue days, and fits right along with such great discs as "Shout At The Devil" or "Too Fast For Love". The band hasn't missed a step in maintaining their signature sound, and as a result, this disc fits right in with their catalogue. This is a worthy Crue offering.
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on October 6, 2008
In a couple of years of very very interesting albums by heavy metal bands (Maiden, Slayer, Testament, Leppard, and others) that returned from apparent retirement only to show us how you can rock as hard when you're 40 than 20 years ago, and thus keep the light of rock and roll shining in the heart of all of those who grew up to become family man, fathers, husbands,and good members of our society.. je je je.. this Cd comes as another reminder of the real stuff that rock is made of, and an excellent hard rock assault by one of my all time favorite bands, and the one that could do it in style, and with an excelent mixture of good old - fashioned hard Rock, with the complexity and roughness that evidence the maturity that the years have given them, as i hope it has come to us, motley fans..
Vince keeps having the most powerful vocal tone and it sounds just as fresh and smooth as it was in the 80's, and it keeps making an excelent combination with Nikki's rough bass playing and rithyms; Mick mars is as usual, third - grade level guitars (as an amateur guitar player, i always have real trouble keeping up with him, more than almost anyone else), and Tommy lee.. well, do i need to say it? they create an excellent album.
And about the telling that this is like the soundtrack for their wonderful book "The dirt", i do not know... this is for me more like "girls,girls,girls, II.. je je je.. i only must confess.. i miss a power ballad... it would have been good to have it, even if it was only for the nostalgia.. guess i'm getting old, too..
but it has what every rocker needs: rough riffs, fast drums, supercharged bass, everything is in there.. i really liked it, and i'm happy that the crue is Back, and in excellent shape. i hope they will keep doing it for as long as possible.. i'll keep rocking all my life, hope they'll do it, too..
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on July 2, 2013
As a fan of Motley Crue, interested to see what this album would be like going back to the early days. It's great Motley, gritty, dirty, dark. A great solid album, love listening to this one. It's one of my favourites.
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on February 1, 2009
My favorite Mötley Crüe album is still after all of these years Too Fast For Love. But, I find I really, really dig S.O.L.A. The attitude is back and so is the whole band.

Best songs IMO is:

- Face Down In The Dirt (My favorite)
- Saints of Los Angeles (A close second)
- Just Another Psycho
- This Ain't a Love Song (LOL)
- White Trash Circus (Pretty much the history of the band, lol)

After this album I'm anxious for Nikki to get writing the next Crüe album.
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