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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2012
Saint's Row: The Third (SRIII)

The third incarnation of Saint's Row takes a step in a different direction - toward the town of Steelport. And also leaves behind some old characters and some of the previous franchise. New activities, weapons and vehicles have also been added.

Gameplay 6 of 10
Despite its seemingly limitless absurdity, SRIII struggles to produce a game that captivates throughout. Missions are very well done, but all other parts of the game prevent the same excitement. In fact it's easy to finish every mission, activity and even challenge in around 30 hours. Now, this isn't to say you can't find anything to do afterwards. There are many vehicles and ridiculous things to fill your time after all the "real" game has been played. You can call in airstrikes on unsuspecting civilians, go around tazing people or just fly around in the VTOL blowing stuff up. But, and this is a big but, there's no real desire to. And I think that's what is missing from this game. I still wanted to mess around in Stillwater in SRII. In many ways the games steps back in most places and baby steps forward in others. It went from a grossly over-the-top sandbox game to what seems like a first draft of SRIII that they didn't have time to finish. Possibly the single worst part of the game is that you can't replay missions. What were they thinking!?

Missions 9 of 10 (weighted)
These are the only reason I wouldn't give this game three stars. The missions are very imaginative, concise and various. You do everything from a gun battle in midair to fighting Zombies because Burt Reynolds (the mayor) said so. I found most of them to be above average, involving the standard clear out a room but a few were so inventive that I had to stop and say Bravo to Volition. It's what keeps the game from essentially being SRII.

Graphics/Presentation 5 of 10
This game just feels cheap, and in many ways looks no different from SRII. It appears as though they kept all the same gaming engines and control schemes, tossed in a new set of missions and a couple of new types of activities in and called it a day. I realize that you will not be looking very closely at anybody most of the time; but when you do, wow it really resembles a second rate game from a few years back. The cars just look awful. They're unrealistic and quite cheesy in appearance from top to bottom. A little polish goes a long way and they just seemed to be phoning it in.

Weapons 7 of 10
Some of the weapons in the game were very inventive - the airstrike and the UAV Drone for example really changed it up. Unfortunately the other conventional weapons were uninspiring and actually took me the entire game to upgrade. I believe the standard assault rifle costs around $80-100k to fully upgrade. Here's a short list: assault rifle, .50 caliber pistol, Tazer, Missile Launcher, SMG, airstrike, Giant Dildo (yeah, you read that right), Laser Rifle, Laser Shotgun, Semi-auto shotgun (later upgradable to fully auto). There are many more.

Vehicles 6 of 10
There aren't really hordes of unbelievable new vehicles. But there were a few to take notice of. The VTOL is a fighter jet / helicopter which has both modes at any one time. The Specter is a jet bike which also acts just like the VTOL but is obviously far more compact. And of course there are the rest from the previous game that everyone loves - tank, armored vehicle, attack helicopter etc. But for the most part I was unimpressed. What bothers me even more is the lack of attention to not just detail but to the obvious things. The physics while interesting, could have used some refinement.

Activities 6 of 10
They added an activity called "Guardian Angel" where you sit in the helicopter and watch over and protect a person doing something like robbing a bank or whatever. Another is called Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax where you go and fight through a series of rooms gaining money for kills and better weapons as you go. It's probably the only activity I looked forward to playing. The rest are the same or just ever so slightly changed. One activity that was changed it called "Tiger Escort" where you drive around with a tiger trying to kill you while reporters attempt to photograph it. I guess that there were complaints about the previous "Escort" Activity. But you're able to bludgeon someone to death with a four foot long dildo? To me, that seems far worse.

Extras 6 of 10
Upgrades were another new part of the game in which you can add certain abilities by paying for them with your earned cash. Most of them you're given, but others require many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Vehicle deliver, health increase, dual wield SMGs, tank homie, swap cash for respect are a few of the more interesting ones. And eventually you'll be able to get rid of all but melee damage if you so choose. Oh, but here's the stupid part: you can't shut ANY of this stuff off once it's on. So if you're stuck somewhere because of a glitch, you'll have to reload the game.

My biggest gripe possibly in the game is that the cheats are terrible. I mean by the end of the game you're essentially invincible because of the Upgrades and have unlimited ammo and no reload times. What exactly is there to cheat on? More importantly, why at this point in the game would you cheat? There's nothing left to do. And if you're going to allow cheats, make them real cheats. Spawn means that thing spawns where you're standing not that you have to go back to your crib to pick it up. This was standard SRII cheats and for some reason was omitted. I couldn't care less if the Jet doesn't fit in the intersection. That'

This is almost certainly the last Saint's Row I'll be buying because I fully intend to sell the copy I have. It's one of those games that peaks right in the middle and then by the end of the game you're left wondering what to do that you haven't already done five times before that point. 30 hours isn't a bad amount of time for a game, but I spent double that on Batman: Arkham City and triple that with Just Cause 2. And I wasn't bored with either one by the end. I played Batman at least four times including all extras. To sum up: the missions are great, the weapons are good, the vehicles and activities are mediocre and the gameplay is somewhat disappointing.
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on April 21, 2013
I just bought this game and it was wonderful. The package I got was in perfect condition and so was the disk.

I had borrowed this game from a friend at first because I didn't think it would be really good or anything, but I soon found out that its an extremely fun game to play. I bought all three games of the Saints Row series and I am pretty happy about it. Comparing it to GTA (like most people), it's more fun and it's easier to control and play. Saint's Row seems to have a bit more activities in it and it's also really wacky and sort of funny.

I love that fact that I can customize my own character in many ways and I can choose what kind of personality (kind of) I want my character to have out of the selected things. I rate this game a 5/5 because it's really enjoyable, has a good story line, it has its funny factors spread throughout the game and also at the main screen there's a whore mode which I found hilarious and enjoyable as well.

I recommend this game to people because it's so fun and goofy. If you're not so sure, maybe try looking up some videos up on youtube over it. But overall, I'm pretty sure you'll find it worth the money too.
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on November 20, 2011
'Saints Row 2' is easily one of my favorite games. Unlike the GTA, it was able to push the envelope of wackiness and customization in a sandbox world. 'Saints Row the Third' is surprisingly more restrained than it's predecessor, favoring accessibility and focus over freedom but still manages to be a crazy good time!

'Saints Row The Third' starts off with what's arguably the coolest level of any game this year: as the leader of the Saints, a franchised street gang, you and your crew help a famous actor rob a bank....disguised as yourselves. The job goes wrong (waaaaay wrong) and you find yourself at the mercy of a large criminal syndicate. After escaping you land in the city of Steelport and have to fight your way through rival gangs (of hackers, supercops and professional wrestlers) at a chance for revenge...and a takeover. The previous Saints Row games focused on style over narrative substance but I actually found myself caring about the story and main characters (despite them being mass-murdering sociopaths), though the game never takes itself too seriously.

The graphics in 'Saints Row the Third', while not overly impressive are much more appealing than the first two games. There's much more detail to buildings and roads and character animations are very expressive. Each cutscene, while adapting to your character's appearance looks like it was taken from an episode of 'Archer' or 'The Venture Bros.' (and certainly shares the same foul-mouthed humor). Steelport is still not as detailed as GTA or even 'Just Cause 2' but it's a servicable sandbox to play in.

The gameplay in 'Saints Row the Third' is more accessible and much more streamlined than previous entries. Vehicles all control more-or-less the same way. Gunfights, while a bit on the sluggish side feel more natural and using the L-trigger to aim (instead of clicking R3) is much more satisfying. You can still customize your character's look, gender and clothes but there's not as many options as there were in 'Saints Row 2'. The side activities (which you use to gain money and XP) also aren't as fun. I still like the insurance-fraud mini-game (and gunning down rioting furries at a costume store is a blast!) but I thought pimping, sniping and escorting were a bore.

Thankfully, while the side-activities aren't as fun they're no longer necessary to continue the story of 'Saints Row the Third'. The story-missions are easily my favorite part of the game as they have you trailblazing through cyber-space, fighting hordes of zombies, chainsawing professional wrestlers, fighting off military forces with predator missles and base-jumping onto an enemy strongholds; everything I want to do in a video game I did in 'Saints Row The Third'! The one draw-back is that most of the missions are very linear and play out more like a watered down 'Uncharted' than a sandbox game. While this works against the unrestrained tone of the Saints-series the levels are so well-scripted (with excellent music cues) that I really didn't care.

Again, 'Saints Row: the Third' can feel like a step backward from it's predecessor in the sandbox department and isn't quite the gonzo masterpiece I was hoping for. However, by the time I finished the story I started up a new character (with ZOMBIE voice!) and jumped right back into the game. Highly recommended!
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on June 9, 2012
Do you like sandbox style games, but find the evolution of the Grand Theft Auto games to be burdened with laborious chores? Do you find it frustrating to be given all these potentially fun tasks to do, but at the same time be constrained by enforced "realism"? Tired of SOME GUY calling you CRYING ABOUT GO BOWLING for the forty-twelfth time? Just feel like running amok and doing ridiculous stuff while having a good time? If so, this game is for you. Big time.

Saints Row The Third really is pure fun, sandbox style. You can do all kinds of silly fun things in the game. The side missions are so fun they can be distracting from the main plot. You can stack your gear, your weapons, your cars... and get to any of it anytime you want. The game has a slim but fun plot, with plenty of variety in mission play. Anytime you want you can forget about the main missions and just goof around, for hours, on whatever you want.

The game has been reviewed a hundred trillion billion times already and it is unlikely anyone is ever going to see mine. I don't care. The game is just plain fun. Playing co-op with a friend is also fun, especially just driving around wreaking havoc.
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on April 17, 2017
This game is amazing! I love it! I saw some of my friends play this and I just had to get it! and I'm glade that I did! It's so fun!
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on May 23, 2014
I'll start with the bad, but most of the bad is because I played Saint's Row 2 first. If you played this one first, you may disagree. In SR2, I used a black female and she had an appropriate voice actress.

I already feel left out as a black female gamer. Since I was young, I always had to be a boy rescuing a princess or chick.There were few games where girls where the main character, if any. When females where included they were always white. I felt so spoiled when SR2 had a black female voice! I never once experienced it. Taking the black female voice out in 3 and replacing it with a Russian female voice pissed me off! What an awful mistake! I took a whole point from the score for it! Why do that?! It seemed like an extra slap in the face when they included a zombie voice option! I ended up choosing the Latina voice. I understand that there are very few black female gamers, but that was mean. Especially when this game promised so much customization. Lies, all lies. SR2 had more customization options. Even a certain walk style for your character.

Now, coming off of SR and SR2 for XBOX 360, driving was with the buttons A and X. It was backwards feeling at first, but I got used to it, and for me it was easier to drive and shoot because you could use the RT button to shoot. They changed the controls around for SR3 which messed me all up! I had to get used to driving all over again and sometimes out of habit pressed A to get away from the police instead of RT. People that started SR with SR3 might feel the opposite when they go back and play the others.

The story was lacking for me. After I killed the first gangster boss out of revenge, I didn't really care what was going on too much. I also didn't understand what the point was of adding choices in this game. SR is inconsistent sometimes. The choices don't seem to matter, so why are they there? Just to choose what bonus you get? Respect or money? Whatever. It doesn't seem to affect the story much at all.

The game had many glitches and annoyances that made me fail some activities and missions. In Heli Assault, I sometimes got stuck on the side of the building and couldn't move. In Guardian Angel, Pierce never got out of the car when I was supposed to protect him while he ran where he needed to go by sniping. Sometimes during Snatch, a Ho will be shaking her backside instead of getting in the car! That was really annoying! Do you have to advertise right now? Seriously? They're shooting and trying to run you over! After a while, I ran her over myself!

Why? Why? Why is the letter "Y" used for everything?! It was annoying! You use it to get in cars, open doors, throw people, access your crib, start activities, activate miscellaneous items in missions. I'm try to open the door at my crib and I make a mistake and access my crib. You have to be right against the door to open it in your crib. Why couldn't it be "X" to as access the crib or something. I wanted to throw some broad for disrespecting me but I was too close to an activity and the activity started instead! I'm sure that lady had a good laugh!

There is a section of the game with zombies. They are annoying! A piece of advice for those who haven't played yet, do all of the mayhem missions before the mission Zombie Attack if possible or else you will have a hard time.

The brutes were challenging and annoying at the same time. I'm not sure whether to include them in good or bad. It was satisfying to take them down but not in combination with the Luchadore specialists. Sometimes it got to be too much.

What I didn't understand is that the syndicate kept pushing all of these brutes out even after there source was missing. It didn't make any sense, but I suppose Saint's Row the Third rarely made sense.

Sometimes the pimp that sang to you like T-Pain on a constant basis was annoying, but initially very funny.

Shaundi was annoying on this game. All the time she was so angry. Shaundi changed a lot from the first one. Not at all like I remember her. She wasn't likeable. I missed Johnny Gat! Why couldn't Shaundi switch places with him?

Okay, Let's talk about the good!

The first thing I noticed was the assassination missions were much improved! Usually you have to run around like an idiot until you find the person you are supposed to kill, but in this game they had you do things to draw the target out first. That was way better!

The graphics were improved. Not that I care. I'm an older gamer so that doesn't matter to me as much they just can't look like the graphics of two or three consoles ago. Gameplay is what I care about most. A pretty game is no good unless its playable.

I liked the level system in the game. You level up with respect points and you can buy (with your cash) whatever upgrades you wanted (as long as you unlocked it by being a certain level). I thought that it was pretty cool. In the previous games, you had to complete activities in order to get upgrades.

I loved Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax! It was a newly included activity where you shoot up deadly mascots and avoid traps. You have to make enough money by shooting them in order to unlock the exit! So much fun and a great new addition to the game! Some mascots on the street even run up to you and push you later as you're the one who slaughtered their friends. Funny.

Pierce was hilarious in this game! I love Pierce! He was way likeable and made up for Shaundi a bit.

I liked the fact that you could upgrade weapons to increase clip size and become more powerful. It made me feel like I was a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Steelport!

They got rid of forgive and forget on the game and made property that your character owned a safe place. If you owned too much property, sometimes this became too easy.

The game had a lot of grenade options. I enjoyed using them, but in exchange there was no freckle b****es around because food couldn't be carried. You really had to watch your health on the game due to that. I liked the grenades so I'm not complaining too hard about it.

A few activities are included in story missions. Two birds. One Stone.

The physics on the game are outstanding as always. My characters boobs move like boobs. It made me laugh that they included so much realistic movement in that area. I remembered doing a double what? Are her boobs bouncing as she walks? I love the physics when you are propelled out of the windshield. Hilarious. It's even more fun when you do it to someone else.

I liked the fact that there was variation in the same activities. You weren't always snatching hos, but sometimes contacts. You weren't always protecting Pierce sometimes you protected another member of your crew.

Overall, I give the game a 7 out of 10. Sometimes it had too much of an immature man child's humor for me. The game could be way too over the top at times as well. If you don't like immaturity and over the top, skip this one. I still had fun with the game it was solid although not as good as SR2 in my opinion which blended it's maturity and immaturity wisely.
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on September 15, 2012
I expected this game to be a second rate GTAIV having never played any of the previous installments. To my surprise this was an extremely fun and addicting sandbox game. It feels like a more fun, humorous, and streamline version of GTA with very few bugs. I'm used to there being all sorts of buggy, stiff or gameplay issues with these open world games but this game is very polished, and must have been tested quite thoroughly. My only complaint is that it may be a little short for my taste, but that may have been because it was a game I couldn't put down and that is saying something as I have been underwhelmed with the games that have been coming out over the past few years. If you're on the fence about this one do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.
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on October 4, 2012
In regards of the game it self...well...what can I say...I was not expecting too much from this game...the missions are okay, however sometimes they come up with some useless/nonsense missions, thats pretty much what annoys me, if you wanna try something different than GTA you should buy this game, this is the type of game that will entertain you when you are bored, every land vehicle is custumizable, even motorcycles, it takes you around half of a magazine to actually kill someone, unless you shoot'em in their head. You can modify your weapons, call your gang to deliver a car from your garage or just call your gang if someone is kicking your ass off...some people gets out of there car thru their windshield a "hard car accident happens" In some moment the plot becomes a little bit interesting, if you wanna buy it...just don't expect this to be the greatest game on earth...
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on July 27, 2012
I have all three Saints Row games. They are some of the most entertaining games I've played on current-gen systems. I like serious minded games to but Saints Row is where I go when it's time to act a fool. The team at Volition continuously keeps me guessing. Saints Row The Third is definitely the craziest of the series. This game isn't for people who are emotionally sensitive. As always, the entire city is open once you get there and freedom is yours. There are missions/activities and the Saints Book which has some extra stuff for you. I love some of the new hand to hand combat. You can run up to people and perform moves and even jump through the windshield of a car to steal it. I wish they would have kept the Bodyguard and Septic Avenger activities from Saints Row 2. Regardless, the entire series is fun and Saints Row The Third is crazier than the others.
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on July 12, 2013
This is a awesome game, in my opinion better than GTA because of the wacky, fun, unique, creative things ever put in a video game, of course people say its too crazy this time around but I don't agree, it's a video game people, and the basic rule of video games is its suppose to be fun, this is a game based on that basic gaming nessissity, it has great music, one liners, and it doesn't restrict you,it showed me a new experience in open world sand boxes I've never had before and I've played ALOT of open world games. I haven't played the first two games but I've done some research about them and this seems better to me and so I chose this as my starting point with the franchise, I can't wait for the 4th one August 20!
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