Customer Reviews: Saints Row the Third - The Full Package [Download]
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on January 10, 2013
It is impossible to fairly review this game without mentioning the Grand Theft Auto series. So, here's how I'll describe it. Take Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and crank it up to 11. Streamline the gameplay, improve the experience in general, and make everything about 400 times crazier.

Still comparing it to GTA:SA, here are a few differences to illustrate what makes this game stand out from its genre.

-Remember how the gangs of GTA were all pretty much regular street thugs wearing different colors? Well now replace them with Mexican Lucha wrestlers with monster trucks, or neon cyberpunk emo hackers who are really fun to kill.

-Remember how you started off GTA with several midair gunfights? No? Oh, my bad. That's new. You're gonna love that part.

-Remember the way you could just take any vehicle and drive it around and rampage as you please? Well now your vehicles will include a tigercycle with a flamethrower in its mouth, and a cat-faced truck that sucks people up to shoot them out of a cannon, to mention a few.

-Speaking of vehicles, remember how you could customize your favorite car and then cry when it gets blown up? Well in this game if that happens in you can go back home and it's mysteriously back in your garage again. Or you can go to any of your other homes and your vehicles will be there too. Or you can use your phone to call "vehicle delivery" and get it brought to your location immediately. Why? Because SR3 knows it's a game and it wants to be fun. It doesn't have to be "realistic".

-Remember in GTA (and every other game ever) how you had to occasionally swim really far and it was boring as hell? Now you can press E and simply warp to the shore. Why? Because everyone hates "the water level".

-Remember the crazy characters? Oh, you've seen nothing yet. Wait'll you meet the blinged-out pimpest of pimps, who uses his golden cane as an auto-tune voicebox to sing through his tracheotomy hole.

-You know how lots of games let you customize a character? Well forget about them because this game takes that to a whole new level too. Stop in at a surgery shop and you can change anything about your character. You can do damn near anything you want. Wanna play a naked 300 lb woman with a neon pink afro like they did in HAWP? Go for it. Wanna be Captain Planet? They've got shiny blue skin and green mullets, so that's a start. Feel like making yourself a zombie? How original. Go for it!

-Remember the activities? Oh what fun you had, parking cars as a valet or putting out fires as a fireman. They've got activities in this game too, though. But now they're more like "Kill gangsters from a helicopter with a rocket launcher", or "take this tank and blow s*** up", and my personal favorie, the Japanese-style game show where you murder your way through a disturbingly happy and colorful maze of death traps and fuzzy mascots! (Imagine "MXC" meets "The running man")

For real though, this game is incredible. It is ultraviolent, vulgar, irreverent, and absurd in so many ways. It parodies other games, society, pop culture, and even itself. You can't help but love it. The missions are never boring, the challenge level is always well balanced, and there is a huge variety of things to do.

My only complaint about the PC version is that it may be hard to show off to your friends because not everybody feels comfortable using a mouse and keyboard and/or sitting at your computer desk (especially considering all the disgusting things you probably do there, you sick person you).
If you get it for a console it may be easier to get a pal to pick up the game and try out the co-op campaign or just screw around blowing s**t up.
Also, I should add that I actually bought it on steam which is much better than Amazon's download service. I'm only reviewing it here because I felt like writing about how awesome this game is, and most game sites are blocked at work so I'm doing it here instead. Speaking of which I'm about to get yelled at so I better get back to work.
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on January 11, 2013
Everyone talks about the game itself so I won't bother going there, I will say though in regards to the steam key you get 1 key for the whole package. This is unlike the Darksiders franchise pack deal which is also currently running and gives you like 10000 steam keys, one for each little thing.

1 steam key for this Saints Row package might be fine if you dont have the game already (even saves you having to put in multiple keys) but for those who already own parts of this game, this might be something to be aware of because you can't give away those parts you already own.
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on February 28, 2013
Saints Row The Third is one of my favorite games in a long, long time. The whole premise of GTA is absurd. Saints Row The Third takes that absurdity to another level by embracing how insane everything is and giving you even more options that might not make a lot of sense, but increase the fun you have while playing. Why shouldn't you have a harrier? Why shouldn't you club people upside the face with a purple dildo? Why CAN'T you have a classic video game mission inside a modern game? Why NOT let you change your character to a zombie-gibbering beast-man that other people understand just fine (a la Star Wars)?

If there is any problem with Saints Row The Third, it was that they monetized so much of the DLC because of how successful the game was. It easily trumped its predecessors and it did so by ignoring most of its GTA-Lite roots and chased the insane, absurd, and ridiculously fun.

That's the great thing about The Full Package. It is full and complete. It is everything. You are unfettered by the DLC concerns because it's all there. Or most of it's there. I bought this just to get the remaining DLC because buying this was still substantially cheaper during the holidays than buying the original's DLC.

If you enjoy fun games and can take over the top violence and innuendo or sex gags with some kink, then you are human. And you should buy this game. Especially if you're reading this and it's on sale. I did not finish any GTA. They just petered out for me, but this game I finished. I loved it. I loved it for the customization of my character to whatever ridiculous man or woman I could dream up. I loved it for the varied missions. I loved it for the over the top story.

If there is any problem with the story, it is the way one particular character leaves the game. Which is to say, I barely noticed they'd departed and I don't feel like the game does a great job of convincing me the character is well and truly gone. Because before that, the character was prominent and even during the game is VERY prominent and everywhere. Except... gone and off-screen mostly...

But I can ignore that character development piece because this game is not about the story as much as it is about doing crazy stuff. Like jumping out of a plane, stealing a parachute, dodging debris on the way down, looking up to find a plane barreling toward you, losing your chute to fly through the plane, shooting people on the way by, and then stealing another parachute before you hit the ground.

It's not about the narrative. It's mostly about whatever cool, crazy stuff you can do next.
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on November 12, 2014
Good open world action, I hate being "lead down the garden path" Fun graphics, a sexy game to be sure. The encounters are formulated to throw more at you until you break, I get enough of that at work. But for those that like 'frantic' button smashing gaming, you could easily give this one 5 stars. I've had the game about 3 months now and have not yet been inspired enough to complete the story line, although I play here and there a couple times a week, mostly in the "just raise havoc" mode. As said, I am an open world fan when it comes to games, and this world is interesting, yet limited in interaction points. I haven't had any luck yet installing any of the MODS.
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on February 19, 2013
This is one of those over the top series that is really an amazing sandbox experience. Grand Theft Auto IV although being a decent story felt like a very empty world. Saints Row on the other hand has nailed it. Everywhere you go there is some new challenge. The main missions unlock more of the same type of mission spread out around the city. As you complete these side missions you gain more control of the city and a greater hourly income. Almost all weapons are upgradeable as well as your attributes and the attributes of the gang. The vehicles are varied and upgradeable and customizable. Combat feels good, the guns and melee controls are really great. I think this is one of those games that should be on everyone's must play list. It still shines today.
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on February 6, 2014
The entire Saints Row franchise has never failed to entertain and this one is no different. I would not recommend this game for kids and the M rating should be more than just a recommendation. With that said, as an older gamer this game had everything I wanted. It was entertaining in a very comical aspect, and at times kept me on the edge of my seat with the action packed missions. If you are into these types of games then this one is a definite must.
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on January 28, 2013
I sold my Xbox a while back and decided to build a gaming PC. This was one of the first games I bought after my build was complete. Saints Row the Third will provide hours and hours of entertainment! I always play these types of games with an Xbox controller, and was excited to see that all of the buttons switch over perfectly. For instance, the game will show the red "B" button instead of a keyboard character when the game tells you which button to press for an action.

"The Full Package" provides you with all of the DLC. I purchased this for under $13 and couldn't be happier with what I received for the price!
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on July 18, 2016
It's kind of strange to make an open-world game whose story & missions are shorter and more concise than its predecessor. Isn't an open-world game about having a ton of stuff to explore and do? Which to me is the conundrum of Saints Row: The Third. It's still a fun game, and recommended, but a lack of content volume (not variety) disappoints after the plethora of activities in Saints Row 2.

+ Good gun-play, character upgrade path, weapon upgrade path.
+ Graphics are really good (DX11) if your machine is powerful enough to turn the settings up (a far render distance is pretty taxing).
+ The story is ostentatiously stupid fun - like a fantastic B-movie - if you can enjoy it for what it is, and not expect something more serious like Saints Row 2.
+ Good voice acting from everyone.
+ Some fun new activities, and most of the old activities are back: Escort, Trail-blazing, Mayhem, Hostage, and more, as well as new variants (like Tank Mayhem), or new activities entirely (Guardian Angel, Assassinations).
+ Autos are still customizeable, most of the options staying the same. The vehicles drive better than than the ones in SR2, though there are fewer varieties.
+Tons of personal costume and character customizations.

+ / - Lots of R-rated content. Just saying. I mean, it is a Saints Row game. For maximum safety, make sure your mom (or anyone else who might object) can't walk in on you while you're playing Saints Row: The Third.

- While the activites are fun, and there are a lot of activity icons that appear on the map, there aren't very many of them. In Sants Row 2, each activity had 6 levels to be completed. Here, there is just ONE instance of each activity at a map icon. Early in the game, completing some activities unlocks more of the same activity (at another location) at a higher difficulty, which is fine. But there is a LOT LESS content here. Got the game to 92% completion in 32.3 hours.
- Lots of DLC. With a lot less content already, be sure to get Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package - or don't bother buying the game.
- Crib customization is GONE. This really bummed me. Yes, there are three cribs / strongholds that can be upgraded, but the upgrades are all pre-determined, and don't change look / layout of your crib (upgrading can make the building taller, giving you a higher view, but that's about it).

Temper your content expectations and Saints Row: The Third becomes a gleeful B-movie romp, missing the seriousness of Saints Row 2 and the all-out insanity of Saints Row IV. Heartily recommended.
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on December 5, 2013
All the Adult single player mayhem a guy needs! Good graphics, fun story line( if you follow it) .Good music and fun, off the wall characters to interact with make this a hoot, even for an old guy like me. I have spent a lot of money over the years for this type of game and most disappoint. Not this one!
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on August 11, 2014
Quick review: The voice actors are excellent and hilarious. As I was playing, the girlfriend over heard parts of the game and she broke out into laughter a few times. The music is just perfect. I love the music in this game. Probably the best audio of any game I've ever played. The game controls are perfect. You have no restrictions on how you set up your controls, unlike many recent games (Shame!!). Gameplay is very smooth. Graphics are excellent as well as the maps although a little cartoonish. It's not made to appeal to ultra realism but it's a very good look and feal.

What are the down sides? It's a long game but not long enough based on its awesomeness. It does offer co-op, which rocks. However, it does not have multiplayer. This game just seems too good not to be played with 10 of your friends. Even a 4 player, L4D2 co-op would be nice. I have 4 friends I'd happily game and stream with.

Just buy this game already. You know you want it. You're welcome!
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