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on May 2, 2016
Bout this for my Spartan Beast on 5/1/2016. 16.1 miles and 8 hours of grueling mountain climbing, running, walking through mud/water. All I can say is, this pair of shoes WORTH EVERY PENNY.

First of all, they are super comfortable. I put them on two days before the race, walked around, took kids to the park. BEST FEEL of all my sneakers/running shoes. I run 60-80 miles a month on average, so running shoes are not strangers to me. I've never tried any shoes that came close to the comfort level of speedcross 3. This was to test it out if I can trust them on a full-day running event. Cannot afford blisters when I get into Beast.

Our day of event was pitiful at best. 45F and raining. It means we were gonna deal a lot with water, mud, and slippery hills through the entire course. Sure enough, our shoes got wet 2 miles in, and went through water/mud several times. Sure they will get heavy, but they never felt loose or uncomfortable because of deformation. They do not drain as fast because of thick cushion design, but that does not really bother us. I've seen some reviews elsewhere saying its insoles came loose and curled up. That worried me a little when I was researching shoes. You can imagine how painful that would be if you are running in the course when it happened. Did not happen. There are three members in my team wearing Speedcross 3, not a single one had issue. And we are the only three member never fell because shoes slipped.

Shoes all dirty and muddy. Came home, rinse it off. Like new. Pictures are all after the race. And the insoles were perfectly as they were before the race.

If you are going to do any OCR like spartan or tough mudder, this is your shoe. If you are going to hike in the woods/mountains, this is your shoe. And they look awesome!
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on July 8, 2013
I loved the look and design of these shoes so I read the buyer reviews. I wanted these for casual street wear but the reviews were mostly from hard core trail runners, mudders and other people who can probably kick a grizzly bear's ass. Since I had no intention of running the Paris-Dakar Rally on foot I wasn't sure if these weren't "too much" shoe for me. I mean, look at that action figure lacing system, and my tires have less aggressive tread than this shoe, the little colored words on the sides made me think of sponsor labels on a top fuel dragster. I began to wonder if I was worthy of this shoe. Would real athletes call me out as an imposter? A Poser? Would normal people look at my feet and assume I was a dork? (really, my shoes are the least likely cause of this).
So, still feeling inadequate for these shoes I placed my order. They arrived 3 days later (probably ran half of the trip on their own) and I got them out and tried them on.
Ugh. Too tight! But only at first. After ten minutes they loosened to a snug fit. After two days they fit perfect. No kidding - perfect. I love the feel of them. They are comfortable as all get out. I almost climbed a hill in them just for the joy of it.
They feel like they will last forever. It's almost like they are bulletproof. In fact, if a thug ever shoots me I hope he aims for my feet. I'm confident these shoes will protect me.
The lace system seems odd at first but after a few times I figured it out so I can do it without taking my eyes off the TV. It's tricky at first but if that thug tries to take them off of you he will be stymied by the lace system long enough for you to run away up a nearby mountain... another plus.
The style is fantastic. So many people like my feet now. I catch people looking at my feet, nodding at my feet while nudging their friends, smiling at my feet. These shoes made my feet more popular than my head.
They do get hot. Not hot, but warm. I always went for mesh sided shoes before...light and airy. These are like armor compared to those and the trade off is a bit of trapped heat. Nothing too terrible but dark blue on a 90 degree day in the sun is a bit warm. I suppose if I wore them for what they were made for I could cool them by running across a glacier or alpine stream. Instead I prop them in front of my ac vents. But really, it's a minor thing since I live in Ohio and we only have weather that nice on accident. I'm sure I will appreciate that heat trapping during the other 320 or so odd days of usual cool and wet Ohio weather. (Ohio sucks by the way...unless you're a mudder)
The description says water resistant. I think they are. I was on a soccer field after a rain (hosting a Jr. Olympics competition, not actually playing soccer) and the wet grass did not soak my feet. I got some very minor dampness towards the end but my last pair of shoes would have sloshing water bags after ten steps so these were great. Plus the snug collar kept the grass clippings from getting into my shoes and turning my socks into rattan mats by the end of the day.
While the treads are excellent for quick cuts in turf or dirt they can be a bit slick on smooth wet surfaces. It's not banana peel type slick but just that little bit of slide that makes me think "whew! glad I was not running from that thug on this stuff).
In the reviews people talk about the longevity of this shoe in terms of miles or, in some cases, races. Now I don't know how many miles I wear my shoes (or if races to the restroom count) but I fully expect these shoes to last much longer than my previous pairs of shoes. They seem like someone actually designed them to work and last rather than just adding pretty swooshes or springs of shocks on a mediocre pair of nylon/leather sacks and called them shoes. I think these were designed by someone who got fed up with the garbage the big names put out.
I wore these to the zoo last week and climbed a pretty high hill in them. Granted, I was in a tram on the way up and on a wooden switchback walkway on the way down but I felt like I could outrun the other people if I had to. The important part was that my feet were comfortable. I did not think about them at all...except when other people stared or pointed at them.
So, do these shoes work for a fit, non-racing ordinary 46 year old male like myself? Of course they do. They are comfortable, durable and, I am assuming, thug proof. Plus they have the added benefit of making me look like I am a crazy trail runner...a very careful and clean one, but maybe they will think I am on the way to my first race.
Buy these shoes if you even remotely like them. Just don't look at them too many times on Amazon. I swear the prices go up after about 20 visits to the page..

***** Next chapter*****
Ok. I just recently ordered my second pair of these. My little toe wore a hole in the side of my first pair. To be fair, it took a full year for that little piggy to burrow through that material. And even so, he only got to see a little daylight, there was no full blown escape. The soles on that first pair were worn down and thin enough that if I stepped on a dime I could tell you the year. This is not a complaint. I did not take it easy on these shoes at all. I pushed them as hard as a semi-fit but active middle aged man could. ( dang, I just called myself middle aged and felt it was accurate.) I didn't run any races, I didn't climb any gravel quarry trails but I hit a lot of asphalt and concrete. These shoes held up beautifully. They even looked good enough to wear out in public right up until that piggy broke out. Now they will be my lawn mowing shoes, and probably car washing shoes, and also my kayaking shoes. (kayaking sounds pretty bada$$, right? please say yes.)
The new pair is grey. Old pair was blue. They look great with jeans, And believe it or not, still draw envious looks from strangers. I was just at a resort in San Antonio Texas last week and the valets at the entrance checked them out as I walked in. Finally they asked what kind of shoe I was wearing. I had to model them for them right in the foyer. I would have climbed a pillar for them to show their awesome ability but didn't want to show off....and get kicked out at the same time. I got a lot of looks on Riverwalk downtown too...but that might have been because I was wearing shorts and showing my blindingly white Ohio winter skin.
Again, I would recommend these shoes to anyone. They are the best shoe I ever wore.
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on October 8, 2015
AMAZING TRACTION especially for Tough Mudders, Savage Races and Spartan Races. I just finished another race yesterday and these shoes held up great. I was a little concerned at first since I didn't break them in before racing (had to return due to size being too small.) First obstacle on the 8 mile course was a pool of mud and water. Despite 20 of the obstacles consisting of my shoes being completely submerged in water, they held up amazingly well. They dissipated water faster much better than I expected. They were not heavy, despite being completely soaked. Water quickly squeezed out of the shoes as I ran forward. Several other racers were stuck in heavy mud and wet grass, slipping helplessly after each step. These shoes provided me with unbelievable traction. I kept hearing behind me "how is he getting up so quick?" The traction this shoes provide in muddy environments is phenomenal.

CAUTION: This shoes but size runs small! I had to go half size up because my regular size was too tight. I also had to purchase an arch support because it barely had any (like most shoes.) They are fantastic though; don't hesitate. I got home and rinsed them off thoroughly; they almost look like new again despite the hell I put them through. Still felt great and I had no blisters after my run.
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on June 14, 2016
I was debating 4 or 5 stars. The shoes are amazing right out of the box, but as many reviewers have said, the sole wears down quickly.

I bought these for hiking the Grand Canyon. It's not a technical hike--dirt trails and some rock--but we went down the Bright Angel trail to the Colorado River and back up in one day. That's 16-18 miles depending on who you ask. I'm not a runner and the most I hiked in the preceding months was 4 miles. Any other shoe would have given me crazy bad blisters. But I wore these in conjunction with Saucony polyester socks and literally did not get a single blister--without having worn the shoes in beforehand.

The size does run a bit small. I normally wear size 10 or 10.5, and had originally ordered a 10.5 but my toes were hitting the front of the shoe so I returned them and got an 11. The 11 seemed too big at first but ended up being perfect looking back on the trip.

Regarding the soles wearing down: After the 16-18 mile hike, I checked the soles and the texture had worn off the lugs that get the most impact. The lugs themselves hadn't worn down at all. The next day, we drove to the Petrified Forest and hiked 4-5 miles, including climbing up and down 2 mesas. The mesas are what really did the soles in. They consist of dry, jagged, extremely crumbly rock, and I probably would have slipped multiple times with any other shoe, but these were the perfect gear for the technical climbs and descents of those mesas. However, I checked the soles after and they were a lot more worn than they were after the Grand Canyon hike. I would say the lugs have a good 80% of their depth left.

So, if you're shopping for an outdoor event where your foot gear needs to be second to none, I recommend these. But be aware they won't last as long as some other shoes out there. I washed mine when I got home and plan to take good care of them. I might get a few years out of them based on my adventure frequency, but most people will probably get a lot less. I will post photos eventually.
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on October 27, 2014
These are my first pair of Salomons, and its not going to be my last!

I took these babies out fresh from the box and right into the Spartan Super in Sacramento. Let me tell you, there was no break in period. People that have raced in Sacramento know that the terrain there is the consistency of playdoh, luckily for all of us it rained that day! What happens when clay gets wet? It gets slippery and mucky! These shoes had no problem with providing a no slip grip on the soft clays of sacramento! Not once have I slipped, lost stability or dreaded wearing these shoes throughout the race! These shoes provided the most comfortable ride despite the adverse conditions. My only beef with it is it does not drain well, it drains eventually but not as fast as I would like it to.

Salomon keep doing what you're doing!




Does not drain quickly
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on October 5, 2017
Rugged hiker excels. I climb Camelback mountain, echo canyon trail on a regular basis. It is steep and irregular with both boulders and grave and often no trail as such. Going up its 1200 feet takes about 40 minutes even for a conditioned hiker. Coming down is treacherous often requiring you to step from boulder to rock to boulder. I love the look of these hikers and I wanted something to take to the gym other than the light runners I normally use. On a lark I tried using them on the mountain hike. Initially i was skeptical as the tread is a series of nubbins without a lot of contact. While it is great for the gravel (gravel on a sloping stone is like stepping on ball bearings) i was less certain of its grip on the exposed sloping rock. Gradually my confidence increased until after a couple of hikes, I'm merrily stepping down the mountainside. I've also noticed several other hikers wearing these Solomons as well. I had to order 13s (i normally wear 11.5 to 12) in order to get the toe box large enough to keep my toes from hitting the front as I walking downhill. Besides that, the lacing system pulls the shoe snug with ease and the fit is very comfortable even when laced tightly for the type of climbing I do. Definitely a hit and highly recommended.
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on June 26, 2017
I have worn Merrells the past 25 years, almost exclusively including dress occasions and other events that a sport shoe may seem odd at but they are always good to my feet. I've done 30 miles in one shot with no complaints from my feet. My son talked me in to trying Solomon so when they went on sale I bought a pair. My first trek was about 13 miles and there was some tightness around the sides of the heel, I suspect a break-in issue.
Generally the shoe seems well made and solid. Lighter than Merrells but in context, negligible difference.
Durability will obviously take time but Solomon has a tough challenge ahead. The Merrels I wore on my 30 mile trek (one of many) easily have 300 miles on them as I have owned them for nearly 10 years. finally the rubber is wearing through the bottom but I am still hesitant to get rid of them LoL.
Only giving 4 stars because I've only worn them twice and I'm calling it a break-in period. I will update as time progresses. The shoe fits snug (which is what you want) but it does not seem to handle the breadth of the foot and the toe knuckles. This may be a break-in issue and not a design issue.
Cost is comparable to Merrells though I see Solomon on sale more often. By the way I am comparing the Solomon Speedcross 3 and 4 to the Merrell Chameleon.
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on August 13, 2016
I could write a lot of rave reviews about these Salomon shoes. I have wide feet and high arches and hammer toes. I have a lot of trouble finding shoes with a large enough toe-box to let me run downhill without massive blisters. I run Obstacle Races and mud races so I use these shoes to the limit. The removeable insoles tend to hold water so I might take them out or replace them for muddy races, but the rest of the shoes drains water well (you do NOT want a waterproof shoe for mud racing because your shoes will fill with water and hold the water, and then your feet will get very heavy). I can put a pair of Salomons on a I don't even need to break them in, they fit so nicely! I am going to buy a third pair and a fourth pair, I love these shoes. Also, because of the speed-lacing system, I find myself putting these shoes on every time I walk out the door. So now I have a pair for just racing, another pair for just training, and another pair for daily wear and work. I cannot express how much I love these shoes and the quick lacing system!
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on May 25, 2017
First pair of shoes to buy online. There's a range instructor oil follow on YouTube and he recommended these for a great all around tough and comfortable shoe. So far I have only worn thento the gym a couple of times and out running errands. But they seem to be working great. I was pleased when after an hour and fifteen minutes into my workout, I realized I hadn't noticed that I was wearing new shoes. That's a good thing. There was no break in period. They fit like super supportive, snug slipper. If that makes any sense. Snug throughout the heel, arch, and top of the foot. While there's generous room for my toes. My workouts are pretty intense but there's no rubbing or shifting. This Saturday I'll wear them to a convention and see how they do with prolonged wear on hard surfaces. They are designed for trail running. And it feels like they almost want to go out and tear up some mud. I have flat feet and usually wear Asics gel Kayano running shoes. These will be a great alternative, I think.
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Great all-terrain sneakers indeed! I wanted some good sneakers that can handle rougher conditions such as mud, rocks and such easily and use for hiking, mud-runs, mud volleyball or just trudging thru the muddy area easily where I now live. The only minor issue I have with these shoes were the lacing system. I thought they would be very similar to my Keens I have with the lacing, but not the case. So I just pull out the lacing thru the plastic thingie it goes thru and live with it. Otherwise, these are fabulous shoes! They feel good and the fit for me was "true to size" and actually looks great! I have been wearing these Salomon trail running shoes for a week now and can wear them easily all day quite easily. The toe box area is maybe a bit smaller than my Keens or even regular sneakers, but it's not enough to dock off 1 star for these shoes. The soles have a decent pattern on it for decent traction in dirt or mud. The insoles are removable if you prefer to insert a different insole later on. These are a bit pricey, but when they are on sale, it's a pretty good deal. Not sure how long these shoes will hold up for me with lots of muddy events coming up...but I will update my review as the time rolls on. These trail running shoes will easily will work out just fine for me with mud runs, muddy events, hiking in all conditions and just walking around.
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