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on October 12, 2012
These are the best mud racing shoes we have owned. The video depicts a warrior dash race, the shoes as bought, and the shoes after cleaned. They do not get heavy during the race even after many wet and muddy obstacles. The tread also seems to shed mud instead of clinging to the bottom of the shoe. The only negative (a big negative in my case)I give this shoe is the OrthoLite insoles. When my shoes get wet inside and I run down a steep hill, the insoles bunch up. I had to replace the insoles with stiffer insoles to prevent it, or would have had to glue them to the shoe. This did not happen to my friend or brother, just me. They were running a lot slower though. I will buy this shoes again if I ever wear it out.
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i bought them for day hiking. First try was Clouds Rest in Yosemite on Saturday (13 miles and 3000 gain/loss). The 2nd time was two days later for a Whitney day hike (my first time hiking whitney, 22 miles and 6500 gain/loss). Talking about taking a risk.

It took me a bit of adjusting to break the shoes in. Once i figured out what's comfortable, they are great. Nothing that creates discomfort. The bottom is legendary in grabbing onto dirt and scree, which was a BIG PLUS for Whitney.

If your hiking terrain is steep, loose dirt, loose rocks/pebbles (scree/talus), or often wet from water fall or humidity, try these. They are not NOT slippery on wet rocks (got stream crossing during whitney) but with caution, they do ok.

the sizing is a bit big. I usually go a half size up for hiking shoes, as this time, but they feel a bit too roomy, even after 16 hours on my feet. perhaps this one is a "true to size" hiking shoes.
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on January 11, 2014
I was nervous about trying a new brand of running shoe (last time I stepped outside of my Asics comfort zone, I was pretty disappointed). But these shoes are fabulous! Comfortable fit, no blisters, and they fit my orthotics.

The quarter-inch traction is great. Of course, if you're running in really icy conditions you're still going to have issues, but I don't really think there's any running shoe out there that can fix that. They perform great in snow and mud.

The fact that they're water-proof is my favorite thing about them. After 14 miles in the snow and slush today, my feet were still dry and warm.

Expensive, but they're totally worth it.
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on September 30, 2014
I knew Salomon made great outdoor shoes and boots because I already had a pair of their hiking shoes. I wanted something more like a running shoe and more cushy, yet still waterproof, for an upcoming trip. I saw the speed cross online and decided to give it a try.

My other Salomon hiking shoes were size 7, and I had plenty of room in the toes. So I ordered these in a 7 as well. What I didn't factor in was the fact that the toe box in these is much narrower and lower...like a running shoe. I usually go up a full size in my running shoes, so when I put the 7s on and my toe hit the end, I kind of had an "oh duh" moment. I'd recommend sizing these as you would a regular running shoe and NOT based on any other Salomon shoes or boots you may own.

I ordered another pair in 7.5, and they were on sale for even less! The 7.5 fit like a glove. No toe mashing when I pushed off on my toes, yet still fit snug through my heel and mid foot. I have narrow heels but the quick lacing design on these allows me to tighten it so that I don't slip. The shoes have crazy good tread yet ride smoothly on hard surfaces. The insoles are very cushy, yet I wear special insoles with arch support in my running shoes so added those to these. They still fit great.

I got the version with the climashield because they are nearly waterproof (according to the Salomon website). I will be able to wear these to workout, hike, trek around the city in the rain and snow, etc. A fantastic all purpose athletic shoe! My husband liked mine so much that he ordered a pair for himself. He plans to use for the same activities plus an upcoming tough mudder. He said they felt a bit narrower in the toe box than his street Asics, but not so much that he was uncomfortable.

And now I don't have to pack both running shoes AND hiking shoes for trips! Bonus!
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on December 24, 2014
this is a trail running shoe. it is not a road running shoe nor is it a walking around the mall shoe. while it can be used for the latter two purposes of course, i think that if you really need a shoe for running on asphalt or cruising the mall you should look elsewhere, as the rubber chevrons at the bottom of this shoe will either be uncomfortable to walk on hard surfaces when the shoe is new and too hard when you've worn them down quickly by walking on hard surfaces.

but if you are a trail runner - especially one running on muddy, west surfaces, there in my view there is no better shoe. it grips the ground beautifully. it repels water (note - i am reviewing the 'climashield' version here - i have only run with it a couple of times but have significant experience with the gore tex models and let me tell you that i run through 6-inch deep muddy puddles and somehow stay dry (keep my speed up, of course). it's a fast shoe and somehow for us exactly hits the sweet spot between control and comfort. if you've never worn trail running shoes before, the first time you put these on and take them out, you will a) be concerned at how they seem initially less 'padded'/'comfortable' than your road sneakers and then b) be amazed how actually on the trail, even with a thin sock how they are indeed very comfortable and, critically, how they just GRIP that surface as you run.

remember when you first get them out of the box and try them out in your living room they will seem to be 'wobbly' as the rubber chevrons on the bottom are really made for soft surfaces. don't be concerned it when you take them for a run around the block they seem weird - trust us, you'll get used to it.

this shoe RUNS SMALL. get a half size bigger. virtually every review of this shoe will tell you this. really. we're not joking.
this shoe is sized for slightly narrow feet. if you have wide feet, you'll probably want to try this on in the store first.

well worth the price for serious trail runners. between the two of us (husband and wife team) we have bought 8 pairs of these including several for future use in case they stop making them.

WARNING: beware of fake chinese copies of this shoe available on online auction sites.
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on October 7, 2014
I run singletrack that includes 40%+ grades, etc. All too often, folks are reviewing items for other than their intended purpose. This is a technical shoe with a CLEAR purpose: trail RUNNING and racing. I have been wearing these shoes for 2+ years, this is my second pair. If you are a serious trail runner who leaps over fallen tress and bounces off rocks, and you're still trying to keep pace on wet leaves — frankly, this is the ONLY running shoe that will deliver for you! Period. The best in class. The "spike-like" treads do what they are supposed to: grip. Yet you can still feel the ground. The sidewalls do what they are supposed to: stabilize. The only thing I don't like is the slidelock lacing system because it's touchy to lace them to put pressure where you want it. (Not a dealbreaker at all). HOWEVER, you can guarantee they will never come unlaced and never trip you because of the little pocket where you tuck the barrel lock. The lace might loosen up a bit on a very long run (if you're an ultrarunner, I can't speak for you — I top out at 10 miles.) I'd say with moderate use, 1-3 genuinely aggressive runs per week, you'll see these last just about 18 months. I over-ran the life of my last pair, because they're pricey, but WORTH it if you don't want to end up dead with your face on a tree having worn inferior shoes and tripped. Mine are .5 size smaller than my other shoes. My thumb still has space in the front. I like everything a bit tight, ski boots, etc. I'm a stabilization freak and these shoes feel like they have a bit too much room at the standard size. Remember, though: I am an aggressive trail runner. You won't see many folks out there like me, but I suggest to ALL trail runners: buy the right shoe — I'm as likely to trip and twist and ankle as you. The toe is well protected so that if you do stub the front of your foot on a root, you're not going to break toes. (Do NOT wear road shoes on trails, ladies — this is NOT about marketing, it's about safety! These shoes are constructed differently than road shoes.) For you hikers: I will use my old busted up pair for: HIKING! You, too, will love them. Highly recommend. Remember: no road shoes on the trail... I don't want to carry you and your twisted ankle out of the woods... I'm only 5'2"! You'll love these shoes. I often go to the gym on the way home from the woods — they might get you a comment or query or two, but that's NOT why to buy them. By them because they're the safest, most reliable trail running shoe out there. (They dropped about 1.5 second per mile off my times when I switched from a Saucony model — you'll just be much more sure footed. Sorry, Saucony, you'll always be my road shoe!)
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on September 25, 2014
I've run in Nike's for 25 years. Last shoe, I bought the first waterproof Nike running shoe that had very poor support and stopped being waterproof in a couple of months. These Salomon shoes have excellent support, and you don't feel like you're even working out, which I imagine lets people go long distances without fatigue. I've been using them about 1 week. They are light, sturdy, pretty, and provide excellent support.

This shoe is better built in the stiching, design, sturdiness, waterproofness, foot support, cushioning, and you don't feel like you are working out in this shoe. My last Nike ($125) had none of what this Salomon shoe does. I am very, very pleased with the quality of this shoe.

They are a little stiff, but that is because they are for trail running.

I am often out hiking and running, and the temps in the winter can quickly drop from 60 to below freezing while you are running. This shoe appears to be waterproof so far.

The shoe is also pretty enough to wear to work. I walk all day at work, so I will look forward to having such a versatile shoe for work and running, too.
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on May 22, 2014
I'm a road runner and I just started running the trails with some friends. After multiple rolled ankles and twisted knees, I decided to break down and buy a pair of trail running shoes, although I was skeptical if they would make all that much of a difference. Boy was I wrong! A friend recommended these Salomon's. They also received good reviews from Runners Guide. I didn't have any stores around me with much of a trail shoe selection, so I was forced to order online without trying them on first (which made me very nervous.) I went through several pairs of road running sneakers before I found a pair that didn't hurt my ankles or knees.

I did the big runner's "no-no" by wearing these for the first time on a 10k trail race on a pretty technical terrain. It was the morning after a huge storm so the trails were muddy, wet, and slippery. These shoes kept me balanced, provided excellent traction, were ridiculously comfortable, and I didn't fall once! There was a marked difference between running in these trail shoes vs. my Nike Pegasus Air road running sneaks. I highly recommend them. As an aside, the "speed lacing" design is really cool. There's no lace to trip on or come untied, and the shoes stayed on my feet just as snug at the end of the race as they were when I started.
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on March 10, 2014
If your looking for a light weight, durable off-road/trail running shoe, especially for running in the mud or snow this is a great shoe. These not only fit true to size, but they also clean-up nicely with a high power, pressure hosing. If you are into doing mud runs then these are the shoes for you; they provide excellent traction and the mud does not clump up or stick to the bottom of the shoe preventing you from having continuous traction and weighing you down due to the build-up. These shoes don't weigh a ton and are also waterproof which does very little when your running through deep enough water for it to come in over the top of the shoe, but unlike other shoes I've run with they tend to not absorb as much water while also flushing out any water left behind leaving you not weighed down with a soaked filled shoe that have water sloshing around in them. There is a guard over the top of the tongue of the shoe that helps to eliminate any debris that could potentially get into your shoe and cause discomfort. The shoe uses a non-traditional lacing system that allows you to customize your fit assuring you that the shoe is securely on and comfortable essentially preventing it from being sucked off your foot when running through the mud. After adjusted the lacing system to fit your unique feet needs you can roll the laces up and tuck them into the pouch located in the tongue of the shoe to get them out of the way.
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on December 3, 2014
These are great shoes for the right foot, which isn't mine. I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel, so a big "flare." These shoes fit my friend with a narrow foot awesome. He says it feels like it was made for his foot, fits like a glove. If you have wide feet, you will probably be disappointed. I was. The heel was also a bit wide. It was not a snug fit in the back. If your foot is more uniform in width, then you might be more pleased with them than I was.

Also, besides being narrow, my experience with Salomon's is that they have lots of material in the upper around the heel and ankle yet more flexible in the forefoot. It's probably a good combination for technical trails -- I don't know -- but I find it off balance. (I switched to the Saucony Peregrine and love them. Wish they made a more cushioned version with that tread. I also like the tread design better on the Peregrines. They are less sparse with the cleats.)
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