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Enthusiast: Country Musicon September 4, 2017
The season opener Clark is no longer in red and blue but in black since he has started training with his Kryptonian father at the fortress where he has learned to control his powers and starts displaying the family emblem when he does a save. Lois returns on a train with a three week gap in her memory. Chloe feels betrayed and becomes a recluse at Watchtower but Oliver and her become close when they start spending more time together. Lois and Clark become close after her return but every time she gets close to Clark she has memories from her time in the future. Tess and Clark get to see what Lois saw in the future which changes the way they handle the Kandorians. Clark gets to meet his biological father when his symbol is found in the desert and he goes to the Kent farm and Clark gets to talk to him just before he dies in his arms. Jor-El makes Clark promise to save Zod from himself and he agrees. Clark saves Zod's life when he is fatally wounded and Clark uses his blood to heal the wound unbeknownst to Clark that the blood gives Zod powers. Clark helps the Kandorians to blend in and create new lives with the help of Chloe. Clark learns about the JSA and what caused them to separate. Clark helps to bring the team back together and work with the new team. The Red Queen is introduced who is helping keep Clark safe from the bad in the world and stops people who try to hurt Clark. He finds out who the Red Queen is and is very surprised when he does. At the end of the season Clark pushes Lois to take a job in Africa and will not let her his secret. Clark finally is able to show the Kandorians the true side to Zod who is a murderer and deceptive person. Clark helps the Kandorians go to another place using the book of Rao but Zod wants to use a dagger made of blue kryptonite but after fighting with Clark he plunges it into him and Clark falls from the Watchtower to the street below just as Zod is taken into the portal. This is great addition to the collection.
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on June 3, 2014
I had Season 8, which is probably my favorite season, because I love the Doomsday plot. I also had Season 10, because I missed it on TV and of course wanted to see how the series ended. After watching Season 10, I really wanted to go back and see Lois and Clark (and Chloe and Oliver) fall in love. Smallville Season 9 does not disappoint. While the Zod/Kandorian plotline can get a bit confused/heavy, I thought the writers did a great job, over the whole series really, showing how Clark comes to terms with his role on Earth. They also developed Lois well, showing why she is crucial to Clark's ability to remain focused on his goals, and how she lightens his load. I absolutely love Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (to the point that I haven't watched the CW's new Arrow show, because I can't imagine anyone else in the role.) He is such a wonderful foil to Clark's seriousness and responsibility. Wonderful season.
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on November 24, 2016
All I can say is wow!!. This show is epic!! No other Superman show or movie can compare to the greatness of Smallville. Infact no other superhero show can compare either. Tom Welling puts such feeling and emotion into Clark Kent, really bringing him to life. Smallville has people from the other Superman movies starring in here or guests appearances in the show as well. Of course DC comics was involved giving insight. It's pretty epic and well thought out. Of course there are very important episodes explaining his past and who he is, as well as Clark experiencing life and life choices in other episodes. Alot of tie in's explaining how and why things came to be when he will one day be superman. I started renting Smallville via Netflix DVD via the mail. I was halfway through season 2. It was just taking too long for the turnaround time from Netflix. I couldn't wait any longer. I went and bought all 10 seasons on Amazon HD video at $29.99 each. I couldn't be any more happy. Best money I ever spent. I still continue to watch. Thank you Tom Welling, cast, and crew for bringing us Smallville. This show holds a special place in my heart. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed guaranteed.
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on March 3, 2016
We really loved the smallville series! It was great TV. Before "Gotham" there was Smallville... The story of how Clark Kent grew up and discovered his powers and his roll as a "human" and a "Super Hero". This was a great series for kids of all ages... but I would think ages 8 & older would enjoy it and not be too scared of the "scary scenes". Much friendlier then the "Gotham" storyline. If your kids like Super Heros... they will LOVE this series! We own the entire box set and my grown children still watch!
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on July 9, 2013
I haven't finished watching this, but my current comment is such: it's getting better AND worse.

There are points throughout this series where you feel like you're getting a *fresh* glimpse into the Superman mythos, and there have been times where it seemed as though the creators are blatantly fighting for every female viewer they could. No offense, ladies, but the generic male audience isn't as concerned with the myriad love triangles throughout the series, and giving the women in Clark Kent's life the ability to go through time, or train to be assassins... well, it's a departure. I can see why people were so turned off by this series as a whole.

That said, the middle seasons of this series tended to go further "out there" and gave fans the basis for what is happening in these later seasons. It's not so much that we watch this and have a sudden moment of clarity (there aren't many "THAT'S why that happened two seasons ago!" moments -- which makes me wonder how much foresight the writers possessed) but we're just more prepared for some of the weirdness that takes place in the 9th season.

Also, it should be noted that there seems to be a heavy Buffy/Whedon influence by this point.One-off episodes are sprinkled throughout, and while they're tapping into at-the-moment mainstream, these episodes are written into the storyline.

This review is meandering! Argh. But it's befitting for this item.

My recommendation: if you enjoyed the past few seasons, this season is a step up. If you disliked the last few, but enjoyed the first few? Well, you're probably not watching anymore... but, if you are, there's a SLIGHT uptick in terms of interesting episodes and semi-cohesive weirdness.
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on August 9, 2017
This blu-ray set arrived in perfect condition. My son and I have been watching all the seasons for quite awhile. It's a great show! We love our superheroes and our villains, especially DC.
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on June 18, 2014
Although somewhat darker, than the seasons previous, a great telling of the progression from man to Superman. I have been in debates, with some who feel Smallville does not live up to the Superman which, I reply..."it is not the story of Superman, but, of Clark Kent, on the journey to become the Man of Steel....a story, told weekly on the small screen, with (in my opinion) nice character development, great stories, and honors the work of Richard Donner, and Christopher Reeve, while remaining a stand alone saga.
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on July 31, 2017
enjoy the Smallville is fun to watch and it is even more fun to find all the mistakes that the made while film...
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on January 22, 2016
Arrived quickly. New as described. Have seen these before but had forgotten lots of episodes. So fun to see again. Hard to find and this was a great price. I watch Smallville with my teenage daughter and son. We all love the series. Superman is the best and Tom Welling is great.
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on May 9, 2017
but there were some stand out episodes so I bump it up about a star and a half for those.
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