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Not only are these the most handsomely packaged headphones you're likely to find (gold lettering proclaiming: "Samson Stereo Reference Headphones Dynamic Output Design"; "for Studio Reference"; "Accurate Monitoring"; "Maximum Isolation and Extended Low Frequency Response with Close Ear Design"--all this on a transparent box displaying the phones as well as two gold-plated stereo plugs--full-sized and mini), but once you put them on, they pretty much live up to the production values and hype. One thing's certain: you'll never find anything better at this price. I considered this a "justified purchase," since I work in a studio, where I do public announcing and music broadcasting.

For the record, these compare favorably to the studio's Sony MDR-7506s, even though the latter are about six times the price. The bass is "extended," to be sure, but never heavy, boomy or muddy. With all controls on the amp or sound source set "flat," the treble is a bit soft for my tastes, but nothing that a minor EQ adjustment can't fix. The all-important middle-range is present, definitive, clear--for both vocals (spoken and sung) and instrumentals. Perhaps compared to the studio Sony phones, these are a trifle bigger, a little bit heavier and slightly more loose-fitting but, as advertised, they're constructed with a "closed-ear design providing maximum isolation." Away from the studio I prefer my Sennheiser PX-100s or Koss Portapros, but either of these is too open and lightweight for working close to a microphone. Feedback becomes a problem shortly into a broadcast. Although I'm a fan (apparently, one of the few) of the Koss UR-40s (about twice the cost of the Samsons), the Samson CH700s certainly appear to be better made--rugged, strong and, most likely, more durable than the UR-40s (the Koss webbing broke loose during the first several months of use). Moreover, the Samson CH700s have a generous and relatively thick cable (expecially compared to the thin, short wire of the Koss UR-40s) PLUS single-cord attachment (usually found only on costly phones yet practically mandatory for the sort of scrambling I do while broadcasting and operating as many as 4 decks at the same time).

One more A-B comparison: the Sennheiser Evolution EH-150 full-sized headphones vs. these Samson CH700s. Initially, the EH-150s seemed large to me (especially after the PX-100s), but alongside the Samson CH700s they appear relatively trim. In other words, some individuals may be turned off by the size of the Samson phones; others, most likely, will be drawn to them because of their solid, engulfing appearance. (My guess is that they would not be a big hit with many female listeners or, for that matter, individuals with heads any narrower than mine). As for the sound, the Sennheiser EH-150s are likely to impress many young listeners--instantly. The bass is not merely "extended": it's prominent, and it's punching. For that reason alone, some listeners may judge them worth the price (which is more than twice that of the Samson CH700s). Not this listener, however. The bass from the Samsons is far more "natural," clearly-defined, and pleasing over the long stretch (it doesn't take long for the bass from the Sennheiser EH-150s to wear out its welcome, becoming muddy and uninteresting--at least to some experienced ears).

In short, Samson is a good name and can only get better, thanks to the quality and value of products like the CH700s. The company has practically cornered the market with the world's most popular (not to mention effective and affordable) personal digital audio recorder (Zoom H2), and they've impressed the most fastidious critics with a slightly more sophisticated (and expensive) successor (Zoom H4n). They're currently taking a lot of flak for their latest product, the Zoom Q3 (basically a Flip videocam attached to an H2). They goofed big-time by completely (and inexplicably) ignoring the public's current obsession with "HD video," but look for that oversight to be corrected in short order.

Heck, if you decide not to purchase these phones, you could do far worse than invest the money in a share or two of the company's stock.
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In the typical Samson style the packaging of the ear phones alone is enough to impress. I've paid significantly more for significantly less - and I just don't mean the packaging.

I do a good deal of pod casting, screen and video casting along with video editing I'm not a pro but a die hard hobbyist. Oddly I was on the phone with Samson trouble shooting a small issue with my Meteor mic. The tech and I got into a brief conversation about headphones, I've needed a new set for quite some time.

Based on my needs and applications he recommended four, two were new releases - high end with new and improved bells and whistles, one is due for release in a month that's got a new gel filled ear cushion instead of the plelather - not worth the wait for me and not worth the cost, but they sound great for anyone producing professional audio.

The third and last was the older out of production at this point CH700 - he gave it incredibly high marks albeit older technology. However at list for $70 he told me if I found a pair they should run around $50 and to grab em'

Immediately I log into Amazon and there's ONE pair left - with the "more on it's way" call out. The price was $19.99 - you can't buy ear buds for twenty bucks, I don't think I've ever added something to my cart and checked out this fast - ever.

The CH700 stereo reference headphones are outstanding. They've got the specs to prove it:

* Diaphragm - 40mm that's micro thin (8mm) mylar

* Magnet - High Efficiency Neodymium

* Frequency Response -20 hz -20k hz

* Impedance - 64 OHMS

* Sensitivity - 108dB S.P.L at 1kHz 3db

Not too shabby and the headphones perform as great as the look and as comfortable as they are to wear. Zero distortion on rendering and playback, full encased noise cancellation. Totally comfortable, no heat closed ear design - and tons of cable length.

Also included are two gold plated adapters 1) 6.3mm and 2) one 3.5mm mini jack which fits the Meteor mic perfectly. The frequency response is silky smooth. Monitoring is extremely accurate and not problematic whatsoever - and the closed ear design allows for pretty much absolute isolation. Not to mention they're light and extremely comfortable.

Highly Recommended
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on March 21, 2011
These are my first pair of headphones so I can really only base them off how I used these to master my tracks, and compare the end result with how they sounded on some KRK Rokit 8's compared with a typical EDM song.

I just found that the bass seemed to be a bit low, and the mids and highs felt a tad colored to sound brighter. Other than that they seem to reproduce vocals quite well. I also found the cord to be very long. I didn't quite like the plastic too much because when I moved around, they make a kind of squeaking sound. Also when I received them, the gold headphone jack cover kept screwing itself off (but nothing a pair of wrenched couldn't fix).

I found these to be perfect for home use, but not really anywhere else, especially NOT in the DJ booth. They were also strangely durable, they've lasted for about a year before breaking and the only parts that did were plastic coverings at the base of the headband, where the headband and ear cup meet. (I had them in my backpack when I threw my bag down; they twisted too much).

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the sound they reproduce that I've decided to take out the drivers and put them in some heavy duty ear muffs so that they are studio and DJ booth worthy.
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on November 29, 2012
Closed cup is great for field movie audio isolation. I can hear just fine off a Tascam DR-40. Extra long cable is attached to the left side so you don't have to guess left or right. I have not used it in my music recording studio for mixing yet, but it sounds fine for listening to my previous mixdowns and live playing. Also it puts out a lot of VOLUME, great for people who like it LOUD.
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on August 12, 2010
I've only used them one night, but I'm already in love with them. They are extremely comfortable, everything that touches your head is padded. They looked like they would be very heavy, but you almost don't even feel them when they are on. You can feel and hear the isolated seal when you put them on. I plugged them in and went right to work. Recorded 7 bass tracks and couldn't have asked for better headphones. The sound was crystal clear and I almost forgot I had them on they were so comfortable. Another feature I really like is the cord only attaches to the left can. No more having that V cord around my neck, getting caught on my bass's strap knob. It also has an extra long cord, which is very nice.
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on December 21, 2011
I have been using these lightly for about a year now in my home studio. Durability and sound isolation is about average. I originally purchased the CH700s hoping they were equal to an older (and more expensive) set of Carvin headphones I own (not their current headphone model). Aside from the logo paint they are physically identical on the outside; however the sound quality of the Samson CH700s is inferior to the older Carvin model. The one redeeming quality these have is fairly flat response, more flat than the Carvin model, so as lower quality studio headphones these work fine. At more than half off, the current price seems fair to me; but at MSRP they would be a rip off.
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on March 26, 2011
Read all the reviews and decided to purchase these for my son.
I obviously had to try them out before he did = )
I was very surprised at the accuracy and even balance of sounds they produced.
Supported the Low end very well without sounding "Boomy"
Can't really tell any difference between them and my Sennheisers.
I may have to buy a pair for myself as a backup.
My other 2 kids are bugging me to buy each of them a pair.
At this price, that is not a problem.
They are also very comfortable to wear for long periods.
They feel very durable and don't expect any problems with them holding up to daily use.
Well done Samson!!!
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on October 17, 2010
I use these studio headphones several times a week, while recording two different internet radio shows as well as webinars and videos that I produce. My experience with Samson products has never disappointed and the same results with these headphones. I am using them to monitor the entire production, so the closed-back style is critical to eliminate sound coming from the headphones being captured in the microphone.

I am now using these headphones connected to the Samson G Track Microphone and the combination is very solid. The quality is higher than I expected for the low price that you will get these headphones for. Just what I have come to expect from Samson.
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on October 6, 2012
22 months with no problems then the one side started cutting out. That was still no problem- I figure I got them for less than a buck a month. Nothing lasts forever. I replaced them with some Ovann brand things and they are going out after only 10 months. These are studio type headphones, they are not meant to be carried all over the place crammed into a computer bag, or thrown in the floor to be stepped on. let's be serious here and realize that if you mistreat any electronic it will fail you eventually.
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on July 2, 2012
So I bought these headphones for my home studio about 4 months ago. They are durable and a good value. The bass is a little bit overkilled, but it's absolutely fine for what I have been using them for. They stop bleed from the outside decently well, and they stop the bleed from the mix pretty well too. I use them for recording, and they are able to accurately monitor my recordings. I would not use them to mix however. Overall, they are great for what I need them to be.
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