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on June 25, 2013
I got this two days before heading out for a five day visit to northern Arizona and southern Utah; I brought the bag along during the long car ride, on four plane trips, and two hotels. It was convenient, light weight, easy to access and roll, and easily fit in the overhead compartment of the small commuter plane from Phoenix to Flagstaff. In fact, they were pulling other roll-away bags to check in at the gate, but didn't give mine a second look. Interestingly, it kept things cool in the trunk when I stopped at various desert spots to take photos or stopped for a meal.

One thing that was a bit dicey was the pull out handle; in my rush to close it when boarding the first plane I pushed down and clipped my little finger by mistake. That was my inattention, but I thought it would be a firmer push than it was. On the other hand, it balanced nicely and even "stood up" beside me as I waited for my flights; I think that's more how you pack than anything.

For this trip I packed five short sleeve shirts, one t-shirt, one pair of long pants, underwear and socks, toiletries in a baggie as required by TSA, four CDs, a folder with maps and brochures, a hat, a stand alone GPS device and cords, and my Kindle reader; it all fit easily and without cramming. The smaller top opening was less useful as things would fall out of it unless the bag was laid flat; I only put my everyday essentials in there (suntan lotion, map, etc.). Lots of room!

I take several short trips a year and I will update this after a few more trips to let you know how well it stands up.

December, 2013 update
I have now used this bag on seven trips since this initial one, for a total of 10 flight legs. The bag continues to hold up well, has never had to be checked in at the gate, and has even survived my overstuffing it on one trip and feeling the weight as I lugged it from one end of the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport to the other in 20 minutes during my run for a connection. The bag also survived well after being moved by a flight attendant to another section of the plane and jammed between two inflexible rollaways (grrr); but everything worked great when it was freed.
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on February 16, 2016
Bought this product in March of 2015 because it was discounted thru Amazon. I probably didnt use more than 6 times when i took on a cruise. Flew from Boston to Puerto Rico and the end that didnt have the pocket totally ripped. I thought i was screwed but i received a free cheap replacement bag from Jetblue as it was the first day of our cruise and i needed a bag. I couldnt take the bag with me as proof of the poor quality construction so I took a few pictures so i could contact Samsonite when i got home. What's worse was that we didnt have sufficient room in the cheap bag Jetblue gave us for the return flight so we crammed more into our checked bag. We were one of those people transferring clothes and other items at the check in desk to make weight.

When i got home i called Samsonite after being on hold for 10 minutes the operator told me i needed to take it to a repair center. I explained that i was in PR when it happened and he told me they had repair centers in PR. Obviously i was going on a cruise so i wouldnt have been running around the island trying to get my bag replaced. I told him i had pictures and he didnt really care. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after another 5 minutes of waiting the original operator got back on the phone and told me the supervisor would have to call me back. I never received a call back.

I guess if you're not flying anywhere and can take the bag back to a repair center when it does break, pick it up for the price. If you need a reliable bag, spring for something of better quality and a manufacturer with better customer service.
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on November 15, 2015
Very inexpensive. But you get what you pay for. One of the wheels delaminated after only six trips. Really? In the picture, they appear to be urethane skate wheels, but forensic analysis of the failed wheel show them to be cheap plastic core with a thin rubber overlay. Now it wobbles and jams when rolling on carpet. I will see if "I" can replace the crap wheels with skate wheels that it should have had in the first place. Will report back. .....Added... Tried to repair, but wheel replacement is impossible. It is very cheaply constructed internally as well-- rather than screws holding the wheel assembly together, it was fastened by melting the plastic alignment posts to the body frame. Disassembly and repair are not possible. I do not recommend this unless for one-time disposable use.
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on September 24, 2017
This bag became my instant favorite for short trips. I go into my company headquarters once a month for a week and this bag's size is just perfect. The reason I am giving it two stars is for its lack of quality. I purchased it Jan/2017 and now Sept/2017 the bag has a huge tear by the wheels (See pic). And I will need to buy another one.
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on July 16, 2017
I know reputation means little with some brand names, and so it is with this Samsonite duffel. I used this once, and the zipper held, then after, and not that their was too much pressure when used on the trip back the zipper went south. Poor T.S.A. didn't like what came out next, and neither did I. Ya know each line has their bottom, middle, higher end, and I'm used to that, but damn it Samsonite, with any of your luggage install a well made zipper line which works!
SO, BUYER BE WARE. Although this duffel is not expensive, I'd pass it over, because once the zipper is not working the entire bag needs to be bagged. "Bummer".
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on June 24, 2016
Had this 15 months- used 3X and there are now holes at the bottom of the bag. It's not dragged about whatsoever and always carried on (never checked) to limit the possibility of damage. Low quality fabric at best- do not bother with this bag
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on June 2, 2017
- Very sturdy Samsonite build quality
- Decent accent color
- Wheels, handle extension works great

- Black color on the inside ... would like luggage with a lighter color on the inside to see what I've packed / am packing.
- No flat bottom on the inside where the extension handles go. Would be nice if Samsonite included a flat (light colored) piece of plastic to place my clothes on so they don't have a indentation from where the extension handles are.

Wheels make a world of difference and are a life saver for most all my luggage needs!!! The quality of this duffel is very good. I have other Samsonite luggage and it has held up quite nicely (as well as this duffel) even after being tossed around by the baggage monkeys at various airports.
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on November 12, 2016
Great piece of luggage, however, it is just about an inch to long to fit comfortably into the overhead bin on the plane. It fit, but not as easily as I had hoped. Now, I had packed it fully of clothes, and it handled that well, so it can handle alot of stuff, but might be just an inch or so too large for airline travel. As they keep reducing the size of carry on luggage, this should not come as a shock to anyone. Anyway, for as long as you can get by using this on the plane, it will help if you need to take a bunch of stuff while on travel or holiday. I have big clothes, and I was able to get 6 days worth of stuff in here - a real miracle bag.
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on August 28, 2017
Went on a 9 day hiking trip with this in tow (clearly used a car to and from places)
I bought too many things and totally over stuffed it and it's killing the game. Love this rolling duffle. I just wish it was an inch bigger and the side pocket could actually hold shoes bigger than flip flops.
YES IT WILL GET SCRATCHED UP, duh! There no protectant on the "bottom" where you would stand it up on but just be careful!? I'm looking into maybe sealing it or something along those lines to extend the life of this bag but it's perfect and fit on a small plane as a carry on
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on March 22, 2016
I like the idea of a duffle bag because you can definitely fit more in this than if you were to in a hard case (just because the hard case material itself will be thicker all around). Also, because this is duffle bag-esque, it is very light. The wheels were good, the handle is solid, so overall, I did enjoy this carry-on.

However, one major thing is lacking. It DOESN'T STAND UP! So every time you wheel it somewhere and you are at a stop, either you have to keep holding it, or lean it up against something or yourself. It would have been nice to add either wheels or small plastic stands, but since this lacks it, you really do have to babysit this the whole time it is with you. Otherwise, I enjoy this product!
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