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on April 21, 2012
This luggage lock is by Samsonite; the well renowned luggage manufacturer. It is TSA approved meaning that TSA agents can inspect your luggage without destroying your bag and/or the lock. It also has an added feature that let's you know that the lock was opened by a TSA agent. This is a good feature to have which will make you verify that your luggage is still intact. Overall it is a good lock and it is money well spent. The instructions are quite straight forward and the combination lock is easy to personalise. I hope you enjoy the product as much as I have.
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on May 25, 2014
Initially the lock seemed to be of good quality. But, on my first trip with it, after getting to my hotel and emptying my luggage, and locking it up again on the luggage, it never opened again from that time forward. It would not unlock no matter what I tried. The red button on the bottom was out suggesting that the TSA people had opened my luggage when I got to my room. However, it was pushed back in according to directions, but still, the lock would not open. I had to eventually get a heavy wire cutter to cut this useless lock from my luggage.
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on July 28, 2014
!!!READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!!! I bought 4 locks. 2 of them broke in the first week, and 1 of them broke in the second week. I specially come here to write my review because I want to help the future buyers. DO NOT trust this product. I spent $37.65 on the 4 locks, and they caused me a lot of troubles during my vacation. If you really want locks, try the ones with keys, or better password locks. The cheap password locks will slide inside. For example, your password is 020. When you lock it, you change number 020 to 023, the lock should move 3 numbers. However it slides inside, and it only moves 2 or whatever. So the actual number inside is 022 but it shows 023 outside. When you put the numbers back to 020 the lock won't open because it's 019 inside. Therefore you lost your combination. You cannot open your lock with a correct password. This Samsonite lock has a cheap quality. The same situation happens a lot. I have had an engineering guy openned the locks for me, and we found this problem inside. If you really want to use this lock, it has a very high possibility that you have to cut your locks to open your bags.
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on September 4, 2017
At first it seems like a great product--from appearance, and from the function of it being able to show you whether TSA opened your luggage for examination or not. However, the 1st time I used it--and the only time I used it--for a flight from USA to Peru--it broke. As in, once I arrived at the hotel, put in my 3-digit code, it won't unlock. I tried putting the 0-0-0 preset code, and still won't unlock. I had to ask the hotel person to use a wrench to wring it off from my luggage zipper hole, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to even get to my clothing!! The worst part was--the TSA never opened my luggage to examine the content, so the lock broke on its own, not from TSA trying to open it or something. Horrible quality. I'm not sure if the durability of such lock is suitable for any kind of travel because suitcases are bound to be bouncing around during transport, so you can't say "don't let the lock hit anything, then it won't break," because that's impossible. Anyway, the lock had to be thrown away after being completely wrenched off from the suitcase. I guess I will no longer use these so-called TSA locks, so unreliable.
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on March 10, 2016
Garbage. 2 out of 4 failed. One was on my suitcase and I had to cut it off with a hacksaw. Two comments here - 1/ even if you carefully set the codes, there is no guarantee they will open later. 2/ if you have to cut them off, it is dead easy, as they are not made of hardened steel. Don't buy - you will be sorry.
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on January 16, 2016
I bought two of these for a family trip. I set my combo for both of them and tested them a few times before locking my bags. Since I keep my bags locked even when at the hotel, after being out I went back to go open the lock and the combo I setup ended up changing some how on one of the locks. Thankfully it was only by one number (the last one) so I was able to remove the lock. I tried resetting the combo for that lock and it worked once but then after that one time I couldn't get it to open again and had to buy a replacement while on my trip. Still can't get it to open, but the other lock works just fine. Not sure what happened but for the price these go for and to have the Samsonite name on the lock and this happened I'm a bit disappointed.
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on November 12, 2016
Purchased because of the pretty floral design that made it different. Upon receipt it surprised me that the hasp did not fit into the lock but is held in place by an exterior plastic piece. I'm not sure how secure this is. Apparently this is something new. Also, the lock numbers are difficult to read in certain light but do show up well if you rotate it out of direct light. I have not had occasion yet to reset the alert; it pops the bottom key portion out of position and you have to use a pointy object to push it back into the lock. I prefer a hasp in lock setup with color alerts and not having to use any tool to reset. Because I know there is another model lock out there that does this, I would not purchase this model again.
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on September 25, 2017
I have bought a lot of these luggage locks and have not been pleased with their fit or function UNTIL I bought this lock. The numbers are easy to see (even in low light) and the fit and feel is durable and secure.
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on August 18, 2013
I like to travel and when I do I like to keep my bags locked. Before I leave home I put this lock on my bag and the TSA has the ability to open the lock and check my bags, if need be. They then put the lock back on. I also like to keep my bags locked while at hotels - this keeps my clothing and items secure from housekeeping and others while I am out sight seeing. I lock is a must when traveling.
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on July 21, 2014
Expensive for what they do but I wanted something durable and these are. The TSA indicator is useful, to me, although for the life of me I cannot figure out why the TSA has to open my luggage when an x-ray scan cannot be showing anything controversial. How can what they are doing be safe if they can't trust the x-ray scan? Anyway, I can tell if someone has been in my luggage and I can reset the indicator easily. Hang onto the instructions, though, if you are interested in this. I now have a set of instructions in my phone as a PDF. Another thing to watch for is that if you do not spin the tumblers, the lock can open and fall off. Again, I think the TSA was to blame for this, but I cannot be sure so I mention it. The locking end of the hook does not enter the lock body itself and is only kept from opening by the collar you see in the upper left of the photo.
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