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on October 27, 2011
My wife and I do retirement leisure travel several weeks a year. We are so tired of luggage handles that tear out because of poor design. That is what first attracted us to this luggage in a Samsonite Outlet Store. We really liked the luggage but the price was more than I was willing to pay. Later, I found this luggage on and bought two 25 inch ones and saved $100 total from the outlet price.
We just got back from a 3 week trip to Oregon and it was our first trip with the Samsonite Lift 25" Expandable Spinner Luggage and are more impressed than ever with it. The airline agent who checked us in for our flight commented on how well-built the handle was and also stated that is usually the first thing to go. The driver for the rental car shuttle admired and commented on how much he liked our luggage. So, did the hotel shuttle driver on our return trip. Everyone, including us, feel that this is the best luggage design ever. Not only does it have the integral handle on the top, it has a good handle on the bottom - a feature that my old back very much appreciates when putting the suitcase up on a bed or a luggage rack. Every suitcase that I buy will be a spinner because they are so much easier to handle and turn around in hotel elevators. We have had other spinner suitcases that the spinners broke when being pulled like a wheeled suitcase. Not these, they pulled well, spinned well, and did everything we asked of them.
The luggage was so light (8.6 lbs) that with two of these suitcases we could carry the amount of clothes that normally take in 3 suitcases in order to stay under the 50 lb airline limit. One less bag to hassle with was much appreciated. The design is well thought-out and the suitcase is sturdy even though light. It held up perfectly and still looks new after 3 weeks of airline and rental car travel and being dragged into and out of a different hotel almost every night. That is why I feel that this is the best luggage ever !Samsonite Lift Spinner 25 Inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage
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on March 14, 2013
I bought this luggage in the charcoal color after doing extensive research on different models, and after using it for over a year, I'm convinced I chose well. Here are 6 reasons why this luggage is awesome:

1. Size - This is the perfect size to pack your things in for an international flight (in economy class, that is). When I was a kid traveling with my parents, I used to pack my things in one of their full-size luggages (the ones around 29" long), and it was never full even when I had maxed out the weight limit of 50 lbs (i.e. my stuff would tumble around in the luggage while in transit). With this 25", I can pack my stuff in very neatly up to 50 lbs and it'll arrive at my destination the same way. I think there really is no reason to use a larger luggage unless you are a) traveling on business or first class where you are given more than a 50 lb per piece luggage limit, or b) packing lots of boxes with empty space inside your luggage, i.e. 10 pairs of shoes in their original shoeboxes.

2. Lightweight - Like I said, I wanted to stay under the 50-lb limit. But I also wanted to pack as much stuff as I could under 50 lbs, so I wanted the lightest luggage possible. I have back issues too, so I didn't want to struggle with lifting any more weight than was necessary. This piece is around 9 lbs when it's empty, so it's not the absolute lightest luggage on the market (the International Traveler IT-O-2 is about 3 lbs lighter), but it was the lightest one that met all my other criteria.

3. Easily maneuvered - I was initially skeptical of the spinner wheels, because they looked like they would break off easily, jutting out like that. I had only ever used luggage with recessed in-line wheels before, which I thought would always be more durable. But after a year of using this luggage, the wheels are still perfectly intact and I don't think I could go back to using non-spinner luggage. Since it spins 360 degrees, it is just so easy to get the luggage to go where you want it to go, which is crucial when you have to swiftly squeeze into a crowded rush-hour train on the way to the airport and the only floor space left for your luggage is at a really awkward angle.

4. Durable - I generally trust Samsonite to make good quality luggage that doesn't fall apart. It may not have a Tumi warranty, but this one has held up for over a year of use and looks like it could go for at least 10 more. I particularly love the side grip handles which are built into the luggage itself, sewn into the corners. These handles aren't coming off anytime soon! The luggage has a handle on the bottom end, too (3 handles in total: top, right, and bottom), so if you're lifting the luggage to face up you can hold the luggage with both hands, which leads to less wear and tear on the top handle.

5. Color - I decided that I was never going to buy black luggage because it's just too hard for me to spot it on a luggage carousel among all the millions of other black luggage at 2am, when my eyes are still bleary from jetlag. And even if I could, there's no telling how many other jetlagged travelers might mistake it for their bag and bring it home with them. My dad used to tie these brightly colored ribbons on the handles of our old black luggage to make it easier to spot on the carousel...a good workaround if you have no other option but black luggage, but I find it so much easier to just not buy black luggage in the first place. I picked the charcoal color because I wanted it to look classy and not too girly, so my husband doesn't mind being seen with it. I think this backfired on me though because now he likes to use my luggage more than his black one! Oh, and for those of you concerned about non-black luggage looking dirty, fear not---after much traveling I've only ever gotten a few small black smudges on it, and they were really easy to wipe off.

6. Beauty - This luggage definitely looks prettier than the IT-O-2 made by International Traveler, mainly because the exterior material of the IT-O-2 was wrinkly (like duffel bag material stretched over a luggage frame). I also didn't like that the telescoping handle of the IT-O-2 was so wide (basically as wide as the luggage itself). I like securing some bags on top of my luggage by looping the strap (or the built-in luggage pass-through) around the telescoping handle, and I won't be able to do that if the telescoping handle is too wide. The handle on this Samsonite is perfect.

By the way, I also have the matching 21" version of this luggage (the carry-on size). It nests inside the 25" one if you slip it in upside down (with the wheels of the 21" facing in the opposite direction of the wheels of the 25"). I like to wrap the 21" in a large plastic bag before nesting it so that any dirt on its wheels won't get inside my 25".

Other reviewers have complained that this bag tips over all the time. I personally have never had that problem. Perhaps Samsonite has fixed whatever was the issue.

Final word: BUY IT! You won't be sorry. Buy the 21", too.
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on July 16, 2014
Love the color not quite purple, but not blue either. I just wanted to be able to see it among all the ordinary black ones, and I did! Let me tell you this luggage survived several loadings and un-loadings on planes, boats and buses all in 2 weeks time in Germany, Italy and Greece. I can attest to the fact that luggage handlers need to move fast and don't have time to be gentle, I witnessed my suitcase being slammed face down many times and everything inside was fine, shoes a little smooshed, but fine. That being said, don't put anything bulky or breakable in the outside pocket. I followed the instructions of other reviews about putting heavier items towards the bottom to prevent tipping and I never had a problem. I have to say I love the "four wheel drive" while everyone else was toting their suitcases behind them putting strain on their arm and shoulders, mine was smoothly rolling right next to me, almost effortlessly. I never tripped anyone with mine either since I knew right where it was and sudden stops were not an issue. Going from 4 wheels right next to me to 2 wheels behind me on the escalator was a breeze. Our luggage was left out in the rain and all of my stuff was soaked, it never occurred to me to use a water proofing spray. I did pack all of my clothing and almost every item in zip lock bags so all was well. Because I deflated the air from the bags to make them very flat, I was able to fit 14 days worth of women's clothing plus all of my high maintenance girly items, 2 pairs of sandals, several souvenirs, and still had room left. Just had to watch the weight, which was 37 pounds pre-trip and 48 pounds post trip. My daughter's 24" Samsonite pre-packing weight was more than this one, so the weight of this one is ideal! My husband says the handles on the bottom and sides are a great idea, as he hefted it in and out of the car 3 times. Buy this luggage and have a great trip!
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on July 24, 2014
Prefer my 28 inch version with just two wheels but this one is just under the size limits for the major airlines. The wheels are extended from the bottom too far and this uses space that could have been used for packing items. It tips easier than I would like and don't be fooled by what looks like pockets on the front, they are just cleverly placed zippers on full depth partitions. I'm 6'3" and the handle does not extend enough to allow me to walk without a slight bend in my back. Overall I'm happy with it, but significant improvement is certainly possible.
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on August 2, 2013
With only two adults (2 children 4 and under) this made it much easier to get all three check in luggage plus 2 car seats through to the counter at the airport. Of course we also had the baby in the stroller to push and our carry-ons but it made things more manageable. My husband was able to wheel this back to back with another suitcase which had the carsseat (still inside the box) strapped to it. The 4 year only didn't want to push it though eventhough I tried to convince her it was the easiest thing to handle. It wheels so well that if on a slope it may need a stopper or a foot to keep it in place. If necessary I suppose one could lie it down but space and convenience doesn't always allow. If I need another luggage I would consider purchasing however it does show the dirt on the outside. I purchased the tan color. I resisted getting a dark color because I felt it may be harder to spot. I will have to see how much dirtier it gets and have not tried to clean it since my hubby is already using it on another trip.

I purchased this style in particular because there was a cheaper one also being sold on amazon that had several reviews of wheels breaking. I didn't want the hassle eventhough there is a 10 yr warranty on samsonite. This one is reasonably priced. We had a samsonite for over 10 years before the wheels loss the threads (the older style, used 2 times a year through flights). I personally felt it was worth it to spend the extra money.
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on July 21, 2014
A great purchase but I wanted any future buyers to be aware.. Because it's a bit unstable (falls away from the handle) it was tricky navigating up and down stairs/escalators in Tokyo train stations. I was carrying a small cooler and this suitcase. Because I was holding the suitcase with the extendable handle, it almost tumbled down the escalator (away from me) onto an innocent, helpless looking woman frozen in shock because she knew this monstrosity of a suitcase was going to crush her. I found it easier to control with the non-extendable handle. At least that way it didn't spin away from me and pull me down the escalator with it! I'm just under 5 ft with adequate strength to carry the contents of the suitcase without the wheels, which I had to do at train stations with no escalators but the tippiness with the extra torque made it difficult to control on escalators. The extendable handle appears to be quite sturdy. If it wasn't, it surely would have landed on the woman behind me. It does have great points for style. I love the charcoal.
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on April 8, 2014
The Samsonite lift spinner 25 inch is the perfect size, not too small not to big. Basically if you get a bigger one you are almost guaranteed to be over the average 50 pound limit of most airlines, so why bother? I have used it for about 4 international flights since I bought it and I already know rule of packing if it fits it's probably within the weight limit.
Price; get it on amazon I compared Macys on sale and I looked for a similar one on Costco as well and you won’t find a better deal on a similar bag.
Also, very important when choosing a bag= the way it opens. I used to have bags that have to be open in the middle in order to take things out- in small hotels or cruises it occupies way too much mts2. In this one, you don’t even have to unpack you can just unzip the top and keep everything organized and It will not occupy as much floor space as the ones that are half and half.
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on January 30, 2014
Understanding that this is not the "top of the line"; it's well worth the money. I have a smaller spinner carry on and needed a larger piece of luggage for longer trips. Having spinner wheels makes it much easier to navigate through the airport - especially when you have a piece of luggage and a brief case. I also bough a spinner brief case that I love.

Fabric is nice; the charcoal gray is a bit darker than you would think but still a very nice color
Size is good - like the expandable option for extra room
Extendable handle is not "cushy" as in some other models but still is good.

Overall I would recommend this product - it's well made, good looking and you don't need top spend hundreds of dollars for a good suit case.
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on April 19, 2015
This piece of luggage was a disappointment. The exterior zipper broke off with the first use. The interior is roomy but the zipper compartment inside opens on the wrong side so when the case is open, if the top is up against the back of a luggage rack or a wall, when unzipped the contents fall out into the main compartment. On the plus side it is very light but if packing heavy and using the expansion area it will easily tip over.
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on January 29, 2014
My husband and I have always gotten the largest luggage bags for check in, and even with the 4 wheels the handle pops up too tall for me to wrangle comfortably - this one is just the right height, and my Samsonite carry on bag nests in it perfectly for storage - the integrated handle is wonderful, especially since we had the plastic handle on our other Samsonite check in back snapped off by a gorilla in baggage handling on our last trip - the lighter weight, even though it is a slightly shorter bag, will allow me to still put a lot of things in it and stay under 50 lb. - great color too !
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