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on May 31, 2010
Pros: Beautiful monitor. The exterior appearance is among the more attractive of Samsung's variants (see hideous 2233sw). Amazing picture. Deeper colors and detail than my 40" Samsung 120hz 1080p LCD TV (LN40A650). No blur or artifacts here.

Cons: Horrible touch-sensitive buttons! You can never see them, whether day or night. Also, the high gloss leads to glare from my overhead room lights, despite their low output. This thing will reflect your blackberry more than you can probably stand. Finally, the firmware for the picture adjustment is terribly designed, with non-intuitive controls and convoluted submenus. I feel the need to pull out the instruction manual every time i want to make the screen a bit brighter, and lets just say I am not the type to even keep instruction manuals after the first hour of ownership.

Overall, this screen is in line with what I have come to expect from Samsung, regardless of size - a dazzling image that cannot be duplicated, along with awful ergonomics seemingly designed for the 12-year-old, all-things-spaceage loving kid in all of us.
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Nice enough monitor, but it really, really requires a separate hardware calibrator. Default settings are bright enough to blind a normal human. But, once calibrated it's fine. Don't like the touch controls. Hard to tell where they are, and they don't always respond which is really annoying. Lack of an adjustable stand meant I had to set it on a two inch high block of wood on my desk which is also annoying. Once calibrated, the image is OK, but everything else looks and feels really cheap.
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on January 6, 2012
The monitor was shipped to me very quickly and came in good order. It was a snap to assemble. It's attractive enough, though I don't generally care for a glossy finish on electronics. There is a DVI connection and a VGA, but no HDMI. I do not like the menu buttons, and that's the biggest gripe that I have. They are - to coin a term - "touch insensitive". Real buttons would've been easier to use and less of a hassle.
This is an issue because the monitor needs some adjustment out of the box. It's set up to look nice in stores but I found that some of the settings are off. Go to a monitor calibration site such as this one: [...] and follow the instructions. I had to adjust the gamma and I also had to adjust the contrast and the brightness a bit. Once those adjustments are made you should have a relatively accurate picture. It may not satisfy the finicky taste of a design professional but for the average Facebooker you'll be blown away. It's also very capable for gaming and/or movies.
My favorite feature is the ability to see the whole workspace in my design programs and to see two pages side by side in Word. I run a dual monitor setup anyways but compared to the little CRT that I had been using before I feel like I've almost got three monitors now. Of course that's not specific to this monitor, but if you're not sure about widescreen I just want to point out that I highly recommend it.
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on April 30, 2011
Recently purchased the Samsung B2230 for a new rig I'd ordered. It would be my first HD monitor and the first time I'd have a chance to see much of anything in 1920x1080. Arrived safely, was a breeze to setup and my old PC accepted it just fine.

Brightness level is ridiculously high when first starting up so lots of adjustments are needed to get it to your comfort level but the colors are bright and sharp. No dead pixels although I had what I can only call a "lazy" one when it first came on. It was green but soon disappeared and has not returned. No issues whatsoever with the monitor.

My only complaint, and it most likely is simply just me, was that the instruction sheet made no mention that the controls are touch sensitive. Stupid me, I kept trying to "press" and of course it wouldn't work. A quick call to customer service and I felt like a fool but it worked. They were very polite and didn't make me feel silly but that one was on me.

Fully recommend the monitor to anyone looking for a sleek looking addition to their setup. Can't wait to see how it'll look with my new PC. May do a followup on this at that time.
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on August 27, 2012
I purchased my monitor from Samsung via Amazon 6 months ago. I am incredibly busy. I have had to support the power plug with wadded up paper ever since I got it because the plug wouldn't make contact and turn the monitor on. Jiggling doesn't help. It's been a pain because the paper would fall out with the slightest movement. Samsung customer service sent me a new power cord. That worked the same. Then I drove all the way to the closest UPS exchange store and took in my monitor (a pain) and picked up the same model..a new one. Same thing. Today I was assured I would get a call from Samsung to set up another exchange but "likely an upgrade from what you have since it has been so problematic." The Rep who answered the phone today didn't promise a better monitor, but the same thing, if in stock. Why would we want to keep making the same mistake? I got no call from Samsung by 3:30pm CT. I took great pains to choose this particular monitor from Amazon and am really perturbed to say the least.
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on February 10, 2012
I have two computers in my home. One for my office and one in my recording studio. Well, the one in my studio was an older CRT model and the picture went out the other day, which meant that I couldn't mix some music projects I was working on. I ended up taking the monitor from my office, an 18" LCD Widescreen and putting that in my studio. I knew I wanted a bigger monitor for my office and had decided on a 22" monitor. My eyes aren't what they used to be, and I read the news online these days as opposed to buying a newspaper. I checked out what Amazon had to offer and decided on the Samsung B2230 and I'm glad I did. Super easy to set up, though it was a little hard to tilt it back initially. But once I got it the way I wanted, it was perfect. News, online magazines, daily comics, and my emails are so much easier to read. The colours are very vibrant. Overall, just a great little monitor. Heck, this is almost as big as my first TV all those years ago. It even makes watching Netflix in my office an enjoyable experience. Like I said, a great monitor for a great price.
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on October 24, 2011
I got two of these bad boys as it was finally time to live in the present and have a dual-monitor setup. The other reviews that warn you about how bright these monitors are? Extremely accurate. WOWZERS these are bright. I have them turned down to about 20% brightness.
Also, one of the monitors has a noticeably different color to it. I've fiddled around with the color settings as much as I could, but can't quite get them 'aligned', so to speak. It's very minor, but I'd suggest not getting these if you do work for, say, graphics and art and such.
One other weird thing - one of the monitors has a single dead...ish pixel. Not a dead pixel, but one that turns green sometimes, and stays that way for a while, usually until I turn the monitor off for a while. Sometimes it comes and goes. Really odd. At least it isn't fully dead?

Anyways, minor gripes aside, these are very very nice monitors and I'm happy to have them.
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on November 20, 2011
I picked up two of these for my home computer setup. Perhaps two monitors is overkill but for the price point it was hard to pass it up. There was some issues with the Drivers that came in the box but between getting drivers from Samsung website I was able to get it up and going, but in reality you don't need the drivers. The drivers also don't seem to play nice when you have two monitors running, but again they work fine right out of the box. I did do some tweaking with the brightness and contrast but not much.

Some people have issues with the touch buttons. They are quite easy, in the beginning I just moved the Energy Star sticker just above the button for where to press in the dark. But after a few weeks I was able to remove it.

For the value these monitors are great. I use both daily and and very happy I went with two. I do with they had slightly more adjustable stands, but they do have support for wall mounts so I may get a few of them to set up with the monitors.
review image
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2011
I purchased a Samsung 2343BWX two years ago and it is the best monitor I've owned. It recently died, Samsung repaired it quickly under its 3 year warranty, and I wanted another monitor for a different computer. The B2230 seemed to have good reviews and the Samsung site showed a 3 year warranty.

There are no "back lighting" issues with the B2230. It is so bright I had to turn it down to "10" and change the contrast to get the colors to darken so video looked correct. The 2343BWX and a Sony that I have are better on the color adjustments. But I am now happy with this monitor. Now the bad news. Samsung will not honor the 3 year warranty. They claim their site is being updated and there is only a 1 year warranty on this model. If this monitor dies during the 2nd year I will update this review and change to another brand.
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on February 28, 2013
All the buttons are capacitive touch (as in, no tactical buttons I can feel and push). It's a pretty terrible design really, because sometime's you can touch slightly off and instead of turning off the monitor, it say...goes into the display menu settings.

Annoying. Samsung, bring back the buttons. Is it really that hard to put buttons on things any more? Who called and complained about their monitor needing capacitive touch? It was a waste of time developing and programming a capacitive touch interface for a computer monitor.
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