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on July 19, 2013
Before purchasing this camera, I found the local BestBuy has GC110 model without 3G priced at $449. I looked it up at Amazon, found this GC100 3G version even unlocked is about $100 less. I was very suspicious about this deal, but still made the order.

The camera arrived as brand new and I am feeling better. Love the camera and especially the screen, the biggest screen you can find for P&S camera. The camera package are printed in Poland language (like But the package was sealed very well and definitely not previously opened one.

One small problem: the power adapter came with the package does not work: basically it charges very very slow, like 10% overnight. Called U.S. Samsung CSR and was told to switch to PC USB, then the battery is able to charge to full quickly. Samsung CSR (in the U.S.) could not find the IMEI# from this camera (I think it's because it's from outside of the U.S.). But she is nice enough to offer me with a replacement adapter. Honestly, the adapter looks cheap made, and it's black/odd and does not match with the gorgeous camera white. I guess it could be swapped to be able to use in the U.S.

Before receiving the replacement adapter, I found I can use any USB (iPhone, iPad, computers, etc) to charge it. So, the adapter issue became a minor issue now. Then quickly, I found out the battery drains too fast. I think this could be common issue of an Android system or the battery is too small for this camera. Using wifi about 30 min, I downloaded and installed some apps, read some news, the battery dropped from 100% to 80%. Maybe some big downloads like 150M offline GPS maps had some impact. Then with WIFI on for about 2 hours later (almost doing nothing), the battery dropped to 70%. Then, I used the offline GPS app to guide me home about 15mins' drive, it dropped to 60%. Wow! Seems I will need to keep in charged all the time. So far, I've not tried battery drain if using camera only but I will do soon. Hopefully, if I do all tricks to conserve the battery, like turn off wifi, lower display brightness, etc, I will be able to take 350 pictures as in spec.

Anyway, bought this camera for it's Android system and the huge screen. Certainly, it has some downsides comparing to others like Canon/Nikon, but it's just what I need. I will also need to try out 3G soon to see whether unlocking works or not.
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on August 14, 2013
I like this camera. I just feel that I need something new. I love WI-FI and connection withmy Samsung Galaxy cell phone. Easy to operate because I have knowelege of my cell phone. Of course , there are many other cameras that may be better than this one. By th by, very clear and bright photos! I have paid $337. I am sure for this money this camera is good.I have everything white- computer,PC, CELL PHONE, battery charger from SAmsung,Touch Pad, now I have one more white- camera.They look together outstanding. I think if this camera can work for next 2 years, I will be happy. I have previuse SAMSUNG black camera. It has worked perfect and made perfect photos. I t has been accedently distroed in Universal Studio by crasy shark. But It is not a camera fault.
Peopl, if you have money I recomend to by this camera, I have also looked more cheap camera Samsung white for $149-179. This camera looks more cheap than galaxy.Look Youtube video to make right decision.
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on February 19, 2013
I bought this piece for my wife and took it to Italy together with my 5D3. It is the first time I put this camera in a real trip, so I do feel a lot difference and record them here when the memory is still fresh. Sorry I am not English native.

.With mobile phone, you can take picture anywhere and edit and share instantly. However, there is one thing the smartphone can not and will never do, ZOOM. This piece is a smartphone with superzoom lens, 21X zoom, which is nearly a telescope when you wanna record sth far. This feature is very useful when you get chance to try it. This is the first reason that I think the camera is worth to buy. The tele-zoom lens is the only value for small digital cameras, or, you can use your mobile instead.

.The Android system. When we all enjoy the instant photo taking and sharing, and keep online with friends, why we still stay with a classic camera, a smartphone, and a computer to connect the camera and phone? They are all in one this time, and compact. All setups are as simple as your mobile. Here are what I do with the system: added art effects in real time when taking pictures; record a nice restaurant by taking a picture with GPS tag, and later load this position from the photo into Google map so we can follow the map and go back, all happened by just touching the screen few times; add effects and share photo with friends through IMs and instagram; playing games; using GPS; browsing web; my kid compose the photos and videos into a video stream with music, just on the camera, a lot fun.

. The high end hardware. It is true that Nikon do have a android model of digital camera. However, it is small screen, weak CPU, which means data-intense processing such as photo and video editing may be not so fluent. To me, it is more like altering an interface instead of changing an operating system. The advanced hardware is definitely a must, if you want an android camera.

. The power charging micro-usb connector. It is true that is micro-usb connector is an important thing to me. This means when you have a lot to shot during the day, including long videos, you will not worry about the power supply any more. This is because you can carry a portable power supply (a large battery, such as my 6000mah Philips) to charge the camera at any time, with a standard usb cable. This external battery will also benefit all your android and apple devices. So for the days in Italy, I never worry about power of this camera. However, I am not saying the battery of this camera is weak, it is enough. For the whole week, there is only one day I definitely I have to charge the camera on our way. When we went back to our hotel that day, the power become 100%, fully charged! I believe you have never had this experience with other cameras.

.Huge screen with sharp image and instant touching response. very good experience ever to a camera.

.3G network is a good design, which makes you connected all the time. I mean, in my country, not Italy.

.Voice phone is not designed and not necessary for this camera, since this Galaxy Camera will shut down after 2hrs standby to save energy as a normal camera. So it will not work as a real phone. Use software to call your friends, such as skype.

The improvements needed:
1. the lens quality. Actually, it is a good lens for recording and sharing. I am just expecting the lens could be better when comparing to Nikon, canon, Sony(Zeiss) and Panasonic(Leica)

2. The ccd is still too small, the size of this Galaxy should have enough room for larger sensor.

I am not sure whether I am too strict to this camera since I also have a 5D3. :-)

My recommendation is that this camera is worth to buy if your lifestyle is shoot & share, and enjoy the smart system. If you can live with the image quality of you mobile phone, then this camera is much better than that.

A final story, I also took a Sony TX-9 camera for my wife, since she never believe Samsung could build decent cameras! But finally, she never touched the Sony during the whole trip.

Thanks for your time.
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on February 9, 2014
I like the design of the camera but there are a few problems with it. First of all in low light and with back light the camera has lots of problems in focusing. And at this point it is not possible to focus manually with using the tough screen. Very bad issue for me as I wanted to use the camera without flash. The other problem is the quality of the file. there is lots of noise even with ISO set to 400 and above. The picture look not as expected from a camera in this price range. All in all, I would not buy the camera anymore and I'm looking for a better unit now.
I like the design however - but design is not everything.
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on January 23, 2014
This camera is amazing. The pictures are vivid and clear. The screen on this camera is huge. I love all the features of the android OS that you can easily use. The zoom is excellent and all the features and filters work out amazing on it.
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on December 4, 2013
This is a great camera, but.... I am a bit technology challenged so I cannot use it to its full potential, but am working on that. (thanks to youtube and a patient stepson with the same camera. I am very proficient with older SLR's and have many great lenses, flashes, accessories and on a part time basis, sell my work. I can't wait until I can explore all the possibilities that this camera has and add its capabilities to my photography tool box
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on August 12, 2013
It is a very stylish design. I think most of the cost is because of the design because the camera is not the best...haha.
I like it though.
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on July 14, 2013
my expectations about the camera was so light but now I know is tremendous device for cheap price, I'm enjoying it and thanks again! I recommend it!. Thnaks Amazon Friends, fast shipping!!
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on October 2, 2013
I LOVEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!! Best camera I have every had that is this small...would recomend it to any one that wants one...
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on February 14, 2014
After 6 months camera broke. And haven't been able to get it fixed because it was manufactured in UK And samsung here in the US refuses to fix it. I contacted the seller and told me the same. Morale, research and make sure about warranty and service maintenance
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