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on December 14, 2015
I've been using Samsung 32Gig Class 10 cards in my devices for i good while. My current Droid and every Droid I've rooted has had they're Micro SD cards installed in them. This one was a bit unique, as it was for my little brother's Galaxy S2 which apparently doesn't like Class 10 cards. Well after installing this it ran perfectly and it'll play 1080p video off it just fine so it's pretty impressive Class 6 card.

If you can't use a Class 10, don't worry. Samsung has got you covered with a really good Class 6 too. ^_^
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on April 2, 2015
I spent hours of independent research looking into the different types and speed classes of micro SD cards for my phone (Galaxy S3). I knew that the memory could be expanded to 32GB maximum, but there was no indication of which class speed I could max out at. After getting nowhere speaking to my phone carrier, Virgin Mobile, they finally told me that this was a question for the phone manufacturer, Samsung. I called Samsung and they were very helpful in answering my questions. Samsung phones can only be guaranteed to work with micro SD cards (SD, SDHC, and SDXC) up to speed class 6, anything faster is hit or miss and could potentially corrupt your files because they write too fast for the phone to handle. Product was delivered on time, and was exactly what I ordered. Able to expand the memory on my phone and save space for a lot more media. Perfect!
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on December 5, 2015
This card has failed after about 18 months. It was used in two cell phones, both of which now say it's damaged. This occurred suddenly after cycling my phone on and off. The card can be read in Windows, so I could get my data off, but it is not writable, and, hence, can't be reformatted.

Samsung has no section on their web site for microSD cards. I had to initiate a warranty claim on something else. They directed me to a third party service company. I gave them the information requested, but I'm not optimistic I'll hear anything useful back.

UPDATE: the warranty servicer actually did contact me and initiate an RMA. However, I explained that I couldn't just send them an uneraseable card with all my private data on it, but they insist on getting the card to service the warranty. So, effectively, the card has no warranty. A replacement card certainly isn't worth the identity theft risk. I can get a new card for $10.

Samsung should consider that bad support on a cheap item can (will) cost them sales on an expensive item. Oh well . . .
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on September 15, 2014
I use this Micro SDHC card with my vehicle dash cam (E-Prance Mini 0803) and it has worked just like it's supposed to so far with no issues. I'm not a big fan of Samsung products in general, but the price on this was good so I went for it. After all, it is just a memory card, probably mass-produced in China. It could just as easily be any other brand as they are probably all made by the same company and branded by various companies. Either way, it works so it gets the 5 stars!

I Hope this review helps in your decision making process and please be sure to rate it if it did! Thanks for reading!
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on December 20, 2015
Does what it's supposed to do, but that's all. I plug my earphones into it and use my old smartphone as a music storage device for the gym. Replaces my Sansa Clip mp3 player which finally died (RIP). Took off a whole star because there's no hinge to make the clip part lift easily in order to attach it to your clothing (like the Clip). You just have to jam it on while you hold a wad of fabric in your other hand. Also, some sticker they felt the need to put on the clip part has left a sticky residue since i removed it. I hate that.

As for the one-trick-pony deal, I thought I'd use this tonight to make the bedroom tv have bluetooth in order to use my bluetooth headphones for sound. Nope. Both devices are passive and wait for the other to accept tge paring, so though both are blinking, they don't connect. Oh well. I've got another dongle coming for that purpose.
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on June 13, 2015
Nice addition for our Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids edition but I think that the tablet got lower speed performance after I loaded the card of videos and start using it. I kept deleting videos to down size it but now with Power Saving feature On I feel the tablet is now 100% due to be reading the card. Still I still is a good card but I could not tell the reason of having tablet's performance slower due to this type of card. Maybe because the tablet is older that this card.
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on October 30, 2014
I know allot of the reviews on this product criticize It for being a class 6 card and not a class 10, and that it is slow. Honestly don't listen to those reviews. This product is well worth the money for the everyday consumer, I can't see spending the extra for the "EVO" card when this one works fine, im using the card in my Galaxy Note 4, and its working great! As far as speeds go, i dont notice any delay whatsoever. I will definitely be buying another card soon! Best buy sells this same card for $34.99 I got mine for $17.99 what a steal!
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on October 23, 2014
I have bought for 6 years here in amazon and it keeps being amazing, as always!

So, lets review this little cards, shall we?

Externally, they look really cool, they are blue and all that hehehe. The packaging is standard. Well built and adapted for the long travel. Good seal on package.

About the interesting stuff. The qualities of this memory:

Two benchmarks for test purposes because reasons, i always seem to get wildly varying results so that's that. ill try to post some pictures for you to get the point:

First Benchmark:

Device For Test: THL T6S Quadcore Android 4.4.2 Phone
Benchmark App: SD TOOLS
Reading Speed:21.0 MB/S
Writing Speed:152.6 MB/S

This was my first benchmarking. it seems to indicate the micro sd is really fast. not gonna lie to you, it really is, but as i say, wildly varying results. lets go to the second test

Second Benchmark:
Device For Test: THL T6S Quadcore Android 4.4.2 Phone
Benchmark App: A1 SD BENCH
Reading Speed:5.01 MB/S
Writing Speed:5.54 MB/S

See? this is what im talking about. My benchmarks always vary a lot so until i get a computer to test them i'm afraid this will have to do?

Remember, as always to inform yourself before buying. take a measured decision!
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VINE VOICEon January 12, 2015
The chip fit into my Samsung tablet perfectly and provided the extra memory to store all of my music, some videos, and a large number of books. The cost is good, and so far the reliability is excellent. For tablet use the speed is more than sufficient. For some cameras, the class 6 is not fast enough, class 10 would be better. But, most cameras use the full size SD card not the Micro. Bottom line, this is an excellent chip for phones and tablets at a very good price.
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on September 20, 2014
I purchased this to use in my Sansa Clip Zip and was pleased that it arrived promptly by mail. I was under time pressure as I had a half hour to spend prior going to a Bridge game. I got the Micro card out the packaging and was impressed with its clean and sturdy appearance. I replaced the full card in my MP3 player with this card and the card was available for use as soon as the player turned on. I did not have to format this card but was able to transfer 4 books from Overdrive to my device and started listening to a new Jame Bond novel on my way to play bridge. I remain very pleased with this purchase and the utility of this card.
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