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on November 1, 2016
This was my first Samsung flash drive purchase. I wanted a USB 3.0 device and I liked the overall aesthetic of this drive, with the aluminum body and cap which was easily held on with a lanyard string to prevent it from getting lost. The drive itself is very compact and easy to lose if you don't keep it somewhere conspicuous. I just kept it on my key-chain and that worked for me. It also came in handy when I needed quick access to the USB drive. I was able to store and transfer so many files with the 128GB capacity. The USB 3.0 speed was a welcome addition. I purchased this in March and it just died at the end of June, so I got 4 months of usage before it died. Luckily, this drive is backed by a 10 year warranty from Amazon. I was not aware of this until I contacted Samsung for warranty service. They wrote the following email to me:

"Please contact Amazon for Warranty service as they are under contract to fulfill the warranty for units purchased from their site. The contract they are under requires them to replace it under warranty for its entire 10 year Warranty period.

You might have to ask for someone higher up as some lower level agents are not aware of the contract for some reason and go based off their 30 day return policy."

I then contacted Amazon via their online customer chat and asked for a replacement. I was told the drive was out of my 30 day return period and that I would have to contact Samsung. Guess what? I copied and pasted the above response from Samsung in quotes and was given a return label and sent a replacement drive by the same online customer service representative! So, if you encounter the same problem, feel free to copy and paste the response I got. Now I anxiously await my replacement.

Update 11/4/16
I received my replacement a couple days later and it works just as great as the first drive I received. Fingers crossed that this one will last much longer. I didn't keep anything on the drive that was mission critical but if you are keeping important files on your flash drive, it's a good idea to make a backup copy on your computer or another drive just in case your Samsung USB drive dies on you.

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on September 4, 2016
So this works great. Just as expected. I have used this for transferring large amount of files from my phone to my PC. This will only work on devices that support On The Go (OTG). Almost all Android devices support this. Including flagship Galaxy devices. You will need a file explorer app installed on your mobile device in order to manage files on this flash drive if your mobile device doesn't have one installed. On Galaxy devices it is the my files app. Highly recommend this drive to anyone that wants extra storage for their phones. I usually carry multiples of these OTG drives with movies and music so that I never run out of storage on my phone. Read and write speeds are not as fast on mobile devices as they are on regular computers. But if you are looking for portable storage for your phone or tablet then highly recommend you giving this a try.
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on October 4, 2016
It's big project deadline time, and you're trying to transfer large files back and forth; you can't be stuck with USB 2.0 speeds (a decade old technology), you need a fast flash drive. This is the USB 3.0 flash drive you're looking for.

There are so many different designs for flash/thumb drives out there; there's something for everyone. I wanted something that looked solid and simple, was reliable, and fast. This was it. Here's why:
• The one piece body feels solid, but lightweight, and looks gorgeous
• USB end is sturdy enough to stand up to heavy use
• The little hole can be used to attach to a key ring if necessary

*** NOTE ***
Please be aware that this drive is capable of USB 3.0 transfer speeds of "up to 45MB/s ". You will only get this speed if the computer you are attaching it to also has USB 3.0, otherwise it is backwards-compatible and will reduce to USB 2.0 speeds. You can tell if it's USB 3.0 if the inside port is a blue plastic, or if the port is labelled "SS" (Super Speed).

The design looks like it could've been built by aliens [see photos]. It's so simple, yet just works. It's solidly-built, with no small pieces to lose, and big and shiny enough to be visible, and is amazingly fast. Recommended.
Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duo (MUF-128CB/AM)
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on May 1, 2016
Just got it.
Big surprise.
After testing micro USB3 drives from all very well known makers this one is the only one worth to buy.
Most important ....the writing speed:
Large file ( 1,2 GB ) steady 65 MB/s !!
Reading large file ( 1.2 GB ) 120-150 MB/s !!
Update after a day.
I got 65 MB/s only twice.
Most of the tests on the large file was in the range of 35-45 MB/s.

Writing 1 GB folder of 4 MB files steady 30 MB/s
Reading 1 GB folder of 4 MB files 110 MB/s
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on March 31, 2016
Although I love the pen drive it is not as fast as the pen drive without the OTG connector.. Which is twice as fast in writes as this one. I took the chance seeing only 1 letter was different in the model but it seems they did slow it down for this. Even reads are slower at just over 100MB. You can always just use an OTG cable with the regular pen drive for faster speeds and I would keep that in mind. Double the write speeds does matter when you copy 60GB of stuff onto it. So it all depends on if you want to carry an OTG adapter with you or not. It is too long to just leave it connected to the phone anyway so the flexible OTG adapter is better. next time I would just get the regular pendrive. I am always careful I don't bump the phone when this is connected as it sticks down at the bottom and easy to break by not being careful.
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on December 18, 2015
This is for the 128gb drive. I cancelled my order for another OTG flash drive because I saw this one with 128GB with supposedly fast read/write speeds. The write speeds are decent for an OTG flash drive, but the read is unacceptable. Maybe it's a bad drive, returning for refund.

UPDATE: Got a replacement, was still getting dismal speeds, then I tried it on my laptop and was getting closer to the speeds everyone else was getting. Not sure what the deal is with this particular drive and my older ASMedia USB 3.0 chipset on my desktop. I've had tons of USB 3.0 devices and never had this problem. Ended up buying a new USB 3.0 adapter card for my desktop and now I'm getting much better speeds.

Buyer beware if you have an older ASUS motherboard.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 14, 2016
Micro usb side stopped working on my note 5, note 3, and nexus 9. I am really disappointed. I can still transfer files from computer to computer, but not from computer to phone which is the Main reason I bought this. I can not recommend this.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 11, 2016
Worked for nine months. The micro end began to wiggle and stopped working with my phone reliably. The warranty is a lie.Called Samsung, they said there is no warranty if you buy from Amazon. Talked to Amazon, and they said it was past the return date...
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 11, 2016
Sadly it did note work on my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A the adapter would not fit. I did not open the pkg and try it until after the exporation of the return policy. So if you have a SAMSUNG-SM-N920A do not buy this flash drive.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 10, 2016
I am mainly disappointed because this unit was supposed to be key chain mountable and the extra micro USB port was supposed to be a plus. Well, the micro USB port odesn't work on any of my phones or tablet, apparently you need real jailbroken Android with power on USB (not sure the exact lingo but needs to power the device via USB port) for this to be seen by the phone or tablet. In my case, none had it or were disabled by their respective manufacturers. So strike one here.
Strike two - no way you can stick this on a keychain without damaging it. It won't go into standard size keychain ring, had to go with a smaller and more maleable/ bendable piece and still that barely looped and did damage to the plastic removable cap. The way it is designed - Samsung didn't take into account the angle that the round keychain ring would try to approach the unit, and punched a hole to small to take into measurement the circumference of the oval ring. In other words, if you try a round ring it is almost impossible to install without scuffing the plastic. The plastic ended up taking damage due to the bad design so now it doesn't look so cool. If they made keychain rings square, I guess that would've worked :( Another downsize is that when you have to take it out of the keychain you will have to remove both the cap and the stick, on leave cap on the keychain, either way separating them and moving one around to release from the keychain is a chore.
The memory size is a big plus and thanks to that at least I won't have to carry drives with me - 128 gigs is enough for most jobs, so I guess that's the main reason why I am keeping it. Interesting idea for mounting but bad implementation by Samsung.
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