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on November 1, 2016
This was my first Samsung flash drive purchase. I wanted a USB 3.0 device and I liked the overall aesthetic of this drive, with the aluminum body and cap which was easily held on with a lanyard string to prevent it from getting lost. The drive itself is very compact and easy to lose if you don't keep it somewhere conspicuous. I just kept it on my key-chain and that worked for me. It also came in handy when I needed quick access to the USB drive. I was able to store and transfer so many files with the 128GB capacity. The USB 3.0 speed was a welcome addition. I purchased this in March and it just died at the end of June, so I got 4 months of usage before it died. Luckily, this drive is backed by a 10 year warranty from Amazon. I was not aware of this until I contacted Samsung for warranty service. They wrote the following email to me:

"Please contact Amazon for Warranty service as they are under contract to fulfill the warranty for units purchased from their site. The contract they are under requires them to replace it under warranty for its entire 10 year Warranty period.

You might have to ask for someone higher up as some lower level agents are not aware of the contract for some reason and go based off their 30 day return policy."

I then contacted Amazon via their online customer chat and asked for a replacement. I was told the drive was out of my 30 day return period and that I would have to contact Samsung. Guess what? I copied and pasted the above response from Samsung in quotes and was given a return label and sent a replacement drive by the same online customer service representative! So, if you encounter the same problem, feel free to copy and paste the response I got. Now I anxiously await my replacement.

Update 11/4/16
I received my replacement a couple days later and it works just as great as the first drive I received. Fingers crossed that this one will last much longer. I didn't keep anything on the drive that was mission critical but if you are keeping important files on your flash drive, it's a good idea to make a backup copy on your computer or another drive just in case your Samsung USB drive dies on you.

If my review or pictures helped in any way, please click the Helpful or Yes button below! If not, feel free to leave a feedback comment or ask any question that my review didn’t answer. Thank you!
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on October 4, 2016
It's big project deadline time, and you're trying to transfer large files back and forth; you can't be stuck with USB 2.0 speeds (a decade old technology), you need a fast flash drive. This is the USB 3.0 flash drive you're looking for.

There are so many different designs for flash/thumb drives out there; there's something for everyone. I wanted something that looked solid and simple, was reliable, and fast. This was it. Here's why:
• The one piece body feels solid, but lightweight, and looks gorgeous
• USB end is sturdy enough to stand up to heavy use
• The little hole can be used to attach to a key ring if necessary

*** NOTE ***
Please be aware that this drive is capable of USB 3.0 transfer speeds of "up to 45MB/s ". You will only get this speed if the computer you are attaching it to also has USB 3.0, otherwise it is backwards-compatible and will reduce to USB 2.0 speeds. You can tell if it's USB 3.0 if the inside port is a blue plastic, or if the port is labelled "SS" (Super Speed).

The design looks like it could've been built by aliens [see photos]. It's so simple, yet just works. It's solidly-built, with no small pieces to lose, and big and shiny enough to be visible, and is amazingly fast. Recommended.
Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duo (MUF-128CB/AM)
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on December 31, 2016
I got this flash drive for my 64 GB Note 5 phone because Samsung decided not to allow SD cards to be put into these phones, smh! So, what drew my attention was the fact that it could connect to the phone directly and not needing a separate USB cord to connect to the computer afterwards. I also wanted a USB device that was 3.0 compatible, and it also looks sexy in the silver in black casing. I love how now I transferred all my files to the drive, and my phone is back to being like I just bought it and hadn’t downloaded anything to it.

But the one thing I don’t like is that it didn’t come with a lanyard, so I bought one on my own. And I must take my otter box off to put it straight into the phone because of that loop area that makes no sense. You would of thought Samsung who makes the phones, and this drive would think of a different place to put the loop so that you can connect the drive to the phone without removing the cover, but no they didn’t. So, I had to cave in and buy the OTG adapter to prevent from doing that. At first my phone or computer couldn’t read the flash drive, I contacted Amazon. They of course referred me to Samsung and of course was referred to Amazon. So, Amazon sent me a replacement and I’m happy to say the new one works fine.
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on March 28, 2016
Bought this for my Dad's galaxy note 4, due to him taking tons of pictures wherever he goes. This flash drive duo has expanded his storage and making it easy for my dad to transfer photos frm his note 4 to a pc.
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on May 23, 2016
This flash drive comes about as close as any I have found to being ideal. The main feature is the ability to "double up" by connecting to either a USB or directly to the phone. This makes it very handy for my type of work, which involves frequent travel.

Functionally, it seems to perform well; I really am not enough of an expert to judge transfer speed, but it is more than adequate for my purposes. My only dislikes relate to packaging; it comes with a cap, but there are two different ends that need protection, so take your pick. The other complaint I have is the loop for attaching the device to something (key ring in my case), is tiny and positioned in a location that makes it difficult to use in the phone; the key ring loop interferes with getting a solid connection.

Overall I am satisfied with this drive, I just wish manufacturers would be more aware of the fact that the tinier they get, the more important it becomes to be able to keep track of the thing.
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on November 23, 2016
Samsung 128 GB USB Flash Drive

This is a great little drive with a few small caveats. The design looks fine but it seems the designer favored function over form. Samsung used good materials while the shape of the drive is bit odd (in my personal opinion) -- of course, design is ultimately subjective.

The micro USB connector was able to connect to my Galaxy s7 without having to remove the case. It was instantly recognized without any hangups.

Transfer Rates:

The device claims to have transfer speeds "up to 130 MB/s" and so I tested this claim with CrystalDiskMark (CDM). I tested this drive and my current 32 GB Silicon Power flash drive (also purchased on Amazon) to see how close CrystalDiskMark and actual file transfers really are. In the image you see that the Silicon Power beats the Samsung every time the drives are read, but the Samsung is the clear winner when you write to the drives...or so it seems. I then tested both drives with 3 different file tests -- all the tests were done on the same USB 3.0 port with the same files, with the same file system format. As you can see, I tested both drives with NTSF and exFAT (I decided to skip FAT32).

The files I transferred were
1) a 10.9 GB .mkv movie file
2) folder with 16 .mkv video files, most of which were about 650 MB totaling 8.0 GB
3) folder containing 604 .mp3 files totaling 2.7 GB.

I formatted the drives between each transfer, ran no other unnecessary programs or processes than the transfer and copied the files from the same drive to ensure the cleanest test possible. After the test I found that the Silicon Power drive often outperformed the Samsung drive even though CrystalDiskMark specified something very different. According to CDM, the Silicon Power was often not even half as fast at writing files as the Samsung. The real world tests show the Samsung to be quite a bit slower when reading and writing files. In fact, when I was transferring the 10.9 GB video file to the Samsung on NTFS, the transfer would hang for nearly 2 minutes before it would complete.

I did three tests on each drive with each file and both file system formats for a total of 36 file transfer tests, averaging the three test results for the conclusion. With the Silicon Power I found the transfer times to be very consistent, often with a few seconds one another. With the Samsung, however, I found there were some tests which showed very different times (I admit, there may have been outside factors).

Conclusion – CrystalDiskMark is either completely useless software or the results you find with it don’t transfer to the real world all that well. Whatever the case, I’ll take real world application over a benchmark tool. It is my opinion, the Samsung 128 GB drive is nice and is still a great deal for $30 – 35. If we were to extrapolate these test results to the 128 GB Silicon Power USB drive, I would think that's the better deal. It just depends on how concerned (obsessed) you are with transfer speed and your need for a micro-USB connector.

My PC Specs:
- Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
- Core i7
- 32 GB RAM
- Samsung 500 GB Solid State Drive

- Size is small
- Transfer speeds are OK (see review)
- Dual connectors are useful if you have a phone with a micro-USB connector
- Works well with my Samsung Galaxy s7
- Designed for function

- No lanyard included with drive (you need one to avoid losing the cap)
- Other USB drive options which may be faster at reading/writing data

Notes: I copied all the CrystalDiskMark data into the image of the Excel spreadsheet to make comparison easier. I also marked the best times and read/write transfer rates in green and the two Samsung time "anomalies" in read. I posted an image of different USB drives and some other things for size comparison – the drive reviewed here is circled with the comparison drive in the bottom right hand corner.

I will update this review if I find any reliability problems with the Samsung. I have owned my Silicon Power drive for over a year and it's worked fine so far.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 27, 2017
Ultimately my fault for not reading it more closely, but why is this the top hit for USBC Flash Drive when it isn't even USB C, its Micro USB. They are not the same thing Amazon. Fail.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 26, 2016
Great drive! But the micro usb side stopped working in less than two months, so now i have a normal drive that i cant use with my tablet
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on January 19, 2017
OK. Haven't done as much testing as others have done (just don't have the time) but here's my dealio:

CrystalDiskMark it's great, FlashBench i's great. Tried some large video files and didn't seem good. Drive is formatted fat32 so borked my test because many files are very large. Formatted the drive to extFat so I could transfer larger files (not the best test for android of course) so again aborted my testing. Decided to transfer my 'test' files to an enterprise drive not using at the moment (also because some of the files I was using were also on a drive I was using ATM). Blah blah blah.. so I'm transferring 60gb of data to this drive under exfat (running about 33-34MB/sec ATM). Just a note I transferred my files to the other enterprise drive at around 160+ MB so this isn't the bottleneck...)

There could be some other issues - ATM the 60GB is running lower (33MB) but could be some other issue. This drive seems to be fast, also went ahead and tried exFat on my GS7 edge - only issue I had was that my file explorer listed sdcards/etc differently. My GS7 Edge recognized this immediately. I haven't yet tried NTFS because I'm tired, however I'm fairly confident that this will work no matter what the format is. I used a USB2 connector because my GS7 case is too large or such for the actual plug to accept this plug (sure it will work without a case).

Sorry for the long note without proof - but it does work. And it is fast, just not sure HOW fast it is (large file write/read speeds). I'll take the 10 year warranty though, especially for the price!!
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on March 14, 2017
Was looking for a USB-C flash drive and this was in the results. So that's a negative. Other than that it's fine. The little holes in it are too small to fit on a keychain.
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