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on June 17, 2012
I bought this dual sim Galaxy Y Duos ($178) after using the single sim SAMSUNG Y GALAXY S-5360 ($125) for a couple of weeks.

- Dual sim works flawlessly. Both sims are always on and the Samsung software to manage the sim cards is very easy to master. By pulling down the top curtain you can easily switch which sim is the primarily and thereby choose which sim to call/text from. Also, from the sim setting you can quickly decide which sim should be used for data or turn off the data completely. The dual-sim phone is excellent for frequent travelers that need to handle multiple sims cards without the burden of multiple phones. Also works well for those that want to separate work and private lines without having to carry two phones.
- Android 2.3 Gingerbread (have not heard of any update to ICS 4.x)
- Full functioning Google play market for apps.
- SD slot that takes up to 32 gb (I am using it with 8gb)
- Wifi and bluetooth
- Tethering and Wi-Fi hotstpot
- Very good battery life. The phone will easily take you through the day with average use.

Neutral: (Updated 11/17/2012)
- Okay specs for a budget dual sim phone. Has 832MHz CPU and 3.15MP Camera
- Okay screen resolution 320 x 480 Pixels. Screen is responsive to scrolling.
- Good call quality.
- Adobe Flash - had to sideload flash on mine but recent phones now reporting flash support)

- Screen size is 3.14 ins which is a bit small. (I think the barest minimum for a smartphone should be 3.5 inch in order to browse and read easily)
- No front-facing camera for video conferencing
- No camera flash
- No WiFi Direct.

Overall, a delightful entry dual sim android phone by a reputable company for under $200. This is definitely a much better phone than the single sim SAMSUNG Y GALAXY S-5360. If there may be the slightest reason to use a dual sim then I would suggest you invest in this one over the single sim galaxy y.
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on July 2, 2012
I was able to set up the phone rather easily, in spite of the minimal instructions. I have a T-Mobile SIM with unlimited talk, text, and data in slot 1, and a T-Mobile prepaid SIM in slot 2. I have a mobile business that covers two telephone area codes, and I used to carry two phones. Now I only need one phone for both numbers.

An additional reason for getting the new phone was to get an Android phone that I could set up a Square credit card account on. The Square card reader works great. Customers can sign the transaction right on the touch screen, and get a receipt by email. I love it, as this should enhance my business, while simplifying my life.

The phone came with an adapter to plug European/Asian charger cords into US style outlets, but the charger itself was correct for US outlets.

I just wish more instructional info came with the phone.

Update 7/11/12: This phone has much better reception than my Blackberry. Today I was in an area where my Blackberry would never find any service, yet this phone was receiving emails and a phone call. Battery life is excellent. I could probably go a full two days with this, while my Blackberry was lucky to last a day.

I get a little frustrated with it at times, as many times when I swipe the screen to unlock it, different apps will open, depending on where I swipe.

I totally impressed a customer with it yesterday, as I used it to swipe her credit card and immediately email a receipt to her.

I do wish it would have a flash for the camera, as I often take photos of customer items.

Overall, I am happy with it.

Update 7/30/12 - Yesterday when I turned the phone on, it could not read the SD card, and asked if I wanted to reformat it. I waited until I got home, and my laptop could not read the SD card either. My laptop would not reformat the SD card, but the phone would. I loaded most of my stuff back onto the SD card, and it has been fine today.

However, in trying to use the Navigation app today, it kept asking me to install the voice speech synthesizer, even while it was telling me directions! I am loading it now, and it is being installed on my SD card. So even though speech is installed on the phone, it wants another version on the SD card, and maybe I lost that when the SD card crashed. Now that the install is done, the Navigation app is happy.
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on July 29, 2013
Awesome, compact, dual sim phone. I live in one country and work in another so I needed a dual sim phone. This phone is very compact but does support two full size sim cards (not micro sim). It has input for the google store so you can download apps and it has all the other features one would need in a smart phone.

It's nice and small - I don't want a huge 5" phone screen and this one serves the purpose perfectly. The resolution on the screen is okay...but definitely not as good as a ipad/iphone or other smart phones. If you're planning to watch movies on your phone maybe get something else but for a youtube video now and again this phone works fine.


Volume - the in call volume isn't as loud as other phones I've had and the speakerphone isn't great either. It does great in most scenarios but in a noisy car on the freeway it can be hard to hear.

Memory - This phone has a tiny amount of memory so if you want to install a bunch of apps make sure to get a sim card. If you want to install big apps on the phone you're in trouble but I'll tell you how to get around that.

# 1 - Root your phone - this will allow you to do lots of cool stuff
# 2 - Get a big SD card. I got a 32GB card and it works well with this phone
# 3 - I installed a program called link2SD so I can make my apps always save on my SD card..not on my phone memory. This allows me to add about 500% more apps to this phone than you could do stock. There are some tutorials online on how to do this.
#4 - The screen resolution means many google store games and apps may not be available for your phone (they will block you from downloading the app) - there are ways to make google store think you have a different phone and make an app work on this phone but many will not.

Switching between sim cards is easy and I can get 3G in the US which you cannot do with many of the other dual sim phones from china, etc.

Overall I'm happy with the little phone. As a dude I always feel silly with a huge tablet phone or anything larger than a iphone. This phone is small and fits in my pocket easily. I use it everyday and search the internet, buy stuff on amazon, check my email, listen to adam carolla on his app, etc.
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on July 15, 2013
Basic conclusions for the three phones discussed below, as well as some travel tips:

Sony Xperia Tipo Dual-SIM ST21A2 ($129)- nicest screen and camera, has dual SIMs. If you need dual SIMs, this is by far the best phone for the money that I found. The charger handles both US and European voltages for charging, but it only came with US plug, so need a European plug adaptor (should be $5 or less).

LG LG P350 Optimus Me ($89)- Basic, reliable phone. about 1/3 cheaper than the Sony and Samsung models I looked at. The LG phone was the only one that came with an adaptor for both US and European (not UK) electrical outlets.

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 ($127)- No reason to buy this phone. Similarly priced Sony phone was superior in every way. The charger handles both US and European voltages for charging, but it only came with US plug, so need a European plug adaptor (should be $5 or less).

In a nutshell, these are small form factor smart phones (think palm of your hand) that use old (but inexpensive) technology to deliver very basic smartphone performance (not good for games). The main upside for the Sony phone turned out to be better screen resolution and brightness and a better camera than similar price/size phones. The other advantage is that it is sold directly by Amazon, which means more reliable shipping times and very little chance of getting a knock-off, or used or refurb phone that wasn't properly disclosed.

I purchased three different "smart phones" for a recent family trip to France (Paris and Nice, and some side trips), and I will compare them here. They were the Sony Xperia Tipo Dual-SIM ST21A2 Phone (about $129), a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 ($127), and LG P350 Optimus Me ($89).

All are unlocked GSM quad band phones, which is what you need for pre-paid service in Europe (LTE smart phones are still expensive, so not part of this discussion). For a tourist, pre-paid service is the cheapest route, and you don't get any unexpected charges. Using your US phone with an "international" plan is really expensive in my experience, especially for data.

I wanted basic smartphone functionality, which included wifi, GPS, email, texting, and voice. Didn't really care about the camera and wasn't willing to pay up for a phone to play games on (can use your US phone with Wifi for that anyway). I have looked at the cheaper voice only or legacy feature phones, but they aren't that inexpensive (usually $30-$50) and seem to have reliability issues for the really cheap ones. Plus, if you think about how you are likely use a phone in a foreign country, being able to pull up a maps screen and pinpoint your location and find nearby food, medical, etc is a huge benefit. Also, for texting I wanted a keyboard, not a legacy phone keypad.

All three phones performed their tasks reliably and competently. The GPS is especially helpful when you are overseas and don't speak the langauge. The GPS also efficiently integrated with Google Maps on all three phones, which meant I could use the full Google search engine to find restaurants or store places (useful if you switch phones and log in under your Google ID).

One difference among the three phones was that the Sony and Samsung were dual SIM, while the LG was single SIM. The SIM card is what lets you use a particular carrier's service and provides your phone's phone number, etc. Having dual sim cards would let you switch between carriers without opening your phone, removing the battery, and also keeps you from losing the other sim card when you aren't using it. I just used one sim card per phone on this trip, but if you were driving though different countries in Europe or wanted a separate data provider, you might want to have dual sim cards.

If I didn't need dual SIM cards, I would just go with the LG phone b/c it had all the functionality I needed at the lowest cost. The Sony phone is much nicer, though. The Samsung phone was basically identical to the LG phone in terms of functionality, but it had an extra SIM slot.

Also, battery life was great on all three phones. When out and about, I typically turn WiFi off so the phone doesn't waste battery looking for wifi, so this helps. But I run GPS pretty much the whole day. I also set the screen to turn off on the shortest possible interval. Doing this I got about two days of use (a lot of texting, emailing, moderate maps use, not a lot of voice usage) out of a single charge. If you use a tone of battery, all three phones have a removable battery, so you could order an extra and keep it with you, but I don't see that as a huge problem.

A note on signing up for service:
I did try ordering a SIM from Orange from Amazon before I left. This was a waste of time and much more expensive than doing it in France at an Orange store (I know b/c I went to the Orange store in Paris). The Amazon SIM was $29.99 and included about five Euro of benefit- i.e. you are paying $25 for the physical SIM card, and then you have to go online and sign up for a calling plan.

If you visit one of the many Orange (or another carrier's) stores in France, here is what I paid- For twenty Euro I got a SIM card with unlimited voice and texting for the month plus 150 mb of data and a five Euro credit. I also paid ten Euro for an extra 500mb of data. So for 30 Euro, I got unlimited voice and texting, plus a five Euro credit and 650mb of data during my stay.

Also, rate for using your cell to call to the US was 0.09 Euro cents per minute, so the five Euro credit gave you almost an hour of calling back to the states. The phone data plans do not allow you to use cellular data for skype, but you can use wifi to skype.

To recap- buying a SIM card in the US- $29 and you get only a five Euro credit.
buying the SIM card in France- 30 Euro and you get a five Euro credit plus unlimited voice, texting, and 650mb of data.

If you must have a working phone when you land, you should order the SIM in the US and get it set up before you leave, but if you can wait until you check in to your hotel and then go to the Orange store it is a much better deal. Also, I never found any SIM vending machines at the Paris airport (CDG), though I see them all the time at Heathrow.

One more note- if you use an android phone, when you set it up, make sure you disable automatic and background refreshes (unless you really want them :-) I went through 500mb of data in two weeks because of Android refreshes, and that was with WiFi on in my condo (I do self catering lodging in Europe).

If you visit the Orange store in France, make sure you walk through the process of how to "refill" your phone's plan in case you need to buy data. You basically enter #123 on the phone, then follow some menus in French and enter your code. But there are no English menus, so if you want to be self-sufficient, get them to show you at the store.
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on February 20, 2014
I purchased this phone for international travel as it can accommodate two SIM cards. The order and delivery process from Amazon was flawless. But the phone itself has an inherent problem in that it comes with a lot of (in my mind "junk") software from Google and Samsung that cannot be removed. The result in my case was that after downloading two additional Apps (What's App and Facebook) the phone essentially became useless as I kept getting notifications that my memory was full and e-mails could not be downloaded. FYI: I did buy a 32 GB SD card and installed it, but most applications need to run on the phone itself so it has become unclear to me what the purpose of this SD card may be, aside from maybe video clips etc. Eventully I removed these applications again and now have a few MB that allow for e-mail downloads (forget about opening attachments).
I now limp along using this phone, but probably will end up buying another phone that can accommodate SIM cards that has much better memory capacity.
Maybe this issue is related to the fact that it is an older phone type and as such has poor memory capacity that is no longer compatible with modern Apps that require a lot more memory. If that is the case, it should not be sold anymore. But of course there may be quantities of this phone sitting in inventory somewhere and Amazon can unload them by offering it cheaply (I paid about $100 - would have gladly paid more if it only worked better).
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on July 6, 2012
I bought it mainly because of the dual-sim card feature and the Samsung reputation. I needed Android, but didn't care about the processing power and resolution because I am not highly glued to the phone. This phone turned out to be a perfect fit for my needs.

I have no complaints about the processing speed. It is good enough for light use. The audio is great. The external speaker is a surprise with its rich sound quality. The screen resolution is clearly low. It is not meant for someone who would do a lot of browsing or picture viewing. The build is very strong and looks like good quality. I have already tested it once by dropping it (unintentionally).

Only item that I miss on this phone is the front camera for video chat. Other than that, this phone has everything. A great value for the price!
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on June 4, 2013
I purchase this phone for a trip oversea this summer, so I haven't had a chance to use it. I charged and put my American sim card on it when it come and it is working fine then but I will use it this summer, after that I will have a valuable update for my review. For now I am happy with the purchase the phone seems match the price, the seller seems to be reliable too. Also I will be using 2 sim cards on it oversea so I will see how it really workout.


After using this phone for two months overseas during the summer, I have good and bad time on the phone.
Over all the phone work fine for its price and it is friendly use really for someone not too picky on gadgets.

I hated the phone because the only reason why I purchase the phone is because it is suppose to be TWO SIM CARD.
The second sim card DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. It can't read the sim card no matter what you do it is just not working at all, You can receive a call from the number that on the slot that is not working but you cant make a phone call from that number, its was really annoying so much. It missed its purpose of two sim cards.
If the reason you are planning to purchase this phone is because of its two sim cards then DO NOT BUY IT, you will fill sorry for not listening to me, it was so annoying to have keep opening the phone to change from one slot to other, depending on which carrier you want to use which was important for me for the country I was visiting.

The phone itself is fine but it didn't serve me for what I purchased it in the first place.
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on December 4, 2012
I travel a lot internationally and dual-sim capability means I don't have to carry a second phone with me to remain reachable.

I switched from an iPhone 3GS and really wanted to like Android and specifically the Samsungs overlay, but in the end (after 3 months), I switched back to the old iPhone for the following reasons:

- Volume is too low on handset, speaker, headset in all situations. I found myself constantly trying to increase the volume whether on a phone call or when listening to music etc. Usually, I am the one turning down the volume, so it does not seem to be related to my hearing.

- Touchscreen is not so responsive/accurate. I was constantly missing the target or lagging. I noticed this on another Samsung Android phone as well. Maybe this is due to the lack of RAM/processor power. This can be overcome in part by being much more conscious while interacting with the touchscreen.

- Could not get the built-in mail client to work with my IMAP mail account. I could receive mail but never send. Never had this issue with any device before. I assume I could have changed mail clients, but the standard client should work well enough, at least. On another note, reading mail on the device was actually sort of bad, compared to the built-in iOS mail client; it felt a bit like a throwback to Windows Mobile Phone 6 (shudder!) Don't know if these are Samsung-specific or general Android issues.

On the good side:

- Battery life was exceptional. Very good.

- In the US (on AT&T) this phone will only use EDGE (may be the reason for good battery life). This didn't bother me as I only need email on the go.

- Micro SD card slot accessible without removing battery. I added a 32GB Micro SD card, that's a lot of music/podcasts for travel.

- I bought iCloud integration software from google Play Store (less than $5). This makes interoperability with Macs very smooth. Otherwise use google Contacts/Calendar.

For the price a decent unlocked phone. YMMV as mine did.
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on November 11, 2012
In general I'm happy with this phone, especially with the security features that prevent people from using it if I lose it. However, I was very disappointed to learn that without a memory card, I can't use the camera or music and image gallery features. My last phone was a Nokia Xpress Music 5800, which didn't need a memory card, so, unlike one reviewer said, not all smartphones require memory cards.

I do find it easy to use; I haven't had to look up directions for anything so far. However, I did need to ask another Samsung user to help me figure out how to delete messages. (By the way, I don't like that I have to press six times to delete one message!) I also miss all the sound wav options for call and message alerts, plus alarms that my Nokia had. But compared to the cheap Tecno phone I was lent after losing my Nokia, this phone is great. I have to remember it's all relative.

The Korean-made phone has four language options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean. You can choose different keyboard arrangements for texting, which they _call_ French and Spanish, for example, but other than changing to AZERTY layout for French, I see no difference. Which means accented letters are not available when typing. Very frustrating when you're in non-English-speaking countries.
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on December 30, 2013
I bought this phone primarily for our upcoming European trip, but I have been able to use it in the US as well. After the phone arrived, I purchased a "global" SIM card from National Geographic, and after testing the phone by making calls to our land line and other cell phones, I discovered that it also sends and receives calls in the US.....it shows T-Mobile in the "provider", but being "unlocked" will work anywhere. I plan on getting a 2nd. SIM card that will fit my other needs.
It's a great little phone that will fit in your pocket, and so far, with quite a few possibilities, such as mini-SD card to 32GB. Btw...the manual does not tell you where the slot is, but it's inside, next to the battery.
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