Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Case (Marble White)
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Color: Marble White|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$8.99+ Free shipping
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on December 9, 2012
I purchased a 'Pebble Blue' flip case for my S3.
What arrived was an open box that looks like an official Samsung Flip Cover Case Box, however the shrink wrap (which was more like plastic wrap or saran) was open and pulled down. The item inside the box looks good at first glance, however the color is a much darker blue. It also has a slight blemish on it - hard to see, but there.

The official case has slight brushed lines in it (look at the original back and you'll see what I mean) giving a metallic appearance, but the one I received is just a glossy dark blue with no such brush lines. Look at the images I posted with side by side and you will see what I mean.

Quality-wise it seems ok, but it's not what I ordered and from what I gather, isn't the official Samsung Pebble Blue Flip Cover Case. There's a lot of reviews here recently stating similar experiences.

Yes, it's a great price if it were the real thing. I didn't even mind that the shipping took over 3 weeks when I thought it was an official flip case. Now after wasting over 3 weeks waiting for this case to arrive I have to go out and buy another one.

Hopefully Amazon will put stricter policies in place to dissuade this type of practice.

12/13/12 - Update.
I submitted the item for return on Amazon. I received a reply back from the seller asking me to take pictures of the item I received. What? They don't know what they sent me? So, I sent the pictures of the case, and the open box along with the plastic wrap. They never responded. So, I sent them another message via amazon to follow up on my return. To which I received the following response this morning:

"Hi,We are sorry to hear that. Since there is a chromatic aberration between the item and the picture, would you like us to offer you a 15% discount for compensation? Thanks."

Is that their way of saying what they advertised is not what they're actually selling? I am still returning the item - which will probably cost them more to have returned to Singapore than I payed for the thing. I will definitely submit a report to Amazon about this as well.

I see a lot of people still buying this item, and there's different sellers each time. Buyer beware - buy at your own risk. You just don't know what you're going to get.
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on August 5, 2012
Be aware, not all samsung galaxy s3 flip covers are genuine samsung products. There are sellers out on amazon that are selling fake samsung galaxy s3 flip covers. Unfortunately I received a fake flip cover, it doesn't match the color and it doesn't close. I have seen and tried the genuine Samsung galaxy s3 flip cover at AT&T store and what I ordered from an amazon seller is nothing comparable, I am returning this piece of junk and I am getting the real one from AT&T store. Very dissapointed!
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on August 25, 2012
Bought one of these thinking it was a genuine Samsung product. And it showed up in Samsung packaging, that said "By Samsung", etc. But the case is an obvious, cheap, copy. The back cover looks absolutely nothing like the original Samsung "Pebble Blue", there's no texture, and the lettering is comprised of raised, chrome decals which will wear off quickly. The genuine Samsung product has a back cover that looks just like the one that comes with the phone.
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on November 9, 2012
This case is the real deal, there seems to be 2 of the same products using different names & links. The link to the item I bought is at the very bottom of this review, please read on to find out more details.

1. How I choose my Items/Sellers

I was worried from some of the reviews that this might be a fake or knock off of the Samsung flip case, But since I have an Amazon Prime account (Free 2 day shipping on eligible products) I either look for sellers that are fulfilled by Amazon, or preferably items sold by Amazon.

2. Pricing and Options

This item is being sold by Amazon directly, so I added their option to my cart, but its not the first or main option they give you. Its $21.99 + free shipping with Amazon Prime, but the main option/default option is $20.99 + Free Shipping (no need for Amazon Prime) which is Sold by thePruneDanish.

3. Details of Item (Review; Addressing Some Concerns) <---------------------------------

I obviously picked Amazon because I figured they would at least have originals, and it arrived today 11/09/2012. Its in the original case, with the "SAMSUNG ORIGINAL" hologram sticker. It fits perfectly and the flip stays closed, no need to be broken in at all. Yes I can see it getting dirty, and that should be super common sense because your going to be touching your phone with your DIRTY DISGUSTING OIL/DIRT FILLED FINGERS all the time. I went with the Blue case since white will definitely be the most prone to marks and dirt, that and I have a blue S3.

4. Conclusion (Quick Genuine Advice/Casual Show Boat)

Love the slim fit and the look, but honestly, if I didn't have a contract free Galaxy S3, Insurance, or paid over $150 for the phone, I'd definitely get a case with better protection.

Item Link I Used:

Other Link:


Only problem I have is what I read from other reviewers; Some of the edges are peeling. Other than that, its still good and keeps my phone looking slim. Also since mine isn't white (DON'T GET WHITE, COMMON SENSE SAYS NOOOOOOO!) its not all dirty and grimey looking like other peoples (I've physically seen people with the white case and it gets super dirty).


I did some rechecking, this time I went to Youtube and searched for Galaxy S3 Flip cover unboxing. I found one which had a fake a real case unboxing right next to each other and actually both boxes that the cases came in looked different from mine and none had the "Original Samsung" Logo on it, but the real one was bought from the stores the fake was from ebay. The part I was most interested in was the actual case and differences between the actual unit. The real one on the inside and outside of the hard cover back part is supposed to look a certain way. The back is supposed to look like it has horizontal lines going across (The fake is 1 solid color) the inside is supposed to look rough, (the fake didn't). Mine has lines on the back and rough looking interior just like the one from the store, so mine is either genuine or just as good.

Youtube Link: [...]
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on August 28, 2012
When I first go it I would have rated it 5 stars, it was great. After one month of normal use, it's worn out. The layers are coming apart in multiple places. I don't recommend buying it.
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on July 19, 2012
Received this today for my Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon (SCH-I535). I tried this out at the AT&T store and liked it, but did not want to pay their premium price (over 2 times this price and verizon was sold out).

This is a genuine Samsung product. It comes in a Samsung branded package with a Samsung hologram sticker so you know you are getting the real thing.

Love the look and feel. Sits flat on the phone as expected and does not prop or hang open like some users have reported. The back snaps tight on the phone just as the original back did. All three holes are on the back for the speaker, Camera, and LED Flash. It is comfortable to hold open in my left hand like a book and operate the phone with my right, or open it and use it one-handed with my right hand but left handed users I imagine would struggle with this case, though you can easily flip the cover all the way back flat against the back of the phone and hold it comfortably that way. I don't know how well the "hinge" will hold up to folding all the way back but it seems rigid enough that it would not be an issue.

The front cover has a hole for the ear speaker so you can comfortably speak on the phone wile the cover is closed (and the mouth piece is on the bottom side of the phone so it does not interfere with that).

Overall I think this is a sleek, stylish case for those that don't care much for the crumb collecting rubber type protectors.
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on June 17, 2013
People complaining about fake cases and what not have no excuse. Just make sure to select Amazon from the list of sellers. Costs maybe a couple bucks more and free shipping with Prime.

With that out of the way, I can say that if you are buying this case you probably already know what it is and how it functions. It's a great case that's stylish and covers your screen when not in use.

Only complaint I have is that the white version gets very dirty from everyday use, and I might have to pick up another color to combat this situation.

Otherwise 5/5 would buy again.
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on March 25, 2013
I have had this phone for only 3 months and this is already my third case. FINALLY, found one I like. I was hesitant to purchase this one at first because it was at $50 when I got my phone so I had a rubber case ($2, hated it), and a gel case ($5, decent but boring). When I saw the price on this finally drop to less than $20 I jumped all over it. This case is really great. It is a back cover swap, so make sure you put the old back cover snap somewhere you can find it for later!

I really like the flip cover. It was weird at first because I was holding it kind of like a booklet to type, but I am now used to just folding it over the back. The other awesome feature that others haven't mentioned (or noticed) is that you can still have a conversation with the flap over the screen. This is awesome because I usually talk to my gf for 30mins to an hour on the phone. Now when I am done my screen isn't gross, greasy, or sweaty.

The ONLY thing that seems like it COULD be an issue is that if I drop it and it doesn't land on the back cover it could hit a corner. The corners aren't covered so if you work outside a lot, clumsy, or wilder than most maybe get a different case.

With the recent price drop you should consider it--especially if you have been thinking about it for a while. I was the same as you, and it's been great.

EDIT: I see there have been many complaints about a fake product. I got mine through Amazon Prime and had it fulfilled through Amazon. AS LONG AS YOU PURCHASE A CASE FROM SAMSUNG/AMAZON IT WILL NOT BE FAKE. They other vendors are where the issues are coming from.
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on November 13, 2012
This seemed like it would be a good idea to protect the screen to my phone, however the flip only got in the way. If I wanted to take a picture it was a little difficult because I had to hold the flip so that it wouldn't get in front of the camera. Also, if I wanted to check the time on my phone real quick I couldn't just half pull it out of my purse or pocket and hit the power button. i had to fully get out the phone and flip it open. Just a little inconvenient and annoying at times.
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on September 29, 2012
I saw this flip cover when I bought my S3 at the Verizon store in mid July. It looked really nice but $39.99 was a little steep but I went for it. It doesn't add any bulk to the slim phone, the rear cover is the same as the original and the cover is very thin. However, it was difficult at first to answer calls as I had to remove phone from my pocket, flip cover open, swip to unlock screen then swip to answer call. I missed a lot of calls in the beginning but got the hang of it. The big complaint is that you need to fold the cover over to use the phone comfortably; after 2 weeks, the laminated piece on top of the cover started to bubble near the hinge area. The 3rd week the edges started to unravel. After 4 weeks, the Verizon store, reluctantly exchanged it & said it was normal "wear & tear" and quoted a 14 day return poicy. The 2nd cover developed the same problems after 2 weeks so I bought a generic "Aduro" shell holster combo case for under $5 including shipping from Amazon. The holster case is NICE & durable. I could have bought 8 for the price of the Samsung flip cover! The cover adds a litle bulk but adds grip to the phone since the OEM case is smooth. The holster which protects the screen is a definite plus! I highly recommend the Aduro or the generic from "WireX". At $5 U cannot lose.
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