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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 19, 2014
Size: 16GB White|Style: Tablet|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
 This is an all-around excellent Android tablet. Let me start off with a brief review of the tablet's physical attributes.

The first thing you'll want to know about is the display. It is very, very good. It is very high resolution by today's standards at 2560x1600 boasting 299 pixels-per-inch (think about how laser printers were once the same at 300 dots-per-inch). It is also very bright with great color reproduction and good contrast. The screen uses IPS technology and it has excellent viewing angles - so you don't have to worry about being perfectly aligned with the screen in order to see it clearly and the contrast stays good even at steep angles. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:10, so the Note is ideal for internet browsing, gaming or viewing HD video. The Note also has very good stereo speakers located along the upper right and left edge (when the tablet held in its native landscape mode) - they produce loud and clear audio and the speaker placement doesn't interfere with your hand placement. Of course there isn't any bass to speak of, but one cannot expect any bass from speakers of this size. Still, the audio sounds good when playing games or watching internet videos. As I previously mentioned, the Note is meant to be held in landscape mode, with the hardware home button closest to you. Of course, the screen content can rotate to portrait, depending on the program. Most of what I use it for works in landscape, which is good because I prefer it that way. Unfortunately, the USB 2.0/power port is located in the center of the bottom edge right under the hardware home button. This can present an issue if you want to charge the battery when using the tablet at an angle on a stand in landscape mode as a USB plug can interfere with the bottom edge. I think it would have made much more sense to have the USB 2.0/power port located on either the top or right edge of the tablet. Located just to the left of the USB/power port on the bottom edge is a microphone. There is a Micro SDXC slot under a cover along the right edge which can currently accept up to a 64GB Micro SDXC card. This is useful for storing large amounts of media such as music, photos and video files, which can be quite large. I highly recommend the Samsung 64GB Pro microSDXC card as it currently the fastest and most reliable 64GB Micro SDXC card available. Moving on, there is an 8MP rear facing camera with LED flash and a 2MP front facing camera. I haven't used the cameras very much at all, so I can't really comment on them. There is an infrared port along the top edge which facilitates the use of the tablet as a smart universal remote control with an integrated program guide (for which the software is included). I know it works because I tried it with my TiVo HD, but I didn't find it very useful for me so I haven't used it since. Depending on your home A/V setup, it may be very useful for you. The power and volume control buttons are located along the top edge on the far left. I feel that those buttons are too difficult to navigate as they are small with very little feel or button travel. As a result, I installed a software volume control which resides in the Android notification shade that I like a lot better. The earphone jack is located on the top left edge. On the top right edge is the slot for storing the S-Pen (along with the actual S-Pen). The S-Pen, which is one of the main features of this tablet, allows you to draw and write directly on the screen. I have used it at times for text input and the tablet will recognize your handwriting (either in block or script!) and translate it into editable text, which is really cool. The tablet feels really good in the hand. For me, it's not heavy at all and I can easily hold it with one hand. The back of the tablet has a grippy, faux leather like finish, which I like, but my tablet lives in an excellent Poetic Slimline case, so I don't get to feel that very often.

Although the 2014 Note 10.1 can be used for a wide range of things, what I got this tablet for is gaming! And boy does this tablet deliver. With it's 3GB of RAM, the latest generation Samsung Exynos 5420 octa-core processor (which is really a dual quad-core) and a Mali-T628 graphics processor, I get excellent gaming performance! I regularly play Asphalt 8, which looks amazing on this tablet with it's real time reflections, motion blur, advanced lighting and particle effects. It looks and plays great! Since I'm a sucker for good racing games, and racing games are a natural fit on tablets since you can usually steer by rotating/tilting the tablet, I also play GT Racing 2, which again, looks amazing playing in the full 2560x1600 resolution of the tablet. I also play Armored Aces, which is a great, WWII 3D multiplayer tank game, Heroes of Destiny, which is a great 3D dungeon battle game, and Dead Trigger 2, which is an super fun 3D first-person-shooter which pits you against hordes and hordes of very unreasonable zombies in locations around the world. These are among the latest and greatest 3D games available and they look and play incredibly well on the 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1. Not surprisingly, 2D games like Clash of Clans also look amazing and play extremely well on the Note. It also plays video very well both from the internet and local files you store on the SD card. This device is a great companion for a trip or flight. Battery life is stellar for me. I get over six hours of screen time when 3D gaming the whole time (yes, I really need to get a life). If I were to use it like a normal person, I could easily see getting over eight hours of screen time on a charge. One minor issue is that I don't feel that the charger is strong enough as it really doesn't charge the battery very much at all when charging while the tablet is in use. It will charge a few percent, but it doesn't really charge well at all as long as the screen is on.

There is one fairly important issue though which I would like to touch on and that is the some buggy behavior with the touchscreen itself. At the moment, there is an issue where if you touch and hold any area of the screen for 24 seconds, your touch will be reset and it will not work well again for about five seconds. Why is this a problem, you ask? Well, say you're playing a racing game that requires you to push an on-screen gas pedal. After 24 seconds, you won't be pressing it anymore, even if you are in fact, still pressing it. If you try to immediately press it again, it will immediately disengage again for about five seconds until it acts normal again for the next 24 seconds, and so on. That is but one example of the issue, but it could happen with controls for direction in a first-person-shooter or some other type of game. But really no matter what you're doing, or what software you're running, whether it is a game, productivity software, music, or whatever, if you touch the screen in one area for 24 seconds straight, it will reset your touch and not work well again for about five seconds. It's a problem. Through the XDA Developers forum, I verified that this problem likely exists on all of the 2014 Note 10.1 devices (model SM-P600) with firmware MK1. I believe it is a driver issue. From what I understand, so far Samsung has not acknowledged the problem. Hopefully, they will discover and fix this with the next firmware release as it can be a really a major issue depending on what you're doing. Luckily most of the racing games I play have the option for automatic throttle, but I wish I could use a manual throttle control. It does affect my Armored Aces gameplay as I have to remember to quickly get off and then back on the throttle prior to 24 seconds in order to avoid a bad situation. *(4/27/2014: The 24-second-timeout issue with the touchscreen was fixed with new ND2 firmware!)*

Overall, it's a great, versatile tablet. I love it. In fact, I own two of them and I gave a third to my girlfriend who also loves it. If it wasn't for the issues with the weak charger and especially the touchscreen, I would give it five stars.

***04/27/2014 UPDATE:***

Lets say four and a half stars! In the past week, Samsung released its Android KitKit 4.4.2 firmware update for the US version of the 2014 Note 10.1 (firmware ND2). I applied it a few days ago and I can tell you along with the update from Jellybean to KitKat, it also fixes the 24-second-timeout issue with the touchscreen. The KitKat update has made the overall tablet experience faster and smoother. Samsung made some nice changes to Touchwiz including a better notification shade and a better task manager to name a few. Unfortunately, the KitKat update also introduces the Google-mandated restriction on which apps can write to the external SD card. Even though I'm not a fan of this restriction, it doesn't really affect me (yet) and I don't think it will affect most users. The restriction can be eliminated if you root the tablet. Overall, I'm very happy with the update so far, and I will report back if I find any issues!

***05/17/2014 UPDATE:***

One thing I've seen some people complain about is that the speaker grilles either are or get loose and then have a bit of play in them. Mine were a bit loose from the start, but it wasn't an issue until today. Today I noticed that the right speaker grille is very loose. It's not falling out and it doesn't come out, but the top edge of the right grille is literally hanging out. Just to make sure it couldn't fall out, I tried pulling it off using some masking tape, but it held in place. The left grille has some play in it but its not nearly as loose as the right grille (yet?). Since it doesn't snap back into place and the grille is so small and fine, I haven't figured out a way to fix this. I'm not sure I want to use glue as glue could damage the finish and it may make it difficult to disassemble the tablet, if that is ever necessary. I'll update if I fix this or if it gets worse. While this is something to look out for, this is an excellent tablet, and this is not something that should keep you from considering one.

***06/26/2014 UPDATE:***

I have found Real Racing 3! (see video) Wow! Hands down it is the best racing game on the Android platform at this time! It has the best physics, the most detailed cars (including interiors) and it is both fun and challenging to play! There are currently 91 different cars and 12 tracks (many with multiple configurations). It looks great and plays really well on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! Alphalt 8 and GT Racing 2 are out!
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on December 10, 2013
Update 8/16/2016:

I have now had the Note 10.1 2014 for 2 years and 8 months, and am still buying accessories, because it's in regular use. I've never considered owning a different device and try to take extra special care of my Note 10.1, because I would hate to not be able to replace it.

Encryption - Top Performer
I have been encrypting the device since mid 2014, and it has never taken a performance hit. The same cannot be said for all of the cell phones I have gone through in the last two years - many of which I dumped due to encryption caused performance issues. The Note 10.1 2014 has stood the test of time when it comes to handling encryption like a pro.

Minor Downsides
The are only two downsides I've encountered:

S Pen Design
One is the S Pen, in that it's size and the location of the button eventually grew rather obnoxious. I still use the S Pen and it functions flawlessly, but I never fail to hit the button when I don't want to, which can cause some serious issues when I'm in the middle of a fast-paced meeting and trying to take notes. I've recently ordered a larger S Pen stylus from Samsung that I have rather high hopes for. I would really like to go back to using this device in my work day.

SECURE Note Taking Apps
The other downside is app related. I've had some set backs in finding a note taking app that I felt comfortable using for my work tasks. I had been using EverNote for a while in my previous work, but when I found they were collecting a great deal of information (location, etc.), I grew weary, as privacy and confidentiality is important for my current work - hence the encryption. Since I had that experience with EverNote, I have been hesitant to use a cloud note service, which has greatly limited my ability to use the Note 10.1 2014 like I had been. Instead, I took to taking notes in emails, which was a work-around, but never was a solution. I'm still looking for a secure note app or option that I can have confidence in. I fear I'm too far ahead of the game on this issue and will have to wait a few decades to see this concept come to fruition.

I still use the Note for Netflix and other video watching or for other entertainment purposes. Since my experience with the Note, and it's handling of encryption, I've switch to Samsung for my cell (Note 4), and my husband has also switched for his cell (s7). Samsung has really won us over.

Update 5/6/2014:

I have now had the Note for 5 months. I have been using it almost daily, especially in my work life. Samsung has finally pushed out the KitKat firmware update and all my lag-type issues are now gone! I am THRILLED. I knew it being a new product when I purchased it that there would be some issues to work out. Samsung has come through like I hoped they would. I have left the rest of my review as it was originally. However, please note, I would not want to give it 4.5 stars any longer. Samsung's amazing product and it's follow-through with firmware updating has definitely earned it a full 5 star rating!

Original review:

I have had my Note 10.1 2014 for two weeks now and it is everything that I wanted it to be, and more. I had been waiting to buy a tablet, because I wanted one that would help me go paperless. I didn't want one just to surf the web, watch video, or to do all the things on it that I can already do on my smart phone. I wanted more from a tablet, and specifically that was paperless ability. If that is what you want in a tablet, this is the one for you, too.

Other key requirements for me were multitasking ability and stylus usability. The multitasking works pretty well. I'm a huge picture-in-picture fan, and now I can do it on my tablet. Phenomenal! There is no better stylus than one that is fully integrated into your tablet like the SPen is with the Note(s). You can use the stylus instead of typing on the (horrible like all others) tablet keyboard, to write instead of type and have your writing converted to text. This is by far my favorite thing about the Note. I *hate* using tablet keyboards, and now I don't have to!

Note taking:
I take all my notes for meetings, calendar entries, phone call messages, everything that I would have previously used a pen and paper for, now on my Note 10.1. It has required a lot of trial and error to figure out what app I wanted to use the most, which worked best for my needs.

Learning curve for the device:
I have been spending a lot more time on Android forums, specific to the Note 10.1 2014, finding out features I was not figuring out on my own. I watched a lot of youtube tutorial videos when deciding on whether to get the note, and knew there were features used in those videos that I could not figure out. There is a learning curve with this device. You have to be willing to put in some effort to really get everything out of it.

Not pure Android:
I also used forums to discuss changes that have occurred since updating the tablet upon arrival (Android 4.3, Kernel 3.4.39-2040736). Some features are lost or glitched after updating the device, and while that sounds bad, it hasn't been a huge issue. The awesome Ripple Effect that was present on the default lock screen when I first got the Note is now gone and no longer an available feature. This is a disappointment, because it was a neat feature that, simply put, made the display look amazing when unlocking the screen. Obviously, this is just cosmetic. Another issue I'm having is with unsetting a default that I accidentally set. When you navigate web pages or apps sometimes you're prompted to use another app, say for viewing a photo outside your browser for example. The Note will ask you if you want to "always" use the app you choose or if you want to use the app "just once". I found out the hard way that "just once" is the better option, because if you choose "always" for an app, that can cause some issues that no "Default app cleaner" app can fix. This is also not a huge issue, because in my situation it's causing another cosmetic detail issue (I can't change which app I use to crop wallpaper or lockscreen wallpaper photos now), but it is still a minor annoyance and could cause other more irritating issues had I not learned the lesson quickly and on a minor thing. All of these things are software update bugs that should or will probably be worked out over time.

Other things related to this not being pure Android is the relative slow loading speeds. I wouldn't call the device 'laggy', but there is a noticeable delay whenever you try to load anything. And I do mean anything. It's the norm, and a lack of delay is the rare exception. These days, this is not something people tolerate well. I have been using computers for almost 20 years, and have experience with days when systems were *extremely* slow. I think I have more patience for a slower system that others do, which is part of the reason why I went ahead with this device. I knew and expected it to be a little slower. You should too, or you might find yourself a little irritated. It isn't an extreme thing, but it is noticeable.

These issues are always a risk you run when you get away from pure Android. If you have any concerns about software bugs like this causing you too much frustration, you should consider a Nexus or an iPad, as they are 'pure OS' experiences. This is Android with the Samsung software slapped on top of it. There's going to be a few bugs along the way. Not to mention it just came out two months ago. As an IT professional, I should have known not to update so quickly after getting the device, but also I am more tolerant, because my expectations are rational.

If I could give the Note 10.1 2014 a half a star less, making it 4.5 stars, I would purely for the slower functioning and glitchy updates, but I went into the purchase expecting those things, and for that reason I gave it a full 5 stars, because it is meeting all my expectations and exceeding them in other areas. Anything more than what I've got right now would be perfection, and we all know that's not realistic!
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on April 9, 2014
I use this tablet as an artist, for drawing and painting and various Graphic Design projects. As a Graphic Design student I cannot express how useful this tablet is. The pen uses a Wacom digitizer. Instead of hauling my Wacom tablet to class every day, I just take the tablet to create digital works, which I can then port to Photoshop, Illustrator, or whatever. The stylus is far superior to those which work with an iPad, and you save money by having a stylus that is built in to this tablet. If you are an artist or an art student looking for a tablet that will increase your productivity I highly suggest the Note over the iPad. I know that Apple computers are the industry standard in the Art world, but this tablet should be the exception to that "rule". Art kids, abandon your Apple tablets and get yourself a Note.

Speaking of Note! The note taking capabilities of this tablet are amazing. For once, I'm an organized note taker. I have abandoned the lined paper notebook and I use this tablet solely for note taking in my Art History classes. I love how I can drag pictures into my notes, which is absolutely a bonus, and an important feature in helping me learn Art History. Instead of having to download a huge PDF with slides from a lecture on art, and flip through my paper notebook to find the corresponding artworks, I just drag the artworks over into my notes and everything is right there. It's awesome!

This tablet is very fast, very snappy, and responsive. I have no issues at all with it's speed. Even when running many apps at once, and while using a custom launcher app, it's still fast.

I love this thing. I am incredibly happy with my purchase. I literally cannot imagine my life without this thing, now that I've had it for a few months. It is an integral part to my education and my life. I should do commercials for Samsung. :)
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on March 24, 2016
15 months into ownership, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 died. No hard reset as recommended by Samsung worked. Warranty is only 12 months so I could get it repaired for a cost equivalent to 75% of the original cost. I am giving this a low rating because while it worked okay while it was running, I expect a $ 500 product to last longer than 15 months
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on March 6, 2017
Stopped charging! This tablet does not charge anymore. This has happened once before while it was within the warranty period and I sent the tablet over to the Samsung repair center to get it repaired. Unfortunately it is out of warranty now, so I took it to the local repair store. All along we were thinking that the charging wire or the block has the issue, but after taking a look and trying out different wires the guy told me very definitively that the problem is with the charging port. He even showed me the underlying problem. Seemed like the lower plate inside the port is coming off. I was told that the port is soldered to the motherboard, so not easy to repair. Sending it off again to the Samsung repair center will cost me about 2/3rd the price of the tablet itself. I think its time to get a new one for my daughter. Shall definitely stay away from Samsung this time. That would be my suggestion for anyone else who is in the market for a new tablet.
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on March 17, 2016
Samsung in my opinion produces first class electronics and this tablet is no exception.
A beautifully super clear LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.
Came with Adroid 4.3 - upgraded to Android 5.1.1 and plenty of battery life.
Chipset - Qualcomm Snapdragon 800.
CPU - Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 (LTE model)
Camera - 8 MP, autofocus, LED flash.
Video - 1080p@60fps.
WiFi - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot.
Bluetooth - v4.0, A2DP.
3GB Ram.
In my somewhat biased opinion - this tablet is Light Years ahead of the Ipad line. Besides, I have always preferred my apples from trees !!
I installed a 64,GB micro SD card and this together with the internal 32 GB, gives me all the storage I will ever need.
I use this tablet frequently in meetings to take notes using the SPen - very convenient.
I no longer have to carry my laptop into meetings.

Very pleased with this purchase.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on January 2, 2014
This is a great tablet that a lot of the reviewers (as in professional reviews like cnet) don't cover very well. Most tablets are made mostly for consumption, but this tablet has a lot of productivity tools built right into it with most being based around the use of the S-pen, which is incredibly powerful. For my uses, this tablet can do enough to replace having to carry a laptop.

S- Pen

First, the tablet can recognize script or print writing, and does a great job even with my terrible handwriting. Samsung really did a good job with the recognition software. The pen also has rubber tip which provides a little drag on the screen in an attempt to simulate writing on paper. It's better than just a plastic tip, but doesn't reproduce the feel of a real pen on paper.

I was actually somewhat concerned because prior to my purchase I tested one of these tablets in the store and the S-Pen was pretty worn down and dragged a lot. I was glad to see in the box that Samsung gives you 6 new tips for your pen. I do not know how long each tip will last since I have not needed to replace one yet. Also, if the tablet is sleeping when you remove the pen, then it will awaken and unlock for you.

Air command, which is launched with the button on the S-Pen, is very useful and makes certain task more efficient. The Action Memo accessed through air command has become my favorite tool. I now start almost all Google Internet and Map searches from it. Of course, Action Memo also does other things such as allow you to jot down a quick note, add a task, start an email, or add to your contacts. One benefit of the Action Memo is that it opens in a small window over whatever you are looking at. Why is this good? Because if you are looking up or writing something from the document you are currently working on, such as a phone number, email, or address, then you can see the information as you write it in the Action Memo. Then it is just a quick click to map it or save to your contacts.

The tablet also has an Active Digitizer, which is the system that tracks the S-Pen. With this system, when you are writing with the S-Pen, the tablet will reject any touches from your hand so you can rest your hand on the tablet while writing. It also allows the S-Pen to be pressure sensitive.

Writing on the device is also good for meetings. I previously used my phone combine with MS OneNote in meetings to take notes, but people gave me looks like I was ignoring them and texting. Writing on a tablet looks more like what people are use to seeing in a meeting; people writing notes with a pen.

Handwriting is faster than the on-screen keyboard in certain situations, and it is especially nice when you need to write out equations. S-Note can transform drawn equations into text and symbols. Handwriting also helps me remember and learn quicker, but I also like having a typed document for future reference. With this tablet I can hand write and produced text documents at the same time

Now, I have encountered a few issues with the hand witting recognition. It will sometimes incorrectly capitalize words and seems to do so really randomly. It will also put commas instead of periods if they are anything more than a dot. Capital I's are also sometimes interpreted as a 1 or a slash (/). Characters like 1 and I require you to add the additional lines so it is recognized correctly. Sometimes G will come up as an 6.

On-Screen Keyboard

The tablet also comes with Swiftkey software installed, which works like Swype but also has predictive text (tries to guess what you will type next in a bar above the keyboard where you can just hit the next word). For typing, it is accurate and I have found it can be really fast. The predictive text is somewhat creepy how it can guess the next word you want. I have been able to type entire sentences just by hitting the words out of the predicted list.

The tablet will try to correct words though, even in handwriting mode. I can be kind of annoying when you type out an obscure word and it keeps correcting it to what it thinks you meant.


TouchWiz, Samsung's front end for android, is good on this tablet, especially with the S-Pen integration. If you like your Samsung S3 or S4, then this tablet will feel right at home. I have not encountered lag to complain about and all the Apps I run operate smoothly. If you compare a pure Android tablet with TouchWiz, then you can see the "lag" when swiping between screens, but we are talking milliseconds here in difference.

I also like the ability to turn on and off certain settings from the top pull down such as Wifi, GPS, and screen rotate. In addition, with the case I put on my tablet, when I open the cover it will unlock the tablet and open up a screen with your calendar and a drawing area that functions like the Action Memo. It's a really convenient feature to have that Action Memo immediately available.

S-Note is pretty good, especially for handwriting and writing equations, but the tablet also comes with Polaris office which allows you to edit or create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Since discovering Polaris, I have mainly been using it over S-Note. I haven't found a way to save files straight from Polaris to Sky drive so I use the Sky drive App, which works pretty well. I am looking into other options as well such as Google Drive and Evernote. Samsung also has Dropbox and gives you 50 Gb's of storage for 2 years when you purchase the tablet. I have not signed up for it so I cannot tell you about that process or how well it works.

If you like to draw, then the tablet also comes with Sketchbook. I played with it some and the pressure sensitivity on the pen works really well. I am not much of an artist so I cannot comment on this program too much, but there is a wide selection of brushes and large amount of settings to fine-tune everything.

Battery and Screen

I am getting good battery life out of the tablet. With Wifi connected and working on word documents, email, and internet, I can get an entire day out of the tablet. Currently, I have about ~5 hours of use on the tablet with screen brightness on Auto and Power Save off. The tablet is sitting at 52% battery.

The big screen is also a reason I purchased this tablet. The larger screen gives you more area to work and makes the multi window functions actually worth using, especially the S-PEN air commands. I also have a phone (not a Samsung) with a large screen, so a smaller tablet did not feel like much of an upgrade over just using my phone.

Other Negatives

Price - If you do not want the S-Pen or Productivity tools, then you can consider a cheaper tablet. Depending on what you need to do on a computer, it is not a full replacement for a full laptop, but that has more to do with the current Apps that are available, as well as how much more efficient a keyboard and mouse is (though you can use a keyboard and mouse on this tablet).

Location of Home, Menu, and back button - The location can be annoying, but I will rotate the tablet so they are at the top of the screen.

Speakers - While better than rear facing speakers, they do stick out the side. I feel I have to have the sound up much louder than required since they are on the sides instead of facing directly toward you on the front.

Camera - You phone probably has a camera and taking pictures with a tablet is awkward, but it is there if you need it. I think of it more as a utility feature than anything else.

Overall, I think it is one of the best tablets on the market right now for productivity. Since having a tablet that could function as a useful tool for me is important, I put most of my effort into finding a tablet that gave me those options. I would definitely repeat this purchase.
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on December 29, 2013
I returned an iPad Air for this one and I am happy I did. I use the S Pen a lot and my notes get synced on Evernote. The big surprise was having a meeting and had to make a quick call. I made a call right on the tablet, while working on on a document. Love it.
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on January 17, 2014
I use this tablet mainly for note taking in college. So i use S note a lot. This is the main reason why I bought this tablet. So far it has served my needs pretty well. Below is my honest opinion about this tablet. This tablet is an upgrade from my 1st generation IPAD. Haha!

The good:
1) The screen resolution really blows your mind away. It is the clearest and sharpest screen I have ever seen yet. I have no problems staring at the for hours and still admiring its beauty.

2) When running without any problems, this tablet is a beast. It is a powerhouse. It can handle any applications you throw at it with ease. it can play any HD games with no problem at all so far. Surfing the web is a joy and the multi window feature really helps especially when I'm taking down notes.

3) Using the S pen is a joy and i believe it is the best thing to a pen and paper experience out there. It writes smoothly and accurately as opposed to the display units in Best buy that i have tried. I tried writing on my friend's IPAd and there was no comparison. This tablet is miles ahead of the competition in terms of the handwriting recognition and note taking capabilities.

The Bad:

1) One of the things that stops me from giving this tablet a 5 Star rating is because of the occasional crashes and glitches I experienced. SO far, i experienced glitches from the games and also S note in the midst of taking down notes in class which can get pretty annoying. I might be quite harsh in my comments but given that this product is one of the most expensive tablets out there and a direct competitor to the IPAd, I believe this tablet should be more than good. If not close to perfection.

2) The home button at the center of the tablet really gets in the way during note taking. When writing on the 2nd half of the screen, I have to be cautious and careful not to touch the home button. This really made the whole tablet experience a tedious one.

3) The screen scratches very easily for some reason. I tried using my friend's stylus pen on my tablet and my screen got scratched. I didn't want to get a screen protector because I'm afraid it will affect the superb handwriting recognition of the tablet.

4) The stylus that came with this tablet is pretty small and thin. My hand get tired writing with it after a 1 hour lecture.

Overall, I like this tablet. It has grown into my schedule ever since I bought it and I can't leave for class without having my tablet with me! I would definitely recommend this tablet to anyone looking for a good note taking device and can also double up as a good multimedia device. You just need to live with the occasional glitches as for now and hope for an update that will fix these problems in the future.
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on November 12, 2013
Awesome tablet! I'm still learning all it can do. I use technology as a tool for my business, I'm not a true techie. First thing I did was purchase a book style cover and screen protector. Second was to install a 16 Gig memory card. So far no issues. The tablet is fast when surfing the Internet, the screen is clear and bright with fantastic colors. I read the reviews before my purchase and I have not experienced any of the performance delays some of the reviewers write about. This tablet is head and shoulders better than my 3 year old Galaxy 7" tablet.
The TV IR controller is a fun bonus especially since I have a Samsung Smart TV. They mated quickly and perfectly.
I've begun to add files for a MS Power Point presentation, a small learning curve but I've got it now and they look great! The installed Office Aps work perfectly. My MS Word files transferred and open flawlessly. Excel works just as nicely.
Found out that our local Best Buy has a Samsung Tech Counter with free tech support to help unravel the secrets of using these high tech Samsung products. Has Samsung taken a hint from Apple? I haven't used them yet but plan to have all my questions answered as I use more of it's capabilities.
All in all, this Tablet has done everything I've asked of it and is capable of much more as I become more proficient. I love it and am totally happy with this purchase.
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