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on September 23, 2013
On the surface, Reverb appears to be good phone. Cheap price, great reviews and runs the latest Android software. And Virgin had some of the best pricing for smart phone plans.

Problem as stated by some of the latter reviews is the auto-update to Jelly Bean turns the phone turn into an battery draining, software hanging dog of a phone. Maybe this is how Samsung is trying to get people to upgrade their phone. Just roll-out a release to make you hate your current phone. They just should have not allowed the release on this phone. I didn't see a permanent way to avoid having the release or rolling back to previous release.

The screen is unbearable in direct sunlight. Makes it very difficult to take photos of your family out in the park. And dimming the screen is needed to make the battery last. Can literally be impossible to see the screen outside.

Some of the cool apps that I wish worked great actually fail. Google Hangout works for a bit and then hangs. I was using Wi-Fi so it should have worked. Also, for some reason the buttons at the bottom of the phone become unresponsive and make it impossible to click the "home" button. I wish these were real buttons and not capacitive buttons. Since you have no feedback I wasn't sure if it was me or the phone. But its the phone.

This is my first smart phone. I switched from a flip phone that had a battery that lasted weeks even with several calls. This sound is decent but sometimes is robotic sounding. Maybe it was because I had less bars than my Verizon flip phone. But I had less bars in a lot of areas in town. Data connection is actually pretty good. So, email and simple apps that use the Internet run great (eg. banking app). I wanted less bells and whistles but you might be better off a bigger phone with more memory if Samsung auto-updates the OS.

I like Virgin Mobile and the do allow upgrading a better phone without penalty. But in summary just avoid this phone to begin with.
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on August 26, 2013
This is my first smartphone. I didn't buy it to go with a contract but with Virgin's prepaid or pay per month sort of deal. The first thing you should know is that if you haven't have a smart phone before this will excite you. I spent far too much time playing with my new 'toy.' If you've had a smartphone before you may or may not be entirely pleased.

Apps work fine and there is no shortage of freeware to go around. I would be careful with how much you download because the phone only has about 2G of space. That seems like a lot but it's really not. If you want to fill it up, I'd recommend a microSD card (which is has a slot for). The screen is bright enough, though it could be brighter. Still I have no complaints.

The service has been great (I checked the map BEFORE buying the phone/plan), though there was one minor hiccup. When I moved to a new location, the phone failed to pick up the 3G even though it should have. My SO bought a different phone but also under Virgin mobile and he managed to pick it up fine. If you have this problem you can probably factory reset. Instead what I did was update to the Android 4.1.2. I have no idea what OS this is -called.- Once I updated, it mapped onto the 3G and I've had no problems since.

The update HAS slowed the phone down. It use to be much faster and now it runs a bit more snail-like. This is frustrating but OK. I have had a few problems with the phone but on rare occasions. Just recently the screen locked and wouldn't let me swipe it. I restarted it (held the power button until it just shut off) and it seems to be working normally. IF you can find a way to make it stop nagging you about the 4.1.2 update, then I'd recommend it and not update the OS.

Otherwise I'm fairly happy with the phone. I would recommend it to someone who wants a smartphone without being destroyed financially. If you look at the map of coverage before buying the phone then you will get great coverage and a great plan for minimal price. I pay the $35 for unlimited data, unlimited text and limited calls. That is CHEAP compared to most other plans.
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on June 1, 2013
I have waited a month and just paid for my second month with virgin mobile. I wanted a good amount of time to see how the phone and virgin mobile holds up in my area of central coast california.

The Phone:

The phone is a decent size. It is not tiny but it isnt the monster like the Galaxy S2 that people are so fond of these days. Its light and fits in all my pants pockets very well. The phone has very rounded edges and overall very smooth. It is a good balance between screen size and comfort.

Camera: This is one of the weakest points of the phone for me. The camera always gives you fine grains in the image even when turning the sharpness off and going to the highest resolution. 5 mp is just enough to make decent pictures but dont expect to blow them up and put them on a wall. Plenty for people who want facebook photos.

Front Facing Camera:

Mostly for skype as the pictures it takes are very low quality and have to many digital artifacts. The face unlock screen for security works but it can be defeated by using a picture in front of the camera. So I prefer to use a pin number to keep my phone secure.

Battery Life:

The battery life on the phone is decent lasting all day web browsing and watching netflix on my phone. I have let the phone go a few days without charging when I am only texting and calling. But generally it should be a good idea to charge any phone when you get the chance because you never know when you may be without a charge and you dont want a dead phone in an emergency.

System: The ice cream sandwitch 4.0 is a decent system with common and farmiliar andriod feel we have all come to know and that has become the 2/3 of the phone market.

Virgin Mobile:

the coverage in my area is pretty good. A few times I have traveled to berkley a 2 hour drive away for a concert and to San Jose a 40minute drive away and I would check my bars and 3g along the way. A few times I have seen the bar drop to One and none. BUT every time I go to make a call my bars average 3. And that is really what counts is when you make a call or send a text that you get too.


The only thing that seriously brought down to a 4 is that it randomly restarts itself once a day at least and sometimes up to 5. Never in the middle of a call or text, but happens usually after being online or on charge unattended for a spell. Its no big deal since most times it happens when on the charge or in my pocket and I here the restart song my phone plays.

The phone and service are not solid pieces of fried gold. I came from Verizon to Virgin mobile. Is Verizon faster?... yes.... Does verizon have better coverage?... yes... BUT my monthly verizon bill was $106 every month for almost 3 years. My Virgin bill is $49. So I can pay two months for the price of one. And given that Verizon no longer goes unlimited if I would have signed a new contract my bill would have been $120 a month with Verizon. And yes I know that verizon is the best overall, but at almost 3 times the price thats madness.

Yeah sprints network has slower 3g and 4g. Yeah their coverage isnt what verizon or at&t is. But for $49 a month I have 1200 minutes, unlimited texting, and unlimited data. If you do your homework and check the converage maps for your area you should have a good idea of how the phone will work for you. For me personally the ups out weigh the downs because I am tired of verizon raising the prices and giving you less and less.

Fair price for fair Performance.
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on March 26, 2013
This phone is tough to beat for the price. The display is very bright and crisp, call quality is great, on board speakers sound decent for a phone, battery life is acceptable, not too heavy, feels solid and well built. There's little to no "bloatware" installed on it (though VM keeps trying to get me to download their "essentials" ID pack which I keep ignoring. I'd prefer stock Android but the Samsung Touch Wiz is really not bothersome at all.

My wife has an HTC One V which I am also very impressed with. Deciding whether to order another one of those or this phone was difficult. Now having both, I really don't think you can go wrong with either. I was concerned that this phone would feel cheap compared to the all aluminum HTC but this one is plenty solid. This one supports a larger SD card and has a removable battery and I think a smidge better processor. Otherwise they're pretty comparable. We upgraded from LG Optimus phones and the difference is night and day.
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on September 7, 2013
This is an amazing device for $120 - seriously. Great battery, enough horsepower to make maps, texts, calls, transitions, etc. seamless. Even runs most games decently well. However! It has been "upgraded" to jellybean, making it sluggish, and what's even worse, the screen now freezes and becomes unresponsive to touch. I was able to root my device and get back to a stock ice cream sandwich, delete some bloatware, and I now have a killer little device that rivals my wife's S III.

All in all, I don't recommend this until the freezing/JB bug gets worked out. As of September 2013, both Virgin and Samsung support claim they've never heard of the problem and don't offer much support except an exchange. And guess what, that refurbished unit you get will be running Jellybean, so that will freeze up too.

So, if you're comfortable with rooting, I recommend this phone. However! Rooting is only possible if it ships stock ICS. If you turn it on and it's pre-loaded with JB, there's no way (yet) to root. If you turn it on and it's ICS, and immediately upgrades to JB, you have yourself a couple hours of work ahead of you until you have a great phone. Just don't let it run that system update because ICS is SO much easier to root!!
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on August 5, 2013
I had the HTC one V but it broke so I got this phone. Its not a bad phone but I'd say it was a down grade. The phone is pretty slow just navigating around. Sometimes it freezes for a second or two which is just a minor annoyance. I don't have too many apps either. The internet is pretty slow and the youtube is pretty much useless due to the constant stopping and loading. The screen is pretty temperamental and I am constantly accessing different apps and things from my pocket on accident. Biggest complaint is the stupid keyboard that the phone comes with. No auto correct for some very odd reason. I had to pay for and download a keyboard off of the app store. and as far as user friendly its kinda frustrating just to make a call. too many things involved where as other phones make this the easiest thing to do, as it should be. the camera is good. video is fine. size of phone is comfy for your hand. I might just be too picky with it, it does the job, its a decent phone, I would recommend the HTC one v though, cheaper and better quality, just a little bit smaller.

So not long after I had the phone it started shutting down and restarting on its own, many times a day. It's incredibly annoying. Sometimes it will just shut off, and I'm unaware the whole day until I need to use my phone and oh look, its off. So sometimes it turns itself off, sometimes it restarts itself. Fun stuff. Everything else I said is still an issue, I actually cant stand this phone now. moving my rating from 3 to two stars
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on April 19, 2013
After a lot of searching, I finally settled on a Samsung Galaxy Reverb from Virgin Mobile after using a Sony Ericsson Experia Arc for almost a year while living overseas. The Sony was a gorgeous work of art to hold and admire, but had lots of bugs and faults (probably more related to its dated Android Gingerbread OS). The Samsung Galaxy Reverb is just the opposite: not much to look at but works flawlessly and reliably.

The phone itself looks cheaply made, with a flimsy, slippery back that makes it hard to hold without a case. In fact, less than an hour after owning it, it slipped out of my hand and fell onto a hardwood floor. The back cover and battery flew off. Luckily after putting everything back together the phone worked just fine. Recommendation: get a rubberized case. It will make it easier to hold and help hide the cheapness of the case.

Other than the appearance, I have no complaints at this time. Call quality in both speaker and handset mode is excellent. Most apps work well (although some are a bit slow but about what you'd expect for the price), and 3G/WiFi data access are seamless. Virgin Mobile's 3G data speeds (Sprint) are adequate for most web browsing and e-mail applications, video might take a bit longer to stream (get used to seeing the "buffering" message"). The battery life is getting better as the phone gets broken in, but a good battery saver app will help that quite a bit.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Reverb is a good all-around Android phone that does almost everything pretty well, except for impressing your friends.
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on July 29, 2013
This is my third smartphone. I have been a Virgin Mobile user for about 8 years and the Samsung Galaxy Reverb seems to be a good fit for me. I replaced my damaged Kyocera Rise. The Rise has a slider keyboard I thought would make operation easier for me due to my large blunt fingers. That proved to be not true and certain apps and web sites ignored the slider. I found the Reverb touch screen to be a 100% improvement over the Rise. Of course it has much more storage available as well as much faster performance. With smartphones, so far, newer is always better. I still have my old LG Optimus V that I use purely as an unactivated music player and occasional internet device.

****After a year or so I still like the Reverb with Virgin Mobile. My only caveat is the battery life. Perhaps it is the way I use it. I purchased a special battery charger that includes two extra batteries. Onite® 2x 2000mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy Reverb M950 For Virgin Mobile Also known as Samsung SPH-M950+ Charger I often carry the extra batteries with me. I guess replaceable batteries are an advantage in contrast to Apple users experience with the hassle getting those batteries replaced at a service center. I always charge it from my car when I remember.

I also bought a nice case because the Reverb is so slippery: Aimo Wireless SAMM950PCBEC001 Shell Holster Combo Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Reverb M950 with Kickstand Belt Clip and Holster - Retail Packaging - Black

I also found a great car mounting device: Nite Ize STCK-11-R8 Steelie Car Mount Kit for Cellphones - Retail Packaging

The other issue that is common to many Android devices is the lack of flexibility using the optional SD1 memory. The current Samsung version seems to not allow apps to install into the SD1. One has to often remove some apps to install a new one when there may be a very large unused space on the SD1. Therein also lies a problem. I let a large photo collection accumulate on the SD1. This slowed boot initialization and made Photo Album startup very long. I now store most of my photos in Google+ so maybe a large SD1 is no advantage at all. Google+ is great but watch out for the naughty selfies.
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on June 13, 2013
I received this phone 3 days ago, and while I think it is a cool phone with nice features, I am already having some seriously frustrating issues.

So far in 3 days, there have been 2 times that the touch screen just stops working. The lock screen pops up, but I cannot swipe to unlock, I press the power button to shut down and the power options show, but the screen will not let me select anything. I have had to remove the battery to restart both times. My boyfriend has this phone also and has had this same issue from time to time.

I also have had issues while on phone calls. The sounds seems to keep cutting out, or getting waves of static. I suppose this could be a service issue, but I have had Virgin mobile for over a year and never had issues in my home with service or sound quality (I had the LG Optimus before, and though the functionality was limited, seemed to be a decent phone).

I plan to keep close tabs of any issues over the next day or so while I decide whether or not to return this phone.
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on February 27, 2017
This is my fourth Samsung Galaxy Reverb phone to purchase for myself and family - it is a great phone. The first one I purchased in 2013 and it is still working like a jewel. Actually, it spoils one when trying other brands. It has a very clear, bright screen - which makes graphics appear nicely. The camera produces nice photos as well. The App capability is wondeful for doing my online banking, emails, travel reservations, etc. Overall, we are very pleased with the design and functions. Many thanks to Samsung for a great yet affordable device.
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