Customer Reviews: 5x Samsung Nexus S 4G Google 2 TWO i9020 Premium Clear LCD Screen Protector Cover Guard Shield Film Kit
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on June 26, 2011
I hate screen protectors, but they're sort of a necessary evil if you hope to actually carry this kind of phone around with you. Sure, if you have a purse with you at all times, you can buy a better case and actually enjoy the full clarity of your screen, but you can't exactly put a 1" thick case in your jeans pocket.

Okay, so these will work. They will protect your phone. And they're cheap. But the pros end there. The picture clarity just won't be quite as crisp with these screen covers. To be fair, I don't know if there's a screen cover that won't do this. But in the 5-pack I received, not one of them was free from little scratches or blemishes. And that's a huge negative. While I don't expect the clarity to match the uncovered screen, I do expect screen covers that don't look like they've already been in someone's pocket for a month of use.
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on September 12, 2011
I ordered this to protect the Samsung Nexus S. It fits PERFECT, there was no cutting necessary. The first time I put it on I had a lot of air bubbles, even though I cleaned the phone with the cloth that came with it. I tried again with a different approach. As I was laying the screen protector down on the phone, I smoothed it out with a credit card. Don't do the same thing I did, put the protector on first and try to smooth it out later. You'll just frustrate yourself.

There were minimal air bubbles when I used the credit card to smooth over the protector as I applied it. The only ones I can see are around the sides. My OCD kicked in and I used my fingernail to actually push the remaining air bubbles out. If you have the time and care to do so, it works with just a little pressure of your nail. The screen protector didn't get scratched or anything, it works perfectly. Most of the time, I don't notice it's there. It's not going to be perfect, but at least there's no air bubbles in the middle of the phone. A couple days have passed since I put it on and the air bubbles are slowly disappearing now on their own.

For the $1 or so that I spent on this item, I received 5 screen protectors and each of them came with a small cleaning cloth. I would defintely recommend this product for the price!
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on February 22, 2012
The price was right for these, so I tried them. I had no trouble applying the protector, but other reviewers mentioned getting a cleaning cloth with each protector, and these came with only one. It is a nice cloth, so as long as I don't lose it, I think it will continue to work for all 5 protectors. The little cardboard squeegee was not included with these, so I just used my fingernail. That seemed to get out almost all of the bubbles. The few tiny bubbles that remain are close to the edges and usually disappear on their own after a few days.

The only drawbacks I notice are:
1. The protector seems much thinner than previous protectors I have used for other devices. I think I may have to replace this one more often- time will tell.
2. The entire screen is not covered. The protector stops a little more than an eighth of an inch short at the top. The cutouts do fit well, but the protector doesn't extend all the way to the top. This may be due to the slight curve of the Nexus S screen.
3. The protector does not seem to be sticking at the very bottom, due to the curved screen. I couldn't move the protector up any higher on my phone, because the cutouts at the top wouldn't fit if I did. I think that once I get my new silicone cover on the phone the edges will probably be covered anyway. I just wonder if dust might get in and cause me to have to replace the protector more quickly.

I will probably look at other options when it comes time to buy again. I would like the protector to be just a bit thicker, and possibly cover more of the top of the screen.

Just noticed the picture on the listing shows a different protector than I received. The ones I received don't have a rounded top; the cutouts are open at the top. This is why my protectors don't reach all the way up. There must be a difference in sellers, or maybe the template was changed. I will definitely look for ones that extend the next time I buy.
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on November 22, 2011
First, adhesive screen protectors are a complete PITA to apply without getting dust under them, no matter how much you clean the phone first. That's not specific to this screen protector, rather to all of them that use adhesive.

They also seem to be just a touch smaller than the phone. However, the last protector I tried had an overhang; not having to trim it is nice. The silicone case I keep on my phone covers the parts that the screen protector does not cover.

Someone on a forum I'm on suggested using scotch tape to remove any dust/lint/etc that gets trapped under the screen. I'm OCD about having zero bubbles under it; the scotch tape trick removed every speck of dust, even specks that had stuck to the protector.

Since I have no bubbles under mine, and a silicone case on the phone, you can't even tell there's a screen protector on it unless you see the cutouts for the speaker and front camera.

It does smudge a little easier than the bare glass; I'd rather have to clean it a bit more often than deal with scratches.
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on October 12, 2011
The screen protectors were easy to put on. Anyone who had problems putting them on has their own problems and it is not because of the screen protectors. The fit is great and it is easy to get all the bubbles out with a credit card. The screen still seems bright and clear and I can barely notice I have a screen protector on. The screen does seem to get dirtier than with just the plain screen (oil from fingers) but that is easily fixed with a clean cloth.

Overall for the price you can't beat these. Both my wife and I have the Nexus S 4G and application was easy. Now we have 3 extras in case something happens to one of first ones we put on. Would definitely recommend.
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on August 20, 2012
The instructions include the scotch tape trick for removing dust. Works great. Easy to push out airbubbles too. The outer layer has a slight discoloration only visible under florescent light and with the screen off. Not a problem at all. I actually bought this auction because the screen protectors I got on eBay had a HORRIBLE discoloration - entire screen protector was covered in little rainbow blotches. This one is just a little rainbowy over the entire thing - MUCH less noticeable.
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on November 5, 2011
I don't like these. i ordered some similarly cheap protectors for my epic 4g, and they held up just fine, although they were more easily smudged than a protector-less screen. But these ones that i got for my nexus s are terrible. after about a month, the protector is SO scratched up, that it looks like i bought a 10 year old used phone. it's actually embarrassing. i finally took the protector off. screen is still great, which is why the product gets 3 stars...but meanwhile, the phone looked embarrassingly damaged, and that just won't do.
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on November 1, 2011
These are definitely worth the couple of bucks it takes to buy them. However I do have to warn you that the ones I bought only had a cut out over the earpiece. There were no cut outs for the sensors or camera.

Don't expect these to repel oil either, but they are very clear (when clean) and are barely noticeable, except along the edges of the top and bottom, where they don't adhere very well (due to the curvature of the phone).

Overall, very please with these, especially for the price.
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on July 14, 2012
I bought this when I first got my Nexus S. I had the same protector on there for nearly a year before I removed it. The screen protector did a great job -- it was scratched to hell! But it being scratched definitely dulled the screen. Keep track of the extras so you can swap them out after the first gets scratched.

Good product, good price, overall happy purchase.
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on February 1, 2013
I ordered this clear screen to protect my brand new Samsung Nexus cell phone. We'll I was quite disappointed it didn't fit. I used 1 out of 5 screens just to try to make something work. It's just plain too small. It's inexpensive to bother to return them, so I'm stuck. I'm not sure what went wrong!
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