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on June 21, 2011
I purchased the Samsung HMX-W200 camera to take better video than my cell phone of my 2yr old son. I needed something small, rugged, and quick to turn on so as not to miss anything, and light enough to carry in a pocket with me most of the time.
So far this is a great little video camera. I took several video's with it, and they turned out great. A few things to note though. It uses a Micro SD, or Micro SDHC size card for storage, which you have to purchase separately. It will record 4 hours at 720 or 2 hours at 1080 on a 16GB card. One of the reviews I read on a marketing site said that you could adjust the frame rate, if you can, I have not found out how. The menu gives only 2 options 1080 and 720, both at 30fps. It only takes 1.5 seconds from when you press the power button, to being able to shoot video. When you plug the camera into your computer, it sets itself up as 2 drives, one with the data, and the other with the intelli-studio Light software. I found this to be very easy to use to do basic editing, cutting out little parts of the video that I did not want, etc... I also love the feature that allows me to pause the recording and then start it again without creating a separate file.
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on September 12, 2011
The 1080p looks great. It also looked great on my 50in. HDTV. For the price this camcorder is well worth it. Everything Samsung claims about this camcorder is true. I have been using it for a month now. So far so good. However I have not even thought about putting it in water. But I have used it in the rain and it still worked great.

I only give the 4 stars because there is no timer for taking pictures. It's not a big deal when I'm shooting video. But I do like they way photos look on this thing. It requires the most steady hand in the world. I have used a tripod and it helps a little. I just wish I could set a timer to guarantee a still shot. The camera impressively utilizes all natural light. I understand the selling point for this camera is the 1080p video, but I don't always want to carry both my Canon EOS and my Samsung HMX when attending a public event.

If you're in the market for a pocket camcorder go with this one and not the Flip. It is rugged, waterproof, and ready to record 2 seconds after you turn it on.
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on December 23, 2012
First, and foremost, this small pocket camera takes micro SD, secondly, it is NOT WATERPROOF so don't set yourself up by getting this and then ruin the camera. Thirdly, Sony TX7 is a far superior camera (not waterproof) but there are some Sony TX cameras that are waterproof.
Sony's size is even smaller than this camera, which is pretty small, but QUALITY is the very best.

Overall, the W200 is solidly built and offers good recording, playback and options. Its shortcomings are in it being waterproof. This is not designed to have regular underwater recordings. The major complaint is playback (built in speaker) and barely audible. The playback to TV or computer has that same poor sounding audio greatly improved, so its only the built-in sound having issue. The camera has a small LCD screen, offers no built in light for low light recordings like the Panasonic TA2. The Panasonic TA2 offers a larger screen for playback, louder (built-in) speaker. The Panasonic built in spot light (for low light subjects) is excellent. The Samsung has clumsy buttons, not commands when pressed. Panasonic touch screen also needs solid pressing to command but is better than the rubber buttons of Samsung. Both pocket cameras are well worth purchase but not paying the suggested retail price. Panasonic offers voice (non video or still) recordings, which are nice when dictating. The Samsung offers pause from live recording and stills from live recordings with one touch. Both plug into your laptop or desktop and recharge fairly quick. Samsung's Bright Screen for outdoor,improving subjects vs. glare. But this shortens the battery life. Panasonic has dual microphones located on top of the unit, whereas, Samsung has a tiny mono microphone that responds well to sounds. Both units have good playback sound (not built in sound of either unit) The Panasonic zoom is by touch screen and not impressive, Samsung has cursor T and W (tele and wide) button..with more noticeable zooming but clarity and distortion begins with either camera. Side by side, the Panasonic offers a larger LCD 3inch screen with directional viewing (wide or 4:3). the Panasonic accepts SD cards whereas the Samsung uses micro SD cards. Samsung slightly comes in better with overall picture and brightness and viewing (when outside). Neither camera should be used under water... causing a quick return to the manufacturer. Which is the better of the two? Its a toss up. Both were good overall. Depending on differences noted above, they both are decent pocket HD Cams.
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on May 5, 2012
I just got the HMX-200W red Samsung video camera. I have only taken a few videos so I am still evaluating the image quality. It looked fine so far in outdoor lighting.

I wanted to comment this camera works fine with MacBook and OSX 10.7.3 Lion and iMovie 11. Yes the image editing software provided with the camera does not run on a Mac but most Mac users will want to run iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Before purchasing I was worried about comments saying this camera would not work with Mac computers.

I removed the microSD card and inserted into a USB adapter I have. When I plugged in the USB adapter iPhoto opened automatically (in case there were still images). I opened iMovie and on its own it opened the Import from Camera dialog box (manually you can click on the silhouette camcorder icon in the center left of the iMovie panes). The sanDisk micro SD was recognized and the clip showed up in a preview pane. I selected the clip and Imported All (there is a toggle switch for automatically combining all clips into one or manually picking the clips to import - mine was set to automatic).

When I clicked on Import All the program asked me what resolution I wanted; Large at 960 x 540 or Full. It warned me that full might result in uneven playback on my computer (implying it takes a powerful processor to work at 1280 x 720). I read online working on the 960 x 540 mode would save considerable disk space and not be noticed. The import of a 3 minute clip took about 3 to 4 minutes.

I exported this file to several formats to check on how long it took, size, and output format:

3:20 minute test movie:
Raw from camera; MP4 format, 211.8 MB

Mobile (480 x 272), 2 min to export, 23.3 MB, m4v
Medium (640 x 320), 4 min, 40.7 MB , m4v
Large (960 x 540), 7 min, 98.2 MB, m4v
HD (1280 x 720), 8 min, 259 MB, .mov

Quicktime Export
33 min, 37.9 MB,
1280x720 HD
optimized for CD/DVD
frame rated current
Key every 150 frames
Data rate 1372 kbit/sec

Made a longer 34 min movie at a child's graduation. Many short clips that I edited into the movie, took some time to convert to the iMovie native format. Now using the camera anti-shake feature and feel that is required when walking or standing (not using a tripod). Shot indoor footage on a lit stage and the video quality was great even with zoom at half maximum. Outdoor colors good as well, full zoom does not look grainy on well lit subject. Images in the shade were good as well as long as there was no brightly lit object in the background (I think the manual talks about how to solve this problem inherent to any auto light adjusting camera). I took stills as well, this camera is better than my older Cannon digital. Microphone was okay but as expected wind noise was picked up, I did not pick up camera noises or zoom noises. Overall very satisfied with the camera. I also made this movie into an MP4 using quicktime (385 mb) which took a long time to render (4 hours) but the best quality and smallest size. A mobile export from iMovie was larger and much lower resolution (but took less time to render).
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on March 16, 2016
Just received the camera on Monday ( two days ago) .
Camera came with nothing, according to the ad it said it would come with a manual and quick start guide.
Memory card was the very small one that the old cell phones had. Was a little disappointed, hoping it will work well on our upcoming vacation.
Since it was used and priced low didn't expect much. Hope doesn't disappoint in the pool and ocean on our trip.
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on July 25, 2012
I purchased this video camera after an exhaustive time trying to video tape my exercise class. I tried using a Flip and it never caught the full 50 minute class; it always cut off at 42 minutes. I tried using my regular camera that has video capability but quickly learned that there are hard coded recording limits of 29 min 59 seconds. So, out of shear frustration, I broke down and purchased this video camera and I could not be more pleased. After charging it on my laptop, I was able to quickly set it up as the screens are very user friendly as well as all of the functionality of the camera; it's simply super easy to use!

I did have to run to the store to grab a micro sd card, as I overlooked that when I purchased it but the card was only $7.99 for 4GB which is all the recording time I needed. I did record my ENTIRE class this morning and reviewed the footage and the quality of the video is perfect for my needs as well as the audio. It picked up my instruction as well as the music without any interference.

Simply put, I could not be more pleased with the purchased!!
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on June 21, 2013
This is a nice little camera. I've seen quite a few negative reviews on it but it works quite well. Some people say "The 5.5mp photo option is very low quality for even amateurs" My response is that its a camcorder, not a camera. Even so, 2k photos are still quite good. Some have said "It has very little visual effects." You can easily add visual affects to videos once on the computer using cheap, even free programs. i did have a few minor problems.

shoots 1080p at 30 fps
is water, shock, and dustproof.
has a built in USB male plug, so you do not need to carry around cable
compact, thin
easy to use interface
water mode that adusts focus distance for better underwater shooting.

went to the beach, and sand got under the buttons, disabling most of them (except the power and record buttons) until i could get home and rinse the product out, at this point the sand easily came out and the buttons worked again.
Sometimes focuses on the background=d instead of the subject, but very rarely
long charging time.
saves movie files in a very massive format. 8gb only holds 69 minutes in 1080p. I had had a 1 hour 46 minute 1080p movie on it and it only took up 1.5gb.

Overall, I think this camera is a great bang for its buck. The cons are minor, and there are many pro's. I definitely recommend this product. And even if it breaks, if you register it at samsung.com/owners, you get an extra 3 months of warranty, so you can get your money back.
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on December 4, 2013
I purchased several of these for my students and staff to use for various projects. What I liked: Takes great video, quick to learn how to use, easy to download videos. What I wish was better: audio. The audio isn't terrible, but it is what it is: a recorded video on a device with a small internal speaker that FACES THE PERSON TAKING THE VIDEO. Why couldn't this be mounted on the FRONT of the device, facing the things you are videoing? There isn't an input to hook up a microphone. If the person taking the video is whispering, that is the loudest thing on the video. Wish that were different. Overall, though, great small video camera for the price. I've seen students drop this thing from 6+ feet without so much as a scratch- it just keeps going! One group took them out with them when they went kayaking. They all came back without any water damage, working just great. So, good bang for the buck!
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on December 26, 2011
when I purchased this in the fall, it was only $99. We used it while snorkeling last week and it was great. We aren't video experts, so my requirements were pretty minimal (clear picture, waterproof, easy to use and to upload) and they were all met. I just handed it to my husband and off he went, without having to read a whole instruction manual. When we got home, it was easy to download the video onto my Mac and to upload (quickly) to YouTube. Additional costs were a micro SD card and then, of course, a micro reader for the computer (the camera did not come with a cord to download to the computer). The more technologically-adept might have more detailed comments, but this worked great for our family.
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on September 12, 2017
great value for what you pay
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