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on September 19, 2016
The Samsung Intercept was one of my greatest purchases for the time. The pull out keyboard got MUCH use and it worked well! The buttons were firm and tactile, so you knew when you were pressing without issue. The screen was bright and looked nice for the price. Android is and always will be my number one operating system for mobile phones so I was happy with that. It is a comfortable phone for holding up to make conversations with and the battery lasted a pretty long time as well! Was shipped in a nice package and was entirely protected.
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on June 15, 2011
I would write a longer review about how bad this phone is, but I don't think I'll bother to. A short one should do.

The keyboard is fine, but it doesn't make up for the fact that the overall response of this phone is SLOW. I tried an app killer and a battery saver on it, but those apps further degraded the phone's responsiveness. Upgrading to Froyo improved things a bit, but still, the freezes and memory problems remained. Moving data through USB is sketchy at best. It sometimes cuts off when moving large amounts of it. Luckily, none of my data was lost. (I even made one backup from the micro SD card to a Western Digital 1.5 TB hard drive just before getting rid of the phone.)

The camera is actually decent, considering that it lacks flash. It's better than the one that's on the LG Optimus V I now use, but I know my way through Photoshop, GiMP, etc. to fix photos if needed. Night mode actually works quite well. Video quality is passable, but with a poor video processor, it lags behind the LG. Speaking of which, Angry Birds and most other games run slowly, whereas on the LG, they run at a good (if not the absolute fastest) speed.

Still, it fails where I need it most. I needed it to do web, text, music, some gaming, and QR/UPC scanning. 3G was barely tolerable, at best. For me, this phone was a huge, EPIC FAIL.

Please save yourself the trouble, and don't buy this phone. Seriously.
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on October 3, 2012
First, I switched from T Mobile in 2011 when there was talk of them being consumed by A T&T. YUCK. I loved T Mobile, great customer service & I had very little reasons to ever call in for support. I was paying around $70 a month for a non android plan and I had the Motorola Zn5 which took unbelievably good photos with the onboard Kodak camera. But I was too far behind in technology to stay in that phone profile. So, I get the prepaid bug around the same time I get the need the android in my life bug and take a leap of faith after weeks or researching the Intercept. In my quest for anonymity, I picked up the Intercept lightly used from Amazon and got the $35 Virgin Mobile plan. One less recycling entity on my credit report, a cool phone, and CHEAP! In the beginning, The phone was as responsive as I needed it to be. I'm a heavy texter, pic taker, file storer, and music player. I don't bank, tag, 4square, or map from my phone. Don't want to. So at a year into ownership, it's gotten sooo slow on even the non internet functions. Most of time I can't get the phone to power on or charge without an error, when it rings the screen will freeze and I can't even answer the call let alone trying to use turn by turn navigation. And it did not come on slowly. One day we were good....the next we were very bad. So I would say, the intercept is a good 1st phone in your foray of Android devices. It's a strong contender for a beginner who does not use the phone for much more than talking, texting, or checking email. Not an option for Twitz, FBers, YouTubers, etc who rely on the utilities of the device beyond talking and texting.
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on June 1, 2011
We had some issues with the operation of the phones but it could be remedied by simply exchanging for new ones. The solution was simple but the seller declined to take the items back because they said, "The box had been opened". I don't know HOW anyone could test the phones to see if they work or not without "opening the box". Apparently, customer satisfaction is NOT guaranteed. The seller does not appear to wish to stand behind their products.

Fortunately, we did get insurance on the phones through the carrier "Virgin Mobile" and they said they would replace the phones at no additional cost. So if you choose this phone, be sure to get the "insurance" for these phones as there is no other way to replace or exchange the phone, let alone get your money back.
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on April 25, 2011
While this phone may be regarded as an entry-level smart phone I like this phone alot. Been using it about a week and have some great apps installed. Using an unlimited plan from virgin I am streaming music to my phone 12 hours a day using both Pandora and Audio Galaxy.

Reception is great and my friends have noted increased clarity of my voice over my previous phone. Don't use the camera much but it takes pictures and they look pretty good.

My email is flawless and the facebook and twitter apps work great as well.

I have no complaints. This is my first touch screen phone and I can't see any reason I would need a more expensive phone. This does everything I could need and does it well.
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on March 5, 2012
This phone was my first Android, I thought at first it was okay, but even being new to Android, I could notice things that weren't typical/normal. The freezing, the lagging, the dropped signals etc etc. At first it was minor, and I learned to ignore it...but as time went on, the problems became more frequent, and more intense. The phone would freeze up to where the only help was to take the battery out. Texts wouldn't send, would have to resend them 4 or 5 times, the keyboard kept me attached to it for awhile, because the one bright spot is the keyboard.

Please save yourself a headache, and buy the LG Optimus slider (if you must have a keyboard), it will run you about $80 more, but I promise you will thank me a million times over. 10x faster, bigger screen, brighter screen, NEWEST Android OS, just as nice of a keyboard...just BETTER! By the way, those who say that the failed texts, and calls are just Virgin mobile, once I bought my Slider, I no longer had failed texts.
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on January 26, 2012
The only good thing I can say about this phone is that I liked the actual keyboard versus the touchscreen keyboard. After that...it's all downhill. The phone froze constantly from the get go, and the touch screen is nowhere near as responsive as I felt that it should have been. I've only had it maybe...a week and a half. I was switching from the LG Optimus V and I figured this was a decently priced phone. Apparently you get what you pay for. I figured it would have been a better phone because when the two phones first came out, the Samsung Intercept was actually the more expensive phone. Needless to say, I switched back to my old phone. DO NOT BUY this. You will be disappointed.
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on March 28, 2012
Update 6.2.2012 ~ After about five months of owning this horrible phone, the touchscreen stopped working, rendering it even more useless than it had been before. It's still under a warranty, but I hate the phone so much I'm not willing to get another one, even if it were free. I opted for the far superior LG Optimus Elite.

I'll keep this quick with a pros and cons list.

~ QWERTY keyboard is easy to use and is pretty much the only responsive thing on this phone
~ Call quality is pretty good (but really, are there cell phones out there nowadays with bad quality?)
~ Virgin mobile has some great cheap plans (though this isn't really a feature of the phone at all)


~ Serious lag time when doing anything other than texting on this phone. Press the home button, blank screen for four seconds. When you receive a call, the caller ID usually doesn't show up until the third or fourth ring.
~ The only way to get this phone to operate somewhat normally is to uninstall any downloaded apps and just forget that it's an Android phone. Just use it for phone calls and texting.
~ This phone is obviously not meant to run Android well. It's hardware simply cannot keep up with the OS in the slightest.

My wife has the LG Optimus. It's fantastic, and every time I use it I realize what I'm missing out on. Overall, a terrible phone.
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on July 13, 2011
On the plus side, the price is right for both the phone and the service: unlimited data, texting, and 300 minutes for $25 per month.

On the minus side, Virgin Mobile's support is nonexistent, and the coverage is spotty outside major urban areas.

In addition, if you're running Android 2.1, the device is maddeningly slow and balky; 2.2 is a must. Upgrading the OS is relatively easy to do on your own--there's a Youtube video that details the process, though it's not for beginners. If you can't hack that, then I'd be sure to buy one with 2.2 preinstalled.

Conclusion: not a bad bargain for very light web browsing, especially if texting is important to you. But I certainly would not recommend this as a primary web access device.
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on December 28, 2011
I decided to step up the technology and trade in my Kyocera Loft for this Samsung. Yes, I am glad I did! Thrilled, to be more concise. This phone delivers everything I would expect for a smartphone. It has a good battery life. It is easy to use. It has access to thousands of apps from the Android market. I have no problem visiting websites, playing games, playing music, taking pics and video or texting with this phone. I use Virgin Mobile and for $40 a month and no contract I get 1200 minutes and unlimited data & text. The only thing I didn't like was no user guide in the package--you must go to the VM website and download or view the owner's manual there.
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