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on March 23, 2013
(EDIT: at time of purchase march 23, 2013. This product was selling new for $700 even. If your price is higher I would look at another as it is no longer a bargin above $700)

This is truly an excellent bargain for the price. An i7 processor, 1TB hard-drive, and 17" HD screen? Whats not to love? Well, a few things but first:....

The good.
As stated, an I7 processor which is very impressive especially at this price. If you bounce on over to[...] you can see how this processor stacks up to others.

huge 1TB hard-drive to hold your entire movie/game/music collection

8GB ram which i believe (unconfirmed yet) is expandable to 16gb

4USB ports(not 2) 2 are 3.0, located on the left which are not shown in product pics or in description.

Full keyboard with numeric pad. A big plus as some laptops even giant ones like this refuse to include a numeric pad.

Great heat distribution, powerful processor fan. However i always recommend investing in a good laptop chill pad to help protect your investment and prolong life.

Good battery life(2-4hrs) for such a powerful PC. This is not a traveling laptop, it doesn't have an ultra 8-12hr battery life, don't expect to go all day long not plugged in. This is a powerhouse and needs to be plugged in.(also recommend turning on the feature where the battery doesn't charge beyond 80% to prolong life. its in there somewhere)

The bad:

CD rom drive. It works, well even but the button is so easy to hit it almost always pops out when moving it around. I know most laptops suffer from the cd rom button occasionally getting bumped and knocked out but on this one its ridiculous. Maybe if there was a recessed wall around it or something. its a complete pain.

Sound. This is a big one for me. Your speakers are slightly above worthless on this. They are tiny. tiny tiny. maybe 1inX0.5in on each side. that is it. its like having tweeters for your main sound. The speakers were the reason i removed a star. Do not expect any rich high-def sound with this laptop and there is plenty of wasted space they could have put bigger or more speakers. Headphones are better for sound quality but its not super rich sound due to sub-par sound card but with headphones the sound is much better, good enough for gaming

Graphics card. Your processor will outperform the graphics card. The card is of lower quality as well, so while your machine will handle all the superb graphics cranked to ultra high, your card will not display much change between the ulta high and around medium. So while your monitor is highdef, its not going to look super ultra pretty like you would see on today's common high-def TV. Its not a bad graphics card, just...average for budget laptop. This is a graphics card i would expect to find in a 300-500 laptop

Webcam. If this was the 2000-2010's it would be great but in today's technology my android has a better camera in it. Its good enough for say skype and things like that. Possibly for shooting medium-quality youtube movies but its nothing highdef(as claimed). 1.2MP is not much in today's world.

Hard drive is kinda slow at 5200 RPM but that doesnt matter too much, just takes longer to write bigger files to the drive. no real big thing only pointing it out

The ugly:
Of course, win8! Its horrible when you first get it, then tolerable when you learn how to deal with it. Its not good, boo on microsoft but im not holding this against samsung. You can tweak in a start bar to get the win7 feel back. Like i said...tolerable, nothing against the PC however since good luck finding any other new PC without win8.

Very minimalistic, stocky design. Its for lack of better words, dull. Quite featureless. No extra buttons for say hot-keying it does have a function keylock which is nice but no hot buttons for web-browser, or turning sound on/off. that sorta thing. As said earlier, a lot of wasted space that could of been filled with goodies but its not a big concern and shouldn't be yours.

No lights for lock keys. If you turn cap-locks on/off. or num or function there is no indicator light anywhere telling you its on. Which is really bad for say passwords where the keys are hidden and you cant figure out why Passw0rd isn't working when you are really typing pASSWRD. stupidity....and i just accidentally knocked open my cd-rom again, the new bane of my existence....ahh white people problems...

The pad can be a bit troublesome to learn its features at first but once you get it down its fine (like using 2 fingers for scroll and its inverted scroll) Im still working on that one.


Im sure my review sounded much more harsh and critical than it is but really this is an awesome laptop, most of it was only to make people aware of some of the quirks ive encountered to help them understand what they receive. For me this is perfect. I wanted "the best bang for my buck" and i believe i got just that. for $700 this is an EXCELLENT laptop. Almost a gaming laptop. I truly do recommend this product for anyone seeking for a new laptop that wants a powerhouse on a budget because this product does deliver and samsung does have excellent customer service.
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on November 13, 2013
The motherboard on this computer failed in less than 3 weeks. Samsung repaired it and returned it with no problem. So I thought everything would be fine.
I bought the same computer refurbished at the same time from The keyboard failed 11 days outside of the 90 day warranty. When I contacted Samsung they said I had to pay for all repairs. I mailed it to them almost 2 months ago and they still haven't received the part to fix it.
The mouse pad has a personality of its own. Sometimes it feels too sensitive and at other times you have to repeatedly tap it to get a response.
I bought these 2 laptops based on the Samsung reputation. I will not buy another Samsung product.
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on May 4, 2013
I tried many other models of laptops but this one works so great.
The graphics are very vivid, programs run fast, and very silent!
I was really surprised with this laptop since it is not expensive but has so many strength.
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on July 31, 2013
Samsung Series 3 outstanding for Windows. If your someone who wants a locked down computer with no freedom to put your own operating system then this computer is great. I spent 10 hours trying to figure out how to enter the bios, then finally when I got into the bios by using FN-ESC, F2 and F10 finally I was able to enter the bios. Changing the boot order is the hardest part, you first must disable every option then change one of the lines to legacy.
Make sure before buying you have the seller take off Windows and have a clean bios on this that allows you to boot off a USB if not you will spend hours trying to figure this POS out.

After finally getting Ubuntu on this computer videos are working great, Flash and HTML5 works awesome. I have yet to call via skype but I was able to download via the website Dev file. I have yet to tax the processor out but I am going to run some tests and update this review.
Best thing I have found so far is that this 17 inch display is very clear and has a ton of work space to get multiple things done at one time.

January 04 2014:
After using this for a few months I am very happy. I am using my Samsung Series 3 NP350E7C-A01US Intel 3rd generation Core i7 as my secondary computer. After setting up hard drive encryption I feel much safer if this is stolen. Using VLC as my main video player this is outstanding and has not crashed on me at all. I have not edited images with gimp yet but I doubt any issues will arise.
I still have yet to fill the 2 Terra-byte hard drive but I will say it is so slow adding files to sd cards and hurts

Feb 8 2014: I just started a youtube channel and have edited my youtube videos on this computer using Openshot for video editing,Audacity for audio. Having used these programs the processor is taxed to its potential but I have had no problems so far. I have recently purchased the Audio Technica ATR-2500 which is a USB powered microphone. Using two of them the microphones are native USB and come up as its own audio card. Through pulse and Audacity everything is perfect. I have had way more success with this laptop than my home built tower which was way more expensive.
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on April 12, 2013
The laptop works well for a variety of different tasks. I've used it to watch sporting events via the HDMI port and my tv. I also do all of my office work on it as well. Good buy.
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on March 25, 2013
I thought the keyboard was great, track pad 'alright' but not special. It's got more bells and whistles than most at a great price point. Overall though it feels like they crammed in all the goods with the concept of providing the most for the least instead of a really great computer. Finish is nice flat black. (not as nice as the replacement Asus Republic of Gaming pretty darn loaded machine) I'm probably over thinking it as surely this preforms great.

It's another $500 to make the leap to a super 17.3 with 2G 660M graphics card with 1080p, overclocking and 3D. Graphics are the most costly pump up, but WOW!
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on October 27, 2013
I'm not much of a computer person. I know wish I would have purchased the touch screen option. It is still taking some getting use to, in regards to the navigation. The graphics are nice, it runs well. I must admit I need to read my manual so that I can make sure to take advantage of all the neat features offered.
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I went from a 2005 HP Laptop with an XP OS to this. . . of course it's awesome! The only thing I will recommend is to make sure to read how to use the touch pad. It does so many things, but the smallest mis-swipe of your finger; and you're in a completely different screen. Takes practice:)
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on May 2, 2015
Best purchase Ive ever made! This laptop is still running strong after 3 years and still looks like new. I am happy that I went with this larger model.
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on January 1, 2014
This was purchased for my son to used in college. After the first semester he is very happy with it and uses it over the desk top computer we have at home.
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