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on April 16, 2010
Samsung and Panny's are 1a & 1b when it comes to plasmas. You really can't go wrong either way, they both offer exceptional value in their 720p sets. And obviously if you are checking this TV out value and price are a big deal to you (me too!). So why did did I go with this set over a Panny? It just happened to be cheaper at the time of purchase, I would have went either way.

I could go into the big 720p vs 1080p debate and take up a whole page. I am sure you've read many reviews already making the case for each. But the truth is, you wouldn't be looking at this TV if price didn't matter. I am not calling you poor!! You just have some reason why you don't want to pony up for 1080p, that's cool, me too. The PN50C430 does exactly what it was meant to, a great picture for a great price. As for burn in/image retention, just don't leave something static on there for hours and you'll be fine. If you get image retention just watch some TV and it will go away. Don't use the scrolling or white features, it's better to exercise the pixels with TV to get rid of image retention.

Ok first the PN50C430 vs. the PN50C450 model. These are basically the same TV. The 450 model has 1 more HDMI port and Touch of Color (a little red/maroon stripe of color on the bezel of the TV). That's it. I went with the 430 because I didn't like the red TOC. I wish it would have had that extra HDMI port, but there are solutions for that. I also own the 2008 PN50A450 model. It has a nice silver stripe on the bezel which looks better than both of the 2010 models. Anyway, now with the quick pro's and con's summary.

Great picture for cheap! HD looks very good.
Good colors and tones, realistic
Nice looking (would like to have the silver stripe though!)
Much thinner than the 2008 model
More power efficient than the 2008 model
Lighter than the 2008 model (+/- 20 lbs!)
Good warranty
Basic menus but enough to customize picture nicely
Not a surround system by any means but decent sound for a flat panel

No swivel stand, the 2008 model has it and it's great :(
Remote, it's cheap but serviceable. You could always buy a better one though.
Hookups, it's manageable but it should have had 2 more HDMI ports and it doesn't have VGA
Buzzing, but it's not really noticeable unless right up next to the TV or with no sound on
SD picture is ok, it's crisp enough but a little dark even with AVS Forum recommended settings
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on March 8, 2010
I feel like i've waited forever for this tv. not because of shipping or anything but because i've been researching HDTVs for over 6 months before i settled on this model. Actually the first model i ordered was the Samsung PN50B450. It showed up as promised,on time, Thanks Amazon and Pilot. but wait......... it had no picture, only sound. Not even any system menus, and it was the last in stock so all Amazon could do was issue a credit or i order another model shipped and sold by amazon. This sucked cause i couldnt figure out why i had to go this route. Though Amazon's customer service explained all this to me, I was still upset that my TV was D.O.A. Amazon had the TV picked up immediately and issued me a credit plus knocked off (...) off my alternate purchase which put my new 2010 model Samsung PN50C430 at (...). SWEEEEEEET.

Well the TV showed up in a week's time thanks to CEVA logistics. No problems so far.
right now, all i can say is WOW!!!!!!!! Great TV. picture is awesome. Right now i only have standard def. TV but i do have a Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar with Subwoofer - Blackw/ HDMI hook up plus an XBOX 360 Elite with HDMI cable and let me say the sound and picture is stunning. I watched a Netflix instant movie, The Big Lebowski in HD and holy crap what a great picture. the sound through the bar and woofer was stunning with HDMI cables and digital optical sound. What a match!!!!!!!!

Pros* easy set-up from the box. menus were simple and easy to follow
* Digital tuners even found some other music channels that dont come with co-ax cable.
* TV is loud. Of course not the best sounding but surround system takes care of that.
* Great picture quality at 720p. Standard Def cable is ok but its so big who cares.
*Best of all, the price for me @ (...). Thanks Amazon for all the follow up work you did on replacing my original purchase, thanks Samsung for a beautiful product and thanks CEVA for speedy and courteous service.

No cons yet, but we shall see. I recommend this TV and this Business called Amazon.
review image review image review image
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on March 5, 2010
I did a lot of homework before buying the Samsung PN50C430 HDTV. I ended up buying the product on a Friday and received it on Tuesday...Thanks Amazon. I am very impressed by the quick shipping. I then setup the tv and have enjoyed it now for the past 4 days. It has a really nice picture. I know I have only had this tv for a few days but I felt I needed to let everyone know how impressed I was so far. Great job Samsung and Amazon. I am a very happy customer!!!!
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on April 21, 2010
I also waffled about spending more for the newest 1080 technology; after checking this tv out I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money. We previously bought a 52" Mitsubishi DLP 1080 from Amazon in 2006. At the time I wanted the biggest hdtv I could get for under a thousand dollars. Big mistake; the picture was great out of the box, but as the bulb deteriorated so did the picture. We have the tv on a lot (12-15 hrs average) and it was tough to get more than a year out of a bulb, which costs about $230! Not quite 4 years into this tv it developed serious color problems (huge yellow streaks across the screen). Estimate was $400/500 to repair. Never again with Mitsubishi or DLP. I'm telling potential customers this because if you're price shopping you may be considering that option because of the relative low cost/screen size. This Samsung plasma has a better picture out of the box than the 1080 tv and no bulb to worry about. My wife loves to watch old movies on TCM and this plasma really shows them with great detail and contrast. I researched a long time on plasma vs lcd and finally decided that the old plasma problems (heat, energy consumption, burnin) had been mostly solved. Don't be afraid of this tv; I think you'll be impressed.
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on April 19, 2010
I have enjoyed my Samsung PN50C430 (720p) for a week now and thoroughly enjoy it. I recommend it to you if you are waiting for the next generation of LED 3D-TV's, would like something that has brilliant color and would like to save some money to put towards other things. I have spent a lot of time researching the difference between LCD/LED and Plasma and opted to go with the Plasma by Samsung. There are some reviews here that state there is a humming: Yes there is. This should only last a few days, after that it is not very noticeable unless you plan on listing to your TV from behind. As far as quality compared to a 1080p, you may notice a little difference, but not enough in my book to shell out extra money. I would suggest though, if the Plasma will be 6ft or less than where you are sitting, get a smaller TV or a 1080p. Sound from the TV speakers are nice.

Here is the link to see the quick guide which will show you the connections in the back.

Have any questions, please ask.
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on March 5, 2010
Purchased last Friday and received today as requested...and couldn't be HAPPIER!

Perfect replacement for someone toting a 65" DLP and a 55" tube from 2002, who wanted to keep size and gain space.

Have only witnessed standard def via RGB so far and the quality is exactly what you would figure, standard. However, HDMI upconvert with standard DVD is B..E..A..utiful! You'll need to tweak your picture settings obviously...factory settings looked a bit bland...but I found a combo I enjoy, rather than one I've been forced to "put up with" in the past.

Considering this is my first plasma, I am hooked. Was more affordable than similar LCD's and even caught a discount over some "Big Box" options...and the black frame has got the wife's approval for "matching our decor" :)

Would love to put HDTV to the test, but if the upconvert can look this flawless, I don't have any nervous thoughts.

Only quarrels are the lack of computer almost standard with LCD units...and no RCA inputs. But, hey, it's a new decade right? If only my 8-bit NES had a component output :(

Thanks Amazon!
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on April 28, 2010
I replaced a Panasonic LCD DLP that only lasted four years. I've stayed away from plasma because everyone said they don't last. The specs of this Samsung are for 60,000 hours of life. Well... we watch a lot of TV. Even if we watched TV 24/7, this TV would still last 6+ years. I paid over $1500 for the LCD DLP four years ago, and I had to replace the lamp for $300 after three years. Anyway... that was my logic to justify buying a plasma beside the incredible price. I paid less than $700 delivered to my door. I have Amazon Prime and two day shipping was free. All I can say is that I'm absolutely thrilled with this TV. In my opinion the picture quality surpasses many 1080p LCD sets that I've seen. It's bright, clear, the standard definition is so good, that I sometimes think I'm watching HD. When I realize I'm not and switch to the HD channel, the picture is amazing. Also, the sound is incredibly clear whether watching a movie or listening to music. Even if this TV only lasts 3 years, I'll still be completely satisfied with my purchase! Thanks Samsung and Amazon!
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on March 20, 2010
Beautiful. So happy we decided to go with this television after searching for several weeks. Not only did we find the best deal $$ wise - but ordering it from Amazon was quick and easy. The fast delivery and set up could not have been better. We will definitely recommend this service to others. Ceva delivered it to our home with great customer service.
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on May 2, 2010
Received this T.V. for less then 700$ delivered. 50" high def 720 plasma that is as good as the newest 50" 1080 plasmas at half the cost. Yes there is a difference in picture quality between 720 and 5' or closer! Honestly, you can't tell the difference stepping back a few feet(at a store that has similar sizes but the different resolutions) between the two images. The set comes as a stripped out sports car, what you want and at a great price, picture and well, ok sound. I don't hear any buzzing either.
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on May 15, 2010
You cannot buy a better HDTV for thE money than thia plasma HDTV. I also own a Pioneer 50" plasma 720P and a 54" Panasonic Viera 1080P plasma HDTV and if you sit within 12 feet of the TV, you cannot tell the difference bwtween 720P and 1080P. The Samsung is clear and crisp. My son and I watch mostly sports primarily baseball and basketball and we are both impressed with the resolution and quality of the picture and sound.
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