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on March 25, 2012
I am very pleased so far with this TV. I have bought several large flat panel TVs over the last few years and this one I am really pleased. I have been pleased with Samsung in general and only buy Samsung now for displays/TVs at this point (have 4 large screen TVs and 5 monitors in my house). As others have mentioned, it is a new model for this year and really packs a ton of features in for the price. I love plasma (over LED and LCD) and was really surprised how the weight has come down. The picture is great. One feature I really wanted to make sure I got was the ethernet input because with more and more stuff moving to internet, I felt it would be a good idea to have. I am finishing a basement and have the opportunity to run the ethernet right to where i will put this tv. Don't get me wrong, the built in WIFI works perfectly too, I just wanted to have this option too and many other models don't have this. One thing I was not aware of is that it doesn't have a VGA input. I was planning on using that to hook up a computer. For me its not a big deal as I can use HDMI, but thought I would mention as I didn't notice that before ordering. Overall I think this is a great TV and a great deal - would definitely recommend and I am seriously considering buying another one for another room (yes, I have been told I have a problem with buying too many TVs).

UPDATE (4/15/12) - After several days of usage, I noticed a buzzing sound when sitting in just the right (or wrong depending on how you look at it) place. Sitting directly in front and about 8 feet away I noticed a pretty load buzzing sound. If I moved closer or to the side I did not really notice it. (I couldn't really try moving back based on the way the room is where I had it). I actually wasn't sure what it was at first and I turned everything down and could still here it. I then traced it to the back of the TV and sure enough I could tell it was coming from the TV. I took the TV back because of this - I am not willing to live with that. I really like the TV and its features otherwise, so I ordered another one and am awaiting delivery from Amazon tomorrow. I did some research and it seems this "buzzing" issue has been experienced by other people on a variety of Samsung plasmas, but I'm hoping its just luck of the draw and I get one that doesn't do it this next time. I have two other Samsung plasmas in my house already (older models) and have never had any issues. I'll post an update when I find out if this new one does the same thing.

UPDATE (5/5/12) - So I received the new TV from Amazon and it works perfectly. No buzzing sound with this one. So I'm back to being very pleased. As I mentioned in my initial post, I was seriously considering purchasing another one and in fact I just placed that order tonight. Here's hoping I get one without the buzzing issue again because its really a great TV for the money.
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on July 7, 2012
The product photo for these TVs (the 550 series) shows a matte, anti-reflective screen. This is misleading. The 550 series does NOT feature an anti-reflective screen. It has no anti-reflective coating at all. It is as reflective as glass, and consequently not the best choice for rooms with windows.

Amazon's product description for the 550 series is identical to its description for the next model up (the 6500 series). Reading the two descriptions, a reasonable person will conclude that the only difference between the 550 and the 6500 is the type of stand that the TV sits on. In particular, both TVs are said to feature a "Real Black Panel" and both screens are shown with the same matte finish. So why not get this TV (the 550) and save $200?

Here is the crucial difference: This TV (the 550) has the basic "Real Black Panel," which Samsung describes as an "advancement in software technology that provides deeper and darker black levels for bolder hues, higher contrast, and smoother, clearer picture quality." In other words, the basic "Real Black" is purely a function of software, not of anti-reflective coating.

The 6500 on the other hand has "Real Black Panel Pro," which Samsung describes as "An advancement within the panel structure of the plasma and a software improvement that depicts blacker blacks, bolder color, higher contrast and exceptional picture quality. This technological improvement provides the most cinematic viewing experience available." In other words, it has the software as well as the anti-reflective coating that distinguishes the high-end Samsungs. Amazon mentions that the much pricier 7000 and 8000 models have "Real Black Panel Pro," but neglects to mention that the 6500 has it too.

Again, it depends on the lighting situation in the intended room, but in most situations, the 6500 is well worth the added expense.
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on December 27, 2012
This tv is like a flying unicorn deficating a rainbow ontop of a silk bag of puppy ears. Lol all jokes aside it really is a amazing tv. I've seen lots of complaints about it having to much of a glare. I have a room with 3 windows and a set of French doors in it. And suprise it does have glare when its off!!! Seriously some people just have to whine like a baby. I can't see any glares when its actually on. The blacks are really deep. I never quite understood that untill I got a real tv. Watching HDTV or blu ray is freaking sexy. If you turn On the tv there's no warm up like my old rear projection LCD 70 inch Sony has which is nice. But if u go straight to the smart tv and into netflix without giving it 15 seconds u gotta close and reopen net flix for it to connect to the internet. Set up took 3 minutes. No more no less. Black ops 2 is remarkable on it. I didn't get the annoying buzz sounds I hear some people also complain about. But there is an issue I've knowticed with people's voices not quite being loud enough compared to the sounds and music in shows. Sound qualty is amazing crisp tho. Everyone who sees this tv of mine is wishing they bought one also. jjust cant say enough how amazing the tv truely is
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on January 11, 2013
PN60E550 review
I am the most satisfied 4 star rater ever. The three star rating means two things:
One: I really like the unit and am satisfied with my purchase
Two: There are things about the unit that limit it from being the best.
Size is gorgeous
HD source image is really solid
3D looks really good
Free glasses
Price is super competitive

Very reflective screen
Doesn’t get very bright
Very slight (negligible) buzz

First of all let's make it clear... despite my four star rating, after using the set for a month I am very pleased with this unit. Would I make the purchase again based on its performance and the prevailing prices of this tv and its competitors.... 95% sure. I must say I love the size. The standard definition image/processing leaves a lot to be desired but this is the case with most HDTVs and besides you buy HD to view HD, and the HD quality is good.

On the downside the TV is very reflective there is no getting around it. I have huge glass double doors as well as two sets of windows in my viewing room which means I must draw the drapes to enjoy my unit during the day. Additionally, the TV doesn’t get very bright. (not so dim that it degrades the viewing experience but limits performance in bright room situations. If you can control ambient light in your viewing space, then this will not be an issue for you.
Also there is a very slight buzz sound and I mean very slight. You only hear it when you are in certain positions relative to the tv and the volume is really low or muted. You don’t hear any buzz in 99% of any normal viewing conditions. Even when muted you still have to be in the ‘wrong’ position to hear the buzz. I understand why it is part of the discourse about the tv but don’t think it warrants some of the harshest of criticism.

My biggest peeve about this tv actually is the paucity of tweaking options. They are way too limited and some are grayed out altogether. Nonetheless you still get a very good image without much fiddling so you need not be too concerned here.

Second to size, 3D capability was the most important feature for me with this set. For me it really enhances the viewing experience of animated movies (which seem to be the ones most studios convert to 3d… probably because of the ease). There is very little ghosting (none perceivable in animated movies) minimal amounts in live action movies. It is most perceptible in stationary menus and some fast moving images when they are close to the viewer. Not sure if this is a function of the actual image capture/rendering/processing or the performance of the tv itself. One other fact related to 3D performance to be noted is that the image is a bit darker when viewing 3d (due to the tint on the glasses) but this is hardly a deal breaker. Oh and by the way, the included 3D glasses are good. They are lightweight (some say flimsy, I say you don’t get anything sturdier in the cinema, why else would you need more for your home?!). My only gripe with them is that their “open” design lets in more ambient light than is optimal but it really doesn’t distract from the viewing experience. Movies viewed in 3D so far include Prometheus, Men in Black 3, Rio, the full Shrek Collection and Megamind.

Smart tv features. Sorry didn’t get the tv for it and if I could have paid less for the unit and have the smart tv removed I would have. I have a PS3 with Netflix and web browsing capabilities and that is satisfactory for me. The web pages load a lot faster with my PS3 and using the remote with the Smart tv is a real waste of time. You could type an entire 500 word essay on your laptop before you could input with the tv remote! (okay slight exaggeration but you get the point.). See another owner for a more detailed assessment about the smart tv functions. Wish one of these tv manufacturers would leave off the smart tv and further reduce the price so I could get a “dumb” 3D tv for less.
So why would I buy it again? The next best 60” TV is more costly and doesn’t come with 3d glasses (unless you buy the step up Samsung model). I have owned Samsung TVs and other products and have always been satisfied. Nothing that I count against this tv outweighs the cost and performance values of the unit and I can honestly say I am happy with my purchase. The more I use the tv the more I enjoy its performance. I will be doing an update after a few months of use.
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on August 6, 2012
Shipping -

The TV was delivered through Pilot. It came on time and the delivery guy was courteous. He opened the box and removed the TV and powered it on to make sure it was working just as Amazon described in their service. No complaints there.

Initial Impressions (After 1st week) -

Initial setup was simple. There's a setup guide that will take you 5 or 10 minutes to set up date, time, wifi info, etc.

Picture quality out of the box was good. After going through the picture settings briefly I got it looking a ton better but I still need to tweak them a bit. Overall, though, the picture looks amazing. Very crisp. Definitely one of the best pictures I've seen on a plasma. I have yet to try video games as I'm still breaking it in but cable tv looks amazing. (I have a fios set top box as my cable service.) I'm also planning on getting the TV professionally calibrated so the picture should only get better.

I'm coming from an LCD so the overall brightness of the TV seemed a little low but I was expecting this. Considering how great the picture looks, I don't mind. Plus, at night, with all the lights off, this plasma is plenty bright. As with just about all plasmas, this TV looks even more amazing in the dark.

The smart hub is good. I know a lot of people say it's pointless if you own a ps3/360 but I disagree. I own both and I still like the convenience of being able to access internet apps without switching inputs and remotes. The 3D is also good, better than I thought it would be. 2D to 3D to conversion is mediocre though. The 3D glasses work great and are nice and light. I wore them over regular glasses and it was very comfortable.

Now the bad -

The TV came with a dead pixel near the lower right portion of the screen. It's only visible when your face is a few inches from the screen though. It's impossible to notice from any further back. I dont mind because it can't be seen from where I normally watch TV on my couch. Plus, I don't want to go through the hassle of exchanging it just for 1 pixel.

There is a very, very slight buzz that comes from the TV. It's only noticeable when the sound is muted. It's so subtle that even when the TV is on low volume you can't hear it so it's not an issue for me.

These 2 subtle issues are the only problems I've had thus far.

Miscellaneous -

One of my biggest fears when buying this TV is the "brightness pops" people were experiencing while watching hockey games. I'm happy to report that I'm having no such issue. I put on NHL Network multiple times to see if anything weird happened with the brightness but it was just fine. The only thing I noticed were the camera flashes which I hear are noticeable on many plasmas.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The picture quality is awesome, the 3d is impressive, and the smart hub is a nice touch. All these features overshadow the single dead pixel and the (very) minor buzz. I'm not ignoring these issues though. It's what stopping me from giving it 5 stars. But again, they're so minor that the good outweighs the bad. If you're looking for a good quality plasma that has all the bells and whistles at a good price then look no further. I would absolutely recommend this plasma.

I've only owned the TV for a week so I'll post an update with more details on the 3D, video games, and blu-rays after I properly test them.

Update 8/22/12:

I've owned the TV for over 3 weeks now and I couldn't be happier. I got the picture calibrated and it looks amazing. I tested the 3D some more and it is very impressive. It's fun to watch something in 3D every now and then. I can see myself doing it just because the quality of the 3D is nice. The 2D-3D conversion is still nothing special though. I don't see myself using that feature too much. Video games look spectacular as well. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and absolutely recommend this TV to anyone with a low budget looking for a plasma. Don't let the dead pixel discourage you, I had forgotten about it until I came back to write this update.
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on June 7, 2012
I got this bad boy just in time to see OKC Thunder smash the Spurs! I originally bought last years version of this tv (D550) in the 59" but I took it back to the store because I wanted the bigger 64" for my mancave in the basement! I'm glad I did too because the newer year (the E550) came as a smart TV where last year did not have the smart capabilities built into the 550 series TV! On top of that I also got this one from Amazon's Warehouse Deals. I was very skeptical about buying something like this used, but the condition said "Very Good" and it was coming from Amazon, so I took a leap of faith and bought it. Nothing is wrong with it and it looks like it was brand new! I'm so happy! This used, newer, bigger, and better with more capabilities TV was only $1500 when I spent more than that on the smaller 59" without the "Smart" capabilities.
So far everything has worked as expected: Pandora, Netflix, streaming downloaded movies from my computer. I haven't really had a chance to play with all the other apps that comes with Samsung's Apps. Picture is excellent. This is a Plasma and does have a little bit of glare in my walkout viewout basement with windows opposite the TV, but it's just a little glare that you would have to be looking for to actually notice, but once I got it mounted on the wall with a tilting mount I can't see any glare. This TV is also just hands down good looking. I know everyone always tries to say that Panasonic Plasma's are supposed to have a better picture, but if you ask me the whole TV just does not look as good as the Samsung's. No regrets here. I was suprised that my 10 year old son while walking by the TV during the game got stuck in front of the TV and watched the game with me. It is so big and cool it was like we were on the court with Durant and Westbrook battling against all those foreigners that play for the Spurs! Go OKC!!!
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on August 30, 2014
We love this smart TV. In fact at times it is much smarter than we are. We have had it for almost 2 years now and haven't had any problems. The picture is great. There were many reviews saying the glare was so terrible. It is no different than TVs have been for many years. Certainly no worse and even better as far as our family is concerned. No matter where you sit the picture is great! There is no degradation the color remains true and it doesn't matter if you are up above, below, to the far left or right the picture is fabulous. It is no comparison to the LED TVs that are available. They lose so much quality if you aren't sitting straight in front of them that you really aren't seeing the program.. We enjoy the ability to stream movies and TV shows. With our Amazon Prime membership we have more shows available to us than we could ever see with many different genres. It is an amazing TV and it never fails. It comes with many apps already on it and many others than you can put on it. There are so many types of free games that the kids haven't had the time to play all of them. Another thing we especially like is the ability to watch multiple channels at once. This is a household that watches a great deal of sports and again here comes football season and so this way we can keep track of several games at the same time. SWEET! We haven't found anything we don't like. We at times have variation in volume but we believe it is our service provider and not the actual TV itself. Do yourself a favor and watch for a sale on this TV. Plasma TVs are significantly cheaper than LED and this one especially has much better picture quality. Plus a smart TV will make you smarter, too.
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on June 19, 2013
I purchased this television in January of 2013 and was very happy with the TV... until April when the television stopped working. I have been in contact with Samsung technical support and still have a broken TV almost two months later. By far and far the worst customer service I have ever received. Samsung sent a local repair company out to assess the TV and determined that 'everything was bad but the display panel' and that I needed entirely new 'guts' for the television. I asked, wouldn't it make more sense to just replace the whole thing? And they said no. Well, whatever - I just want a working TV. I was told it would take a few days to get the parts - that turned into a month and that repair crew has never returned and eventually stopped returning my phone calls. Now Samsung says they have a different repair team coming out to fix the television, but they have twice been scheduled to come out and no-showed.

This is just ridiculous, I shouldn't be out of a television for so long. If it is so much trouble sending a repair crew or getting parts, Samsung should just replace the whole television. I have another appointment this Saturday for the repair team to come out, and must once again miss work because of it. If they do not resolve the problem on Saturday I will be contacting Discover card to dispute the charges.
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on February 8, 2013
I purchased this tv for my newly finished basement family room. After receiving the product and hooking it up, I was initially disappointed with the picture quality. It took a little bit of time playing with the picture settings, but once I got it right the images jumped off the screen...and I'm not even talking about the 3D mode!

As with most thin televisions, the sound leaves you somewhat unsatisfied. The speakers are fine for everyday TV watching, but too weak for a big budget action film. The small sound is seemingly enhanced by the large and vivid picture. With an image this sharp, clear, and large, you feel immersed in the show/movie, but the sound serves to remind you that you are still in your living room. Fortunately, there are many hook up options on the back panel, so setting up an easy to use surround system will not be difficult at all.

I have not done much with the online widgets. I am a confessed Apple nerd and have Apple TV set top boxes hooked to all of the televisions in my home. From the little bit of time I've spend using the Samsung's Smart TV features, they seem adequate. Load time is bette than some of the other built-in wifi units I've used, but apps and widgets do seem to take longer to load than they do on the Apple TV.

As far as this TV goes, I find the remote and menus all very easy to use an navigate. The initial set up was easy, and I've experienced no issues with the set. I really haven't had any regrets over purchasing this TV. Watching sports is awesome on this TV. There is no ghosting on the plasma screen, which is something that always bothered me with my LCD TV.

After researching several models, I felt that this was the best value currently in the 60-65" range for my needs. Your needs may be different. The screen has a glossy finish on it, and it will reflect light in the room. It's not a problem for me since the TV is in the basement, but I would have elected for a TV with a matte screen if I was intending to place it in a room with a lot of windows or light sources that can't be controlled. Finally, the more expensive LCD/LED sets tend to be brighter than plasma sets. Quite often this distorts the image, but it is helpful in rooms with a lot of light sources.

Another point to consider is what you will be using the TV for. Plasma sets have come a long way since their inception. They used to have many issues with image burn in. This is greatly reduced in current models, but still something I remain aware of. I minimize the amount of static images in my screen, which means I do not surf the web or leave movies and video games paused with the screen on for any length of time. I also adjust the screen when sidebars appear on a program I am watching. If you have a tendency to have/leave static images on the screen, you are better off going with an LED/LCD model.

In summary, this is a great television, and it meets all of my needs (large screen, great picture, good value), but you need to think about what you will be using it for and your usage tendencies before you can decide if it would be a good fit for you.
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on April 25, 2012
Out of the box setup:
Movie Mode
Eco Off
Software Update
Screen Fit

First impressions...

The display is GORGEOUS. The colors absolutely pop and the blacks are inky.

Watched some HD programming through cable and off my Tivo Series 3 and had Zero motion blur or pixellation.

Hum/Buzz: With the sound muted and standing 6 inches from the display I could detect a faint hum (60 hz hum) from the top 3rd of the screen. Any further back, or sound at normal volumes, I couldn't hear anything remotely like a buzz or hum.

Glare: This thing is shiny and glare is an issue. I knew it would be a problem in my room since I have 2 large windows and 2 french doors. However I think once it's on the wall and tilted down a bit, that should be mitigated. Most of my tv watching is done at night anyway.

Delivery was 1 day early, without issue and no issues at all with the tv/box or accessories.
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